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Episode 4: Minako's Ambition! The Queen of Serpent!

Juuban High

Minako dragged Seiya while she's giggling, walking ahead of him.

"Come on, Seiya! It won't take that long!" she faced away, talking to her communication watch. "Are you ready yet? I'm almost there!" she whispered.

Somewhere in the bushes

"Are you sure you really want to do it? Isn't it a bit too risky?" Usagi worried, talking to her communication watch to Minako.

"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING! ? JUST DO IT, OKAY! ?" Minako yelled at her watch.

"Hey, why'd you stop here? What is it that you want to talk to me about?" Seiya asked, shoving his hands in his pockets. Minako made an evil smirk from behind Seiya then turned to face him in her cheerful face.

"Well... oh ow! Something just went into my eye..." she feign injured tone, holding her right eye. Seiya walk close to her, set both his hands on her shoulders. On the other hand, Usagi raised her head up from the bushes.

"Oh~ Good job, Minako-chan." she praised, lifting a camera and snapped a picture where Seiya was looking at Minako's right eye, who was blushing. "They almost appear to be kissing." Usagi snapped more picture of them: Minako's legs, shoulders, and their lips, almost like 3 inches apart. "This is... getting GOOD!" she popped out of the bush, snapping pictures up close to them, then move around in square position.

Seiya curiously looked at Usagi, slightly bewildered at Usagi's action. Minako gasped and back away. Without thinking, Usagi still took more pictures while Seiya moved up close to the camera.

"What are you doing, odango?"

"HUH! ? Well, uh... " before Usagi can explain...

"STOP RIGHT THERE! !" a voice shouted. The three of them turned to the voice, it was the Class President, Luna.

"L-Luna! ?" Minako and Usagi sweatdropped.

"Oh, Luna. It's not what it looks like." Seiya reasoned with her. Luna bolt towards Usagi.

"Give me that camera!" she snatched it from Usagi.

"L-Luna, you misunderstood! Seiya didn't do anything wrong!"

Luna ignored Usagi while checking the pictures Usagi snapped. It took a while for Luna to analyze the pictures. She gave it back to Usagi, the latter was afraid to hear what Luna's next words.

"I understand the situation... "

"Y-You do... " Minako and Usagi said with a sweatdropped.

"You are trying to make a manga version of their love scene, weren't you Usagi! ?" Luna pointed at her, might've know it was her reason to take a picture in private with a StarLight member.

"Eh... ?" both Minako and Usagi were confused by her misunderstanding response.

"Sorry for my intrusion, I didn't mean to disturb your private meeting making manga version." Luna turned away from, heading out. "You take care now!"

"Oi (Hey) odango, do you have any idea what's her problem?" Seiya asked.

"I have no idea." Usagi honestly answered.

"That's one strange Class President we're having." Minako said.

Before the class begins, the StarForce were having a secret meeting in the gymnasium.

"What is this meeting you're having, Kaito?" Ace asked curiously.

"Yesterday, we've encounter this enemy called, Phage... " Kaito projected a video of the enemy from yesterday with pink skin and wearing a girl's school uniform skirt. Everyone were disgusted seeing its appearance. "I know it's weird, and I don't know who did this - to a human, no less."

"More importantly, we can't harm any human who turned into a Phage." Taiga added.

"So the culprit was the one who changed human into a Phage that doesn't have this jew-thingy." Bud stated.

"Tch! That's because those humans are weak." Solo claimed heartlessly.

"Anyway, we didn't see the culprit during the battle. He or she must be out there somewhere." Kaito said determinedly.

"So, all we have to do is knock out this Phage and let Sailor Moon, aka Usagi, to finish them off, right?" Geo summarized.

"Yep." Kaito and Taiga nodded.

"Too bad this ain't like Sigma's armies." Pat shrugged.

"By the way, aren't the StarLights' appearances more feminine? They're men, aren't they?" Zack questioned, realizing about their appearances.

