Chapter 51: Final Battle P2

Last time on Power Rangers Digimon. After defeating the Digimon Rangers the first time, Daemon goes back to the Dark Ocean promising the Digimon Rangers that he'll find the their Command Center. The Digimon Rangers quickly regain consciousness and make their way to their Command Center knowing Daemon was searching for it. Even though the Digimon Rangers fight galantly to defend their second home, Daemon's thinking on using the Master Blaster Moogers alongside regular Moogers, KnightChessmon and Daemon himself was too much and the Demon Lord defeats the Digimon Rangers a second time. After a long fought battle the Digimon Rangers are defeated. Now Daemon is approaching the Earth...Can the Digimon Rangers beat him or will he prevail? Find out in the last chapter in Power Rangers Digimon!

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On Earth the Digimon Rangers were alongside the Samurai Rangers, their three mentors, and Tommy Oliver. Moments ago they had failed to stop Daemon from destroying their Command Center. A second defeat Daemon inflicted on them. This did dampen their esteem a Kyle, Max, and Sally remembered their encounter with the four Sovereign Digimon. This gave them more courage to fight on. Sure they would lose battles and against Daemon it was going to happen.

"Come on" Tai Jr told his friends "We protect the Earth."

"Of course" Amelia said in full agreement

Leomon walks into the Shiba House "It will take Daemon some time to fully emerge into Earth but it will be quicker then most Digimon will."

"Leave Daemon to us" Tai told Leomon "After all we Digimon Rangers have a score to settle with him."

"Big time score with him" Sally and Amelia agree.

"Well you Digimon Rangers are the only ones that can stop him" Tommy points out "I mean I could test my strength against him and if he were fighting me I'd just do it." He turns to his son "So my son, make your father proud."

"Consider that done father" Jason told his father.

"He won't be alone" Jayden told the Digimon Rangers.

"Of course Daemon won't" Max said "He'll be using everything he's got, from the Nighlok's Moogers, Giant Moogers, and let's not forget those Master Blaster Moogers."

"Not to mention he'll still have the Flying Moogers and his KnightChessmon" Kyle adds on.

Kevin speaks for Jayden "Just leave fighting against the henchmen to us."

The Digimon Rangers turn to the Samurai Rangers while CaptainHookmon, Izzy, Leomon Shurimon, and Tentomon walk forward.

"Shurimon!" Amelia called out glad to see the Samurai Digimon amoungst their allies.

"Wouldn't miss it for any world" Shurimon replied.

"He's right" Mia replied " We'll help you handle the invading forces. We'll leave Daemon to you."

"And the forces that is with him" Mike adds on.

Leomon nods "Exactly. Now we might not have been able to help you Digimon Rangers out that time but this time, the fate of both worlds hangs in the balance. Once again for one final battle Rangers, I will also assist you."

"As will I" CaptainHookmon said "A good Digimon will never abandon their allies."

Izzy agrees "This is the human world too. Both worlds are at stake" he turns to Tentomon "What do you say old buddy? Are you in for one more fight?"

"Of course I am Izzy!" Tentomon replied "Always will be for everyone. Just say the word and we'll fight together."

"As we have always done" Izzy said smiling at Tentomon.

Deker arrives in his Nighlok form "As will I, I myself will assist you Digimon Rangers in taking out Daemon's forces. Like everyone else Daemon is yours."

"Thanks guys" he turns to Jayden "Thanks for helping us all the way up till this point."

"No problem" Jayden told Tai Jr giving the Red Digimon Ranger a warm hand shake "It's been a great time training you and the other Digimon Rangers." He turns smiling at Amelia "Plus knowing Amelia was indeed a Ranger is a great feeling."

"I agree" Tommy admitted "At least it's not only me that has been a Power Ranger, your adopted daughter is one and so is my son."

"Rest up" Leomon told the Digimon Rangers "We need to try to be at full health if we are to go up against Daemon's forces."

