This is a Klainofsky story (Kurt/Blaine/Karofsky), but it starts as a Blainofsky story. The first four chapters are exclusively Blainofsky and then a Klaine storyline begins to develop. This IS a love story, though at times it may not appear to be. Every chapter contains some form of sexual encounter. This story is NOT for readers with weak stomachs or impressionable minds.

Featured in this story: BDSM, sub/Dom relationships, spanking, snuggling, stalking, dirty talk, sexual violence, crazy/stalker/slut/sub!Blaine, Dom!Dave, (eventually) teddy-bear!Dave.


"I'll see you next week, dude," Azimio said, peeling off from their side by side gait across McKinley High's parking lot as they reached his car.

"See ya." Dave glanced sideways at Azimio but didn't slow his pace. He adjusted his gym bag on his shoulder and made for his own truck on the other side of the lot. He listened as Azimio's car pulled away but he didn't turn his head. He didn't think about how much he would miss Az while he was away at a family member's funeral. He didn't think about how much he missed Az even when they were in the same room.

He walked down the three foot gap between the passenger side of his truck and the car in the next spot, fishing in his pocket for the keys, but stopped short when he heard someone clear his throat behind him.

For a moment, Dave stood rigid, eyes on the partial reflection in the passenger window. Somebody was walking up behind him - somebody in a suit jacket - but the face was hidden under a glare. Dave turned slowly, heart racing.

It was that fucking prep-boy Kurt had attacked him with all those weeks ago. He had a face that was just begging to get smashed. Too fucking pretty. The guy smiled. Dave tried to think of a single reason for this asshole to be showing up.

"Hi," the guy said, narrowing the gap between them to a little over two feet, "sorry to sneak up on you, I was trying to avoid being seen by your friend."

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

The kid smiled wider. Dave hated that smile - wanted to do things to that smile. "

I'm Blaine," the guy said. "

I didn't ask for a fucking name."

But the guy - Blaine - just kept smiling. Blaine. What a fucking prissy-ass name. As far as names went it was a pretty good match to that face - the name, like the face made Dave want to throw punches. Blaine stepped closer, into Dave's personal bubble and snapped every thought right out of Dave's head.

Wide-eyed, Dave took a step back, chest constricting, suddenly aware of their proximity and of how narrowly closed in they were. He didn't have to glance back to know that there was a fence behind him and probably very little space between his truck's bumper and that. He was trapped like a rat in a maze. No where to run. His heart raced.

He watched with a sick fascination as Blaine looked him up and down and he suddenly felt like he was naked. Blaine's eyes looked wild and hungry and Dave couldn't help looking down at himself and feeling his stomach twist when he tried to imagine what Blaine saw - the sweat-stained t-shirt that probably wreaked, the silky basketball shorts that sometimes showed off too much of his junk, his bare and hairy calves. Dave wondered what Blaine could possibly see there to make him make that expression, with the exception, of course, of the probably obvious bulge. The thought made Dave's nose wrinkle in disgust. Fucking faggots.

Blaine's eyes snapped suddenly back up to Dave's and his face spread in an open mouth grin that showed entirely too much tongue. Dave felt his face grow hot and he had to look away to break the uncomfortable eye contact. He ground his teeth, and willed himself to take back control, reminding himself that he was bigger, stronger, and better than this asshole in every way. Dropping his bag to the asphalt, he leaned toward Blaine, and looked him in the face, eyes narrow. "

Listen up, pretty boy. I don't know why you're here, but you'd better get the fuck away from me." Dave took a step closer, trying to tower over the smaller boy, trying to scare him shitless. "'Cause if you don't, I will fuck you up. Do you hear me?"

Blaine didn't move. His expression darkened for a moment before it broke into another maddening smile.

Dave felt a pang in his chest. "I said do you hear me?" He growled.

"Yes," Blaine said. His voice weak despite his smile, betraying some reaction at Dave's attempts at intimidation.

The pitiful sound made Dave's chest swell.

Dave took another small step forward, staring down into Blaine's eyes, prepping himself, filling himself with so much hate that he could rip the faggot in half, feeling it for real so Blaine would see it. It was a football tactic - step one, intimidation. Blaine's expression faltered, and Dave smiled an evil fucking smile. Step two, talk shit. "Then why the fuck are you still standing here? Are you retarded, on top of being a raging homo?"