"Oh, about that... Apparently, they're females and they're Sailor Senshi." Kaito and Taiga answered truthfully. The others froze, shivering the only reason they're disguising their feminine appearances to their manly body. Tia sweatdropped. Solo wasn't even paying attention at all.

"Does Usagi-san-tachi (Usagi and her friends) know they are females?" Jack asked.

"Technically, they don't know about it." Kaito simply answered.

"They might have a reason to protect their identities." Sonia said.

"Alright team, let's get back before you guys will be in detention." Ace warned them as they all head back to their class.

The next day, the Senshis are at their usual cafe, Crown.

Usagi handed out the photos she secretly took for Minako while the girls check them out, then she sighed.

"What's with you all of a sudden?" Makoto asked while looking at the photos.

"Makoto, don't you see something is weird happening - after we stopped Nehelenia's ambition?" Usagi asked, taking sip of her orange juice.

"Now that you mention it, things are getting weirder." Makoto realized.

"Explain how things are getting weirder, Usagi?" Rei asked.

"I'll tell you, Rei! First, Megaman and his friends that saved your butt, next a giant bear in armor that saved our butt, then a human-scorpion... What's next! ?" Usagi wondered.

"She has a point. These StarForce are much better than us. We don't have any experience that they have." Ami simply pointed out.

"More importantly, Usagi... what's with these pictures you took?"

"Wow, they're terrible."

"I can see Usagi-chan's excitement, but... " Ami felt bad for Usagi's inexperienced activity, knowing she can't take it seriously. Usagi blinked, not knowing what they're talking about while drinking her orange juice.

"First of all, Minako-chan planned it very well. Selling a picture of just the two of them to the mass media... "Three Lights: Seiya's girlfriend?", to make a big debut in the entertainment world." Makoto said, picturing how Minako couldn't handle it.

"Well, I'm glad our new friend, Luna, didn't find anything suspicious about Usagi. You should be lucky that if Luna found out between you and Minako-chan, you are so B.U.S.T.E.D." Rei warned Usagi with a solemn expression.

"That's right, Rei! Oh, on the other day Minako-chan did made me take a picture of her... uh... oh, spoon-feeding Yaten-kun her lunch." Usagi recalled the time Minako made her second target. "Plus, it was named "Three Lights: Yaten's girlfriend?"."

"Say what! ? Spoon-feeding Yaten-kun her lunch! ? I'm totally against it!" Rei pouted, clutching her fists.

"And... uh... also, during her tutorial from Taiki-san after school, she made me take a picture somewhere near the table. And she named it "Three Lights: Taiki's girlfriend?"."

Ami was surprised, standing up in a instant. "S-SHE DID WHAT! ?" Makoto gently made Ami sit back down, but the latter seems embarrassed of her reaction.

"She seems to have done everything."

"But I wonder... " Usagi spoke solemly.

"What's Minako-chan... " Rei secondly spoke.

"Real target... " Ami finished calmly as the four stared at each other until...

"Minna, ohayo (Good morning)!" Minako entered the cafe with an excitement bounce in her step.

"IS WHO! ?" all four girls finished their sentence, yelling right at Minako's direction.

"W-what?" Minako froze in her track, not knowing what they're saying.

"You plan to take pictures with each one of them! Which one of the Three Lights is your true target?" Rei asked with her serious face.

Minako bumped into Usagi with her hip, taking her seat. "Oh, that plan! It was such a detour that I gave up and changed to a real plan." Minako explained as she drank Usagi's orange juice.

"Hey, that's my juice!" she pouted, until Minako finished drinking it, feeling pumped up.

"I, Aino Minako, have become assistant to the popular idol group... the Three Lights, starting today!"

"EHHH~ ! !" the girls froze and gaped at Minako's new plan.

"After all, they're super-busy celebrities, and there's only a few chances for us to be intimate, even in the same class. So, if I'm their assistant and stay with them all the time, I may have a chance to get their hearts in due time!" Minako laughed, feeling excited to be their assistant.

"W-Well Minako-chan, which is your goal? To debut as an idol or to be the girlfriend of Three Lights?" Makoto asked curiously.