"Agreed" Tai Jr admitted.

Mentor Jii watches Amelia whom wasn't going to give up. Now every so often she'd put her hands to her shoulders indicating those were tho only parts of her body that were hurting the most. She watches as he brings out an ice pack. He gives her the ice packs and mentions her to sit down.

Amelia does using her hands to put the ice packs on her injured shoulders "Thank you."

"Amelia" Jii tells her while sitting down with her "You are like the best granddaughter I've ever had. You've truly been raised well by your father"

This made her smile at Tai hiding back a blush while speaking out "Well, right now I'm your only granddaughter. But, if things don't change between me and Tai, you might have more grandkids in the future."

Tai Jr overhears this and completely blushes at this mention, had his mother actually rubbed off on his girl? He really never thought about having a family with her but he supposed that if things continued on like this which he had no plans of breaking up with her, then perhaps they would settle down and think of a family, but he knew as well as she did that it was in the very far future, anything could happen. Still he lets Amelia spend some time with her grandfather before the big battle that everyone knew would come.

Mentor Jii smiles at Amelia's words "I don't know what the future will bring but I know there is a high possibility for me to get another grandchild. This time, raised by you."

Amelia just sits still letting Mentor Jii's words hit home she then lets out a smile "Yeah, regardless of the future I would be having a child...But that's a far far future."

Tai Jr silently agrees with Amelia, he wasn't ready to have a child with Amelia just yet. Just being a couple with her right now was good enough for him. He watches as the Shiba House Doors open up and Lauren Shiba walks into the area.

"Amelia! Your Aunt is here" Tai Jr reported.

Amelia gets up and with her father Jayden walk to greet Lauren. Both Jayden and Amelia shake Lauren's hand.

"Aunt Lauren!" Amelia shouted.

"Hey Amelia!" Lauren said hugging her niece she then smiles at her younger brother "Hello Jayden."

"Hey sis" Jayden told his sister "So what brings you here?"

Lauren answers "I'm helping the Digimon Rangers out too."

Tai Jr is smiling as he with the other Digimon Rangers join the two Red Samurai Rangers and White Digimon Ranger. This caused Amelia to smile at her aunt "Thanks Aunt Lauren-"

"Besides" Lauren catches on smiling as well "For this approaching army, you'll need all the help we can give the Digimon Rangers."

"Thanks Lauren" Max said to her "It means a lot to us."

"No worries" Lauren said smiling "Just like the rest already told you, leave defending the city from Daemon's invading armies to us. Just focus on defeating Daemon and the ones that are with him."

"Count on it" Jason told Lauren "We absolutely won't lose this battle."

"We will win" Kyle agrees.

Sally agrees with him "That's right, it's now or never and it's going to be now!"

Tai Jr gives his team a thumbs up "Daemon will fall today. There will be no setbacks. We wont try to seal him away in another Dark area. He will be fully defeated."

"Right!" the six Digimon Rangers shouted together.

The Digimon Rangers rested waiting for Daemon to being his attack the Earth.

In the Digital World, Daemon stood over the wreckage of the Digimon Ranger Command Center. It was a second victory Daemon had over the Digimon Rangers. The fact that he had them and was about to destroy them was a good feeling. What wasn't good for him that they were able to get away.

Octoroo and Cherrymon watched Daemon closely. They had indeed been victorious and now Digimon Rangers had been successfully teleported to Earth. They knew it was bothering the Demon Lord.

"That battle took too long" Daemon finally admitted to the two "That is why they were able to escape in time."

"Oh-a-oh" Octoroo speaks up "But this time they can't run away when we finally invade the Human World again."

"And this time" Daemon promised "We'll use everything we have!"

Cherrymon turned "Even the Giant Moogers and Colossal Mooger Cannon Crew?"

"Even those" Daemon said "Flying Moogers will work too. We are going to invade the Earth with the BIGGEST Army the Earth has ever seen. This time the Digimon Rangers will fall!"

