5 months later... Fine's POV

"Fine! Hurry up or you'll be late to your own wedding! It's almost time!"

"I'll be done soon, Rein! Don't worry!"

It took 5 months just to get to this point. First we had to deal with Sky and the others and Moon Malia-sama and Milky. It got really complicated, but for some reason Moon Malia-sama knew who I was. I really didn't get that part. But, the good news is that now me and Shade can finally get married, so it's worth the wait. Oh shoot! I'm going be late! I started running. When I finally got to Father, he said,"Fine, are you alright?"

"Just a little tired. Now, let's hurry or else Rein will start yelling again."

As we walked down the aisle, I kept trying not to run away or something. I let go of Father's hand and then took Shade's hand as we got to the alter. I smiled at Shade. Don't forget to breathe. Don't forget to breathe. Fine, you have to breathe.

When the priest said," Do you Queen Fine take this man as your husband?"

"Of course," I said as Shade put a ring on my finger.

"Now, Prince Shade, do you take this woman to become your lawfully wedded wife?"

"Always yes," he said as I put a ring on his finger.

"And right now, I believe you know what to do, Queen Fine."

I nodded at him. Then I took a small knife, pierced my finger, and dropped my blood into a cup with water where it turned to a brilliant gold. "Within this cup is a drop of my blood, when you drink this your lifespan will equal mine," I said as I sipped the contents of the cup then kissed Shade, releasing the liquid from my mouth into his.

When we broke apart the priest said, "Now, Queen Fine and Prince Shade I announce the two of you man and wife. I wish the two of you eternal happiness."

Everyone clapped as we walked down the aisle together. "Were you nervous, Fine?"

"Yes, I thought I was going to stop breathing during the ceremony," I said, smiling at him. "But I'm still alive, so everything's alright."

"At least now that I'm staying with you, I might not be as worried when you're doing something and you won't as busy since I'm going to help you," Shade said sighing in relief.

I just smiled at him. "And at least we're going to be together, everyday now." I'm not alone anymore. Queen Eli, I've finally figured out what you had too so long to found out. I don't have to be alone anymore, I never did. Queen Eli, please watch over me and my husband, then maybe we could be as happy as you once were and are with the man you love.

8 years later...

"Angelina! Angelina, where are you," I yelled while walking around the garden that my daughter loved so much. It's really amazing after a year Shade and I got married, I had given birth to a daughter and I was amazed when I found out that Rein also gave birth to a daughter on the same day. It's really interesting, that something like that happened.

"I'm right here Mother," a small girl with bright purple eyes and shoulder length red hair popped out holding a blue rose. "I'm sorry, it's just that I saw this beautiful flower in full bloom and thought that Rosalinda would like it."

"It's alright, now let's hurry, or else we'll be late," I said as I grabbed her hand and we hurried to the pure white crystal where Shade was already waiting.

"You know Rein will yell at you if we're any later," Shade said as Angelina was trying to catch her breath. Even through she's my child she's not any good at sports but she's good at things that have to do with dancing. How that happens I don't know.

We all grabbed the crystal, the same process happened, and we landed on the ground... again. We visit a few times a week meaning a few times a month for always met in the garden since it was a nice place to drink tea and watch Angelina and Rosalinda and while Rein and I did that Shade and Bright always take a ride out.

"Fine, you made it! I was getting did you take so long," Rein asked getting out from her chair to come to hug me. Then she hugged Angelina as she said," And how are you Angelina?"

"I'm good Auntie, where's Rosalinda?"

"She's watering the tulips right now."

"Thank you," she said before hurrying to where her dark blond haired, green eyed cousin was. Twin cousins...huh? It really is interesting.

"So Fine, have you seen Moon-san lately," Rein asked as she poured a cup of tea for me and I sat down.

"Not really, I haven't seen her in such a long time. I hope she's doing okay, thank you," I said taking the tea from her. I told Rein a lot about Moon over the visits. "It's strange through. The day I told you and Shade about everything was the day when Queen Eli's bracelet disappeared and Moon."

I thought that I saw her at the masquerade but... I'm not really sure. Even if I can't see her through, I hope that she's happy and alright.

"That's true. But maybe her job is done here so she left," Rein said.

"Probably. Now shall we eat the cake?"

"Sure by the way where's Albert?" I haven't seen him today, my blond haired red eyed nephew. He's the first child Rein gave birth to. Where is he?

"Visiting Altezza. He'll be back later," she said as she handed me a slice of cake. "Here you go."

Suddenly Angelina and Rosalinda hurried to us. Then Shade and Bright joined us. They always come when I get cake. I'm so happy. Queen Eli, Moon, and Princess Grace, Are you three happy where ever you are as well?

Everything's at peace. I can spend time with my sister again. I'm married to the man I love and have a precious child. I really am happy that everything turned out alright!

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