"Easy! Both, of course!" Minako answered with her peace sign.

"EHHH~ ! !" the girls froze and gaped at Minako's answer... again.

"Oh no! It's time, already? I've got to go, Three Lights are waiting for me!" Minako bolted to the entrance. "Bye bye!" she waved before the entrance door closed.

"When did she become an assistant? We can't underestimate her, can we?" Rei made a suspicious face.

Ami scanned the seat. "Oh, By the way, where's Usagi-chan?" she asked, seeing she disappeared like magic.

The door opened, letting Luna in.

"Hey, girls!" she greeted them.

"Hey, Luna!"

"What's with Minako-chan? I saw her running like she overslept, even Usagi, tailing her."

"Well, Minako-chan got herself a job as an assistant for the Three Lights." Rei answered.

"Hmm~ As a Class President, I will be delighted to keep my eyes on them!" Luna announced confidentiality. "And I won't let either of them disturb the Three Lights' personal business!" she exited out the cafe.

"Usagi was right... we have a strange Class President." Makoto blinked without a second thought.

Three Lights' personal music room

The room was utterly quiet, except Seiya was playing his guitar.

"Honestly... I wonder if we can find her?" Taiki questioned as Seiya stopped playing.

"Sure we can! That's why we've become idols." Seiya replied, putting his guitar down.

"If we work harder, she'll recognize us, no matter where she is. Perhaps we should do more business." Yaten suggested.

"Hmm~ " Taiki responsed with a smile.

Galaxy T.V

Three women were searching for more targets, still searching non-stop.

"So Nezu, how was your target from yesterday?" Karasama asked, reading her magazine filled with fashion designer clothes.

"Eh~ Well... it didn't go as I plan." Nezu laughed nervously. "HEY! WHY ARE YOU READING ABOUT CLOTHES! ?AREN'T YOU SUPPOSE TO SEARCH FOR A TARGET! ! ?"

"I'm searching for the target of the creator of these clothes!" Karasama lied.

"Right~ " Nezu finds it suspicious.

"Karasama, I hope you enjoy this lunch!" Aya said in her cheerful tone, showing her some plain sushi.

"-_- Aya, you do know you made plain sushi?" she said, frowning.

"Huh? But I thought plain sushi was the best flavor."

"*sigh* Fine, I'll eat it." Karasama took one and ate it, then widen her eyes of the taste. "You were right. This is the best flavor!"

Nezu turned away and continue on her search, scanning random pages while eating a cookie. She stopped turning when she saw a picture of a lady with a large star symbol as a background, holding up a camera.

"Itabashi Saki, age 24. New superstar in photo industry. She's my next target!" she nodded, circling her target with a red marker.

"Nezu, Galaxia-sama is calling you." Aya sang while Karasama's eating more plain sushi.

"I was about to go there." Nezu walked towards the elevator that has a sign "Do Not Use". She opened the door, walking through them. She entered the dimensional area as she changed into Sailor Iron Mouse, then bowed down to her master. "You called me, Galaxia-sama?"

"Did you found the next target yet, Nezu?" Galaxia asked.

"Of course, Galaxia-sama."

"Alright. Then go and get a true Star Seed to dominate the entire galaxy." she ordered, gripping her left fist.

"Hai (Yes)!"

The Three Lights are in the piano room. Taiki played the piano, Yaten practice his voice, reading from the vocal book. Seiya was leaning against the wall, waiting for his turn. Minako was by the glass wall, watching them practice. Usagi showed up out of nowhere in her crab-walk, kneeing down next to her blonde friend.

"What's Yaten doing?" Usagi asked.

"Voice training."

"Breast cleaning?" Usagi repeated, misheard Minako's answer. Minako shot her head at her friend.

"WHY WOULD HE BE CLEANING HIS BREAST- wait, why are you here, Usagi-chan?"

"Because you look like you're having fun. I don't mind joining you." Usagi answered, standing up.


Minako gasped and froze to see a certain someone that she knows in school that boss people around.

