"That must be the shrine, right? Then that must be Aiya across the street then. I really should go back there sooner or later. Really want to enter the fabled "meat dimension". Which I'm sure I can enter after I die from a freakin' heart attack from trying to finish that bowl. Sounds like a nice way to die, if you ask me. That, or dying while having sex with Megan Fox when I'm like, 85 or something." Souji said to himself.

"Having sex with who when you're 85?" Yukiko asked, joining Souji who was leaning against a fence that overlooked most of Inaba. They had just finished their shift at the day care.

"Err, you." Souji replied, looking slightly embarrassed. Yukiko rolled her eyes and chucked.

"What are you even doing? You know talking to yourself is a sign of a crazy person, right?" Yukiko said.

"I'm just reminiscing. Trying to see how many places I can remember, since it's been so long since I've been in Inaba."

"And what does dying while having sex with me when we are 85 have anything to do with that?"

"Trying to find the perfect place. Dying on a mattress is so boring and dull. How about at the shrine? That would be a little romantic right, when we finally got together? Or maybe in the TV? Though, nobody would be able to find us and confirm our deaths. Or better yet, right in middle of the food court in Junes. One final middle finger to Yosuke before we die." Yukiko burst out laughing, Souji quickly joining in.

"I'm not sure what to think. "Aww, that's sweet that he thinks we would still be together and die together when we are old." Or "Wow, he is totally a insane sicko, and I should run away as quickly as I can"" They both laughed once again.

Yukiko then moved closer to Souji and wrapped one of her arms around his back, and rested her other hand on his chest. She rested her head against his shoulder. Souji moved his arm to rest around Yukiko's shoulder.

"I'm glad you chose the former." Souji said.

Souji and Yukiko spent some time looking over Inaba. The past couple of days have had beautiful summer weather, and today was no exception. Yukiko was convinced that Souji's return was the cause of that, since it felt like it had been raining everyday that he was gone.

Souji felt nostalgic and reminiscent looking over Inaba. Even though he had only been away for two years, it felt like a lifetime. Even though he had only lived here for less time then he was gone, he felt at home here, and he wasn't going anywhere else anytime soon.

"I've missed this place." Souji said, breaking the silence.

"This place has missed you. People have been asking when my "cute silver haired boyfriend" would return." Yukiko giggled. "People are going to start recognizing you soon. You won't be my dirty little secret for much longer." Yukiko chuckled a bit, but Souji could tell that laugh was only there to cover up her sadness.

"Hey, don't worry, no matter how busy I am I will always have all the time in the world for you." Souji reassured her. Yukiko smiled a bit.

"Thanks, my love. I should really stop being selfish and get the group together for a celebration of some kind. The team has missed you. Surprisingly enough, Yosuke has been blabbering about how much he can't wait to see you again more then everyone else has. It's really cute, if you ask me."

"Ah, yes, Brosuke. I've missed him as well. Probably going to go see him after we leave."


"Yeah, Brosuke. He calls he Brouji."

"Awwww that's..." She snickerd. "that's so cute!" Yukiko fell into one of her infamous laughing fits. Souji rolled his eyes, but Yukiko could tell he was turning a bit red, which made her laugh even harder.

"Brouji! That is so cute and funny! Why haven't I thought of anything like that! How about Smouji. Rouji. Toeuji. Or how about..." Yukiko struggled to even continue her sentence. Souji started to worry is she could still breath since she was laughing so much.

"Oruji! HA! Get it? Or...uji? Like orgy!" Yukiko at this point was literally on the floor laughing now. Souji also began laughing, not only because he though Orouji was actually pretty funny, but just how ridiculous she looked right now. He looked around and saw that the ladies he talked to earlier were staring at them, which made him laugh even harder.

Yukiko continued to laugh for the next three minutes, long after Souji had gotten over it. She continuously mumbling Oruji to herself and laughing. Souji wanted to go visit Yosuke soon, so he needed to put an end to this.

"You know..." Souji began to smirk "you're starting to act like Rise. This is a totally Rise kind of thing to do. Making a stupid sexual joke like that."

It only took Yukiko a couple of seconds from going from complete laughter, to utter grief. Souji laughed at how quickly her mood changed.
"Just playin', love." He helped Yukiko up off the grass.

"You suck, having to ruin my fun." She then noticed she had dropped two envelopes from rolling and laughing.

"Oh crap that reminds me." Yukiko picked up the two envelopes from the ground, Souji, being the opportunist that he is, gave an appreciative look at her butt.