Then slowly, maddeningly, the smile crept back across his face again - mocking Dave. Dave could almost imagine his voice saying, 'I know what you're doing,' in that same snotty tone he'd used to say, 'Kurt told me what you did.'

Dave's stomach clenched at the memory and he swallowed hard, staring hate down at the pretty boy. Blaine took a step so that their faces were inches apart. "I'm still standing here, because I WANT you to fuck me up."

"What?" Dave took one big step backward, confused and terrified, every last piece of his alpha-male dominance zapped.

Blaine grinned and took another step forward and to the side, turning and forcing Dave to turn too - backing him into the side of the truck - so they were face to face and no more backward motion could take place on either side.

"I want you to fuck me up, Karofsky," Blaine said it again, licking his lower lip and smiling that crazy smile. "Kurt doesn't know how lucky he was. If my bullies had secretly wanted to fuck me, I would've put up with anything. I tried to fight it - tried to date a nice guy. I even tried to want Kurt. But my brain keeps coming back to you. I'm not meant for some sappy-sweet love story. I want it rough and nasty and... ever since you pushed me into that fence - GOD - it's the only thought that gets me off anymore. Those big hands pushing me down." Blaine's eyes moved to Dave's hands and he bit his lip.

Dave stood frozen, staring at Blaine with wild eyes. This had to be a dream. Nobody was that fucking crazy and stupid.

Blaine paused and smirked - triumphant. "I want you to bend me over and fuck me senseless, Karofsky. I want you to rough me up. I want you, and I don't even know your first name." Blaine licked his lower lip again, still grinning and looking at Dave like he was something delicious to eat.

When Dave didn't move, Blaine's smile grew even wider and he took that last step, pressing their bodies together.

Oh God, Dave thought, he's hard... Oh God, so am I!

Blaine kissed Dave hard on the mouth, tongue immediately teasing at Dave's lips, and in an instant the kiss brought Dave out of his trance. He shoved Blaine away and against the side of the adjacent car. He stepped sideways, finally free of Blaine's trap, grabbed his duffel and then he was running to the other side of the truck - deaf to his own whines, which could as easily have spoken terror as they could have spoken arousal. He ripped the door open, leaping into the driver's seat and jamming his gym bag inside.

Blaine popped up in Dave's peripheral vision and knocked on the passenger side window as Dave scrambled to get the keys in the ignition. "This isn't over," Blaine yelled.

Breathing hard, Dave started the car and peeled out of the spot, tires squealing on the asphalt. He was driving so fast he almost hit a fence and as he left the lot he chanced a look in the rear view mirror at Blaine in his prep-school uniform, shrinking in the distance, standing in the middle of the road and staring after him, still grinning.

"Fuck!" Dave screamed at the interior of his car, hitting the steering wheel as he did. He drove away, screaming profanities, and ignoring the tears streaming down his face.


After that day it was like Blaine was everywhere. Dave wasn't used to being stalked. In the hunter/hunted dynamic, Dave had always been the one doing the hunting. Dave was a predator. Not prey. Blaine was completely fucking crazy. Dave was sure of it. Whenever he was out with friends, there was Blaine, leaning against his black Charger, one foot crossed over the other, usually eating something and licking his lips (sometimes Dave even caught him licking his fingers). He was always there, wearing sunglasses to cover his eyes but Dave knew he was staring. It was terrifying, thinking that that psycho could walk over at any moment and expose him.

Every day he got closer to his breaking point, and he didn't know what was going to happen when that moment came.

At 2 AM that Saturday, he walked out of a Denny's with some other football players, and immediately he saw the freak sitting in his car at the far end of the lot. By then, Blaine's car was the first thing he looked for, everywhere he went. It was time. For what? Dave wasn't sure, but this had gone on long enough and he was going to do something.

"I'll catch up with you guys later," Dave said, trying to sound normal, as he walked to his truck.

The guys waved him off and kept walking toward their car. Once he was in his truck, Dave sat in the driver's seat pretending to do something on his phone while the other guys took off. When they were gone he breathed a sigh of relief. He sat there for a second, breathing deep, before getting back out of his truck, psyching himself up.

