Bones was worried. No, scratch that he was very worried. Jim had insisted on going to the planet's surface alone despite Spock's citing that it was against regulations.

"The Criorians said only one 'foreigner' is allowed in their temple at a time. I'll go down and see what is it that they need and then confer with Command about it. It's within the regs Spock." Jim said. "Besides, we're dealing with a race consisting primarily of females and I happen to be very good with the ladies. Relax Mr. Spock I'll be back before you know it."

That had been seven hours ago. Jim hadn't returned and the Criorians had insisted that Jim had left their city. Uhura got them to agree to send down search parties to find their missing Captain. They hadn't found him as of yet. They had found a young woman, clad only in his gold command shirt. Bones was with the search party that had found her.

"She's human, roughly about twenty six. She doesn't have any injuries to her body other than a nasty bruise to her left cheek."

She was unconscious as if she'd fainted in terror. When Bones lifted her, she made a content humming sound. Bones wanted to laugh. Jim made that sound with him once. But he'd been so sick at the time that Bones figured any warmth would have made that purring sound. She was exactly the type Jim was always chasing after. She had long dark blonde hair; she was pretty and rather leggy. She settled into his arms once he had a good grip on her, cuddling his chest. It would have been cute if he'd known her.

An hour later she opened her eyes. They were already in Sickbay. She hadn't noticed him yet but Bones noted mentally that her eyes were the same shade of blue as Jim's. She groaned and sat up slowly.

"How are you feeling?"

"I've had better days to be honest." She answered. She smiled at him. "So when I can get released from here so that- what?"

"I know this may come to you as a shock but I need to ask you a few questions before I release you."

"Okay, shoot."

"Do you know where you are?"

Her nose wrinkled in annoyance.

"I'm in Sickbay being patronized. Come on Bones, what's going on." Bones froze outright and stared at the young woman who'd used Jim's nickname for him. "You okay? You look a bit pale." She asked. "My throat must be hoarse cause it's higher pitched than normal."

"Where did you hear that nickname?"

"I'd like to say from a higher power but we both know the truth. I gave it to you after we met on the shuttle." She said. "Course you threatened to hypo me if I continued to call you that and I ignored you. Now it's a running joke between us."

Her words confirmed Bones' suspicion. This woman wasn't held captive with Jim, this woman was Jim. Bones shook his head and stepped away from the bio-bed. He located a surgical mirror and grabbed it. It was small but it would help him show Jim exactly what had happened.

"Now before I do this, you gotta promise me you won't panic."

Jim's face contorted with confusion, what was Bones up to now? Sighing Jim nodded.

"You have my word Bones. Now what happened to me? The last thing I remember clearly was being kicked out of the city because I'm a guy and honestly I'm not sure what the high priestess meant by I can't return until I understand. I just wanted to help those ladies after all. I wasn't even remotely interested in sleeping with any of them, not my type really. Did they make me hideous?"

"No you infant."

"Well then what could have possibly happened to me that you're looking at me like I'm gonna have a heart-attack and die from the shock? Bones?"

He was out of excuses for keeping Jim in the dark about his recent, changes and Bones knew it.

"Okay kid, but I'm warning you, you are not gonna like this at all." Bones said, holding out the mirror. Jim accepted the mirror; it was facing downward and turned it over. There was a definite change to his appearance and then Jim's mind finally processed what happened. Jim Kirk had been transformed into a woman, breasts and all.

For a few minutes Jim's mouth opened and closed without sound. Then he managed small squeaks.

"Bones, I've been turned into a girl!" He said after a minute of squeaking. Jim's mind was reeling.

"I've noticed Jim."

"Bones, what did they do to me? Am I still the same person or did they swap bodies with some random girl that's a native there."

"You seem to have to same traits you did before. Blue eyes, dark blonde hair… but in a female body."

"Bones, where's Spock?"

"He's on the bridge kid. You want me to call him down."

"No!" Jim said quickly and then flushing at the realization that the word had been nearly shouted. "It's just that I need to figure out how the hell am I gonna get turned back to normal before command finds out."

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