Okay, I really want to try out my very first crossover fic between Megaman and Sailor Moon. This took place after The Return of Sigma, in the alternate ver ch I'll add later. You all will understand when I show you the alternate ch version of Return of Sigma, it's gonna take a long time. Btw, I'm adding Zero in this fic. I don't own Megaman StarForce and Sailor Moon except the transformation, new Battle Card, new allies, new characters, and the songs for each characters.

Episode 1: The shooting stars have arrived

Somewhere in space

"How's the progress of our resurrection program going?" a man in lab coat asked.

"We're still working on it; it's gonna take a while to completed it." the man in blue armor replied.

"Alright, once we're finished with our new project, we'll be able to revive him after these 2 months." the man in lab coat said, checking his list.

"Him... as in... ?"

"Yes... our master who died in that war 2 months ago."

"Do we still have those guys we created them during that war?" the man in blue armor questioned.

"Indeed we have." the man in lab coat responses, with his evil smile.

Somewhere in another dimension

A woman in her gold outfit, with a golden crown, sat on her golden throne chair, searching for new targets with a special prism-looking shape called, Star Seed. She waited impatiently looking for the right targets, but failed. The only thing is she can do is depend on her three soldiers.

"Iron Mouse! Lead Crow! Aluminum Seiren!" she called.

A petite woman in her white mouse-looking outfit, a really tanned lady with long reddish hair, and a charming lady with a knee-length sky blue hair, in her sky blue outfit, appeared in front of their master's throne.

"Hai (yes), Galaxia-sama!" they bowed down.

"I want you three to work together and find me some Star Seeds." she ordered, pointing at them.

"HAI!" they vanished.

Juuban High

A young girl with blonde knee-length pigtails, entered her classroom, noticing half of the students were no longer here anymore.

"Usagi!" another long knee-length blonde hair girl called her, along with her friend in a ponytail.

"Minako, Makoto!" she walked towards her friends.

"Usagi, have you heard?" Makoto spoke.

"Heard about what?"

"That we're having more than ten new students in this room!" Minako explained.

"Really? Then why did half of our classmates aren't here?" Usagi asked herself.

"Well, I bet they transfer to another school that fits them." Minako bet. She and Makoto nodded.

-Usagi Tsukino is age 16, along with her friends, Minako and Makoto. Usagi has long knee-length blonde with buns on her head. Minako Aino has knee-length blonde hair. She wears a red ribbon on her hair. They both have blue eye. They're almost at the same height. Makoto Kino has green eyes. She wears pink rose earrings and a sea-green hair tie on her hair into a ponytail. She's taller than Usagi and Minako. They all wear the same schoolgirl sailor uniform: white shirts, sailor style collar, blue skirts, and a ribbon on the center.-

(Since they're in Sailor Stars final season, I think they're all 16 since they seems like older than the previous seasons.)

"I wonder who will be our new students? I bet there'll be some cute guys!" Usagi smiled.

"Usagi, you already have Mamoru, right?" a girl spoke from her seat, reading her book with her reading glasses.

"A-Ami-chan? I didn't see you there!" she was surprised.

"Our new students may be new here, but don't go too far." Ami said, closing her book.

-Ami Mizuno is also age 16. She has watery blue eyes. She has short blue hair by her upper neck. She wears the same uniform as Usagi and her friends.-

"I know~ All I want is to make them feel welcome!" she said cheerfully.

"If there is a cute guy in our class, I bet he can't be hotter than Yaten!" Minako said, trying to make Yaten hers.

"Alright class, take your seat!" the teacher entered the classroom as everyone took their seats. "Alrighty, today is gonna be special! Before we start-"

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! ! COME BACK STARLIGHTS! !" the teacher was interrupted by the Starlights' fangirls, chasing the said boys, who were trying to get in their classroom.

"ENOUGH ALREADY!" one of the StarLight shouted. They quickly ran back into their classroom and slid the door instantly, waiting for the annoying fangirls passing through their classroom.

"Whheww~ These days never end... " the guy with long brown hair in a ponytail said, trying to catch his breath.

"Better than that, we've lost half of our classmates." the white hair guy said, feeling better with less classmates.

"Alright you three, take your seats if you please." the teacher said as they took their seats.

"Hey odango, ohayo (Good Morning)." the black hair StarLight guy greeted Usagi from behind, which he sat behind her.