"Oh-a-oh" Octoroo said "With you around Lord Daemon we shall succeed!"

"Indeed" Daemon agreed "Unlike Master Xandred, I the Demon Lord will not fail. This is the time I have been waiting for. Everyone MOVE out!"

The many different type of Moogers, and Daemon's own foot soldiers KnightChessmon obeyed Daemon's will.

"My Lord where do you want me and Octoroo?" Cherrymon asked.

"I want you both to stay off the battlefield" Daemon warned "Sending reinforcements from here. Can't lose you two."

"Very well" Cherrymon and Octoroo spoke it was for the best, the two were quite old plus the two were quite good friends. They could still support Daemon by sending reinforcements. It was perhaps the best option they had. If something were to have happened to Daemon, there would always be two more villains. Daemon smirks as Octoroo turns "So how will you be going to the human world?"

Daemon answers "Now that I am free at last, I can now freely send portals into the human world!"

He turns to his armies "Everyone! We move out right now! Enter the portals and commence invasion!"

The Moogers, and KnightChessmon willingly obeyed Daemon charging into the portals.

"I'll give you the all clear to arrive" Daemon ordered Octoroo and Cherrymon whom responded "Right we'll do as you command."

Daemon himself enters the portal, which leads the group to Earth.

Inside the Shiba House, the Samurai, Digimon, Black Dino Ranger, Izzy, Deker, and the four Digimon allies were preparing for the huge invasion. They all had to be prepared, if Daemon attacked with everything he's got then he'll most likely use his Giant Moogers, and Collasal Mooger Cannon Crew. Antonio and Lauren pledged to use to use their Zords if that were to happen. Sensing the other Samurai Rangers would need to support Tommy fighting against the other Moogers and KnightChessmon.

Suddenly the moment of truth had arrived. The Gap Sensor went off in the Shiba House. Mentor Jii ran in after slapping a map "Daemon's arrived and there are massive armies."

"We're on it!" Jayden and Tai Jr shouted.

They lead their friends and allies towards the area that was being invaded. Daemon must've been further away from the area. Both Digimon and Samurai Rangers stopped. It was a BIG invasion force. Almost as big as the invasion force on the Digimon Rangers Command Center.

Jayden looked at the Samurai Rangers which Tai Jr did the same to the Digimon Rangers.

"Ready?" Tai and Jayden asked.

"Ready!" was the response from the Samurai Rangers, Digimon Rangers and Tommy Oliver.

Then they went to work with Tommy speaking up unlocking his Dino Morpher "Time to come back out of retirement! Dino Thunder, Power Up!"

With this Tommy jabbed a key into his morpher then back flipped. In no time Tommy Oliver morphed into the Black Dino Ranger "Bracho!"

The Moogers, and even KnightChessmon seen Tommy Oliver and seemed to be intimidated by him. Tommy aims his weapon "Bracho Staff!"

He sees the Moogers and KnightChessmon staring at him wary "Oh, yes, I guess you fish faces and chess faces have heard of me." he positions his staff readying himself for attack "Your boss, picked a bad day to invade the Earth!"

The Samurai Rangers now went to work "Samuraizers...Go, Go Samurai!"

In no time two Red Samurai Rangers and the other Samurai Rangers appeared. When all eight Samurai Rangers were ready they spoke their unified cry "Rangers together...Samurai Forever!"

"Not bad" Tai Jr said with a smile "Now, it's our turn!"

"Digivices!" "Royal Digivice!" then the six shouted "Go, Go Digital!"

There was a flash of light as the Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Green Digimon Rangers gained their colors, ears, tails, middle crest symbols and their claws. Jason gained his Crimson Armor, his golden yellow chest, his visor and just like his friends his claws.

Without saying their introductions the Digimon Rangers called out "Digimon Rangers!"

Izzy turns to Tentomon "Ready to help buddy?"

"Of course Izzy!" Tentomon replied.

"Then" Izzy told his Digimon partner "Digivolve!"

