"Uh, why are we doing this again...?"

"Ah, come on now, you know you're having a good time."

Yukiko sighed in response. It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun was burning pretty hot today. It was around 110 degrees today Yukiko remembered.

Yukiko sighed and leaned back so she was back to back with her companion. She moved her head back and laid her head onto his shoulder. She looked up at the cloudless sky.

It has been almost two years since Yukiko had to really worry about the forecast. Hell, the only reason she knew the forecast today was only out of habit. Memories of the infamous murder case began to fade. Inaba has stayed quiet and uneventful since then, which Yukiko and most other citizens were thankful for. Things were finally starting to settle down.

"It would be a perfect day for a topsicle!" Yukiko thought.

"It would be a perfect day to relax in the hot springs, or visit the shrine, or bringing one of my new books to the park and read..." Yukiko sighed.

"And here I am... on this stupid boat that is about half a mile away from shore... and with this stupid silver haired idiot and the burning sun."

"See anything yet?" Her companion asked.

"No, and I haven't seen anything but water for almost a hour." She replied. She sighed once again, she was starting to get angry.

"I hate you."

"Hey now, you know you don't mean that."

"Oh really? Riddle me this, love, why is it that the week you come back from your almost two year absence, two years that I've spent missing you and waiting for your return, you want to risk our lives out in this open sea and trying to catch this stupid legendary fish that doesn't exsist? instead of, I don't know, catching up and spending time with me?"

"Have you been cheating on me with funky student while I was gone?" Souji turned his head to look and smirk at Yukiko.

"In fact I have, his hommies like to call him "Black Sheep", so please call him by that instead of funky student, which he finds offensive." Yukiko retaliated with her own smirk. Souji snickered.

"We both know funky student would be way into me more then you" Yukiko gave her own snicker.

"How so? I have boobs, so don't I automatically win? "

"95.7 The Funk would love to accompany me on this boat. Instead of being with you and whatever weird illicit things you do. "

"95.7 the Funk? Does he run a radio station?"


"Also, weird illicit things I do? Oh, you mean like being with a stupid silver haired guy in the middle of a freakin' river looking for some stupid fish that doesn't exist?"

Souji paused. Yukiko smirked from her victory.

"Ha, you don't have anything."

"Shut up!"

They both laughed. Yukiko began to moved closer to Souji. Sitting shoulder to shoulder, she nestled her head against his shoulder. She sighed once again, a sigh of happiness and contempt, instead of anger and annoyance.

"So, tell me again why we are here again?"

"We are trying to catch the legendary Guardian Fish."

"But... why the boat? Can't we just catch him on the shore?"

"Because I heard that if we went farther out into sea, we would have a better chance of catching him."

"Does the Guardian Fish really warrant you renting a boat, waking me up at six in the morning, and spending almost four hours in the sea doing nothing with the sun burning us?"


"You're an idiot."

"You just now noticed?"

Souji smiled at Yukiko and she rolled her eyes at him. They then spent the next half hour in silence. Just cuddling and enjoying each others company, but making sure they kept an eye their floaters which have yet to move since they were cast.

"I wonder where me and Souji go from here..." Yukiko thought.

"We have been going out for three years, somehow survive through a long distance relationship, and now that he is here to stay, I wonder if we can settle down now..."

Yukiko knew that getting married at the young age of 18 was pretty silly, but she let her imagination run with it.

She then went on to fantasise about all the different ways Souji could purpose to her. How cute Souji would look in a they would hold the marriage, the decorations, who to invite...

And most importantly, the fun things they can do on the honey moon.

Yukiko quickly blushed at the thought. Souji noticed this change of face.

"What are you thinking about? You're blushing, so it must be good." Yukiko's light pink cheeks quickly turned to a much darker scarlet color.

"Nothing..." She said very unconvincingly. Souji began to smirk.

"Oh really? Come on, tell me."




"If you loved me you would tell me." Souji's smirk grew bigger.

"Come on, don't be like that..."

"You can just tell me..."


"Oh... I uh... see how it is then." Souji said in a very sad and disappointed voice. His arrogant smirk quickly changed to a very heartbroken and distressed look.

"I'm not going to fall for your stupid crap."

"Oh... then I see how much our love means to you then..." Souji released himself from Yukiko's embracing arms and sat up, facing away from Yukiko.

Yukiko sighed and embraced Souji from behind.

"Look... I was thinking about what the future holds for us. Like... where our relationship goes from here..."

Yukiko sighed, hating how she knew that she did in fact fall for his stupid crap.

"Well, where do you think it goes?" Souji asked. No longer smirking at his victory, but now very interested and curious.

"I-I... don't know. We would get engaged and... married... if you wanted to..." Yukiko rested her chin on Souji's shoulder. Souji at this point was blushing as well.

"I... think I would like that." Both of their minds were racing. Souji quickly needed to change the subject. While this was something he thought a lot about, he wasn't ready to handle this just yet.

"But... uh, before any of that happens, we need to catch this damn fish, am I right?"

"Uh, yeah! Your right!" They both gave a somewhat awkward laugh. While they didn't speak of this for the rest of the day, they both went home with something to think about. They also went home empty handed, to Souji's disappointment.

"You know what? Maybe fishing isn't that bad..." Yukiko thought.

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