I'm just going to tell him to fuck off, one more time, and maybe he'll see reason, Dave thought. Yeah. Okay.

He walked toward Blaine's car and noticed Blaine watching him, sipping a soda through a straw like he was a cop on a stake-out. He was so fucking casual about all of it. He had no shame at being caught and approached. This was what he wanted. Attention. It made Dave's stomach turn. Fucking faggots. Fucking attention whores.

Dave set his face in a glare. Blaine rolled down his window as Dave approached, and when he got there, Dave bent and gripped the window's edge.

"Look, faggot," Dave said, "I don't know why you think this is fun. I don't know why you think this is gonna work. It's not."

Blaine shrugged and smiled up at him. "It's still worth the effort." He bit his lower lip and then smiled as he said, "I want it that bad."

Dave closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. "You're seriously gonna hassle me every day knowing I'm never going to give you what you want?"

Blaine laughed at that. "You will."

Dave slammed a fist down on the roof of the car. "I'm not a fag."

"Really?" Blaine bit at the side of his lower lip, like he was trying not to smile.

"I - no! Of course not. I hate fags."

"Enough to teach one a lesson?" Blaine raised his eyebrows and smirked.

"Goddammit!" Dave turned around and rubbed his hands over his eyes. "I don't know why I even came over here. Trying to talk sense to a complete whack job."

"You really think I'm the crazy one? Going after what I want, unlike you - too scared to pursue the pretty little thing you probably pine after every night. Alone."

Dave turned and reached into the car, grabbing Blaine's collar in one swift move. "I don't want Hummel."

"Keep telling yourself that." Blaine stared up at him with what Dave thought was jealousy. Is he really jealous of my nonexistant relationship with Hummel?

Dave breathed hard, and pulled Blaine closer. "Keep pushing me and I'll give you exactly what I'd give him."

"A good spanking?" Blaine's eyebrows raised.

That was it. Dave snapped. Before he could think, his fist was through the open window and colliding with Blaine's pretty cheek.

"Fuck!" Blaine yelled, slamming back against his seat and clapping a hand over his face.

Dave ran.

"You BITCH!" Blaine screamed, but Dave barely heard him as he leaped into his car and drove away.


Dave showered, still angry, trying not to punch a hole in the shower door. He got into his pajama pants, still angry, trying not to rip them as he pulled them on. Then he got into bed, still angry, unplugging and throwing his lamp against a wall instead of turning it off.

He dropped onto his pillow, grinding his teeth together so hard he thought they might break. He'd get in trouble for the lamp, but he didn't care. All he could bring himself to care about anymore was the gay little monster who was going to ruin his life,

It's fine, He told himself. I'm okay. He'll lose interest. He'll back off. He forced himself to breathe slower, deeper - zoned it out, eyes on the illuminated numbers on his alarm clock. Slowly, his muscles relaxed. He rolled onto his back, getting comfortable and closing his eyes.

He was almost asleep when the thoughts came - uncontrollable, just like every night. His cock was hard so fast it was a joke. He thought about tangling his fingers in Blaine's hair, shoving him against a wall, ripping his pants down, fucking him. Hard and cruel.

Dave groaned. Fine. It's fine if it's just a dream. If it's not real, I'm not a queer. As long as it's not real.

His hand slid inside his pants and curled into a fist around his shaft.

He stroked it slow and tight, moaning softly as pre-cum dribbled over his fingers.

Something tapped against his window. He sat up in bed, rigid and breathless. Another clink hit against the window, but he saw nothing through the glass - just the branches of a tree moving softly in the breeze. His heart raced.


Maybe I imagined it. Slowly he lay back down, trying to control his breath. I imagined it.


Dave threw off the covers and ran to the window, ripping it open and leaning out. The cold air hit his bare chest and he shivered. Breathless, he saw Blaine standing on the grass below, inside the side gate, staring up with a bruise blossoming on his cheek, one hand up behind his head, poised to throw another pebble at the window.

"Fuck off," Dave hissed.

Blaine said nothing, just stood there staring up at him, lowering his arm and putting his hands in his pockets.

Dave slammed the window shut and stomped back to bed, climbing under the blankets and putting his head down on the pillow. He breathed hard, wishing it was anger that had him worked up, but his mouth was dry and his dick was still painfully hard. For a while it was quiet. Then...


