Sidekicks Chapter 2

"An Ancient Chinese Secret"

It had been a typical night for the Green Hornet and his Aide Kato. They had stopped a gun running operation and saved Mike Axford for the tenth time that week. Kato wondered to himself, "Why does the boss keep that guy on staff at the Sentinel?" Britt Reid had to put in an appearance at a publishers dinner, so he changed in the back of the Black Beauty and Kato dropped him off a block from the hotel where the dinner was being held. He assured Kato he would get a cab home and bid him good night. Kato then decided to treat himself to some down time.

The Black Beauty weaved down back streets and stopped in an alleyway in an unknown part of the city. After securing the car, Kato proceeded up a back stairwell and stopped at simple wooden door with a weathered sign hanging and blowing I nthe night wind. The Sign read" Sidekicks". Kato smiled and pushed on the door to be greeted by music and noise from the patrons. He ignored the usual feeling of disorientation that came from the entering of this safe haven and took in the room. Walking through the pub, he saw several acquaintances. The Squire was sitting in the corner flirting with Speedy. Tonto was telling embarrassing stories about the Lone Ranger. He would have told Britt about this but one of the main rules was similar to Las Vegas, "What happens at Sidekicks stays at Sidekicks." Making his way to the bar, he sat and placed his cap on a stool. Sam the owner walked up and placed a container of yellow rice wine in front of him. Kato smiled and thanked Sam. "Tough night," Sam inquired. Kato smiled and replied," Nothing I couldn't handle." Sam laughed and poured himself a drink and cited, "Well want to tell me about a tough night?" Kato raised his cup and smiled. With a sip he began his tale.