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Start Chapter #1- Mate?

"WHAT?" Kiba growled, slamming another fist into Sai's gut. The other boy simply continued to fake smile. "You're dog; you need to put a muzzle on him and get some flea medicine. He's terribly dirty and loud."

"You just don't know when to shut it, do ya?" Kiba snarled, throwing the other boy on the ground. "Kiba-kun . . ." Hinata whispered, her hair falling into her eyes.

It was only three hours into the Saturday morning and Kiba was already picking a fight with someone. Shino, who had preferred to stay at home, would normally insist that she ignore Kiba's rants, but something always made her worried.

Perhaps it was the rough way Kiba spoke, as if whatever or whoever insulted what he believed in was going down. Hard.

The same went with Naruto. Ah, Naruto-kun, the sweetest ninja in all of Konoha. Kiba on the other hand . . . well, when they were children, Kiba frightened her slightly. His K9 like attitude made goose-bumps form whenever she saw him in the heat of battle.

But, then again . . .

"I SAID," Kiba barked, his fangs showing fully, "TAKE IT BACK!"

Sai at last chuckled faintly, "Alright . . . alright. Go have fun with your girlfriend over there."

Kiba shrugged off the last bit, "Sorry about that Hinata-chan." He murmured as he passed by her reddened self. She turned on her heal to follow him. In the past years, Kiba had turned from the scary little thirteen/fourteen year old he had been into a tall, kinder teen. And actually, except for his outbreaks every now in then, he was a very good friend to have around.

"Feels weird not to have Akamaru here . . ." she heard him murmur. When she looked up from her thoughts, he was glancing into the sky, his lip perked at an interesting angle, showing off his oh-so cute fang.

When he looked down quizzically at her, she blushed and turned away. "You've gotta stop doin' that Hinata-chan. It's probably not healthy."

She blinked, "What?"

"Blushing so much. There's really no reason for you to blush in front of me."

She went even a darker shade. "H-Huh? W-What do you m-mean?"

"And the stuttering! Geez, Hina-chan! We both know that we aren't meant for each other, so don't freak out. Naruto is your type, ne?"

A rush of guilt hit her. Yea, Naruto WAS her guy. And Kiba wasn't about to change that. But what was with his sudden change of character? Why did he look so serious; so sad?

He probably just wishes Akamaru was here.

"How long will he be at the vet?" She murmured after silence. This was a subject that Kiba appreciated talking about. "Well, he needed to get a good shot or two, for sickness crap and whatnot . . ." He rambled on, his smile making the sunlight look dim.

He had grown . . . a lot. The little boy features turning sharp and wild. From a pup to a grown alpha wolf.

She punished herself by biting her lip. How dare she betray Naruto like this? He had promised to take her to the movies tonight and she was fawning over Kiba-kun?

"Hina-chan?" He asked, his look gentle. When they caught eyes, Kiba felt a spark of something painful, agonizing, as he froze. It shot up his chest, stabbing at his heart. For a long moment, he swore he was having a heart attack. His eyes blacked out and he felt his feet stumble. When his eyes cleared, he saw her staring, her brow furrowed with concern. Her hands held his shoulders, their small fingers timid on his bare skin.

The touch alone tingled his arms. Her smell was so strong, so lovely and special and different and odd and perfect. If she smelled this good, how did she taste . . . ?

The thought jolted him, making him pull away painstakingly. "Kiba-kun!" she gasped, her eyes wide with worry. He shook it off, the feeling of wanted to tackle her and kiss her and hold her.

"I . . . I need to go." He hissed, backing up into the trees.

"Kiba-kun, wait! Please!" she ran over to him, only to have him bark at her. She recoiled, her hand flying to touch her lips. "Kiba . . ."

He was breathing hard, rapid with emotions. His eyes were wild, untamed. He disappeared into the trees without a goodbye.



His mother placed a finger to his lips. "SHUT IT KIBA! What if your sister hears you? She'll kill you!"

After his mother sighed, he murmured, "What's this mean?"

"It means that she's the girl for you. Literally. You're now the alpha since your father isn't here anymore, meaning when you mate, she's yours forever to love and whatnot. No other woman will work for you."

Kiba's mouth opened in despair. Had it not been this afternoon that he had BASICALLY admitted his love to her by saying (stupidly in his opinion) that they wouldn't ever be together. And that was only because he didn't want her to be hurt when she had to know he loved her and STILL be in love with Naruto.

"This SUCKS." Kiba growled under his breath, crushing the glass of water in his hand. His mother grunted, "Kiba! You're cleaning that up!"

He didn't care. His mother sighed and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Look. It doesn't matter. Didn't you tell me that you liked this girl?"

He shook his head sadly. "It wouldn't be right to make her suffer for what I'm doing."

"What do you mean 'what you're doing'? This is a natural thing, Kiba. It's not your fault."

"It isn't hers either!" He retorted, eyes narrow with self-hatred. His mother stared at her son sadly, brushing his soft brown hair out of his eyes. Kiba knew deep in his heart that he wasn't the most popular guy in the leaf village. Geez, even Shino had more fangirls that he did! And maybe part of that was because he was more . . . eh, dark and mysterious? Not to mention his main move was showing girls his butterfly collection at home. Curse him and his exotic butterflies that made girls fawn over him! Akamaru was too big for girls to coo all over him. In fact, Kiba had even gotten the reputation of being a jerk and abusing his girls because he was such a wild fighter.

None of that was true, quite to opposite, actually.

He went up to his room and stared in the mirror for quite some time. "Hinata-chan . . . I'm so sorry."

End of chapter 1~~~

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