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Start Chapter#8 I know you love him but can't you look at me?

"Kiba-! Get away from him! Sixty Four Palms!" rouge ninjas went everywhere, gagging and yelling in pain as they were tossed aside. She was beginning to freak out, seeing as she still couldn't seem to find him through the massive pile of enemies that surrounded him.

"Kiba!" she hissed, slamming another ninja in the face. Shino's bugs began to toss them aside. He whispered just loud enough for Kiba to hear, "Sorry Kiba . . . I tried to do what you said."

At last, she could smell the blood that was all too familiar. "No! Get off of him!" when the last ninja was slung off of his dying body, she was in tears. He had a deep stab wound in his side, a beaten face, blood on his lips. She stared down at him, her eyes leaking with tears as she dropped to her knees.

"What did you say for Shino to do?" she whispered in his ear, only loud enough for him to hear. Shino was standing quite away, telling his bugs to go inform the hokage that their mission had received a setback and that they would have to send someone to come get Kiba.

"I . . . said for him to keep you away in case things got bad." He murmured, a small, self-mocking, smirk on his face. Her eyes narrowed as her brow furrowed.


He said nothing at first as she scooped his face into her hands. Akamaru ran up, whimpering and growling with panic. She caressed Kiba's cheeks very softly, unsure of how hurt he might be. "Don't worry," he said, avoiding her question, "I've had worse." Hinata shook him some.


"Cause. No matter how pissed I get at you I still love you. Like I said. Don't you remember?"

She hiccupped a little, clawing into his hair to hold him to her. "No,"

"I said that you'd always be my mate. It doesn't mean nothin' that you don't love me back. I just . . . keep on loving you."

She sobbed into his shoulder, clutching him to her. "Please . . . just don't do that again." She pleaded, "I don't want you . . . I-I don't want you to get hurt for me again."

He sighed. "Why does it matter, Hina-chan? We'll always be separated apparently. You . . . can't stop loving someone so fast. Even if I could love you ten times more."

She said nothing, unable to tell him that she no longer felt for Naruto, knowing he'd think it was a lie.

He then commented, "Oh well, I guess I never wanted to be a constellation prize anyway."

She pulled back, hissing, "Stupid dog,"

Her lips touched his for only a soft moment before his mind kicked in and he realized what was happening. How lovely it was that she was the one kissing him this time around. He pushed his lips against hers as well, watching Shino gawk from a few feet off. Well, he'd be the third wheel after this . . .

Medic Ninjas came, helping Kiba back to the village. Lady Tsunade had issued five Ninja groups to go after these Rouge Ninja that were attacking squads left and right. Something had to be done after the beating they had given Kiba.

Hinata and Shino carried on with their mission, all the while worrying about their comrade at the hospital. Hinata (while blushing near the point of fainting) bought a small plushy dog that looked a lot like Akamaru while Shino bought some medicine that tasted faintly better than Sakura's.

On the way home, Akamaru began to whine a little, missing his master, so Hinata sat on top of him and took the Inuzaka's place for a while.

By the time they got home, it was late in the night and most shops were closed outside of town. After reporting back to the Hokage, they hurried to the infirmary to see Kiba was sitting up, eating his sixth bowl of ramen.

The nurse stood speechlessly by the bedside, watching him. They seemed to have been in a conversation.

The nurse murmured, "I still can't understand how you managed to eat four boxes of poptarts and still be hungry . . ."

Kiba caught their scent quickly, looking up from his bowl to say, "YOU GUYS! HEY~!"

His eyes stayed to a certain dark haired Hyuga as Shino said, "You neglected to complete your mission. As a team, I think that we should-,"

"So Hinata,"

Shino sweat-dropped and left without another word.

"Yes?" she stood next to him timidly until he reached over, grabbed her by her waist, and pulled her into his lap. She yelped, her face going red as he smirked sweetly. "Never got to ask ya how that kiss was."

She went completely red, her eyes widening before she fainted. Kiba blinked a few times before he smiled victoriously. Here he thought she only did that around Naruto . . . heh heh.

A knocking at the door freaked him out a little. Someone with no scent? Hmm, he couldn't place anyone like that until he caught a distinct fraction of the Hyuga's natural smell. Neji.

He chastely placed Hinata in the chair next to him, setting her down gently before climbing back into bed. "Come in."

Neji did, looking at Kiba then at Hinata. A bitter look took over his face. "Oh. I didn't know she was here yet."

". . . yea."

"Why is her face so red?" Neji asked, wandering over to where his cousin sat unconscious. Kiba frowned. Oh crap, what was he supposed to say? That Hinata Hyuga had fainted once again, but because of him? Neji wouldn't be pleased.

"I don't know."


A nurse walked in, asked Kiba to sign something, and said, "You're free to leave whenever you feel like it. Your wounds are healed enough to walk on."

He nodded his approval to her and slipped out of bed. "Urm," he said looking down at his white clothes. "I need to get dressed, would you-?"

Neji picked Hinata up, "I'll leave you to make yourself descent." The Hyuga was really getting under Kiba's skin, making him less tolerable of Neji's blunt ignorance.

Did he seriously not trust him enough to let Hinata stay in the same room?

"Okay, thanks."

Before Neji left, he turned by the door and murmured, "I don't know what's going on between you two . . . but I'm not stupid. If you try anything, Inuzaka, the Hyuga Clan's blood would be tainted with your . . . filth. And so, stay away from her or I'll have to advise you to do so using another method of reasoning."

Kiba growled deeply, "We'll see about that." After a few seconds of intense glaring, the nurse showed up holding Kiba's things. With the tension breaker, Neji slipped away, taking Hinata home.


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