Dave's heart raced. He could imagine Blaine's voice saying, 'I'm not leaving.' He could imagine his face, eyes starting up at him, determined and a sort of pathetic.

He didn't know what he was doing even as he was doing it. He didn't know, even as his feet moved him silently down the stairs, if he was going to hit Blaine again or -

And then he was in the garage, bare feet on the concrete. He opened the door to the side yard and stepped out, his bare chest cold in the night air. Blaine walked toward him.

"You can hit me all you want," Blaine said, like he'd rehearsed everything he had to say, "it wont change how I fee-" but Dave wasn't listening to any faggy speech.

He grabbed Blaine's arm and spun him around, twisting the arm into his back. He pulled Blaine back against him and put a hand over Blaine's mouth to shut him up. He could feel Blaine breathe hard through his nose. Then he pulled Blaine backward into the garage.

For a minute Dave stood there trying to think straight. What am I doing?

Blaine pushed backward against him, pressing his backside against Dave's still hard cock. Blaine groaned and it was the single sweetest thing Dave had ever heard. Blaine started rubbing his perfect ass up and down on Dave's crotch and Dave bit back the moans fighting to get out. He twisted Blaine's arm harder to stop him acting like a cat in heat and Blaine let out a strangled cry - muffled under Dave's hand.

"You listen and you fucking hear me, you got it?" Dave whispered right in Blaine's ear. Blaine nodded. "This happens once, and only once. And if you EVER breathe a WORD of this to anyone, I will fucking kill you."

Blaine nodded again, body otherwise perfectly still in Dave's grasp. Perfectly still. Perfectly obedient.

Dave walked them forward, still holding Blaine against him, forcing Blaine to go ahead. "Open the door," Dave ordered , and Blaine reached out with his free hand, twisting the knob and pushing it open. His foot caught on the baseboard of the doorway as Dave pushed him inside, and Dave had to catch him, pulling him tighter against his body. "Try not to trip," Dave hissed.

They moved into the hall, and Blaine's fancy shoes clicked on the tile. "Shoes off," Dave whispered, heart racing. He loosened his grip on Blaine's arm to let him bend and undo his laces. Awkwardly hanging beneath Dave, Blaine kicked off his shoes, and then leaned back so his shoulders pressed to Dave's chest. "Pick them up, jackass," Dave murmured. Blaine groaned, so Dave pushed him forward, bending him over. The move forced Blaine's ass back against Dave's hard cock, and Dave gasped at the pressure. Blaine picked up his shoes, rubbing just a little, side to side. "Cocktease," Dave muttered, pulling Blaine back upright.

He directed Blaine forward down the hall toward the stairs. Blaine stumbled on the steps more than once, so Dave had to hold him close - keep him upright. He suspected Blaine was doing it on purpose, wanting to be close, but he couldn't complain. Every time their hips bumped together Blaine moaned so Dave had to shush him, though he himself wanted to do the same. At the top of the stairs, Dave paused and breathed, getting himself back into the right frame of mind for what was coming then he moved, fluid, every step planned.

He walked Blaine into his bedroom, closed the door, and threw Blaine at the bed. The way he stumbled into the bed, hands thrown forward to break his fall, made Dave smile.

Dave turned and walked to his dresser, grabbing a pair of briefs and then stalking back over to the bed. Blaine had turned around and he sat on the edge of the bed to watch Dave. He looked pale and lovely in the moonlight. His eyes lingered on the briefs.

"To shut you up," Dave explained, moving forward, ready to shove the wad of cloth into Blaine's mouth.

Blaine nodded, exhaling hard, licked his lips and then held out a hand, temporarily stopping Dave in his tracks. "There's something else you could put in my mouth to keep me quiet."

Dave's heart skipped a beat. You dirty slut, he thought, staring at Blaine with disbelief. He paused, but only for a second and then immediately tossed the briefs at the bed and pulled his cock up and out of the waistband of his pajama pants. Blaine's eyes went wide, staring at it.

"Look good?" Dave asked with a sneer, stroking himself slowly.

Blaine nodded, too focused to be embarrassed. Dave walked forward those last few steps so that his cock was right in front of Blaine's face, and gave Blaine just enough time to open his lips before pushing his cock between them - pushing in and up at the roof of Blaine's mouth.