Izzy's Digivice glew and began sending out data to Tentonmon whom spoke "Tentomon Digivolve too...Kabuterimon!" Once Kabuterimon appeared Izzy allowed him to Digivolve again "Kabuterimon, Digivolve too...MegaKabuterimon!"

"I'm Ready for battle" MegaKabuterimon shouted as CaptainHookmon arrived with Leomon and Shurimon at his side "As so are we matey!"

Jason Oliver turns to his father drawing out the Dragon Dagger "Hold before we separate to find Daemon, father take this for this battle."

"The Dragon Dagger?" Tommy asked his son taking the weapon "What for?"

Jason answers "Just in case Lauren and Antonio need your help. Besides I bet you'd like to work alongside your friend in the past."

Tommy gives his son a pat on his shoulder "Your right my son, I'll take good care of this, I'll return it to you after you all have won against Daemon."

"Thanks father" Jason said.

With this the Samurai Rangers, with Tommy Oliver, the Digimon Rangers, Deker and their three Digimon allies charged. The Moogers and KnightChessmon charged back. The forces of good fought hard and soon thanks to their allies the Digimon Rangers were able to fight threw the massive invading army and continue onward towards Daemon. Whom was terrorizing Tai Sr and Sora.

"He's back" Tai Sr muttered.

"You bet I am!" Daemon laughed "And I'm stronger then ever! Agumon and Biyumon aren't here to save you two this time. This is like a dream come true!"

He approaches the two Digidesten "Time to destroy you two first!"

"I don't think so" Tai Jr's voice sounded.

Daemon turns to see the Digimon Rangers arriving "So you six have finally arrived."

"We're going too Daemon!" Tai Jr told him for his friends "Because your on our planet now and we have no intention of letting you conquer it."

"Ha" Daemon laughed "You six are powerless against me, I've wiped you all two times already."

"Yeah?" Amelia countered " They do say third times the charm!"

Daemon turns "Fine, I was in the mood to destroy two Digidesten but, I guess I'll have to settle for you six starting with this Evil Inferno!"

The Digimon Rangers sensed the fire attack coming underneath their feet and were able to roll out of harms way.

"That was a little too close" Jason muttered.

"At least we saw it coming" Tai Jr admitted.

Daemon points "Moogers, KnightChessmon deal with these annoyances!"

The foot soldiers charge but the Digimon Rangers go right to work. Slashing expertly with their claws. Daemon watches as the Moogers and KnightChessmon are clearly no match to the six. Once all these were done, the Digimon Rangers turn their focus to Daemon whom lets them come at him.

"You Digimon Rangers are really crusing for a beating!" Daemon shouts slashing at them.

He ducks then whrils around slashing each of the Digimon Rangers across their stomachs. Sparks flew as it sends the Digimon Rangers backwards and onto their backs only Amelia was able to land perfectly.

"Curiosity kills the cat" Daemon warned her.

"Too bad I'm not curios" Amelia replied.

"All we care about" Jason replied to the Daemon Lord "Is defeating you for good!"

"Rubbish!" Daemon roared " This isn't a fight you Rangers can win! The Digidesten had tried with twelve members and failed miserably to defeat me! You'll see but meet an end at my claws."

"Not today!" Max said getting up.

"Not now" Sally agreed.

"Not any day" Kyle said.

"This is our planet" Tai Jr told Daemon "And evil always falls."

"We shall see" Daemon shouted as he clashed against the Digimon Rangers "You Rangers will meet your end."

Octoroo and Cherrymon were watching from the Digital World, they watched as the Samurai Rangers, good Digimon fought against the masses.

"Oh-a-oh, those Samurai Rangers with Tommy Oliver back in action and those Good Digimon are providing our armies with a hard time."

"Then let's turn the tide" Cherrymon suggested.

"Right!" Octoroo spoke "Giant Moogers, Colossal Cannon Crew! Deploy!"

