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Katherine stood, camera in hand while Elena, Damon and Alaric eyed her in confusion.

"So, you'll just be running and I'll follow you. Make sure you give me a good scream. Then Damon, you'll move out of the dark over there and go in for the kill. Not a real kill, pretend you're role playing." Katherine laughed to herself. "Then I'll cut. Got it?"

Damon looked at Alaric. "Has she lost her fucking mind?"

Alaric shrugged as Katherine fumed. "This WILL work, Damon." Katherine stamped her foot like a child.

Damon rolled his eyes as Elena spoke up. "So wait, you're going to use me to get Stefan to just leave Klaus and you think he'll run into your arms?"

Damon stepped back, waiting for the blow. Waiting to hear Elena fight Katherine for Stefan while he was pushed into the back of everyone's mind.

"Now you're paying attention." Katherine grinned devilishly.

"And what makes you think Stefan will just be able to get away from Klaus? Don't you think he's compelling him?" Elena gawked.

"No, he doesn't need to. I was there, I saw him. He chose to do this Elena." Katherine spat.

Elena shook her head in disbelief. It couldn't be possible. Stefan would never choose to go so far off the deep end.

Alaric spoke up. "So yeah, lets say this little film of yours works. How are you gonna get Stefan to watch it? And what about Klaus?"

Damon growled. "She doesn't have the answers. She's just toying with us to get what she wants…which is Stefan."

"Isn't that what we want?" Alaric asked.

"Not exactly. We want sober Stefan; Bambi diet Stefan. We want Klaus to leave us the fuck alone. We want Katherine to drop off the face of the fucking earth." Damon growled eliciting an eye roll from Katherine. "But we DO NOT want to continue playing this game. Come on." Damon took Elena's hand and started back for his car with Alaric following closely behind.

Katherine super sped in front of Damon before Elena could blink and stopped all of them in their tracks. "I'm not asking Damon. I'm demanding you do this. You owe me." She poked at his chest with the camera.

If looks could kill Katherine would be dead, again just with Damon's stare. "Get out of my way."

"Don't make me do this the hard way, Damon." Katherine growled.

"We're done here Katherine. Thanks for Klaus' blood, thanks for being a bitch and leading me on for over a century. I have nothing more to say." Damon said trying to side step around her.

Before Damon could respond Katherine had shoved a small, wooden stake in Damon's side, causing him to gasp and fall to the ground as Elena screamed and Alaric reached for the vervain dart in his back pocket. In another flash Katherine had the dart in her hand and held it up with a sinister expression. "Looking for this?" She laughed at gave Alaric a blow to the head that knocked him unconscious.

Elena was too busy worrying over Damon to see what came next. Before she realized it Katherine's hands were on her neck and everything went black.

Hours later Elena woke up in the back seat of an unfamiliar car. She was alone and the car was stopped. She rubbed her eyes and sat up, blinking at the light shining into the backseat from the truck stop she was parked at. Suddenly everything came back to Elena's mind, the woods, Katherine's nutty plan and Damon being staked.

Elena gasped at the memory as the front door of the car opened and Katherine slid into the driver's seat. Katherine glanced at Elena in the rearview mirror. "Well hello sleeping beauty." She tossed her own hair over a shoulder and smirked. "A few more miles and we'll be at our destination."

Elena acted on impulse and began yanking on the car's door handle to try and escape.

"Its locked, but I admire your determination." Katherine said flatly.

"Where are we? What did you do with Damon?" Elena blurted out in a rush, fearing the worst.

Katherine rolled her eyes. "Don't be so dramatic. Damon's fine by now I'm sure. I wouldn't have staked him but he was just being so uncooperative."

Elena huffed, remembering that Katherine was insane and there was no point in talking to her. "So we're going to see Stefan then?" She asked.

"Yep, he's expecting us. I sent a text message from Damon's phone while he was otherwise engaged with that stake. Stefan thinks you're in horrible danger just a few miles from here so we should be on time." Katherine glanced at the clock on the car's dashboard as she raced down the darkened highway. "So Stefan will meet me, see you're fine and then realize I saved you and be so grateful he'll have to come away with me."

Elena furrowed her brow. "So why bother kidnapping me then? You could just meet Stefan and tell him I'm fine."

"Well I was going to just video you getting hurt to lure him in but you weren't into that plan, remember?" Katherine scoffed.

Elena shook her head in silence, praying Damon was recovered by now and not far behind.

Katherine was right; they weren't far from meeting Stefan. She pulled up to an abandoned warehouse, shut off the engine and yanked Elena out of the car by her arm.

