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Title: A New Beginning

He wanted to be really happy, he really, really did, but he just couldn't bring himself to really smile.

Casper floated lifelessly, no pun intended, as he sadly gazed onwards at the scene before him. His uncles were congratulating Harvey on the happy news- His recent marriage with a lovely woman named Brittany, she was in her late forties like him and was one of the only women who understood Harvey's job and wanted to help him with his career helping ghosts… All around the world. It had taken years for Doctor Harvey to propose to Brittany over the fact he felt like he would betray Amelia if he took in another woman in his heart, but now that he had it seemed that rather upsetting.

It was nice that they were going to find other ghosts to help… But he was leaving them.

"What, doc? 'Ya just gonna leave us? Givin' up on the Ghostly Trio finally? Are we too much for your fleshie bones?"

Stretch, the oldest uncle, sneered at the doctor as Harvey placed the last suitcase into the back of a truck, the doctor only smiling gently. His new wife, Brittany, was using her own car to pick up some snack food for the long trip they were going to have and had already said her goodbye. Fatso and Stinkie were by each of Stretch's sides, arms crossed over their own chests.

A gentle smile formed on the father's lip, gray hair and wrinkles showing how much life had aged him.

"No, I would never give up on you guys. I just feel that my job is done here, I have done all I can for all of you here. I can feel it in my soul that there are other ghosts out there who need my help passing over, being here all these years has made me realize you guys are here for a reason. I don't know why exactly you four are still here, but I know you'll help someone."

"Blah- I think my lunch just came back up from all the mushiness."

"Agreed. I'd rather go sing with Fatso over 'dere than listen to this crap anymore."

"Yeah, and I'd rather go eat something than hear this sweet junk."

"You always want to eat, Fatso!"


Casper stopped gazing at his uncles when a pair of chocolate brown eyes came into his view, a woman in her early twenties standing before him. Her dark brown hair was long and straight, a pair of blue jeans and a white sweater over her matured body. A frown was on her features, quirking an eyebrow as the little ghost tried to give her a fake smile.

"College, huh? You're going to have fun, Kat, really. You'll meet tons of new people like… Guys and you'll study and stuff."

"…You know it would have never worked out Casper, you're still my best friend though and I'll always love you."

She gently whispered, not knowing how much it killed his non-beating heart to hear her say such words while looking him straight in the eyes. He knew that it would have never worked out between them, a ghost and a fleshie; he just never wanted to admit it. Though he could feel himself being crushed under the emotional words he still kept smiling, not daring to look over at his uncles or Doctor Harvey.

He couldn't handle their gazes right now.

"Haha- Yeah, I love you too and I know you'll become the best therapist there is out there. Oh! I meant the best therapist for living people there is, your father is the best for the dead!"

Kat giggled at his comment, heading towards the passenger's side of the truck when she noticed her father heading to the driver's seat. Harvey gave a laugh and winked at Casper, the Ghostly Trio making disgusting faces at the woman when she had passed by them. She turned her head to gaze over her shoulder, scowling at the trio though a smile tugging at the sides of her lips.

"You guys are disgusting freaks."

In response the trio battered their eye-lashes, puckering their lips.

"Thank you."


"Hey, shut up!"

"Piss off!"

"You first!"

"Go die!"

"Hehe- Too late!"

She grinned from ear to ear as she opened the door, Harvey opening his own door as he waved at the four ghosts before getting into the truck. Kat kiss her palm and blew a kiss at Casper, sticking her tongue out at the trio before she slipped into her own seat and slamming the door shut. The engine roared and car took though the door, the woman turning in her seat to wave at them as the two living beings drove away from the ghosts. The gate was already opened for them, thanks to Casper, as the four ghosts kept waving right back at her until the truck couldn't be seen any longer.

They had left in a blink of an eye.

"I'm gonna miss 'em."

"Me too."

"Yeah, I'm sure going to miss them also."

"…Yeah, me too."

All that was left of them was the dust dancing in the air and the opened gate, but when the two were gone Whipstaff Manor was the same as it had been before the two had come to live at the house.

Lifeless, empty, and cold.

(Manhattan, New York, four months later)

"So? What does this all mean to us?"

A woman in her late twenties questioned, resting her pale chin on her palm in a bored manner, passing a dull look to an elderly man named Derek. Her blonde hair up pulled up into a messy ponytail, a few bangs over the top of her emerald eyes. She was a good looking woman, simply clad in a white blouse and black skirt that reached the tops of her pale knees, a pair of black heels attached to her feet. Very lovely indeed.

