Chapter 2: Part 2

It was a night much like those the Hornet and I experienced. A gang of radicals wanted to make a name for them by blowing up the district attorney's office. The boss and I took care of business. As things were being tidied up, the hornet commented," Well it looks like I still have time to make my date with Ms. Case." Laughingly a reply came from me, "Next time tell the criminals to check your social calendar." The Boss needed to meet with Ms. Case. They were going to meet at a supper club. After removing his Hornet clothes, Britt set out on foot the meet Casey. With that, the car headed homeward bound.

As the Black Beauty made its way through the back streets, I had to brake hard to avoid hitting a young Chinese girl running from a nightclub with a gang chasing her. Throwing the car into park, the matter of the girl's attackers resulted in bodies scattered all over the sidewalk.

After making sure that, the bad people were out for the count, I checked on the girl. She told me her name was Kim Su and her father ran a restaurant down the street called" the Golden Phoenix". The bad people were part of a group of street gangs that were shaking down local business owners for protection money. Her father could not afford their demanded tribute, so the gang members were taking Kim as partial payment for the money owed.

The thought of this bothered me very much .Back in China a situation similar to this resulted in a friend's sister being killed due to lack of payments. These gangs needed to go down! I looked at Kim and quoted the words the boss love to use" Let's roll"! Kim Su took a seat in the rear of the Black Beauty and made for "The Golden Phoenix."

When entering the establishment, memories of China once again came to mind. The restaurant was reminiscent of Grandfather's in Shang-Hi. The memory was disturbed; by an older person running towards us swinging a meat cleaver. Kim Su started yelling, "No Grandfather, no!" As the cleaver swung towards me, my martial arts training allowed for a quick evasion. My hands then came together and stopped the blade between the palms. My eyes met those of the angry, startled man, as one word commanded, "Stop!" Sternly but calm came this reply, "I am here to help!" With that, the weapon lifted from the man's hand, held palm out and I bowed in respect. He to say the least was stunned by the actions and calmed down.