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Fine's POV

"Fine, are you sure that this is the best choice for you? Shouldn't you at least tell Rein about this," Mother asked me. "She deserves to know, where her only sister is going."

"She'll forget about me anyways, it's pointless. Everyone except you two will forget about me. However I do not regret my decision, one of us has to go and Rein cannot because her happiness is here." Then I smiled at my parents. "I'll be alright. I promise. I'm going tonight aren't I?"

Father took a deep breathe and slowly said,"Yes, you are."

"Then I'll say more later. I've got to go or Rein will come looking for me. See you later."

As I closed the door I could hear Mother and Father sighing. I hate making them sad but this way is best. Rein, Shade, and everyone else will forget that Princess Fine ever existed in this world. I already knew about this so long ago...

...Flashback... 8 years ago ...

I'M SO HUNGRY! What should I eat for my midnight snack? Chocolate cookies? Sugar cookies would be good too, but then again... cake would be good wouldn't it? So many choices, I'll just see what we have, and choose then. But I'd better be quiet, if Camelot finds out I won't be able to eat anymore sweets for 3 months!

Then I saw a light on in one of the rooms. Who would be up at this time? I quietly looked into the room. Please don't let it be a ghost, please don't let it be a ghost, please don't let it be a ghost. I saw Mother and Father, what are they doing up so late?

"Truth, when should we tell them about the fate of the Sunny Kingdom Twins? It's unfair for them to not know."

"I agree, but what should we do? The Queen of the other world died when they were born. They'll need a proper Queen soon, however the twins are too young to rule. "

"Still, they shouldn't just be separated one day-"

I fell in by accident and Mother and Father looked at me. "I needed to use the bathroom?"

"Fine, how much did you hear," Father asked.

"Umm... since It's unfair not to let Rein and I know what exactly?"

I looked back from Mother to Father. Then they looked at watch other and Mother said,"I'm sorry Fine, however one day you and Rein will be in two similar but different worlds."

"What do you mean by that?"

"There's another world that you or Rein must govern one day by yourself. It's the fate of twins who are born in the Sunny Kingdom. The twin who chooses to leave this world will be forgotten."


"We don't know. Fine, please don't tell Rein about this, she doesn't need to know what's going to happen yet," Mother said. "Please."

"Alright. I'll be going back to sleep now. Goodnight Mother, Father," I said as I walked out of the room.

Ever since then I wasn't really sure that I wanted to be ruling in a completely different world that I didn't know about, but then Rein meet Bright. When she told me how happy she was about meeting him and dancing with him I realized something. Rein was really in love with him. She probably wouldn't leave unless she was with him. So, I've decided that I will go, no matter how much I want to stay here and no matter how much I'm in love with Shade.


"Huh? Sorry Rein, I was thinking about sweets again," I lied."What were you saying?"

"I was talking about dancing with Bright-sama! Tonight's our 13th birthday party after all, remember?"

"Yeah, I saw a huge cake in the kitchen. Tonight's going to be wonderful! There's going to be a lot of delicious food..." I started.

"...and we get to dress up, dance and everyone's coming," Rein finished. "It's going to be so much fun!"

"Yeah! Oh right Rein, here you go," I said as I handed her a present. "I got it when you were with Bright."

"Thank you," Rein said as she opened the gift to see a heart blue ribbon choker. " How pretty, Thank you Fine. I have a gift for you too."

I opened her wrapped box to see a similar necklace, only it was pink. " Thank you Rein!"

We both put the necklaces on at the same time, looked at each other and smiled. Even through she's not going to remember this, it's a nice memory.

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