To bad that she had the temper of an untamed horse and a head as thick as a mule.

"Simple. If we can't get higher management down there and no one buys our products or stocks then our entire company will fail. All of us will have to find new jobs and that won't be easy in our economy, there's over thousands of us who will be placed on the streets if we don't fix this."

"Fine… Fine. What are the areas that need higher management down there?"

"There are five areas: Phoenix, Arizona. Angels City, California. Almira, Washington. Blue Creek, Ohio. And the last place is Friendship, Maine. We need you and four other people to transfer to these towns, Ms. Reed, or our company will be shut down. As one of the highest positions in our company we need you too…"

"Yeah, yeah, I get it. Just let me think."

Ms. Reed, who was the business woman, grumbled, gazing onwards at nothing but space. A sigh escaped her scarlet lips, rubbing the back of her head as she thought over the situation. Her entire name was Sally Lynn Reed, though it had been so many years sense someone had simply called her 'Sally'.

"You all need to realize that I have a twelve-year-old daughter, you all remember Sara, unlike most of you who have no children, she just got used the city life. What am I supposed to tell her? "Sorry sweetie, I know that you just got new friends and got used to city life, but we gotta move again?" I just… I know we have to do this, but where am I supposed to go for her?"


The round, elderly man began, rubbing the black hairs on his thick chin. Sara smirked to herself as she watched him rub his hairy chin, bitterly thinking to herself- 'No matter how much you rub the hairs on your chinny-chin-chin or huff and puff you'll never become get the superintendent position that I have.' It was no secret that he wanted her position and had sent her from place to place to make her get tried of her job and quit- But she was more stubborn than that.

'Bring it, you big, bad, fat wolf.'

"Why not Friendship, Maine? Not hot like Phoenix, not over populate like California or Washington, and not boring as Ohio. Oh, and Maine is the state that needs the most work for our company, you'll sure help out tons there."

'You stupid wolf- You ain't blowing my house down.'

"…It sounds like a decent place, but where can I live? What house? You know I don't like those little country houses or apartments, Sara doesn't need a life like that. I want her to have a real home, a big one for a play area and freedom. Some where she can bring friends over."

Before she knew it a stack of papers were thrown before her on the long, wooden table she sat at, blinking a couple of times in utter shock. Sitting out of her bored position she gazed over the papers before her, mouth opening in a gap at the picture of a beautiful mansion that was resting on a cliff with the waves crashing against the cliff like some sort of dance. What place was this?

"Whipstaff Manor, some crazy ghost guy had lived there but is selling the place."

"Like the Ghostbusters?"

"Weirder than that, was a therapist for ghosts or something, who cares about him though. This place is perfect for you two! Especially for Sara, there's a school right by the mansion, a huge yard, an ocean right by you, this could be something great for her! Oh, and for you there are tons of things for you too, like a bakery and all that jazz! This place is perfect for you two!"

"Ghosts? How strange, this place is really nice though. Beautiful rather, but I mean…"

Her words drifted away as she caught the sight of a deed within the stack of paperwork, eyebrow twitching in irritation, a bill attached to the deed. It was the rent that had already been paid off; in fact the rent was paid off for the next three months. How dare that slime ball force this upon her!

"Oh Derek, how nice, you paid off the house already in my name. You… Knew I was going to pick this place, like that's not creepy at all."

The elderly man grinned, Derek kept rubbing the hairs on his chin with a hearty laugh, throwing his hands in the air with another loud, obnoxious laugh.

"Of course I knew and of course I did! I just thought of this as a… Going away present, the rent wasn't that much and three months is enough time to get you settled in. I want to help you out as much as I can, I mean, Maine is going to be a difficult environment for you to work in. If you're not up for the challenge though, I can take the place over for you and tell the big boss about our misunderstanding. A city girl like you just doesn't belong there."

Her pale hand slammed against the top of the stack of papers, the deed shaking within her grasp. Her emerald eyes glared daggers into his black eyes, both glaring at one another as the others around them sat in utter silence. Finally, a smile broke across her scarlet lips, eyes glancing downwards at the deed and the bill then back upwards towards his chubby face.

"We'll be completely packed in a week and we'll head straight off to Maine after that. I'm superintendent for a reason, there's no job that I can't do no matter how difficult it is. Maine will be supporting and loving me in no time- I can handle this."

Leaning back into her chair, she nodded silently to herself, finally saying above a whisper-

"Whipstaff Manor will be mine and Sara's new home."

She knew that this was a new beginning for her- She just didn't know how much this was going to affect not only her life but many other lives and souls.

To Be Continued


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