"Come on. We don't want to be late." Katherine beamed as if she was headed for a red carpet event.

Elena tried to keep up as Katherine drug her through the door of the warehouse and into a cold, dark room that appeared to be an old office of some kind. Katherine easily shoved Elena into a chair and she landed with a soft thud as she sat crookedly in the seat.

"Hmm, now how to set this up?" Katherine pondered as Elena rubbed her arm, sure it was bruised already.

"He won't believe you. No matter how good you make it appear he won't believe that you saved me from anything." Elena argued.

"You know, you've got a point. I've got to make it look like you were attacked." Katherine smiled wider.

Elena shook her head, mad at herself for opening her mouth. "No. No way."

"Come on Elena, just one little bite." She said nearly crawling toward her mirror image.

Elena stood up and tried to run but Katherine was on her in a heartbeat, sinking her teeth into Elena's soft neck. Elena let out a blood-curdling scream and Katherine pulled back, wiped her mouth and laughed a bit.

"There," Katherine said admiring her work. "That's believable."

Elena held her neck, whimpering a bit. "You're crazy."

"Just one more touch." Katherine said, eyeing Elena before she backhanded her for good measure.

Elena gasped and fell to the floor as tears fell from her eyes. She felt like she was stuck in a psychotic nightmare with Katherine in the lead roll. She was about to break into a full hysterical moment when she heard Stefan's voice shout, "Elena?"

Katherine perked up and put a finger to her lips, shushing Elena. Elena continued to whimper quietly as Katherine shouted. "Stefan, we're in here."

Katherine put on her best act, pretending to worry over Elena, even helping her up as Stefan burst into the room. He was in front of the doppelganger and her victim in the blink of an eye as Elena tried to move away from Katherine.

"Elena," Stefan began, "Are you okay?"

Elena was never so happy to see him, especially since he was acting exactly like Stefan: concerned and caring. Maybe they'd been wrong, maybe he was okay. Elena found herself in Stefan's safe arms, thrilled that this journey would soon be over. She didn't care about Klaus, didn't worry about Katherine in that moment, was just happy to have Stefan back.

"What happened?" Stefan asked Katherine as he held Elena.

"I got an urgent text from Damon after I gave him the cure." She began, throwing in the fact that she was so reliable to save Damon. "Elena had gone missing. So I searched and searched and got a tip that a vampire was toting around my twin and knew it must be Elena. I tracked them here. The vampire got away." She huffed to make herself sound out of breath. "But I managed to save Elena."

Stefan squeezed Elena a little tighter. "Katherine I'm so grateful. Thank you."

Elena pulled back, sickened by the lies. "Stefan no. Katherine kidnapped me. I was with Damon trying to find you and save you when she found us, staked Damon and knocked me out. She made the whole thing up."

"Oh God, he must have compelled her Stefan." Katherine said with a dramatic concern.

Stefan began petting Elena's head. "Its okay Elena. You're safe now."

"NO!" Elena shouted, furious. "We'll find Damon and Alaric and they'll tell you the truth. Look she even bit me." Elena pointed to her neck. The moment Stefan's eyes drifted down to Elena's neck she knew she was in trouble.

Stefan's fangs immediately popped out and the veins around his eyes grew dark with desire. "Elena." He began slowly, mesmerized by the blood. "You're bleeding."

"Yes," Elena began hesitantly, backing out of Stefan's arms, "Katherine bit me."

"That's awful." Stefan said, the bloodlust taking over as he stared at her neck.

"STEFAN, listen to me. Look at me. Don't do this." She began to beg.

Elena's stomach twisted as Stefan continued to move toward her in his trance and Katherine let out a sickening laugh. She backed up until she was against a cold, dirty wall. She began to softly cry, fearing the worst and begged Stefan to stop. "Stefan, please. You don't want to do this. Please, I love you."

Stefan let out a growl and smiled. "It will only hurt for a moment."

Elena cried out as Stefan's fangs descended on her open wound and just when she braced herself for more pain she heard Stefan let out a deep growl and spun around. Elena opened her eyes to see Stefan, with a wooden stake sticking out of his back. Across the room Alaric was standing with his crossbow drawn with Damon by his side. Elena's heart leapt at the sight of Damon, fully healed from Katherine's assault. In another blink Damon had staked Katherine in the leg, bringing her down to the ground as Alaric shot another stake into Stefan's abdomen.

Elena gasped watching it all unfold. In another moment Alaric had pulled out a vervain dart and plunked it in Stefan's back, knocking him unconscious after a brief howl.

Katherine was staked again in the other leg as Damon stood over her. "And to think, I was going to give you a second chance for bringing me Klaus' blood."

