I just wanted to tell you that this is set after the Order of the Phoenix but before the Half Blood Prince. Also in my story Sirius didn't die.

Ginny Weasley had always had a bad temper. When she was six and her brothers wouldn't let her play Quidditch with them because she was a girl, she had yelled at them until all of the windows in the burrow had smashed. When her mother had forced her out of the Order meetings, but let Ron, Hermione and Harry stay she had been furious and made sure her mother knew exactly what she thought about the situation. It was a known fact that the girl had never been able to keep a cool head. So when she had been told that she needed to go and stay at Harry's house for the remainder of the summer because Voldemort, the most dangerous dark wizard of all time, was after her, she was furious, she was upset.

No, it was more than that. She was terrified.

Her mother and father called her down into the kitchen that afternoon after the Order meeting was finished. They were both sat at the kitchen table, her mum had tears rolling down her cheeks and she was clutching her dad's hand tightly in her own. Mr Weasley was staring ahead of him, shock written all over his face. Ginny felt her heart skip a beat. What was so terrible that it would make her father act so worried infront of her? Her dad never showed any negative emotion around his children. It was his way of protecting them from the dangers of life.

"Hey mum, dad. What's wrong?" She asked while taking a seat across from them, her voice wavering slightly.

Mrs Weasley took a shuddering breath before speaking slowly. "It's about something Professor Snape has told the Order. You-Know-Who has decided that the only way to get Harry, is to take someone close to him hostage. Someone who he would be willing to give up his life for."

Ginny felt blood pounding in her ears. Her heart beat got faster and she found it hard to breath. Was Voldemort trying to get to her again? Why use her? She may have gone to the Ministry with Harry at the end of last year, but she wasn't that close to him. Not like Ron and Hermione were.

"So, you're saying that Voldemort wants to...capture me?" She asked after a few awkward moments of silence. At hearing those words, fresh tears poured from Mrs Weasley's eyes and her breaths came out in small gasps of air.

Mr Weasley, obviously seeing that his wife was in no state to talk, took over. "Ginny, Severus told us that the Death Eaters are going to do anything in their power to get to you. They think that because Harry saved you from the chamber, that he is most willing to protect you."

"But he wouldn't! Harry doesn't even consider me as a good friend! I'm just Ron's little sister!" Ginny yelled out into the air. She would never admit it to anyone, but she was scared. Voldemort had gotten to her once before. It could easily happen again.

'No it can't.' She thought to herself. Back in her first year she had been a silly little girl with no friends, who just wanted someone to care for her. She was stronger now and wouldn't fall for one of his traps.

Mr Weasley sighed and softly said, "Ginny, first of all, Harry does see you as a friend. If he didn't he wouldn't have let you go to the Department of Mysterious with him. Secondly, Voldemort thinks that you are special to him, he knows what you were writing in that diary and he knows that Harry saved you. He believes that Harry would be willing to do it again. As you very well know, he would."

Ginny slouched in her chair and started to rub her hand across her forehead, trying to get her head round what her father was saying. She understood, but the words were having trouble registering in her brain. With a sigh she looked at her parents.

"So, what does this mean? What do we do?"

Mr and Mrs Weasley glanced briefly at each other, silently communicating. Then Mrs Weasley began to speak. "Ginny, Dumbledore told us about the wards on Harry's house. Because his mother died for him, he is protected there because of some very ancient blood magic. He has to live with a blood relative until he is seventeen because then the protection will be gone. No one can touch him whilst he is there. He is completely safe."

It took a second for Ginny to begin to understand what her parents were saying. "So, I have to go and live with Harry for me to be safe?" She asked the question although she didn't need an answer. She already knew what the reply would be.

"Just for this summer. I'm sorry Ginny, I know you would rather stay at home, but it's for the best. It's the only way to keep you safe." Her dad said whilst taking her hand and rubbing her thumb in comfort.

"It's okay, I understand. Does Harry know?" She asked. Harry would be dreading spending the rest of his summer with her.

"Yes, he does. He said that he is happy to have the company and can't wait for you to go."

Ginny felt oddly light at hearing these words. Harry was looking forward to spending time with her? She got a strange feeling in her stomach. Wasn't she meant to be over him? She was dating Dean Thomas now! She shouldn't be feeling like this about another boy.

Ginny's mental argument was interrupted however when her mother said. "I'm afraid you will be leaving after dinner Ginny. We need to get you there as soon as we possibly can. You'd better go and pack your things." With a final sob, Mrs Weasley stood up from the table and began to make preperations for dinner that night.

And that's why Ginny was now currently throwing all of her clothes into a bag, trying with all her might not to let the tears that were now forming in her eyes escape.

'I need to calm down.' She thought glumy to herself. Deciding that she needed to relax for a minute, she sat down on the edge of her bed and closed her eyes. She took a deep and steady breath and tried to calm her mind. This was all to overwhelming for her. Suddenly her head felt extremely heavy and her eye lids began to droop. She laid down on top of the covers and fell into a peaceful sleep.

A few hours later Ginny felt herself being shook awake. Startled, she opened her eyes and looked into Ron's pale, face. By his worried expression, she guessed that he had heard the news.

"Hey Gin, sorry but you missed dinner, mum said she didn't have the heart to wake you. Not after such a stressful day. You need to be downstairs, you're going over to the Dursley's soon." He said kindly before giving her a loving hug and leaving her alone once again.

Sighing, she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and stretched her arms. Then picked up her bag containing everything she would need and proceeded down the stairs.

As soon as she entered the kitchen she was engulfed in a hug by her mother. She patted her mum on the back, still in shock because of what was happening around her.

