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Fic 17: A Puppy for Christmas

It was Christmas morning in Domino City and the town was in a bustle of holiday cheer. Despite how cold it was, it was warm and cozy inside due to the happiness and cheer. At the Kaiba mansion, Mokuba eagerly got Kaiba out of bed despite the older sibling's complaints of it being too early to be up and he was still sleepy.

"Come on Seto, hurry!" Mokuba said excitedly as he led his exhausted brother down the hall towards the stairs.

Kaiba yawned heavily as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Now Mokie, I understand you're excited for Christmas and all, but don't you think 6 a.m. is a little too early for presents?"

"Seto, when it comes to opening Christmas presents, it's never too early. Besides, don't you want to see what we got?"

"Considering how I bought them, I won't be too surprised."

Mokuba giggled, "Oh I think you will, more than you know."

The brunet furrowed his eyebrow at his younger sibling looking quite skeptical. "Mokuba, what are you up to?" Kaiba asked in a questioning tone of voice.

"It's a surprise." the ebony haired child sang as he and his brother walked down the stairs and headed towards the living room.

Once they entered their decorative living room, the onyx eyed child turned to his brother as a bright smile arose on his face. "Merry Christmas, Seto!"

As Kaiba's sapphire eyes peered over to the tree, they widened at the sight. Sitting in front of their silver and blue decorated Christmas tree was Joey pouting cutely wearing a light yellow dog costume with a brown spot over the costume's eye and on its back. Around the sulking blond's neck was a giant blue and white stripped bow with a tag attached which said in cursive writing, 'Merry Christmas, Seto' on it. "It's about time you two woke up; I can't believe I was talked into doin' dis." Joey complained while crossing his arms.

The surprised CEO had to do a double take to make sure he wasn't dreaming. When he realized he wasn't dreaming, Kaiba turned to his brother and asked bluntly, "Mokie, did you know there's a giant mutt sitting in our living room?"

An anime styled vein popped on the blond's head as he instantly rose to his feet. He marched over to his rival with a scowl on his face. "I dare ya to say dat again, rich boy!" he growled in anger while bawling his pawed hand into a fist.

Kaiba simply smirked at the other's outburst as he said, "I'm just calling it as I see it, Mutt."

Joey gritted his teeth, trying to hold back his urge to punch the living day lights out of the sapphire eyed teen. 'Control, Joey control!'

"Mokuba, you care to explain this?" Kaiba asked his little brother.

The onyx eyed kid sheepishly rubbed the back of his head as he explained the situation. "You see Seto, I had a hard time figuring out what to get you for Christmas, so I figured I'd get you a puppy. Then I remembered you don't really favor animals, so I got the next best thing."

"Uh-huh…" Kaiba turned to Joey with a sly grin on his face, "and how did he talk you into going along with this?"

The blond huffed as he jerked his head to the side and crossed his arms, "…Don't ask."

Mokuba smiled innocently as he said, "I just asked Joey nicely, and he agreed to it."

"Yeah sure if dat lethal puppy eyed stare of yours had anything to do wit it." the amber eyed puppy added.

"It made you say yes, didn't it?" Mokuba said snidely making the other pout because it was true. The ebony haired kid turned to his brother and asked in a hopeful tone of voice, "So big brother, what do you think about your present?"

"Well Mokie, I think…"

Joey rolled his eyes, bracing himself for the hurl of insults coming his way. 'Here we go…'

"I think you just made this the best Christmas ever." Kaiba said with a warm smile.

"Really?!" Mokuba happily asked his older brother.

"Really?" Joey asked completely stunned by the young CEO's words.

"Of course; it's not every day I receive a cute blond puppy for Christmas. To be honest, it was at the top of my list."

"Ha-ha very funny Rich boy." the blond sarcastically added looking quite skeptic.

The sapphire eyed teen smirked as he asked, "When have you ever known me to tell a joke, Wheeler?"

Joey pondered on the question for a second before realizing the brunet was always serious and never joked a day in his life. A slight blush ran across the puppy's face while Mokuba cleared his throat, "Okay well, I'm going to leave you two to chat while I see what I got."

"Very well Mokie," Kaiba ruffled his little brother's hair and gave him a smile, "and thanks for my present."