"What happened, Minako-chan? It's like you just saw a ghost." Usagi worried.

"Who are you calling a ghost! ?" a female voice shouted as Usagi gaped, slowly turn to her back. It was Luna with a scowl on her face.

"What are you two doing snooping around the Three Lights' rehearsal! ?"

"W-Well... " before the blondes can answer, Minako saw a woman with a camera taking pictures at the Three Lights.

"Excuse me, are you a fan? Please don't take photos without permission." she walked to the woman.

"Don't disturb me! Move over!" she said in her commanding voice as she continue to shoot more pictures.

Minako mentally growl at her attitude. "W-What's with her! ?"

Later in the event, tons of fangirls wanted their autograph while some in the front were reaching their arms to them. The woman with a camera was taking pictures atop of the ladder from a long range. She then spotted three blondes next to the Three Lights, handing out some posters.

"Have fun with the Three Lights! And here's my signature, too!"

"Enjoy your time with the Three lights! Hey, no pushing!" Luna scolded at some girls.

About few seconds, they were instantly dragged by force, out of the fangirls.

"H-Hey, you're hurting me!"

"What's the bi- Oh... " Luna was about to bark to the person, but stopped by the woman from earlier.

"This isn't fun for you girls!" the woman told them as she climbed back up the ladder, continuing to snap more pictures.

"That was rude of her!" Luna scowled, crossing her arms and glaring at her.

"Who does she think she is! ? How arrogant!" Minako sticks her tongue at the woman.

"Let's get something to eat before they start something next." Luna suggested, heading to the door.

"Okay." she followed her blonde friend, before she thought of something. "Luna, have you seen Usagi around?" she asked as Luna stopped at her track with a tick mark on her head.

"Is she still back there?" she asked in a calm tone.

"I think so."

"WE'LL DRAGGED HER OUT BY FORCE! !" flames of aura consumed Luna with fierce rage.

All the fangirls finished getting their autographs from the Three lights as they wave goodbye to them, heading to their room.

"Sheesh! These girls are such a hassle." Yaten frowned as he yawn. Suddenly, there was a light flashed at them as they glared at the person who snapped at them.

"Hi, I'm the cameraman for the photo series called "Naked Three Lights". Itabashi Saki. Nice to meet you." she introduced them. Taiki walked towards her.

"Oh! I heard about you! It's a pleasure to meet you!" he shook her hand, but Yaten intervene them.

"Look, whatever you want in "Naked" is fine, but don't take one when I yawned! Now give me the camera!" Saki backed away, but Yaten already got the camera and instantly ripped out the film. Then, a flash of light hit him as Yaten turned to her, seeing she had another camera.

"Stay right there! You look stunning with that angry face!" she praised, but Yaten growl in response.

"Oh~ so she's a cameraman? No wonder she kept taking more pictures!" Usagi amazed, watching them by the doorway.

"USAGI! !" a voice screamed at the hallway, causing Usagi to gaped and turned to the hallway slowly.

"Uh oh..."


"I, uh, well, I, um, uh... " Usagi stuttered trying to find the right word.

"Usagi, what are you doing standing by the door?" Minako asked calmly.

"Well... I, uh, I followed that woman with a camera in Three Lights' room. Turns out she's a cameraman and taking pictures of them naked." Usagi explained while pointing her fingers at the said people.

The hallway becomes quiet as both of her blonde friends froze by her answer. It was then Minako begin to say, "Did you say... naked?" Usagi nodded. There was a grin on her face. "I WANNA SEE THEM NOW! !" she blurted out in joy and sally to their room, but Luna instantly smacked her to knocked her out.

"Don't you even dare!" she warned her and glared at Usagi. She shivered by her glare, knowing her glare meaning "Move it or you're next!". They both head out to the hallway until a certain voice called them.

"Oi, odango! Would you and your friends help us out?"

The girls stopped as Luna dropped the unconscious Minako.

"I would love to help!" Luna said in her sweet tone.

"What's with her?" Usagi was freaked out by Luna's personality change.