"Don't call me that!" she whispered loudly.

"Oh Yaten~ I hope those people didn't do anything bad to you!" Minako worried with her gleamy eyes.

"No they didn't." Yaten replied without any care.

"Okay class, let me introduced our new students and our new teachers!" the teacher called out as ten new students walked inside the classroom in their uniforms and four new teachers in their early twenties.

The new students are on the left side by the teacher's desk; the new teachers are on the right.

"So many new students!" some girl was amazed, seeing ten new students transferred here for the first time.

"Why's there only less girls being transferred here?" some boy complained.

"That kid with white hair is scary." a girl whispered to her friend next to her.

The first student bowed down in front of everyone. He has brown spiky hair and brown eyes. His uniform is in boy version. He wear yellow his shooting star necklace. His Visualizer has a wire attached to it, wrapping around his neck.

"I'm Geo Stelar, it's nice to meet you." he introduced himself, feeling a bit nervous in front of everyone, sounded a bit shy.

The second girl bowed down politely. She has pink hair and green eyes. She wear her uniform like other girls, except she added her pink hoody jacket over her shirt.

"Hi! I'm Sonia Strumm! Let's get along!" she introduced cheerfully.

The third was a boy with brown eyes and green hair by his shoulders, with his friendly face. He wear his uniform neatly.

"Hey there! I'm Pat Sprigs. Please to meet you." he greeted with a friendly smile.

The fourth was a girl with REALLY long blonde curly hair like a fashion style. She wear her orange bow on her hair. Her eyes are olive green.

"Minna ohayo (Good morning, everyone)! I'm Luna Platz! Please to meet you!" she greeted them with confidence, as usual.

The fifth was a chubby boy with spiky blue hair, with an interesting hat he had on him. He wear his uniform in large size, kinda. Well, in his uniform he has his uniform sleeveless (like they're ripped off, trying to look cool).

"The name's Bud Bidson! How ya all doing! ?" he greeted manly, folding his arms on his chest.

The sixth was a boy, who seems short like an elementary student. He had his hair half neat and messy. He wear his uniform in small size (he's the ONLY one that wears it). He wear his blue glasses and an additions to his uniform was his yellow tie.

"Hi there! I'm Zack Temple." he greeted while pushing up his glasses.

Ami had this feeling that Zack boy could be smarter than her.

The seventh was a boy with long white hair with red eyes and red bolt of lighting mark on his left cheek below his left eye. He wear a pair of ancient earrings. He had a tanned skin.

" ... "

"Introduce yourself, Solo!" Luna whispered, gritting her teeth, tapping his right foot with her left foot.

"Grr! Solo." he spoke his name too quickly. Everyone in the class could barely hear his name.

The eighth was a boy with black eyes and spiky black hair, holding back by his orange headband. By looking at his hair and face, he seems to be a gothic type. He wear his uniform with his purple jacket, and by adding that, it almost makes him like a real gothic person.

" ...I'm Jack." he greeted in his borish tone.

The ninth was a boy with long black hair by his neck, holding his gray cap with a scorpion symbol on the front on his right hand.

"Kaito's the name!" he greeted with a smile.

(And finally!) The last one was a boy with long black hair by his neck with green eyes. He wore his red T-shirt with a yellow Z underneath his white shirt.

"Call me Zero." he greeted with a nice smile.

"Alright, let's our new teachers introduce themselves!" the teacher said, introducing their new teachers.

The first was a man with black eyes and blue hair by his neck. He wear his teacher's outfit nice and neat, with his red sunglasses on his front pocket.

"My name's Authur, but call me Ace." he greeted politely.

The second was a woman in her twenties with long knee-length dark blue hair, in a style of two ponytail. Her eyes are amber.

"My name is Tia. It's nice to meet you all." she greeted in her calm tone.

The third was a man, who looks like a college student, with brown eyes and long brown hair by his neck. He wear his teacher uniform without a tie.

"Name's Kalin. How you all doing?" he greeted nicely.

"I hope you kids might like our newcomers!" the teacher bet. "Oh and one more thing, your fourth teacher will be your new gym teacher." he added. "Alright new students, go find yourself a seat."

All ten students took their seat. Kaito find himself a seat next to Makoto.

"Hi there!"

"Hi, I'm Makoto Kino." she replied politely.