"What are little brothers for? Have fun, you two!" the onyx eyed kid said before scurrying off to check out his presents under the tree.

"S-S-So, you really think I look cute in dis get up?" the amber eyed teen asked, nervous of the answer.

"I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it, puppy." Kaiba replied petting his blushing puppy's head which to his surprise, the blond allowed.

"Oh, well I guess wearing dis thing ain't all bad. Also most of the time, you're not all dat bad either."

The brunet's trademark smirk arose on his face as he asked, "Is that a confession I hear?"

"Maybe, maybe not."

"That's too bad, because if you were confessing to me, I'd do this." Kaiba lifted the blond's chin with his hand and placed his lips against the blond's tempting ones.

Amber eyes widened for a brief second before they drooped close. He hated to admit it, but Kaiba was a really good kisser. He began to understand why the girls at school were so crazy over him. As he felt those firm yet talented lips move against his, a warm feeling came over Joey and his negative feelings towards the brunet were instantly blown away. Despite how good the kiss felt, the blond knew he was going to hear a lot of told you so's from his friends. That passionate kiss made him realize he really did like Kaiba despite the teasing and dog names. At first he wasn't all for this charade, but now he was really glad Mokuba talked him into it.

After kissing for what seemed like forever, the brunet pulled away and marveled at his flushed puppy. "I take it you enjoyed my little present?"

"I…uh…well…I-I-I…uh…um…!" Joey said struggling to get the words out due to being completely fazed by the sweet kiss.

Kaiba chuckled lightly before chastely kissing the blond's heated forehead, "I'll take your constant stammering as a yes, and you're welcome Joey."

The said blond stared wide eyed at the other as he said, "Dat's the first time you ever called me by my name, rich boy."

"Well pup, there's a first time for everything, and I know of a way of making this Christmas even better."

"Forget it Kaiba; the costume is all you're gettin' from me. I draw da line at barkin', beggin', or playin' fetch."

"No you silly puppy, I meant better for the both of us."

"Oh, well what's dat?"

"You could consider spending the first of many Christmases together as lovers."

Joey's eyes widened as his cheeks grew bright red. "Ya mean ya wanna date me?"

"I believe that's what I meant when I asked you to be my lover, pup." Kaiba simply clarified.

"I just wanna make sure I heard right." Joey smiled at the taller before placing a small kiss against his cheek. A sly grin arose on the blond's face, "Since ya have such good taste, I suppose you and I can be a thing."

Kaiba chuckled as he petted his new lover's head, "I have been known for having an eye for good taste."

"Oh I know; I was just amazed dat you finally noticed a good thing when ya see it."

"Lack of modesty; that's another thing we have in common." the young CEO said making the other laugh.

"So I guess this makes us lovers now, huh?"

"That's right, and," A loving smirk arose on the sapphire eyed teen's face making the smaller blush, "I would like to continue this conversation in private; what do you say?"

"Sure thing, and who knows, ya might get another present, Seto."

"And I'm itching to receive it, Joey." Kaiba replied as he took Joey's hand in his and guided him to the stairwell. As they walked up the steps, the brunet looked over his shoulder and called out to his brother, "Mokie, Joey and I will be upstairs, and don't be alarmed if you hear any loud noises."

"Okay Seto!" the younger Kaiba replied as he continued to see what he got for Christmas. Once the two teens were upstairs and out of sight, Mokuba smiled happily to himself. "I knew giving Joey to Seto as a present would get them together somehow. What a great and thoughtful little brother I am."

This Christmas was truly a special one to remember. Both of the Kaiba brothers were able to receive something they always wanted. Kaiba received the love from the person he has been in love with. His older brother was truly happy with his gift which was the greatest gift Mokuba would ever receive, well that and his new snow white kitten and video games.

The End

Spirit: Whoo, it's been ages since I've uploaded a new story to this collection! Don't worry my fellow readers, this collection is still going strong! So to apologize for the long wait, I decided to present you all with some Christmas cheer with a holiday fic.

Mokuba (walks in): We hope you all enjoyed reading this story.

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Mokuba: Let's just say it took some convincing, and rope.

Spirit (furrows eyebrow): I'm afraid to ask, but what was the rope for?

Mokuba: It was to keep Joey from running away even if he said no.

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Mokuba: Funny, that's what Joey said before my brother hauled him away.

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