"Since I don't plan on ever letting you talk to those ladies ever again, I went and got our pay for you." Yukiki said and handed both of the envelopes to him.

"Isn't one of these yours?" Souji asked.

"Yeah, but I don't need it."

"I can't take your money. You worked for it and you deserve it. Especially for your amazing hide and seek skills." Souji said, trying to hand one of the envelopes back to her. Yukiko once again declined.

"No, I don't need money. You're back in Inaba. I already have all I need." Yukiko smiled at Souji and blushed. Souji did the same.

"You know Yukiko, you are becoming quiet the little flirt." Yukiko chuckled and walked up to Souji and gave him a passionate kiss. Souji leaned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around her waist, and Yukiko did the same with her arms around his neck.

Yukiko went back for some air, and quickly saw the ladies from before with their arms crossed and talking to each other as they watched them. They were about 20 feet away Yukiko smirked and went to kissing Souji. She leaned much more into it, and even started visibly adding some tongue, knowing now that they had an audience.

After a little while longer, one of the ladies cough loudly to get their attention.

"Oh? Were we bothering you?" Yukiko said, smirk all over her face. Souji could tell that Yukiko was enjoying this, and decided to play along. Souji began to kiss down Yukiko's neck as if he didn't her the ladies. One of his hands visibly began tp travel downward, and rested on her butt.

The ladies were red in anger. Yukiko chuckled and decided that she had had her fun. It was time to leave before things started to get violent.

"Come on, my love. We can continue this in my bedroom back at home." She said, and began walking away with Souji. As they were walking away, Yukiko glanced at the ladies one more time, and put one of hands in Souji's butt pocket, just to add the cherry on top.

"You know, I'm planning on to keep your word. With the "continue this in my bedroom part"." Souji said.

"Blah, you got to unconventionally touch my ass without my permission." Yukiko replied.

"So did you though!"

"Oh, so you don't want me to touch your ass anymore?" Yukiko smirked.

"I could make the same threat to you, ya know." Souji retaliated.

"Touche, love." They both laughed.

"Now come on, I want to visiting Yosuke soon. We need to get going."

"You would rather hang out with Yosuke then be in bedroom with me?" Souji rolled his eyes.

"Well, me going to hang out with Yosuke isn't a complete bluff, as is the latter." Yukiko laughed.

"Oh fine. I bet Chie has been worried about me, since I haven't seen her in about a week since I've spent most of it fishing with your dumb ass. Should probably go see her, and tell everyone the news that you are back." Souji laughed.

"You are never going to let me live down the fish thing, are you?"



"Yosuke, there is no way I am letting you get a motorcycle!" Souji exited the elevator to the food court saw a familiar looking short brown haired lady with pins on her green athletic jacket and a brownish orange kind of messy haired man with headphones around his neck. Souji smiled and got a little closer so he could hear their conversation better, but so they couldn't see him.

"Why not! You're not my mom!" Yosuke said.

"I'm not going to let you kill yourself by buying a motorcycle!" Chie replied.

Souji smirked and thought "Come on Yosuke, you've got her. Use what I've taught you!"

"Oh? You're worried about me aren't you? That's sweet of you. Didn't know you cared so much." Yosuke said in a rather charming tone and smiled at her. Chie looked shocked and was taken aback at the sudden change in the conversation. Her face was red in embarrassment.

Souji did a mental fist pump. He could tell Yosuke was probably doing the same.

"W-Well no duh I care! You're a cl-close friend of mine... of course I care..." Chie was now starring at the ground in embarrassment. Souji could see that Yosuke was starting to blush as well, even though he could tell he was trying to keep his cool.

"Well... I'll think about it, okay?" Yosuke said.

"You'll think about it? I don't know what I would do if I found out you had an accident and like, died or something! You better not get it! It's to dangerous!" Chie yelled. Her voice was cracking. Yosuke blushed even harder, seeing how passionate she was about this and his safety.

"Okay, okay... I won't get a motorcycle."

"Good. Thank you... look Yosuke. I... c-care about you a lot and..." Chie paused. Yosuke looked at her expectingly.

"UGH!" Chie yelled. Yosuke staggered back at her sudden anger.

"I've said to much, I gotta go." Chie said as fast as she could and practically ran out of the food court.

Souji watched as Yosuke's look of disappointment turned into grand satisfaction. Yosuke did a little fist pump and saw him mouth the word "progress".

Souji quickly stood up being his hiding spot and shouted at Yosuke. Pointing his finger at him. Smile written all over his face.

"Yosuke, you suave and smooth son of a bitch! Make me so damn proud!"

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