"Hope we can get along." he added.

Sonia found a seat next to Ami.

"How you doing?" she greeted in a friendly tone.

"Fine. If there's any problem you need, I can help you." Ami gave her a nice smile.

"Okay class, starting today our new student Luna will be your Class President." the teacher reminded them.

The StarLights have no interests on the new students, minding their own business.

Gym Class

Every students changed into their gym outfit. Their new gym teacher blew his whistle. He looks young like in his twenties. His eyes are black. His hair is black and long by his neck. He wear his coach outfit, preparing his first gym class.

"Okay students, I'm your new gym teacher. Call me Taiga!"

"I wonder why are we having soo many newcomers in this school?" Usagi asked herself in curiosity.

"Beats me, looks like this school might be getting better." Makoto bet with a smile.

After school

"School is finally over!" Usagi stretched her arms in the air.

"Usagi, let's get something to eat on the way." Minako offered.

"You bet!" she response with her thumbs up. "Wait... how about we should invite our new friends!" she suggested.

"That's great idea! They should try new things on the way!" Makoto agreed.

"Speaking of new things, they're over there." Ami pointed at the front gate where Geo and the others are.

"HEY NEWBIES! !" Usagi yelled loudly, making Geo and the others turn to them, feeling weird being called 'newbie'.

"Aren't you from our classroom?" Geo asked. Usagi and her friends walk towards them.

"Yep, wanna hang out with us?" she asked cheerfully.

"How pathetic." Solo answered. Usagi and her friends heard what he said, but Luna stomps his right foot. "YYYEEOOWW! !"

"Ehehe~ What Solo mean to say was, that'll be great!" Luna laughed nervously. They all head off to where the cafe where Usagi and her friends usually eats. At the entrance, a girl with long raven hair in her dark-colored school uniform, walking to her friends.

"Hey, sorry I'm late. Who are these people?" she noticed Usagi brought ten new students from her school.

"Rei, meet our new friends!" Usagi said cheerfully.

They all introduced themselves.

"I'm Rei Hino! It's nice to meet you all!" she greeted in her friendly tone.

"Now let's order something to eat!" Minako said cheerfully as they all ate their food except for Solo, eating without any interests.

"What's with Solo lately?" Makoto noticed his attitude.

"Oh don't mind him. He's always like this." Luna answered honestly. Solo response with a 'Hmph', looking away.

An hour later, they talk about many things while eating. They talked about activities, stuff, food (Usagi's always talking about sweets), sports (Minako's idea), and some other things.

"Wow~ I'm stuffed!"

"Usagi, if you kept eating sweet food, you're gonna get cavities." Rei warned her.

"That can't be true...!"

"Wow! These food are delicious!" Geo was amazed.

"You bet Geo, I can't wait to try new food!" Sonia said.

"Solo, how's the food?" Luna asked.

" ...Quite alright." he replied quietly.

"Okay girls, time for us to have our study session." Ami said as the girls started getting up.

"Study session?" Kaito was confused on her word.

"Oh, we study our work at my house which is a temple." Rei explained.

"Wait a minute, you're a priestess?" Zack asked, astonished.

"That's right! You could make your wish there if you want."

"It was fun hanging out with you guys! See ya in school tomorrow!" Minako waved goodbye as both group went separate ways.

"These girls sure are nice." Zero spoke.

"They could be good friends to hang out with the next time we see them." Pat added.

Somewhere in the building where a studio was abandoned, three ladies are working in that studio searching for random humans as targets. They renamed the studio, Galaxy T.V.

"Find anything Nezu?" the tanned lady asked, looking at her magazine.

"I haven't found our target unless YOU help ME out!"

"I AM helping YOU by looking at my magazine, searching for our targets!" she argued.

"Karasuma, is there any food that you're not going to eat?" the charming lady with sky blue hair asked politely.

"Aya, can't you help us out! Are you really my rival! ?"

"Why can't we all go for a walk a little bit?" Aya suggested calmly.

"She has a point, we've been searching non-stop." Nezu agreed as they all went out for a walk.

"Say, while we're taking a walk, can't we buy something to eat?" she reminded them. Karasuma and Nezu started to get annoyed.

Somewhere in space

"Is it ready yet?" the man with his lab coat asked.

"It's ready, Gate." the man in blue armor replied.