On Earth the Samurai Rangers were still fighting against the Mooger "Spin Sword!" Jayden and Lauren shouted "Blazing Strike!"

The two Samurai Rangers unleashed their Spin Sword attacks on Moogers and KnightChessmon which hit and caused them to fall onto the ground destroyesd.

"Spin Sword" Kevin shouted using his attack on an army of Moogers "Dragon Splash!"

His attack hits and destroys the army.

"Spin Sword" Mia shouted using her attack on KnightChessmon "Air Wave!"

Her attack hits an army of KnightChessmon taking them not only down but destroying them.

"My turn!" Mike said slicing Moogers down, he takes aim at a group of three Moogers and three KnightChessmon "Spin Sword...Forest Vortex!"

This attack hits the huge army destroying them.

"Spin Sword!" Emily declared "Seismic Swing!"

She unleashes her attack at a group of KnightChessmon and Moogers. The attack hits taking them down while destroying them. Anotnio sliced and diced threw his opponents. Tommy Oliver on the other hand is kicking them and punching them down as if they were nothing to him "Ha,ha,ha" the Black Dino Ranger laughs he expertly flips a Mooger over and onto an army of Moogers and KnightChessmon "Still got it!" He sees the army "Alright then Braco Staff, Energy Orb!"

Tommy circled his staff then unleashed a sphere of energy at the army. The army upon meeting the attack was instantly obliterated. Deker sliced threw the Moogers and KnightChessmon as if they were nothing "When are these Moogers going to learn. They can't provide a challenge for me."

Shurimon takes aim at two KnightChessmon after taking five Moogers down expertly with his two huge shrieken "Double Stars!"

He throws them and once the attack connects to the KnightChessmon, sparks flew but they were destroyed "We've gotta keep on going!"

Leomon and CaptainHookmon fought side by side slicing punching and dicing threw the advancing army "Shall we Captain?" Leomon asked.

"Oh yes" CaptainHookmon agreed "Let's Double Team them!"

The two Digimon took aim after slicing two Moogers down "Fist of the Beast King!" "Leg Revolver!"

The attacks hit with good accuracy. Causing sparks to fly from the Moogers and for them to fall down exploding in an explosion. MegaKabuterimon and Izzy saw some KnightChessmon attempting an ambush "Get them, MegaKabuterimon!" Izzy orders.

"Right, hey no sneaking up on foes!" MegaKabuterimon ordered "Horn Buster!"

The Ultimate Level insect Digimon's attack hits home causing the army of KnightChessmon to be destroyed instantly.

CaptainHookmon waved to Izzy with Leomon shouting "Thanks for the save Izzy!"

"You're welcome" Izzy said "We're all in this together!"

Suddenly the moment the Rangers weren't hoping for had arrived, Giant Moogers and Colossal Mooger Cannon Crews appeared. The Giant ones slashing down buildings with their huge swords and the Cannon Crews blasting buildings. Regardless sparks flew as building were being flattened.

"Oh great" Jayden spoke.

"Don't worry brother" Lauren said "Antonio and I got this!"

Antonio nods "Just worry about the rest of these foot soldiers that are down here, we'll deal with the big guys."

"Right" Jayden said passing Lauren the black box "You're going to need it piloting the Megazord alone with Antonio."

"Thanks" She tells him she takes a disk "Super Samurai Combination!"

In seconds the female Red Samurai Ranger and the Gold Ranger had formed the "Claw Armor Megazord, we are united!"

Lauren turns to Antonio "Antonio we'll need help!"

"You got it my amiga!" Antonio told her dialing in his cell phone "Light Zord enlarge!"

The lantern he carried around went out the Claw Armor Megazord and enlarged to become with Antonio shouting the name of the Zord "Light Megazord!"

Jayden saw these two Zord attaching a disk to his Spin Sword "Time to take it up a notch Shark Attack Mode!"