The three blondes followed the Three Lights, plus Saki, to the commercial stage. Taiki told the director about the assistant, which he accept them.

"Director, is there anything you want us to work on?" Luna confidentiality asked.

"You girls would pour the drinks to the glass cup for the Three Lights."

"Hai!" they retorted unison.

"Director, we're starting in a few minutes!" one of the co-worker called.


The three blondes head to the van, getting the materials and setting them on the table.

"We'll start with red wine! ...Alright, action!"

Three Lights raised their glass cups in the air and simultaneously drank their red wine.

"We love 'em!" they yelled in unison.

"Cut! That was perfect! Alright, let's try from another angle. Bring us some more of them!" the Director called the assistants.

"Hai!" Minako took the order and walk to them.

"Um... Let's see... that's one, two, three, four... this is their fifth one." Usagi counted their drinks using her right fingers. "If they say it taste good, then I'll try it." she took one of the cups.

"Usagi, don't- !" Luna tried to stop her, but Usagi already drank it.


"That's because they're for ADULTS! !"

Minako came back to her friends.

"Minako, how are they able to drink it when they taste so terrible and smile?" Usagi asked.

"That's easy! Idols are able to smile everytime in front of the camera - regardless of the taste."

"That is how you work as a pro." Luna nodded, folding her arms.

"Heehee~ You talk like you know everything about pros." the blondes turned to the voice behind the van as Saki walked out. "You too want to be a pro, don't you?"

"That's right." Minako answered as Saki chuckled.

"Well, we'll see." she walked off, carrying her bags.

"What's with that attitude of hers! ?" Usagi crossed her arms with a frown.

Saki walked to the exited, passing through the field of grass without noticing a petite woman, hiding in the grass.

That evening

The Three Lights posed their bodies and pictures were shooting at them in different angle by Saki, sole. She kept taking pictures of them non-stop. The blondes were standing by the doorway, watching them.

"The sound of shutters and flashing light... From the very moment, I feel like a star already... " Minako said with dreamy eyes, imagining herself in their position.

"*sigh* Get a grip, Minako." Luna looked away from her overdramatic friend.

Suddenly, Usagi's stomach grumble. "I'm hungry! When will they eat! ?" she whined.

"Idols aren't allow to have food until they finish their work." Minako answered to her friend as she walk to the studio.

"Ah! There's no way I can be an idol! That's it! I'm getting something at the bakery store." Usagi head to the exit.

"I'm hungry as well." Luna followed her hungry friend to the exit.

Saki still takes more pictures until the next few minutes, she's completely tired out.

"Well, since the time to use the studio is over, we finally finished taking photos today." Minako walked towards the studio with some tissue boxes. "Have a good evening, everyone!" All the members shuts the lights off for the studio as Minako gave the Three Lights some tissues.

"Arigato (Thank you)." Seiya and Taiki thanked her.

"I'm hungry." was the only thing Yaten can say.

"In that case, let's go eat something!"

"Alright." Seiya replied as the four of the head out.

"Wait! Can you stay a little bit longer?" Saki pleaded. They turned to her. "I'm starting to see you three are getting better-looking now. So please, let me keep on going until I'm satisfied!"

"Excuse me! Can't you see it's already late! ?" Minako stepped in.

"This isn't a school! You can't say "it's over" just because the bell rang!" Saki scolded.

"You should know that everyone did their job without eating anything!" Minako yelled back, truthfully.

"All I want is to take great pictures!"

"I'm sorry, just because it's your caliber skill that you can't take goo-"

"Would you quiet down for a while?" Yaten cut her off.

"But... " Minako was about to reply.

"Enough." Taiki stopped her as the three stars went back to their studio.

"Take pictures as much as you want, but... " Seiya stated.

"Make them more beautiful than anyone else. That's the condition." Taiki finished. Then the Three Lights made their way to their studio.


"But, it's getting late and you guys haven't eaten anything." Minako faintly said.

"We are pros." Yaten replied coldly.