"Send it to Earth right away!" he ordered.

The man in blue armor pressed a button, sending one of their minion they created during the war, to Earth.

That night

Rei's in a different world, seeing black and red sky. She thinks it might be her vision she kept having in the other series. She turned her back seeing her town's being destroyed. She turned, seeing her friends are dead. She gasped seeing her friends.

"Usagi, minna (everyone)!" she was about to walk towards them, but an explosion occurred in front of her, thought she was about to be dead like them. She looked up being attacked by a monster she never seen nor fought before. It was anthropoid except the body is covered by some energy looking, its head is scary along with its fangs.

"RRRRAAAARRRWWWWW! ! !" the monster roared.

Rei backed away, then looking what's behind the monster. It was a man wearing an armor and a cape. He had a red marks on his eyes, like they were sliced. He was bald, too. He made a evil laughed, showing his whole armies behind him that caused her town being destroyed. Rei was shocked, seeing that many armies that the Sailor Senshi had never battle in their life. All of a sudden, Rei saw lights like shooting stars from the sky and landed in front of her. Her eyes were blinded by the shooting stars, she tried to see what appeared in front of her. She carefully opened her right eye, seeing many people in armors she never seen before.

"S-Shooting star heroes?" she whispered, trying to see their appearances.

The shooting star warriors began to charged their fire-power, aiming at the man along with his armies. They fired their attacks as the other side, the man along with his armies fired their intense fire-power at them, colliding their attacks together as the explosion starts to occurred, getting bigger and larger. Rei tried to escape, but the explosion caught up to her as she screamed loudly before her body vanished.

"AAAAHHHHHH! ! !" Rei woke up with a scream, sweating badly.

All of her friends almost got a heart attack, hearing Rei woke up with her scream as they become worried except for Usagi, she was sleeping, didn't hear Rei's scream.

"You okay, Rei?" Minako worried, giving her a tissue.

"Did you have a vision or a nightmare?" Makoto asked carefully.

"I-I don't know... I can't tell what it was." Rei put her left hand on her face, couldn't tell whether it was a vision or a nightmare.

"Don't worry, Rei. I'm sure you'll get over it." Ami cheered her up.

"I think I need some fresh air." Rei walked out of her study session. "What was that? Was it really a vision?" she wondered. "Oh girls, I'll be back! I'll go get us some water!" she walked off.

"Oh Mamo-chan~ " Usagi's having a dream with her boyfriend, don't know what she's dreaming about.

Up at the sky where a creature's going to land. It braced itself from the flames covering its body as it landed on the sea where smokes occurred due by the flames on its body. The creature floats its head up, looking for a land. The creature spotted a land filled with skyscrapers as it jumps up high then headed to that city called Juuban. The creature growled as it landed on the building, climbing down sneakily where no one will be able to see it. It landed on the ground, hiding in shadow while growling. It then heard a door opened as it quickly hides in the shadow. It turned out its on the alley by the grocery store where a girl with long raven hair walks out, holding a bag filled with water bottles.

"I'd better hurry." Rei said to herself.

The creature saw the girl as its going to target her by jumping building to building.

Back to the studio, Galaxy T.V

Nezu, Karasuma, and Aya carried many food for their energies, thanks to Aya's ideas.

"Are you sure we should be having this many food?" Karasuma asked, feeling tired carrying so many food.

"It's fine, it's fine! We should get our energy back in no time!" Aya said cheerfully. All of a sudden, a phone rang as Nezu search for it by opening the desk drawer. The phone was a regular home telephone as she answered it.

"Hai? Ah, okay Galaxia-sama!" she hung up the phone. "Galaxy-sama wants to see us." Nezu said as they entered through the sign "Do Not Use!", the door opened, revealing a dimensional world where they see their lady in a throne then their outfit has changed to their true forms.

"You call us, Galaxia-sama!" they bowed down.

"Yes, take a look at this." she revealed a screen, showing a monster that they've never seen before.

"GGGRRRWWW! !" the monster was following someone by jumping building to building.

"WHAT IS THAT THING! ?" Iron Mouse and Lead Crow were freaked out seeing that thing, except Seiren, she has her soft calming face.

"I want you to check on this creature and find out if it has a true Star Seed." Galaxia ordered them.

"H-Hai!" they vanished.

Somewhere in the building called WAZA HQ, which isn't far away from Juuban.

