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Date Started: 5/5/11

Summary: Stranded in a world where danger lurks around her mercilessly, Sakura has no choice but to wander in hopes of finding her lost teammates. Sakura-centric. Eventual pairing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor do I own Fallout. I only own Aidreck, Melody, and the plot.

Author: CiiCiinREX.



Naruto and Fallout Crossover


Chapter 2

The moment Sakura stepped inside the small, enclosed shack that Melody called her 'home away from home', the pinkette immediately sensed the homey, warm air that was radiated out of every creek and corner of the setting. The comfortable atmosphere had the kunoichi relaxing her tense muscles that were throbbing as a fire cackled cackled in the corner of the room silently. A small hole in the roof in the shack let out the smoke that would have otherwise chocked them to death outside in the night air. With her emerald eyes drinking in the sight, she noted that another room was located in the open arch door on her left as Melody shuffled behind her.

"That's where I sleep," Melody explained, quietly shutting the subtly noisy wasteland out as she closed the door behind her, effectively locking it with a bolt. The click sent Sakura on edge as she was still jumpy from the chain of incidents, and so she flinched and defensively faced the confused girl, tripping on a tin can. Melody let out a squeak of surprise as the Haruno's body slapped onto the floor, and quick shuttering followed the sound as the sound of nails clicking against the steel floor echoed in the shack. The next thing Sakura knew, she was being smother by a big, growling form, sharp nails cutting into the coat's shoulders as loud barks of a familiar animal met her ears.

"Dogmeat!" Melody shrieked, pulling the creature on a collar by the neck scoldingly. "Down boy!"

Blinking, Sakura leapt onto her feet as quick as a ninja would, leaving Melody staring at her wide-eyed and the dog eyeing her suspiciously.

"Whoa," The stained-haired girl breathed out. "You have pretty fast reflexes. It's a wonder how Aidreck managed to get you off guard."

"I was..." Sakura trailed off, searching for the right words in her explanations. "I was unconscious. I think he said something about me fighting off a 'Yao Gooey' or something that was hard to kill, so I was probably exhausted from holding the thing off and passed out. He said he found me next to its corpse."

"You, you killed a Yao Guai?" Melody asked, staring straight at her in disbelief. "Those giants are so hard to kill that I probably wasted half the ammo in my gun just to kill one! Even Dogmeat here had some pretty deep wounds that I thought he would never recover from." The girl crouched down to the animal's level and pat him affectionately on the head and was awarded an affirmative yip. "We were lucky; You were lucky, as well."

Melody politely leant her hand and pulled her up, sheepishly apologizing for her companions sudden defensive personality. "How'd you find him, anyway?" Sakura inquired, staring at the dog sitting in front of the warm fire. She noted how one eye was brown and the other was blue; heterochromia iridum, a mutation probably from all the chemicals that Sakura noticed were present in the air outside. His fur seemed smooth, black and white hairs mixing together in different areas, making it look as if he had grey spots on some parts of his lean body. Dogmeat was such a strange name for such a partner, but for some reason, the pinkette believed there was more behind his name. Right now, he was gazing at her comfortably, whining as he trodded up to her, as if apologizing for his earlier behavior. The kunoichi smiled in acceptance, softly patting the furry creature as he panted ecstatically. Smart dog; it's like he understands the basics of human emotions and manners.

The red-haired girl smiled, as if replaying the memory in her own head. "I'd been walking around in broad daylight, scavenging around for supplies, when I came across a scrapyard and heard some guys shouting and shooting. I had laid low and looked over, only to see this guy killing off at least three raiders at once. Afterwards, he ran up to me as if he were going to attack me as well, but I pulled out some food just in time. I gave him some, and he seemed to like me after that. Since then, he's always followed me, whether I want him or not, and never left my side." Dogmeat panted, jumping onto the squeaking girl as she giggled, hugging the animal in response.

Sakura smiled. "He seems so attached to you." Now, if only my teammates were like that... She instantly shoved the thought out of her mind.

"He just wants his dinner," Melody joked as Dogmeat snorted, interest lowered as he strolled over to a large mattress at the corner of the introductory room, circling a few times before he plopped down comfortably on the soft surface. Lying his head down on his paws, he kept his eyes open as his unusual eyes flickered around on the alert.

"Why the name 'Dogmeat'?" Sakura inquired as she followed Melody into the second room, away from the warmth of the fire - although the heat filtered throughout the whole shack. The current room they were placed in was half the size of the room that had been in before, but this one had drawers, a safe, a table complete with three chairs off to the side with a bed laid out already. Melody sauntered further into the room, sliding her fingers into a metal nook in the wall as she pushed it, the 'wall' becoming an indoor storage unit. She was struggling with a spare mattress, Sakura noticed, and she ran up to her side despite her protests and pulled it out, slapping it onto the ground.