"I should have known better and just ran." Katherine growled.

"And next time you should aim for my heart." Damon returned.

He turned to Elena and met her gaze. "Are you okay?"

Elena nodded as Damon walked closer to her, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Really? Are you okay?" He asked again.

Elena shook her head as a few silent tears fell.

Damon frowned and pulled her into a hug, pressing his lips to the crown of her head. "I was so worried about you."

"I couldn't get through to him. He's too far gone." Elena said, referring to Stefan.

"I know." Damon replied, still holding her. "I was worried about that too."

"What are we going to do?" Elena asked.

"We'll drag him back home, lock him up for a while til he becomes his whiny, moody self again. Then you two will fall back in love and all will be as it was." Damon said matter of fact.

Elena pulled back and met Damon's eyes. "What? Are you serious?"

"What? Would you rather I stake him?" He scoffed.

"No, but Damon. We're done. What I had with Stefan ended before he fell off the blood wagon. I love you."

Damon's heart swelled and he suddenly felt sickeningly sappy…but he loved it. "You do?"

"Yes," Elena grinned. "I do."

"I love you." Damon replied, smiling for the briefest moment before pulling Elena into a soft, but deep kiss that would have led to other things if they weren't in a dirty warehouse and if Alaric hadn't cleared his throat.

"Uh guys." Alaric interrupted. "What should I do with the vampire bitch?"

Damon turned around, still holding onto Elena, frowning again. "Stake her."

"Ok," Alaric said, moving his crossbow into aim.

"What? NO! Damon, I saved you!" Katherine shouted in protest.

"And then you staked me, knocked out my buddy and kidnapped my girlfriend. Time to die." Damon replied shrugging.

"Damon," Elena began with a warning tone as Alaric lowered his weapon.

"What? Elena. She's the devil, she tried to kill you." Damon replied.

"Yes, I know but she's Katherine." Elena said, not sure why she was suddenly sticking up for her. "She may deserve to be in a psychiatric ward but not dead."

Damon furrowed his brow at Elena. "You do realize there are no mental hospitals for the undead, right?"

Elena sighed. "Fine, but I don't want to watch." She turned her head into Damon's chest and felt him nod as Alaric raised the crossbow once again, aiming for Katherine's heart. Elena only heard her constant protest and then the thud of Alaric's stake as the room went silent.

Elena looked up at Damon, "is it over?"

"Yeah." He replied.

"Are you okay?" Elena asked.

"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" Damon scoffed.

"Because you were in love with her for 145 years. She turned you. She turned Stefan. She's the reason we're both here." Elena sighed.

"I love you. Katherine was in my past and I'm thrilled to be out from under her evil spell, if you will. We deserve a few centuries of happiness without the bitch." He gave Elena a half-smile.

"Centuries?" Elena clarified.

"We'll talk later. Right now Alaric and I have to get your ex-boyfriend into the trunk of my car." Damon said, letting go of Elena and walking over to Stefan's unconscious body.

"Don't say it like that." Elena whined.

"Oh, I think that has a nice ring to it actually. I think that'll be his new nickname: The Ex-Boyfriend." Damon beamed as Elena rolled her eyes.

Things were a mess but they were slowly being put back together. There would be no more sun and moon curses. No more talk of deadly werewolves or doppelgangers. They would go back to normal…for Mystic Falls, that is.

Back in Mystic Falls a few days later…

Elena opened her eyes and blinked as sunlight streamed through the curtains of her window. She was home, safe and sound in her bed. She heard the shower in her bathroom turn on and figured Jeremy was starting his day. She stretched and realized someone else was sharing her bed. She turned over to greet her boyfriend with a smile, beaming even more when she saw those beautiful blue eyes smile back at her.

"Hello beautiful." Damon kissed her forehead.

"Morning." Elena happily hummed.

"Sleep well?" Damon asked.

Elena nodded. "You?"

"Eh, not bad."

"Not bad?" Elena asked.

"Well, your bed leaves a bit to be desired. At least when I'm used to sleeping in my soft, luxurious, expensive, California king-size bed." He explained.

"We'll be able to stay at your house soon. Once Stefan calms down and isn't constantly screaming in agony we'll have plenty of nights together, in your bed." She returned.

Damon smiled and pulled her in for a kiss. "Have I mentioned that I'm in love with you?"

Elena smiled and shook her head. "Not today."

"Well I am." He said, pulling her in once again, their lips dancing in the morning light.

They lay in bed as long as they could, enjoying each other without any interruptions. Enjoying the fact that their day held no fear of the supernatural but only plans for school, time with friends and more time with each other.

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