"Man, today went great, hanging out with those girls!" Bud said cheerfully.

"Come to think of it, that Usagi girl sure was strange, but she is a nice girl." Luna pointed.

"I wonder how Ace, Tia, Kalin, and Taiga's job went?" Jack thought, but all of a sudden, the alarmed rang.

"What's the problem here?" Geo asked while Jack's checking on the computer. The computer opened up the screen, revealing the enemy they've fought 2 months ago, following Rei.

"That girl Rei's been followed by... a Noise Jammer! ?" everyone was shocked seeing Noise Jammer.

"Didn't we already defeated Sigma two months ago?" Kaito said.

"We'll figure out after we beat that Noise Jammer! Pat, call Kalin!" Geo said in a hurry.

"Okay, what for?"

"In case he'll turn me into my Final Form! Sonia, come with me!" he said, dashed out the frontdoor.

"Okay!" she followed.

They got out of the WAZA HQ as they grabbed out their Hunter-VGs.

"It's been a while since we battle like this." Omega-Xis said.

"After two months of waiting, I feel like we're back to square one." Lyra added.

Geo and Sonia smiled as they raise up their Hunter-VGs in the air.

"Transcode! Megaman!" he transformed into his battle form.

"Transcode! HarpNote!" he transformed into her battle form.

They both jumped up and dashed to the Wave Road, headed to Juuban.

"Hey, you two!" a voice spoke. Megaman and HarpNote turned to see their friend StarPhoenix, Kalin's battle form. "Pat told me the news!"

"One of our friend is going to be a prey!" HarpNote said.

"You mean one of those girls you just hang out?" StarPhoenix questioned. HarpNote nodded as they speed up their paces.

Back to Rei on her way back to the temple. Rei was walking back to her friends' study session, but all of sudden, she heard footsteps from behind. She was afraid it could be a stalker, but she's a Senshi, she can take care of it. She quickly turned, seeing no one. Rei sighed in relief, turning back, she saw a monster anthropoid in front of her.

"RRRRAAWWWRRRR! !" the monster roared, making Rei screamed in fear.

"W-Who the hell are you! ?" she was frightened, didn't know the monster can talk. All that monster do is roar and fight.

"RRRAAAWWWWRRR! !" the monster roared again as Rei began to run away along with her grocery bag.

"What is he! ? That's not human, is it?" she asked herself, but she remember something from earlier. It was the same monster she saw from her vision that appeared in front of her after the explosion. While she's running away, the monster was interrupted by three ladies. One is petite in her mouse-looking outfit, second is a tanned lady with reddish hair, and third is a charming lady with a REALLY long sky blue hair by her legs in her sky blue outfit.

"Rraawwrr?" the monster was confused at the ladies.

"Good evening, Mr. Monster." Seiren greeted politely to the monster.

"Seiren, why do you have to greet him so casually?" Lead Crow angered.

"Mom told me if I can't respect anyone, I can't be a respectful person." she explained honestly.

"Enough chatting! Let's take his STAR SEED!" Sailor Iron Mouse took aimed of her bracelets. "Give it... "

"Rrraawwrr?" the monster tilted his head.

"...TO ME!" she finished, firing two small lights at the monster. The lights hit the monster with a flash of light occurred. Few seconds, nothing's happening to it. Sailor Iron Mouse become confused why the bracelets didn't reveal its Star Seed.

"Iron Mouse, did you do it right! ?" Lead Crow yelled out loud.

"I don't know what's the problem... Maybe if we all hit him together." she bet.

"Mmmm, that's a good idea!" Seiren nodded in agreement.

Back to Rei, she's tired of running, she quickly took out her cellphone and call her the others for backup.

Iron Mouse, Lead Crow, and Seiren fired six small lights at the monster as it claw swiped them away then it charged at them with a loud roar.


"What's with this thing? This thing can't be human... " Lead Crow started to crept out.

"How about we retreat?" Iron Mouse suggested.

The monster's right arm transformed into a dark blue blade while growling. The three ladies were surprised, seeing the monster's arm.

"My answer... yes!" Lead Crow answered as the red phone-booth appeared behind them. They all entered the phone-booth, but it was crowded fitting three people in a small phone-booth.

"Move over!" Iron Mouse has no space to fit in. The door closed as the monster jumps up, starting its attack on them.