"Umm... There was this movie I watched..." The red-haired girl muttered out thoughtfully, staring at the ground as she tried to recollect her memory. "It was called 'A Boy and His Dog', or something like that and in the beginning of the clip he called his dog 'Dogmeat'. It's a pretty old movie and hard to find and watch, but I stumbled across a movie player one day and now it's one of my favorites of all time. So, when I found him, I decided immediately I'd call him Dogmeat." She blew into her hands, probably still a little numb from going out in the night, wrapping her palms in cloth tightly. "Anyway, what's your story? Like, were you from that 'Konoha' place or something?"

Alarm bells rang in Sakura's head; should she tell her what she really was? The threat of death still loomed over her head no matter what happened, like a dangling boulder tied to a thin rope. Breathing in, she said, "Well... in my, uh, village, Konoha, we have the choice of living a simple, civilian life, or a dangerous life of fighting and possible death to protect the village. I'm... one of those people who chose to be a protector, but I can't remember anything up to when I found myself unconscious here. I was going through my daily routine of doing hospital checkups and then I went train with my shisou... and then, nothing. I do vaguely recall fighting that Yao Guai, though."

"Protector?" Melody lifted her head, interested in the pink-haired girl's violence history. Her emerald eyes and the feminine color of her hair seemed to portray a different person that was innocent and war-hating. "Training? What's it like over there, anyway?"

Sakura swallowed loudly, and she attempted to be as vague as possible in fear of betraying her own village. If she leaked out crucial information willingly, it was considered treason! But... this girl, she had saved her and was merely being curious about her past... So, she did her best to tell the truth in vague terms. "First, at a young age, you are enrolled into an Academy. From there... you are tested on your physical and mental skills based on your supervisor's limberness. If you pass, you immediately are bumped up to the level of... genin. From there on, you are assembled into a team of three complete with a teacher who helps you both in your teamwork and individually," But now that I think about it... Kakashi-sensei never taught me anything as a one-on-one thing with your student. It was always Sasuke, and then occasionally Naruto... She paused in thought. "There are several levels of our training: genin, chunin, jonin, ANBU. All require some sort of physical and mental exam, and you always have the price of death whenever you enter it."

"That..." Melody started. "That sounds ruthless! How old are you? Twelve? And yet you're being trained to fight and kill already?"

Because I skipped out on most of the details, she doesn't understand the position Konoha has taken, Sakura concluded. "It's not ruthless, it was completely my choice to become a protector of my village. And I'm fourteen."

The protesting girl slumped down, sulking a little. "Still.. that's pretty young, and they give the option for children to become killers..."

"Not killers," The pinkette corrected, sitting down on the mattress they pulled out tiredly. "Protectors."

Melody smiled at her cleverness. "I guess I'll leave you alone so you can sleep. If you need anything, just shout." Tiredly, Sakura stretched and sensed the girl saunter off towards the door, when she halted in her tracks. She peered at her frozen form quietly. "Something wrong, Melody-san?"

"San?" The red-haired girl seemed baffled. "What's that? Wait, oh. That's a suffix in Japanese... I'm glad I found those old books that taught me Japanese a while back; not only was it interesting, but now I can understand a little of what you're saying... Drop the suffix," She said, waving it off. "Though manners are nice, they won't get you far in the Wasteland. Anyway, I just had a thought, and I wanted to ask you about it."


"Well, seeing as you are pretty good in fighting based on your scuffle with the Yao Guai, you must be qualified enough to have a team, right?" Melody inquired, turning towards hers as she leaned on the metal door. The latern behind Sakura and near the arching door brightly illuminated their forms as a small silence settled over them, the pinkette seeming to have an inner battle.

"Yes," She finally confirmed, the exhaustion plain on her face, though it wasn't just physical tiredness she felt at the moment. "Two boys, and a great sensei."

"Do you think that they might be here in the Wasteland like you?" Sakura jolted, hope filling her gut instantly when she found the possibility of not being alone in this world. However, chances may be slim. Kakashi could have been away doing who knows what (reading his dirty book) before she was pulled out of Konoha, Naruto was off training with Jiraiya hundreds of miles off, even thousands, while Sasuke was with Orochimaru and probably even farther. But, that unbreakable burn that someone, somewhere, she knew was out there in the same predicament as her had her determination and energy spiked up to almost healthy levels.

