The Light

A Supernatural Saga

Rating: R

Pairings: Dean/Sam

Bold: Past.

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I didn't want to go to school. I didn't got to school. I have missed three day's of school and Jessica has not stopped texting or ringing me. Get the hint, don't want to talk to anyone. "Hey, Sam?" Oh great, just what I need.

"The door's open." John came in and stood there for a while. Untill he leaned on my bed and stroked my head. "I know it's hard. Getting your heart hurt and all, but there will other guy's, Sam. Dean might of not been the one." I was not listening to him. He does not anything about what happened. He has no clue. "Any way I heard Danny has a thing for you." I half-smiled. " He's just a friend, Dad. Nothing more." With that, he kissed my forehead and left.

I guess your wondering what happened when I met Dean at lunch.

I made my way into the cafeteria and looked straight toward the table. Sarah,Craig, Anna and Ace was there but I did not see Dean. I knew it, he was lying. I bit down on my lip hard and was about to walk out in a strop. "Sam your not bailing on me, are you?." Dean came out of now where and I almost loost my balance. He tilted his head, waiting for answer. "No. Well almost, Thought you bailed on me.." Dean smiled. He put his arm around me and lead me to, not the table near the window but the table near the school garden's witch was way, way away from the other table's. I saw the four siblings stare at us like he was not allowed to touch me or something.

Dean asked, again a lot of question's. Enough with him asking them, I want to know some things. "Okay enough with you asking me the questions, I want to ask you some." "I'm a open book." I looked into his eyes and said "Do you wear contact's? The first day I saw you they were, black but now there golden.." Dean stared at table. Not looking me in the eye. "Yeah I do like contact's. I have about hundred at home." "Not funny." Dean smirked and looked up. " I'm not laughing."

I unscrewed the cap from my water bottle and had a swig. "Also, this going to sound odd but, last night when you dropped me off I swear I saw you.." "Saw me what?" I sighed. "I thought I saw you at my window, watching me." Dean tensed up and I felt the table moved a little. I kept looking at him but all he could do was stare at the table. It's funny how I looked into his eyes when he was asking me the questions. "Yes. Yes, I was at your window." I felt my eyes windend. That mean he thought's were interrupted by the bell. Dean got up and said that we should do this again tomorrow. I just nodded and he left. Last lesson was English and Jessica was in It with me to.

"So can anyone tell me what made Bram Stoker the man he is today?." I guess you can tell what he was on about. "Anyone?" "The novel Dracula, sir." I said. He nodded so I'm guessing that's right. Mr Skinner put on the movie Dracula with Gary Oldman on because no one was paying any attention. I typed in the word 'Vampire' cos I never really liked the movie. Lot's of results came up like what they were, where they lived and all. One thing that caught my eye was that there cold skinned and very fast. There eye's change colour as well but for some reason those have my interest. There was some pictures of these vampires so people say and they was one called 'The Winchesters. Huh... I doubled click on it and it took a while to load. It was a picture of a family, I'm guessing but I can hardly make it out. I looked closer only to see that I was not seeing. No.. it cant be. Is that..again the bell interrupted my thought's.

Jessica said to me that her birthday is on Sunday and I said I would be there. I placed my book's into my bag and said goodbye to Mr Skinner who looked happy by the way. "Dean this is serious, you have to stop seeing that boy." I stopped, only to here Sarah speaking to Dean. "Dean are you listening?" I peeked my head around a little to see him look like he didn't care less. "I know , Sarah. Listen I'm only hanging around him because what Anna said. I couldent care less about him. He's not my type and I don't care about him. Happy now?" I'm not.. Dean. How could you.. I stepped out and both head's turned to look at me. Dean's eyes went from hatred to calm. Sarah, still hatred. "Thought you were different. But I was wrong.." "Sam wait.." But I ran out of the building. I over heard him saying "You knew he was listening. " Whatever that means..

So that's why I'm in my bed, like a girl who just got her heart broken. It wasent broken just upset that he didn't care about me. I can't hate him, I wont hate him. I like him to much.

I feel asleep for five hour's and It was not enough. I had a dream thou about my Mum getting hurt by a vampire. I think it was just because I had vampire and mum on my mind. I scoffed and turned the light on, only to see a figure standing near the window. I sat up, startled. "Dad?" "No, it's me." He stepped out of the shadows to revel that it was Dean. My eyes went wide and threw the pillow at him "Get out! I don't know how you got in here or if John let you in because if he did I'm going to kill him. Now get out! " I threw another pillow at him but he grabbed it and threw it at me. Dean moved really quick towards me and he covered my mouth with his hand. "Sam you got to be quiet I'm here because I want to talk to you" I pushed him away "That's what you said to me before, remember? I know you don't care about me why are you even here. Get out!" Dean pinned me to my bed and was hovering over me.

I looked away from but he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him. "Sam, I do care about you. God if only you knew the truth on why I said those things." He's hand hand was cold but the heating was on. "How come your hands are cold, the heating is on.? "What, your talking to me now? " I rolled my eyes. "I got no choice. My life is in your hands right now." He nodded calling it truce. "I'm cold because I'm...I'm a " "What? Dean, what is it?" He rested his head on my chest. "It's so hard to talk you about this. I'm breaking all the rules by telling you this, but I have my reasons why I am telling you." I tilted my head even thou it was hard to do. What was he going on about? "Think about it, I'm cold with the heating on. I caught you just in time when you were about to hit a pillow at me and my eyes change colour..." "You said they were contacts'.. " I was lying, Sam. Think. Craig said that you were English looking up.." He did not finish. He didn't have to finish.

"Vampire?" Dean nodded. He let go off me and sat up looking at him. For once he was looking at me not looking away. I moved a bit closer to him and a pillow went round his head. "Don't fucking joke with me Dean. I know you don't like me but saying your a vampire is just taking it to far. Now, I said it once and I wont say it again, GET OUT!" Dean's eyes were black now and it scared me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pinned me to the wall. "Ow, Dean!" "You don't think I'm a vampire, huh? Well how can I prove it. " He voice was, not the same. He let his tongue out and trailed it up my neck. This was not him. I pulled him away but he was to strong for me now. "This is not you, Dean. "Member when we first met that you said it looked like I wanted to eat you. You were right.." Dean digged his teeth in me and It, I cant lie turned me on.

"Dean, please." I think he finally got the hint and stopped. He looked at me and he eyes were back to normal but I could not care less. I was tired all of a sudden. Dean knew to so he picked me up and placed me down on my bed. "I'm sorry I did that. It's hard knowing I am what I am but you wont believe me. I will stop by tomorrow and show you what I mean but for now get some rest. Again I'm sorry." He smiled and was about to leave but I stopped him. "Wait ! Don't go. I'm sorry to.." I didn't mean it but for some reason I said it. But he said he would . "Are you sure, Sam?" "Hmm.." I was falling asleep right there and then. I think Dean knew it to. I stayed quiet for a moment but I made Dean think that I was asleep. I could feel him move, please don't go I thought. Instead I got something more. Dean moved, not only to leave but he placed his lip's onto mine. Now I know I must dreaming..

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