"WAAAAAHHHHH! !" they all screamed in horror, but the phone-booth vanished, causing the monster to hit its blade on the ground with loud boom. It looked around seeing where its enemies went.

Rei looked back to see the monster, wishing its gone by now. She took a peek, seeing the monster's still there, but right now she saw the monster's right arm is now turned into a dark blue blade. She saw how the monster smashed the ground with its blade. She accidently dropped her grocery bag, making the monster turned to the source of the sound, seeing its prey from earlier. Rei was shocked as she quickly grabbed her bag and dashed out quickly. The monster starts to chased after her with a roar.


Rei was about to transform, but she thought how tough that monster was. She knew she's no match against it. While she kept on running, she tripped and fell to the ground.

"Ow!" she tried to get up, but the monster was already caught up to her. She was frozen in fear. It was going to aim its blade at her, but suddenly, bright lights appeared from the sky as they looked up. Rei was blinded, she covered her eyes with her right hand, her left eye is half open.

"MegaBuster!" a voice shouted, shooting a pink blast at the monster.

"GGRRAWWW! !" the monster was pushed back, falls to the ground.

Rei looked at who saved her, she saw three people she had never seen before. One was a hero in blue armor, like a teenager's height. The second was a female in her pink outfit with a helmet, holding her guitar. The third was a man in his red armor, like a phoenix. Rei recognized them, they were from her vision, too.

"This ends here, Noise Jammer!" the blue one shouted.

"RRRAAAWWWWRRRR! !" Noise Jammer roared. "Battle Card! Impact Cannon!" it transformed its right arm into a black cannon. Rei was surprised that it can actually talk.

"Watch out!" the phoenix hero quickly carried Rei, before the Noise Jammer fired its cannon, causing an explosion. Rei shrieked loudly due to the explosion as the phoenix hero landed on the ground safely. "You alright?" he asked. Rei slowly nodded, not knowing if they're allies or not.

"GGGRRRAAAWWW! !" Noise Jammer growled loudly as it changed back its right arm into its dark blue blade.

HarpNote decides it's better to called by their hero name instead of their real name as usual.

"Megaman, I'll stun him while you charge your attack!" she called. Megaman replied with a nod. "Shock Note!" she launched out her musical note at the Noise Jammer.

"Stay here!" the phoenix hero put her by the tree. Rei slightly nodded as he went back to his comrades.

"Machine Gun String!" HarpNote launched her guitar string, wrapped around the Noise Jammer.

"RRRRAAAWWWWHHHH! ! !" it roared, struggled to break free.

"Now, Megaman!" HarpNote called out.

"Charge Shot! MegaBuster!" he fired his blast at Noise Jammer; HarpNote quickly released her guitar strings.

"GGGRRRAAAAWWWWWWW! !" it roared loudly as it falls backward to the ground and die by an explosion.

*BOOM! !* *KA-BOOM! !*

"Aw man! You guys enjoy your time without me!" StarPhoenix entered the scene, feeling left out, thanks to the lovers.

"Wow~ " Rei was amazed, seeing these three new heroes fight that monster. She had a feeling that these guys may be stronger than them.

"Hey you!" Megaman called her. Rei pointed at herself, he nodded. She walks towards them.

"You okay?" HarpNote worried about her new friend. Rei was about to response.

"HALT, YOU EVIL VILLAINS!" a voice shouted out of nowhere; Rei know that voice.

All four of them turned to the voice seeing four young girls, standing on top of the truck. Four of the girls had their angry looks on their face.

"This can't be good." Rei thought to herself.

To be continue...

"In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!" a young girl in her heroine outfit with wings made her signature pose, pointing at Megaman and his team.

"This is a misunderstanding!" HarpNote dodged the attack from the girl with short blue hair.

"Look ladies, if you corporate with us, things will be settled." StarPhoenix tried to reason with two heroines with long blonde hair and a brown ponytail.

"Geo, don't! Don't use your Nightmare in this situation!" Omega-Xis warned while Geo collided his attack to the heroine with long blonde pigtails.

Finished my first crossover fiction! Hope it's good. Btw, this is an alternated ver after The Return of Sigma, not before Dark Galaxy, you all might be confused about that. Will Geo use his Nightmare Armor on the Sailor Senshi? This fic will be an episode, forgot to mention that. Please review or comment.