A stuttering moan escaped Dave's lips and a shiver ran up his spine - his body wholly take over by the sensation of contact. The little fag tightened his lips around Dave's cock and started licking at every bit of it that his tongue could reach. Dave grabbed Blaine's head and Blaine grabbed Dave's hips. Dave started to fuck Blaine's mouth, pushing gently at the back of his throat.

After just a moment of resistance, Dave felt Blaine's throat opening for him. The little bitch knew what he was doing.

He pushed himself all the way in and groaned helplessly. Blaine moaned his encouragement until Dave started thrusting in and out, fucking Blaine's throat and feeling like he was going to come before even getting a chance to see Blaine's ass, bare and bent beneath him. Fuck! He wanted to see it.

Right at the brink of coming, Dave pulled Blaine's hair, yanking him backward off his cock. Blaine gasped and coughed, spit and come stretching in a little rope between his mouth and Dave's cock. Dave closed his eyes and grabbed the head of his cock, squeezing hard to keep from coming.

When the moment had passed, Dave leaned forward and grabbed the briefs off the bed. He paused only for a moment to look at the spit and precum on Blaine's lips before he shoved the wad in Blaine's mouth. Blaine stared up at him, eyes on fire, the make-shift gag keeping his mouth from closing all the way, and Dave just stood there holding his cock, trying to calm down.

Dave tried to breathe slow as he watched Blaine sitting there. He watched Blaine's chest rise and fall. He wants it bad, Dave thought. He wants it.

Blaine reached out toward Dave's cock, but Dave slapped his hands away. He saw Blaine's adam's apple bob in his throat. God, that's hot.

For a few moments he just stood there, breathing and staring down at Blaine, willing himself to hate him, to want to hurt him. The hate would make it last longer. He was so fucking beautiful. Too beautiful.

Blaine stared up, eyes wide and longing and confused. The silence lasted long enough that he started reaching up to take the briefs out of his mouth, but Dave grabbed his hand.

Blaine gasped as Dave flipped him onto his stomach in one swift move.

Dave grabbed him by his belt and lifted his ass up into the air, pushing him forward across the bed and forcing him into a doggie position.

Blaine reached down and undid his fly and belt and Dave yanked the fabric down.

And there it was. Pale and perfectly curved. And all mine, Dave thought. He slapped Blaine's bare ass, hard, and the briefs muffled Blaine's cry. Dave liked the sound of Blaine's pain so much a part of him wanted to just do that and nothing else, over and over, until Blaine cried.

But he had other plans for that ass, and he wasn't going to waste any time. He stepped forward, one hand still on his dick, getting it closer to the pink pucker of Blaine's asshole. Briefly, Dave wondered if he was going about this wrong - if he was going to hurt Blaine. He decided that he didn't care and stepped forward.

He didn't notice Blaine digging in his pocket but he did notice when Blaine's hand reached back with a little foil packet in it.

Dave scrunched up his nose. He'd never used a condom before. Of course, he'd never fucked anyone before either. He thought briefly of ignoring it and just going for it, bare, but then he thought about how good of a cock-sucker Blaine was. The fag had experience. That meant he'd been with other fags before.

Dave grabbed the condom, ripped it open, and rolled it on his dick, grumbling wordlessly, while watching Blaine kick his pants the rest of the way off. The outside of the condom was slippery. He wasn't sure if he was happy or sad about that.

He put his cock against Blaine's asshole - Dave had NO intention of touching it with his hand - and started to push in.

Blaine whined prettily and Dave ground down, loving those whines. The ridge of the head popped inside and it felt like heaven. Dave's eyes crossed at how tight and hot it felt. He stopped to breathe, and thought vaguely that he was doing the little princess a favor by pausing, but Blaine just pushed back against him taking him further. He was so impatient - wanted it so bad - that Dave felt like he was going to lose it immediately.

He reached forward and grabbed Blaine's hair, yanking his head back. Blaine yelled into the cloth. God, that felt good.

"You move when I tell you to," Dave hissed.

Blaine nodded.

Dave shoved his face down into the comforter and held it there, then started pushing deeper. It was easier than he expected.

