It had been an unusual night. The Hornet and I were hunting down a gang that was pushing drugs on the East side. We had just effectively stopped the gang of pushers for the night by putting the fear of the Hornet in them. The Boss needed to meet with D.A. Scanlon. They were going to meet at a supper club under the guise of two friends dining out. After removing his Hornet clothes, Britt set out on foot the meet Scanlon. I was taking the Black Beauty back home.

As the Black Beauty made its way through the back streets, I had to brake hard to avoid hitting a young Chinese girl running from a nightclub with a gang chasing her. Throwing the car into park, I leaped out and landed behind the girl's pursuers. Within a matter of minutes, the gang was reduced to various bodies scattered all over the sidewalk.

After making sure that the bad guys were out for the count, I checked on the girl. She told me her name was Kim Su and her father ran a restaurant down the street called" the Golden Phoenix". The bad guys were part of a group of street gangs that were shaking down local business owners for protection money. Her father could not afford their demanded tribute so the gang members were to take Kim as partial payment for the money owed.

The thought of this bothered me very much for a good friend of mine in China had a similar situation and his sister ended up dead because he could not pay. These gangs needed to go down! I looked at Kim and quoted the words the boss love to use" let's roll". With that I put her in the back of the black beauty and headed for her father's restaurant.