"Pros? Is this the strictness of the pros?" Minako asked herself mentally.

"Listen, as a pro we've got to be serious everyday. To be the pro, we're suppose to support everyone we have. We can't compromise. We can't say "I'll do my best" or "I'm hungry"." Saki explains to Minako, but she can hardly understand the strictness.

"Okay! Let's take it from the top!" one of the members said, turning back the lights on.

"Face it! It's not that easy. It's you who said it's tough to work as a pro." Saki tapped on Minako's left shoulder. "You understand?" she took off to the studio, ready to take more pictures of them. Minako finally understands how being a pro really is. "Alright! Seiya, would mind straighten your body a bit more? Taiki-kun, hold your head a little higher."

"Saki-san is a pro... Three Lights are pros... But I still have a long way to go... " Minako thought to herself. "Oh, come on! Don't leave things halfway through to being an idol." she knocked her knuckles to her head gently.

That night

Every members bid farewell from their hard work with the Three Lights. Saki exited out the back door. Before she head home, she decides to get some drink from the vending machine. She opens the can and drinks it, but she heard a voice from behind.

"Itabashi Saki, the genius cameraman they call the new superstar of the photo industry."

Saki turned her back, seeing a petite woman in a business pinstripe outfit. "Who are you?"

"I'm really impressed with your passion for taking photos. May I ask you to take one for me?" Nezu walked towards Saki.

"Sorry, I'm not allow to take any photos except for business."

"I'm just teasing you. I didn't mean it that literally. I don't want photos, except... your Star Seed." Nezu took off her outfit, revealing her true outfit - Sailor Iron Mouse. Saki dropped her coffee in shock.

The back door was opened by Minako. "Where did Luna-chan and Usagi-chan went? Have they gone home?"before she close the door she heard a horrified scream, causing her to shot her head out, seeing Saki was attacked by a petite enemy.

"HA!" Sailor Iron Mouse fired two lights from her bracelets at Saki.

"AAAAAHHHHHH! ! ! !" she screamed as her chest reveal a Star Seed. She fell backward, landed on her hip and leaning by the vending machine.

"Saki-san!" Minako head inside the studio, preparing for her cue.


Iron Mouse moved closer to her fallen target to get a closer look at her Star Seed. However, her Star Seed turned pitch-black. "Again! ?" she sighed in disappointment and disbelief.

"Hey, you! I won't let you flee!" Sailor Venus enters the scene, spreading her arms out. Iron Mouse smirked at her enemy.

At the bakery store, Usagi and Luna exited out after eating some bread, except for Usagi who always buy sweets.

"That was good!" Usagi exclaimed, holding a box of sweets for Minako who haven't eaten anything from her studio.

"I better get going. See ya in class tomorrow, Usagi!" Luna bid farewell, but she secretly saw something up ahead - keeping to herself, not letting Usagi notice. They both went seperate ways.

"Hope Minako love these! Should I take one? Ah what the heck!" Usagi took one rice ball of the box and chomps on it. Up ahead, she saw two shadows fighting with a BOOM. Usagi made a solemn face, knowing it's her cue.


Sailor Venus collided her punched on Iron Mouse, but she also collided her punched as well.

"Venus... Love and beauty shock!" she kissed her left fingers, revealing a yellow heart-shape in a sphere. She swung her as her sphere launched towards her enemy. Iron Mouse simply dodged her attack. "Huh! ? No way! She sidestepped it! ?"

"My my~ ! Just where were you aiming at stupid?" Iron Mouse pointed at her.

"IT'S YOU WHO'S STUPID! !" a voice shouted from behind as Iron Mouse turned her back. It was Sailor Moon hands to her hips.

"Where have you been the whole time! ?" Venus shouted at her friend.

"Ehehe~ Sorry."

From the roof, a certain girl with two long blonde twin tail hair was watching the whole scene, waiting for her cue.

"Luna, are you ready yet?" Ophiuca asked from her Hunter-VG.

"In a minute."