Tommy Oliver looks at the Dragon Dagger turning to Jayden "I'll leave the rest to you guys, I'm going to help your sister and Antonio."

"Right" Jayden told Tommy whom took the dagger to his mouth "Alright old buddy time to reunite...I call upon the might of the Dragon!"

He then plays the simple tone to summon the Dragonzord "Dadadadada"

Seconds later the Dragonzord emerges from the Ocean letting out it's mighty roar. Seeing this Tommy jumps into it's cockpit he then talks to Antonio and Lauren "I here to lend a hand."

"Thanks Tommy!" Lauren said with Antonio agreeing "Now let's squash these Giant Moogers and Colossal Mooger Cannon Crew!"

The Claw Armor Megazord, Light Megazord, and Dragonzord prepared for battle against the Giant Moogers and the Colossal Mooger Cannon Crew.

Back with the Digimon Rangers, Daemon had noticed that Tai Sr and Sora had managed to get to safety. Still he was fighting against the Digimon Rangers "Chaos Flare!"

The Demon Lord's attack hit the Digimon Rangers unprepared causing sparks to fly from them and the all were flung backwards. Even Amelia landed on her back.

"You alright?" Ta Jr asked her.

"I will be" She admitted.

"Not for long" Daemon promised the Digimon Rangers "Because you will all die."

"I don't think so" Tai Jr said.

He and Amelia stood up. He turns eying her "Ready for one last Mega battle?"

"You bet!" Amelia said giving him a thumbs up.

The two activated their transformation items "D3 Armor Energize!" "Super Angel Mode!"

The two arrived in their Mega Level forms. Jason soon arrived to help them.

"You really think you could defeat me?" Daemon laughed "Even against three Mega Levels, you still can't win!"

"Want a bet?" Amelia asked.

Kyle, Max, and Sally got up "We'll be helping you!"

"Come at me Rangers!" Daemon shouted.

The six do come at him. He tries to clash with Kyle suggesting a way for Jason to get in. "Max, Sally! Are you thinking what I'm thinking!"

"Of course!" Max shouted.

Sally gives him a nod "I see!" She jumps into the air in plane sight of Daemon.

Daemon just looks at her "Foolish girl! A mere Rookie isn't enough against me!"

Sally ignores this "I'm no mere Rookie! Diamond Storm!"

Daemon just laughs as he uses one of his fists to block her attack "What a Weakling?!"

Sally continues her attack "Says you!"

Max sees his chance "She's not your only opponent Blue Blaster!"

He unleashes his attack but Daemon uses his second hand to negate his attack "I'm more stronger then you two!"

With one brutal move he punches the two Digimon Rangers upward into the sky.

The two somehow go sailing into the sky but Kyle sees that Daemon feel for it "Sticky Nets!"

He completes his attack and it is timed right. Just as Daemon had punched his two friends into the sky which they were coming down the electrical nets hit Daemon's arms pinning them against a wall shocking him.

"What?" Daemon asked.

As Kyle managed to jump up and catch is falling friends.

Kyle looks at Daemon "Never underestimate us Daemon."

"You're nets won't hold me!" Daemon promised.

"I know" Kyle told him "But it's going to last long enough."

"Long Enough for what?" Daemon roared.

"For this!" Jason shouted coming at him in close combat "Icy Breathe!"

At the last second Jason rolls out of the way preventing himself from being frozen in ice. The ice hits the Demon Lord this time causing multiple sparks to fly from the Demon Lord as the attack done it's work.

"This is impossible!" Daemon roared out as his entire body including his head was freezing up.

"Anything is possible!" Jason tells Daemon.

Daemon grins "Right! Evil Inferno!"

There was an explosion of ice as Daemon uses his own attack to melt the ice away "Too bad your attacks are only ice!"

"Our turn!" Amelia called out as Daemon was trying to recover a bit.

He sees the Red and White Digimon Rangers coming at him "Bring it!"

