A little idea that popped into my head. He SO did this.

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The door to the TARDIS shuts behind her and he swears the light inside the old girl has just become a touch dimmer.

He flits around the console, unsure what to do now. What he really wants to do is run after her, drag her back inside the blue box and spirit her away, far away to a galaxy where they can be them. Together. The way it should be.

But he can't fiddle with time, as much as he wishes that he could. He remembers the last time he did something like that and the memory makes him cringe. He pushes it away and turns his distracted thoughts to the console.

A sudden thought crosses his mind and he springs into action, like the superhero he is not, flying around the console as fast as his feet can carry him. He shouldn't do this, really shouldn't do this, but if someone else gets a hold of it... He shudders to think. The TARDIS falls through the time vortex, destination The Library.


Judging from the large group of people in the atrium, it has only been a few minutes since Donna and his previous face had set off for a new adventure. He remembers that one well.

The TARDIS is parked out of sight and he casually strides through the group, through the hallways and down the stairs toward his prize.

It sits on the railing, unmoved since his tenth face had scooped up the sonic screwdriver and downloaded River into the largest computer ever built. She is there; almost alive, almost breathing. He feels his hearts thud in pain, but he cannot go to her. It is illogical, impossible. Painful.

He reaches out and lifts her blue book from the railing. It cannot stay here and he can't help but want to read it. He tucks it into one of his pockets that are bigger on the inside and heads back to the TARDIS, intent on taking some time to finally read her diary of spoilers.

He doesn't think she will mind.