"That's a possibility," Sakura said, and she couldn't help the excitement slipping into her voice. She paused. "But where exactly am I, anyway?"

"Right now, we're in the Capital Wasteland," Melody began, mentally listing off the locations straight from her mind. "The country is America, state is what was once known as Maryland - I think, Washington D.C."

Capital Wasteland in America? Maryland and Washington D.C.? Just how far out was she?

I'm pretty far if Melody doesn't know about Konoha, seeing as it is a popular village, and even farther if I can't even understand the land I'm inhabiting right now.

"I... I don't..." Know where I am! Sakura sighed, leaning back onto the wall tiredly.

Melody nodded solemnly, as if knowing what Sakura had meant to say. Slowly speaking, she changed the subject, "Also, what do you plan to do in the morning?"

The rosette frowned, a small part of her inwardly hoping for the girl - however eccentric she may be - to just make a hasty decision and haul her up to wherever she was going. Melody seemed like the type to socialize to others and the pinkette had thought that the red-haired girl would've clung to her in some way since she was the probably the friendliest face she had seen for who knows long. However, at the same time the more-experienced girl seemed comfortable as long as she had her canine companion near her at all times.

Where would I go? Should I just try to gather my bearing for the time now, or go straight into searching for Naruto and the others if they're even out there? How would I survive out there by myself anyway? And those creatures, how can I defend myself against those things if I go out with the equipment I have now? Thousands of questions whirled round and round in Sakura's mind as she sank deeper into the mattress.

"I don't know," She exhaled, sluggishly blinking at the sight of Melody's unreadable facial features. "It's still hard for me to cope with... this -" She waved her hand around ambiguously. "- and I have no idea what to do. Even if I go look for my team, I don't even know where to start." Feeling the frustrations build up and tighten her chest, she willed the shimmering liquid pooling on the rims of her eyes away.

If Melody noticed her sniffling, she bowed her head and said nothing. After several moments of the girls, staring at the walls or flickering their eyes to the floor, the armored girl sent the medic nin a the best smile she could - the only way she could comfort her for now.

Living in a world where her only crush/teammate that she expected to at least show some sort of love towards her and where she blew off training believing she was already strong enough before, Sakura had learned to set the lowest expectation possible so that she doesn't get hurt if the worst ever happened. Whenever she set her hopes high, they were always crushed in the cruelest way possible and left her face down with her shattered ambitions.

"You could just stay with me for now, if you want," Melody offered unsurely. Sakura snapped her head up, beaming hopefully. "Really?"

The girl paused as her eyes glazed over, staring at the pinkette seemingly in thought. Moments later, her brown eyes lit up in recollection and she smiled, pale teeth showing beneath her lips. "Of course! It gets a little boring wandering around without a human companion sometimes." Hearing a indignant snort, Melody sent the dog on the mattress her million dollar smile. "You know I still love you, Dogmeat."

"I'm headed towards a town named Megaton," Melody informed Sakura, still immobile from her spot leaning against the beam of the doorway. "I need to go there and get some supplies before I wander off again..." She paused. "Well, we wander off, anyway. But you're going to need some training first."

"Training?" But I've been training all my life!

"I'm not sure what kind of training you had in... your childhood, but I know for a fact that this place will be too foreign for you to adapt in time." The stained-haired girl explained, crossing her arms as she leaned further into the beam. "The Wasteland is brutal; if you are hesitant to do something to survive, it'll eat you alive. There are... horrifying things you probably haven't seen in your life yet." Melody growled, glancing off to the side.

"..." The pinkette flickered her eyes to the slumbering dog, his differently colored eyes closed as his tail wagged slightly in his dreams, probably in a fantasy where meat and love from his master were abundant. Smiling, Sakura pondered slightly about what it would be like to be a canine for a day... Though, she could always find out through a henge.

"We'll start in the morning," Melody sighed after a couple moments of silence, propping herself off the beam and strolling out into the other room. Pivoting on her heel, she grasped the metal door with her rag-covered hands and stared at her momentarily. "Good night."

"...Night." Sakura mumbled a little too late as the door closed with a loud shriek. She exhaled and wrapped herself tightly with the covers the girl had thrown at her before closing the door, slumping into the lumpy, slightly dirty mattress.

Did Tsunade find out that she wasn't in Konoha anymore? Has she sent out trackers and other searching teams yet, or is she still in her office, chugging down her sake? Based on what she knew, the pinkette thought that she was only here for a day so far... two at the most. It was still a little early for her to send out searching teams - since it took about a week or two for someone to be reported missing - so all she could do was have faith that somehow she would find her way home. Sighing, she shut her eyes when Melody sucked in a breath and blew out the lamp from the other side of the shack, emersing her in darkness.