"We shall!" the two shout the two use their weapons on Daemon before he could recover. The two slices hit Daemon before he could react swiftly. It was then Tai Jr saw Kyle's plan. He wasn't the only one, the others saw it. Kyle's attack may not have done much but it seemed to have slowed Daemon's arms down and the freezing attack he just took slowed them down as well. Amelia and Tai Jr slashed him again. This time like before they hit him causing sparks to fly then the two double kicked the Daemon Lord in his face causing him to back away.

"Take this Chaos Flare!" Daemon shouted.

Tai Jr quickly shielded himself and Amelia with his huge shield sparks flew harmlessly around the shield "Amelia ready?"

"Ready!" She purred.

She quickly aims a ranged version of her attack "Take some light! Eden's Javelin!"

Her attack shoots out towards Daemon whom grins "I'll take you on gladly!"

"She's not your only opponent!" Tai Jr shouts aiming his shield "Shield of the Just!"

Daemon watches as Tai Jr's shield starts to gather an attack. It's red triangles had completed then sent out a huge burst. Daemon sees two Mega Level attacks coming at him. The attack strikes the Demon Lord head on. Causing multiple sparks to fly from the Digimon. The two attacks force Daemon back and it appeared to have destroyed him.

"Good thinking Kyle!" Tai Jr told Kyle as the Blue, Crimson, Yellow and Green Rangers caught up with him and Amelia.

"Evil Inferno!" flames caught the Digimon Rangers unprepared.

Sparks flew as the Digimon Rangers roll on the ground. Then they see Daemon whom was in fact injured "I must admit you had me going there, but The fight isn't over yet Rangers!"

He looks at them purposely aiming his hands at them while waiting for them to get up "Now, TAKE THIS CHAOS FLARE!"

This attack caught the Rangers still unprepared and rolling on the ground after sparks were flying from them.

Daemon senses victory is near when the Rangers couldn't get up. Sure they were still in their suits but they were finding it hard to get up.

"Now it's over" Daemon promised the Digimon Rangers "Even in the end you see it's futile to be able to stop me!"

"It's not over yet!" Tai Jr warns Daemon.

He and his friends somehow find a way to stand up on their feet.

"You really want to die" Daemon smirked "So be it! I'll be glad to turn you all into Digi-Eggs only to smash you all again! Again and again!"

"We are not finished" Jason tells Daemon "Not in a long shot."

"Right!" the other five Digimon Rangers told him.

Suddenly their Crest Symbols began to glow.

"What is this?" Daemon demanded seeing the glow.

Then the Digimon Ranger's Digivice Morphers started to glow the same color as the Rangers that wore them. Tai Jr and the rest saw that on the screen shown what he read was Burst Mode.

The Digimon Rangers watched as their Crest Symbols glew creating a a colorful stream of data around them. For Kyle, Max, and Sally it made then literally glowing with their colors on the outside. Not only this but their Crest Symbols they felt were giving them more power. Mega Level like power. For Jason, and Amelia it also gave them the same aura. Only for Amelia's hers she still had a white light outlining herself but her angelic wings she had and her weapon were orange fire. For Tai Jr it enabled him to gain Crimson Armor. Even the White Wings and a white spear and white sword.

Daemon blinks "Impossible! The Yellow, Blue, Green, and Crimson Rangers acchieved Burst Mode Status!" He looks at Amelia and Tai Jr "The White one has become Ophanimon Chrono Core Mode! The Red one has become Gallantmon Crimson Mode!"

"Burst Mode?" Sally asked "But how?"

"We're all Mega Levels" Kyle said with a smile "Such power."

"This is it Daemon!" Tai Jr shouted "This is the time you fall!"

Daemon looks at the Digimon Rangers "Bring it!"

"So be it!" Tai Jr said "Let's show Daemon that good always prevails!"

The six Digimon Rangers charged him "Bring it on! I can handle all six of you."

"Let's show him our power" Kyle suggested to Max and Sally."

"You got it!" was the response.