"God you're a little fucking whore, aren't you?" Dave whispered, letting go of Blaine's head and slipping his hands to Blaine's hips.

Blaine moaned out a muffled, "Uh-huh."

With two hands on Blaine's ass, Dave started to thrust in, over and over and Blaine writhed beneath him groaning. Slowly, his thrusts picked up speed and he had to struggle to not moan, biting his lip and furrowing his brow.

The bottom hem of Blaine's shirt and jacket started to slip up farther on his back, moved by the rhythm. Mesmerized by the newly bare skin and the thought of seeing Blaine completely naked, Dave slid his hands up Blaine's back to push the cloth up further so he could see Blaine's ribs. He realized for the first time how fit Blaine was. The muscles of his sides and back and legs were toned and beautiful under a thin coat of fine black hair. It looked like the body of an athelete. Blaine was something more than he'd seemed to be.

Dave wondered vaguely, dizzily, why Blaine wasn't jerking off. Without thinking about it, he grabbed Blaine's dick. That was a rush - holding his cock, feeling it throb and twitch, feeling the ridges and veins under his hand.

Suddenly Dave started to fuck Blaine harder, jerking him off with an odd, stuttering rhythm. Dave felt dizzy. He felt cum - or precum, he wasn't sure which - dribble onto his fingers and he had a sudden urge to taste it. Instead of doing that, he leaned forward slowing his pace and whispered, "You done?"

Blaine shook his head.

"Good," Dave muttered, not even hearing himself. He let go of Blaine's dick and pulled out, then flipped Blaine onto his back before getting between his legs again. He thrust himself back in, sweat dripping from his brow. "Come for me," Dave ordered, sliding one hand up Blaine's stomach, pushing his shirt up again so he could see Blaine's abs. He's fucking perfect. Dave's eyes slid over to those lines running right down to his cock. Fuck.

He swallowed hard at the sight and grabbed Blaine's hips. He starting to pound into him, fucking him ragged. He didn't look him in the eye, just watched as Blaine's hand slid down and started to stroke his dick. God, he even fucking teases himself, Dave thought, watching those slow measured strokes.

Then suddenly, Blaine's hand sped up and Blaine was writhing on the bed, mussing up the comforter and arching upward. Dave sped up as Blaine did, still entranced by the other boy's movements, so rough that the bedframe started scraping against the wall.

Without pausing to think, Dave grabbed Blaine's free arm and put it up around his neck. Then grabbed Blaine's ass and lifted him off the bed, cock still buried deep. Blaine scrambled to get a better hold of Dave, and clung to him, thighs tight around Dave's hips.

Dave smiled, wishing he had a camera and could capture that moment to watch again and again - Blaine, helpless and clinging and strong enough to really hold on.

Slowly, Dave walked Blaine to the wall facing the front yard, trying to keep the sound away from his parents as much as possible, and pressed Blaine's back to it, steadying him before he started fucking him up against it, panting like a dog and staring at Blaine's stupid fucking striped tie, regretting that he hadn't ripped it off earlier.

Blaine's hand started up again, stroking fast, over and over and over and Dave felt Blaine's legs clamp around him, and he felt Blaine's ass clench around his cock. Blaine came, his cum spurting up onto his stomach, narrowly missing that tie, his moans and cries stifled by the cloth in his mouth.

Dave glanced up for just a second to see those pretty, dark eyes roll back, then pounded harder and harder into the now limp Blaine and bit hard on the boy's neck to muffle a low grunt as he came. Blaine's eyes flew up to the ceiling and he squealed at the pain of the bite, holding on to Dave for dear life.

Then everything was still. Dave nuzzled the angry red marks on Blaine's neck, breathing slow, until his knees felt weak.

Slowly, Dave pulled Blaine closer, chest to chest and let his dick slip out. Blaine's legs and arms slid tight around him. Dave walked them back to the bed and fell down onto it. When Blaine's grip on Dave relaxed, Dave slowly sat up on the edge of the bed, rubbing his eyes.

Blaine just lay across the bed, weak and breathing heavily, eventually pulling the briefs out of his mouth.

Dave got up and pulled the condom off, grabbing three tissues off of his nightstand, wrapping the condom in one to disguise it before throwing it in the trash. He sighed heavily and then walked back to the bed, wiping the cum off his dick with the second tissue and then handing the third to Blaine.