I wanna go home...

She shut her eyes and relaxed her body - slowing her heart rate and emptying her mind. She welcomed the sensation of heavy sleep creeping on her, and soon enough the creases in her forehead were gone as she nodded off.

Sakura never noticed Melody's chakra signature right outside her door, the girl's eyes hard while she clenched her hands into fists.


In her dreams... she dreamed a fairly pleasant dream.

There was Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi all at the front of the village gates, eyes soft with warm emotions and a hint of a smile on each of their lips. They were jostling each other, silently talking to each other through their intense eyes, and laughing carelessly. All of them stood a ways away from her, barely a blot in the background of the Leaf Village and towering canopies of the trees.

The pinkette beamed at the happy scene and rushed over to them, desiring to be a part of them.

She huffed and dashed full speed towards them. She ran and ran and ran.

Soon enough, she became tired and slumped slightly to catch her breath.

Peering up towards their direction, she noticed bleakly how they were the same distance away from her as before.

Eventually, the pleasant dream became a twisted nightmare that reflected her fears.

Sakura began to pant with tears burning in her emerald eyes.

She watched as they walked away from her into the village, all of them chatting - of course, with their personalities in order - as they turned their backs on her.

Emerald eyes widened as the gates slowly began to close, and Sakura felt her limbs break free from the harness that had ensnared her whole body. Immediately she raced forward as the blonde's figure was the first to go.

It was always like this...

Her feet skid across the dusty floor as she inhaled, breathing shallowly in panic, fearing that she wouldn't get there in time. Just as her legs cried out in fatigue, Kakashi's form was the next to go, blending into the shadows of the narrowing passageway to her home.

They got stronger, moved forward, leaving her weak...

She tried to scream, but her voice failed her. Eyes wide, she stared at the form of the only boy that managed to steal her heart - he was the one that she definitely would not let go. Chakra flared into her limbs and she was soon soaring above the ground to reach them. Yes! She was almost there. She could make it!

As fate would have it, a force tugged her leg and made her trip gracelessly into the dirty floor. She gasped and struggled, but the fight only sucked energy out of her body. Whimpering, she stared at Sasuke's back, his Uchiha symbol laid out for all eyes to see, pleading for him to take note of her and rescue her.

He must have heard her inwardly or felt her eyes, but either of them had him halting in his tracks midstep. Inclining his head to the right a little, he turned around, and all the pinkette could see were swirling rubies that left her breathless.

They held their eye contact unwaveringly till the gates swallowed him whole.

And unknowingly abandoned her.

And she cried her heart out.

For her fears had come true.


She awoke with a start, chest tight with overwhelming emotions with her gut packed with a sinking sensation. Swallowing hard, the pinkette inwardly sighed as she slumped farther into the mattress, fatigue overcoming her emotionality. Sakura didn't know why of all times she would have a dream like that. Perhaps it was the stress of wandering in an unknown land or her last thoughts being about her teammates and her history with them. She blinked sluggishly and squinted into the dark, noting how it was nearly pitch black. The fire that Melody had set up possibly hours ago was now completely gone, not even a sliver of embers strong enough to present light in the darkness.

What bothered her, though, was the white noise. As cliche as it sounded, it was a little too quiet.

Sakura shook it off, thinking of it as her paranoia creeping onto her. Melody seemed like a trustworthy person... at least, so far. Even if she wasn't, Sakura could take her down easily with the energy she had recovered.

Just as sleep settled into her system and consciousness was ready to leave her, a nearly inaudible click had her green eyes snap open instinctively.

There was another person in her room, right above her... holding an object - possibly a weapon to her head. Their clothes quietly rustled as they leaned closer, the thing grazing her temple coldly and solidly.

The pinkette made sure that her body language gave nothing away. Then, the next action happened with two seconds. She swiftly faced the enemy, lashing out with her open palm and smacking the weapon out of their hands as it clattered onto the floor. The person grunted as the pinkette wound her foot on the inside of their body and hooked her heel with theirs. Instantly, the figure yelped out in surprise as they went down flailing on their stomach, allowing Sakura to grip one arm behind their back with the other hanging uselessly at their side.

From the other room, Dogmeat began to bark loudly with his claws ticking on the floor in anticipation as he dashed around the room, sensing the action. The kunoichi squinted as her eyes adjusted to the dark to catch a better glimpse of their face.

"You?" She gasped in disbelief.


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