I've been wanting to make this story for a long time. Luckily, playing Fallout has been giving me enough inspiration to write this~ :)

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This will mainly be Sakura-centric as she wanders the Fallout world with all of her useful survival and ninja skills, looking around for her teammates who could possibly be out there, both loyal to Konoha and missing. Of course, there will be eventual pairings because you guys just know me:) And it's pretty obvious what the pairing is if you look through my stories. However, he and other characters won't be showing up until later chapters, so boo. :(

I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas lately, however, I will put the main setting around the vague memory I have of Fallout 3 since it has a more favorable setting to me.

If some of you guys don't know what Fallout is, I will describe the world to the best of my abilities. You could even look up the game; it's freakin' awesome. RPG's rock, ftw.

My other inspiration was the new band I found about: VersaEmerge. They have really awesome songs:)

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Date Started: 5/1/11

Summary: Stranded in a world where danger lurks around her mercilessly, Sakura has no choice but to wander in hopes of finding her lost teammates. Sakura-centric. Eventual pairing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor do I own Fallout.

Author: CiiCiinREX.


Naruto and Fallout Crossover



Her lungs were on fire; that little detail was the first thing she noticed as she blearily snapped her orbs open, hacking as the hoarse sound echoed around her. Panting slightly, she rolled onto her side when a wave of exhaustion washed over her vulnerable form. She shivered when a breeze came in from the west, not so much from the cold but from the ominous message the wind seemed to send.

Turn back, was what Mother Nature whispered into her ears, the wind stroking her lush, pink locks that were now mattered with dirt. Sharping breathing in, the girl shut her eyes and gritted her teeth, aware of her limbs throbbing at that exact moment the delirious voice hissed near her ear. Turn back before it's too late.

'Stay away,' The young girl shuddered as her vision focused and blurred rhythmically, making it hard for her surroundings to completely sink into her mind. In a hazed attempt of panic, she managed to bring a shaky hand to her chest and turn onto her stomach, grunting as her nails bit into the earth under her and dragging her limp body. The muscle in her right arm cried out tiredly, and the amount of energy she needed to muster up burned her out immediately. However, the looming threat of death hung over her head and her will to survive was stronger than her weak body as hand after hand yanked on roots and anything else stable in front of her, the world spinning underneath her.

Turn back, The voice growled, this time much more harsher while the girl nearly cried out, noting the overwhelming wet feel on her lower torso and sharp pain. Had she slipped into water when she was pulling herself along?

Breathing heavily, she lightly pat her damp clothes and brought it to her face, her vision swimming as she tried to collect her bearings. The girl gulped narrowly and noted how the ground around her body was also moist. When objects around her settled into one steady rhythm, she sucked in deeply at the sight of her pale hand smothered in murky, message-bearing crimson.

She noticed the white noise echoing in the clearing as she glanced around, finding tall, bare trees looming over her small figure, the dark bark blending in with the grey skies and dusty forest floor. Was it even a forest? There were barely any trees covering the area around her, only here and there were the large plants seen. As a sudden wave of sleepiness made her mind whirl, she scanned the floor and found all dirt and grass mixed with red.

'No, no,' She chanted in her mind, horrified yet fascinated at the amount of blood she had lost. Just how much did she hold inside of her petite body? 'This cannot be happening; I can't die like this, not now.'

TURN BACK, She gasped when she felt sharp nails digging into her shoulder and, panicking, lashed out and hit something solid as she poured every ounce of power she had left in her fists. Nearly crying out in relief when the pressure was lifted, the young girl continued to quickly drag herself to a nearby tree, ignoring the way her legs threatened to give out when she gripped the back and yanked herself upwards and onto her feet.

Panting yet again, she scanned over her vital signs. She was nearly drained out of all of her chakra reserves, and the lower torso of her form seemed to be slashed to bloody ribbons from a sharp weapon. However, adrenaline warmed her all the way to her toes when she leant onto the tree and lifted her head. Pale, yellow eyes met her crazed, emerald orbs, and power flooded through her unlike what she had ever felt before.

TURN BACK, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Death warned as it unlocked his large jaw, long jagged teeth greeting her in the form of a furious roar, its dark form stalking towards her mockingly, and she could have sworn she saw a wicked grin stretch across its crimson lips. Fists clenched, she brought them to her injury as green flared out of the corner of her eyes and the hurt dulled, her stare down with her doom never breaking off.

She took her hands off of her body before the black spots in her sight dragged her down into unconsciousness and summoned the remains of her strength to her hands. As Death leapt at her with its massive form hurtling towards her, she bellowed like a warrior as she slammed her fists into the ground.

'I haven't gone this far just to turn back!'


Using up the last of her chakra, she wheezed as the world around her trembled violently at her force. She watched through half-lidded eyes as Death ironically panicked, roaring and jumping onto the flying shatters of earth in a last attempt to survive. Death's actions were, however, in vain as it shrieked with wide, pupil-less eyes, inevitably falling into a crater of its own demise.

She wasn't sure when her legs gave out, but she knew that the next thing she knew she was staring straight up into dark skies, the ominous, dark clouds stretching all across the vast space until there wasn't a window of sunlight left. Despite the overwhelming pain, the young girl smiled as darkness crept into the edge of her mind, taking her over.

'I did it, Naruto… Kakashi-sensei… Tsunade-shisou…'

Eyelids fluttered hazily to a close as a shadow towered over, tilting its head in curiosity at the girl.



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