Blaine didn't clean himself right away. He seemed too worn out to move - eyes closed, head back, naked only from the waist down.

Dave stared at him, wondering with a smile if he had passed out. His eyes rested on that pretty bruised face, mouth open, expression slack and dumb like someone had hit him over the head with a two-by-four. Then, Dave's eyes slid down over his disheveled shirt and jacket, finally stopping at Blaine's dick. Dave licked his lips.

Blaine's stomach and cock were still covered in a thin layer of cum. The light from outside the window hit it at a slant and made it shine just a little.

For what felt like the millionth time that night, Dave moved without thinking. He knelt next to the bed and bent low to press his tongue to Blaine's stomach, licking the cum away. Blaine's eyes flew open and he lifted his head enough to watch.

Dave's face ran hot, but he didn't stop. He licked Blaine's stomach clean, tongue rubbing against the little trail of fine black hair leading down to Blaine's cock. It tasted... okay. Not good. Not bad. Kind of bitter. The taste wasn't the point.

He only paused for a moment before letting his tongue run up the shaft of Blaine's cock. Blaine let out a quiet little cry, biting his lip to muffle himself, now that the gag was gone.

Dave licked over every bit of Blaine's cock, blushing harder when he realized Blaine was starting to get hard again. He heard Blaine's breath drag in in an oddly strangled way as his tongue ran over the head. When he was done - when Blaine was clean - Dave lifted his eyes for just a moment - a moment to look up at Blaine's eyes - eyes that spoke something unbelievably dark and filthy.

He looked for just a moment and had to look away, feeling somehow unworthy of seeing such an intense emotion in somebody else.

As his eyes swept back down from Blaine's face, they caught sight of Blaine's hand resting palm up on the bed beside his hip, covered in the same thin coat. Dave had been about to stand up, but the sight made him pause.

As though Blaine knew what Dave was thinking he slowly lifted his hand, not bringing it right to Dave's face, but bringing it much closer.

Dave bit his lip, staring at it, and then slowly leaned forward and ran the flat of his tongue over the palm of Blaine's hand, all the way up to his fingertips. Blaine's hand was soft and delicate but there were little callouses on his fingertips, and Dave wondered what they were from.

Tentative and nervous about what it might mean to the other boy, Dave slowly sucked Blaine's pointer finger into his mouth.

Blaine went very quiet, and Dave got that familiar feeling of being watched - that feeling of watched by Blaine. It gave him chills, and he was starting to... actually... like it.

Gently, Blaine pushed another finger into Dave's mouth, and Dave took it in, sucking it clean, before pulling back. Enough of that, Dave thought. Don't want him getting the wrong idea.

Dave licked Blaine's ring finger and his pinkie finger quickly before pulling away and standing up, never looking Blaine in the eye. He bent and pushed Blaine roughly so that he was lying lengthwise on the bed instead of across it. The smaller boy was so easy to push around.

Then Dave got in under the covers and nestled into his pillows and closed his eyes.

Blaine laid there and stared at him for a moment, his breath uneven, his expression torn, then he got up from the bed and started looking around the room for his pants. When he located them he bent, weakly, to pick them up.

"Should be doing the opposite," Dave mumbled, peaking through his eyelashes at Blaine's backside.

Blaine paused, breathing hard, then turned back to the bed. Dave's eyes looked like they were closed, but Blaine had to know he'd been peeking at him. Slowly, Blaine stood, eyes on Dave, then he walked up to the edge of the bed and started taking off his jacket, his tie, and then his shirt.

Dave's breath caught as he watched Blaine strip through his eyelashes. He let himself stare at that blurred image of Blaine's stomach and chest, and bit the inside of his lip, hoping Blaine couldn't see that.

Dave watched as Blaine pulled back the covers and then lay down in front of Dave, with his back to him - so close - in Dave's little twin bed. Dave yawned, pretending this was all something casual, and put an arm around Blaine, pulling him in and spooning him tight. He forced himself not to jump up and start making wild exclamations expressing how fucking amazing he felt. He forced himself to lay there, quietly enjoying the warmth of Blaine's body, the feeling of skin on skin, the gentle rhythmic movement of Blaine's breath, and slowly, Dave slipped off to sleep.

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