"You attacked Saki-san, who taught me the strictness of pros! I won't forgive you! Agent of love and beauty, pretty Sailor Soldier, Sailor Venus!" Venus announced her catchphrase.

"After eating some rice ball with my Class President, I'm fully refreshed, pretty Sailor Soldier... Sailor Moon~ ! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" she formed her signature pose, as usual.

"Then, you should've been taught much more about what strictness is. Sailor Picture! Teach these girls a lesson!" Iron Mouse said to her unconscious target. Black lightning formed around Saki's body as a phone booth appears behind Iron Mouse. She back stepped on the phone booth. "Today's business is over! Ja ne!" the phone booth door closed as it disappeared.

"Saki-san!" Venus and Sailor Moon run to the fallen cameraman as the shockwave pushed them away.

The fallen Saki stood up as her body reveals her Phage form.

"Sailor Picture!" she announced her name.

"Saki-san?" Venus was disbelief at her appearance.

"What good-looking! Nice pose~ !" Sailor Picture highly squealed and aimed her camera at Sailor Moon.


"Shutter Chance!" she fired laser at her. Sailor Moon ducked her laser.

"Saki-san!" Venus tried to call her.

"No no! Don't change your pose! Marvelous angle! Shutter Chance!" she fired her laser at her.

"AAHHHH! ! !" she cried and was pushed away.

"Venus! You okay?" Sailor Moon worried of her injured friend and glared at the enemy.

"Nice pose~ ! Ready for another one! ?" Sailor Picture aimed her camera at them.

"STOP RIGHT THERE! !" a voice shouted as Sailor Picture stopped her camera, looking for the voice.

"Who said that?"

Sailor Moon looked around, but Venus looked at the roof.

"Sailor Moon, up there!" she pointed atop of the studio, seeing a shadowed figure.

"A pro is to be taught how important to reveal your true talent! If you decides to go that far, then I'll forbid it!" the shadowed figure shouted in her demanding tone.

"Now whose voice remind me of?" Sailor Moon tried to remember of the mystery person's line.

"Who are you! ?" Sailor Picture asked while squealing.

"Who am I? That's a good question... " the shadowed figure grabbed her Hunter-VG and jumped off the roof."Transcode!" pink light formed around the mystery figure. Snake-like energy coils around her arms, creating her new armored arms. It coils around her torso as it reveals her snake-like body with a tail and a black bra-like. Pink energy sparks her head revealing her purple helmet. Her face covered with a pink transparent veil. Her long pigtails were coiled and formed her purple armored pigtails with green snakes, coiling around them. Her shoulders reveals her armors in a snakes' head-like. After her transformation, she landed on the ground with a thud. "I'm... a StarForce, known as QueenOphiuca and I'll show you what a real pro can do!"

"Another one?" Sailor Moon and Venus were stunned in disbelief of her entrance.

"EYYAAAHH! ! Your pose is magnificent!" Sailor Picture squealed uncontrollably and aimed her camera at her new target. "Shutter Cha-"

"Snake Legion!" QueenOphiuca summons her green snakes and launched them towards her target. The snakes hissed and they wrapped around Sailor Picture's body tightly.

"No fair!" she struggled.

"Wait! Stop!" Venus stood between QueenOphiuca and Sailor Picture. "Don't hurt Saki-san! She-"

"She's a human. Yes, I know." QueenOphiuca finished her sentence.

"How did you... ?" Sailor Moon was surprised that she knows about this situation.

"I was ordered not to hurt this Phage. So I've decided to wrapped things up." QueenOphiuca shrugged, explaining her intention.

Suddenly, a snaps of echo was heard at this night. QueenOphiuca prepare to stay focus on the new all, including Sailor Picture, turned to the source of the snapping at the roof of the studio.

"Penetrating the darkness at night... " the white hair Sailor Senshi announced first.

"The air of freedom breaks through... " the brown hair Sailor Senshi announced second.

"We are the three sacred shooting stars... !" the black hair Sailor Senshi announced last.

"Huh? W-Who are you! ?" Sailor Picture shouted.