Kyle, Max and Sally charge forward unleashing their attacks "Burst Shocker!" "Burst Blue Blaster!" "Burst Diamond Storm!"

Daemon holds out his hands trying to stop the attacks. They works only for a little bit. Sparks flew around Daemon's hands as the attacks injured him "Impossible!"

"It's possible ugly!" Jason told him "My Turn Crimson Spears!"

Jason unleashes two spears at Daemon. The attack hit Daemon unprepared. Multiple sparks flew from the Demon Lord whom growls at them.

"My turn!" Amelia shouted she flies into the air "Holy Destroyer!"

Powerful rays of light were shot out towards Daemon and it strikes him causing multiple sparks to fly from him. He stumbles then watches as Tai Jr comes at him both lance and sword ready "Alright Daemon, time for you to finally be defeated and this time for real!"

Daemon tries to counter the Red Digimon Ranger's trusts but they simply aren't enough. Tai Jr's attacks slice him once on each arm. Sparks flew from Daemon as he stumbled "Invisible Sword!"

He slashes Daemon catching Daemon across his chest with the white sword which was now invisible. Sparks flew from Daemon as Tai raises the almost invisible lance "Royal Saber!"

Tai Jr uses Gallantmon's attack on Daemon and it works causing Daemon to back away grately trying to recover "I can't lose! I am the strongest of all Digimon!"

"Evil Digimon" Tai Jr said "And now you'll perish for your evil ambitions!"

Tai aimed his white spear "Crimson Light!"

With the white spear glowing with light he stabs Daemon with it.

"NOOOOO!" Daemon shouted as this was the final blow to him and he knew it "This can't be!"

"Oh it be" Tai Jr said as attack from his spear began Disintegrates the opponent into electrons."

Tai Jr turns around as Daemon explodes in a shower of sparks. The electrons being sucked into the spear and then consigns them to oblivion. Seeing this the Digimon Rangers all cheered loudly, Daemon was finally defeated. Tai Jr smiles as he and the other Digimon Rangers shouted the victory cry "Digimon Rangers...Crises adverted."

In the Digital World, both Cherrymon and Octoroo watched as Daemon fell "Oh-a-oh, what now?"

Cherrymon answers "Don't send any more troops and run for the Dark Ocean."

"Good idea!" Octoroo replied.

The two villains retreated.

Back with the Samurai Rangers, they were wrapping things up. Tommy Oliver had the Dragonzord use it's missiles to disarm the Colossal Mooger Cannon Crew of their weapons. Seeing this Both Antonio ordered the Light Megazord to finish the Colossal Mooger Cannon Crew off with the Light Megazord's finishing move Battle Disk Scatter Shot. Seeing the crews fall exploding in a shower of sparks both Antonio and Lauren finished the rest of the Moogers off with "Double Katana Strike!"

Once this was done the battle was over. The Samurai Rangers with Tommy Oliver demorphed back into their civilian forms. They waited for the Digimon Rangers with Izzy, Tentomon, Leomon, CaptainHookmon, Shurimon, and Deker at their sides. The Digimon Rangers returned also demorphed. Tai Jr gives Jayden a thumbs up "We did it!"

Jayden gives Tai Jr a smile "Good job."

Amelia smiles as Leomon approaches "Good job Rangers, you've saved the Digital World and the Earth."

"What happens now?" Amelia asked Leomon, Leomon points "See for yourselves."

The Digimon Rangers turn to see the Digital World repairing itself. Izzy explains "The Digital World is repairing itself and soon, everything will be back to normal."

"Rangers" Leomon told them "Today is a celebration on us. Today victory is truly ours. Tomorrow I'd like you to meet me and Izzy in the Digital World."

"Consider that done" Tai Jr said.

Tommy Oliver turns to his son giving Jason the Dragon Dagger back "Thanks Jason, take good care of the Dragonzord."

"I plan to" Jason told his father.

The Digimon Rangers watched as Antonio begins preparations for a big party.

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