"Oh my baby girl! Promise you'll write to me every other day! Or we can talk to you through the floo network! Oh I'm going to miss you so much!" She cried, sobbing uncontrollably.

Then one by one her dad, Ron, Fred, George and Bill gave her a long hug, each of them telling her to stay safe and that they were going to miss her while she was gone. She half-heartedly smiled back in return.

"Gin, Remus and Sirius are going to take you over there. They thought it would be nice to see Harry." Mr Weasley said at the same time that there were two identical pops and the two Marauders stood grinning at her, reminding her of her twin brothers.

"Hi Ginny. Are you ready, we can take you over there right now if you are." Sirius said whilst holding out his arm. She gingerly took it before giving a weak smile to her family to show she was alright. She had grown very fond of Sirius during her stay at Grimmauld Place. Unfortunatley he had been spotted at the Ministry and until they caught Peter Pettigrew, would be in even more danger of the Dementor's kiss.

Remus took hold of her other arm and disapparated away from her home. She felt like she was being pushed through a tight tube that was crushing her lungs. When she finally felt her feet touch the ground again, she realised that she was stood around the corner from a little street. She looked to the others in confusion.

"We didn't want the muggles to see us so we couldn't apparate straight in front of the house. Come on it's only around this corner." Remus said whilst walking ahead of them. Sirius and Ginny quickly caught up and soon the three of them were walking down a very peculiar street.

All of the houses looked exactly the same. They were all perfectly in order and very neat, not a blade of grass out of place or a smudge on the windows. 'Oh great, I'm going to fit in really well here.' Ginny thought to herself.

They had walked in silence for a while until Sirius said, "So, you looking forward to spending an entire month with Harry? Alone." Whilst winking. Remus just laughed but Ginny couldn't stop the blush that had crept into her cheeks.

"I'll have you know that I have a boyfriend!" She yelled, trying to convince them and herself that she didn't like Harry in that way anymore.

"Yes but Ginny, we know-" Remus started.

"For a fact." Sirius cut in.

"-Yes for a fact, that Harry has started to see you in that way. He told Sirius at the end of last year, and obviously, being the caring, loyal, understanding Godfather he is, Sirius told me." Remus finished with a grin. Sirius attempted to punch his arm but he jumped out of the way in time. Ginny just watched in amusment.

"You two remind me of a less mature version of Fred and George." She muttered under her breath. The pair of them just grinned at her and continued the conversation.

"Gin, we know that you still like him, and Harry has just started to gain feelings for you. Besides, it was going to happen eventually." Sirius said in a matter of fact tone.

"How exactly do you know that?" She asked.

"You have red hair." Sirius replied, talking to her as if she was stupid.


Remus took over. "Potter's always end up married to someone with red hair. They always have sons who look like their father and they marry a red head. It's been going on for generations in the Potter family."

Ginny blushed but turned away before they could see. "Well, I'm sure it's only coincidence." She reasoned. Remus shook his head at her and said.

"Stop trying to kid yourself. Harry likes you and you like him-"

"-So break up with your boyfriend and snog my Godson"! Sirius finished for him.

Remus burst out laughing. "That is perhaps the weirdest thing I have ever heard you say Padfoot."

They stopped outside number 4. Ginny inwardly groaned. This house was by far the cleanest looking on the street. "Well Ginny, this is your home for the summer!" Sirius and Remus said at the same time, before simultaneously roaring in laughter.

Harry sat on his bed. Every few minutes he would check his watch, but time seemed to be going ridiculously slow tonight. Ginny was meant to be there by seven and he still had to wait another twenty minutes.

Sighing, he began to make his room look more presentable. He had a small make-shift bed on the floor that he would sleep on, while Ginny took his bed. It wasn't ideal but it would have to do. Silently he put all of his clothes in his wardrobe and put all of the rubbish in the bin. It was the first time in six years that he had tidied the room and it didn't make much of a difference.

Having decided that it was best to give up, he sat on his bed and began to think about Ginny. Something he had spent alot of time doing lately. Ever since they had gone to the Department of Mysteries, he had started to see a new side of Ginny. One he had never seen before. She was a very beautiful young woman, he knew that for sure. She always made him laugh and was very easy to get along with. She was very clever and had a very outgoing personality. Harry had made up his mind that he fancied her and realised he had for a long time, he just had been too blind to see it.

He checked his watch again and saw that it was five to seven. Only five more minutes and she would be here. He picked up the letter that Mrs Weasley had sent him that morning.

Dear Harry,

I'm very sorry to ask you this Harry dear, but would you be able to ask your Aunt and Uncle to allow Ginny to stay with you for the rest of the summer. It is crucial that she does, it's the only way to keep her safe.

I can't tell you why she is in danger in this letter, it's too risky, but Remus and Sirius will be over with Ginny tonight at seven. They will explain everything then. I hope it doesn't cause too much trouble with the muggles.

Hope you are well, we are missing you here. It's always nice to have you Harry dear.

Love Mrs Weasley.

Harry grinned at the thought of seeing his Godfather and good friend again. He talked to Sirius most nights through the mirror anyway, but it would be nice to talk to him in person.

It hadn't been as difficult as he thought it would be when he asked the Dursley's if Ginny could stay. All he had to do was mention that his convict Godfather would be coming to check if he was happy, and they said it was fine. They had treated him alot better the last two summers, and it was all because of Sirius.

All of a sudden he was brought out of his thoughts as he heard laughter coming from outside. He peeked out of the window to see Sirius, Remus and Ginny all stood staring at the house. Sirius and Remus looking amused and Ginny shaking her head the pair.

He grinned and immediatley rushed down the stairs. Ignoring the yells and protests coming from the living room because of the noise, he pulled open the door.

"Finally!" He said before pulling Ginny into a bone crushing hug.