"Sailor Star Fighter! Sailor Star Maker! Sailor Star Healer! ...Sailor StarLights... are here!"

"Oooohh! How fabulous!" somehow she got the energy to break free of the snakes and aimed her camera at them.

"Oh no, you don't!" QueenOphiuca quickly dashed towards her and wrapped her target with her tail.

"Let me go!" Sailor Picture demanded. Sailor StarLights jumped off the roof as Sailor Star Healer prepare for her attack.

"Star Sensitive... Inferno!" she called out her attack, from her brooch, and unleashed lightning at them.

QueenOphiuca quickly unwrapped her tail and let Healer's attack hit the Phage.

"AAAAAHHHH! !" she cried and stumbled.

"Now, Sailor Moon!" Venus said to her leader.

Sailor Moon summons her small scepter. She spins around her scepter around her left hand, then to her right as she form her finishing stance. "STARLIGHT HONEYMOON... THERAPY KISS! !" she called out, creating pink lights to shine (again with the videogame background) at Sailor Picture with feathers.

"BEAUTIFUL~ ! !" she cried out, changing her back to Saki as she collapsed, leaning on the vending machine. Her Star Seed on her chest begins to enters back where it belong.

"I'm glad she's safe." Venus said with worry.

Sailor Moon turned to the Sailor StarLights as they leaped off. "Wait!" she pleaded, but they vanished. She turned to QueenOphiuca.

"I'm outta here." she said as she turned into light and vanished like a shooting star.

"Would you wait for a second! ?" Sailor Moon yelled, wanting to thank her.

The next day at Crown cafe

"Is Minako-chan still planning to make her debut as an idol?" Ami asked.

"Well, she won't because she won't be able to eat any meals at all." Usagi answered.

"What do you mean by meals?" Rei asked curiously.

"Well, to tell you the truth, after yesterday-" Usagi was about to answer Rei, but she was interrupted by Minako, calling them.

"Minna (Everyone)! Take a look at this!" she took out some magazines and books as she bumped into Usagi with her hip - again.

"What's this about?" Rei wondered, looking at the magazine.

"Take a look!" Minako helped her turn the page she was looking for, revealing a page that has a picture of the StarForce in a war. "The StarForce are the star! It says they had a war with the enemy called the "Repliforce" two months ago!"

"A WAR! ?" the girls gasped in surprise.

"I can't believe they survived until now. Do you think they'll be our newest allies?" Makoto questioned.

"I agree with her. If we can find the StarForce, we'll have the upper hand on our new threat." Ami nodded.

"More important than that, check these out!" Minako handed them some books about an audition that has "New talents wanted!" written on it.

"Do you really want to enter the audition to become a star?" Makoto questioned.

"Minako-chan, what's this suppose to mean?" Rei asked.

"Well, on second thought, to make my debut as an assistant for the Three Lights, I might end up being a hindrance. I've decided to do a few auditions in a fair and square manner."

"Then, you haven't given up being an idol?" Usagi asked thoughtfully.

"Of course not! I'm aiming to be the best idol!" Minako confessed her future goal as she headed to the exit. "I'm off!"

"I wonder... " Ami said thoughtfully.

"What do you mean, Ami-chan?" Rei asked.

"If the StarForce survived, then where are they... here in Juuban?" Ami finished her question.

The Senshi looked at the pictures of the magazines where the StarForce fought their archenemy, Sigma. To their thought, they wondered how strong are they.

Somewhere in space

The scientist man enters the room. "Dynamo, how's our project going?"

"There's not enough energy. They're increasing slowly. It'll take weeks or a month to complete the resurrection program."

"Tch! We need something that will increase our resurrection for our master's revival."

To be continue...

"Oh wow~ I used to participate in musicals." Sonia said to the girls.

"Start from the beginning, Seiya!" the director brutally ordered him.

"Sister Angela!" Rei spoke of a certain name that she knew from her school.

"If it's brutal you want, then how about I'll show you my true power!" Rogue aimed his Laplace Blade at Sailor Star Fighter.

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