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Title: Changing Places

(Four years later, Whipstaff Kitchen, Eleven PM)

"Can you believe it? I'm eighteen tomorrow! I'll finally be an adult!"

The woman of 17-years-old laughed in glee, her pale body spinning in circles as the short, dark blue dress twirled around her. Long, blonde hair whipping around her face as the smile only grew, her hands grabbing onto the older hands of her mother. She pulled her mother to her feet, the teen who was soon to become an adult also twirling her around. The two fleshies laughed full-heartedly, the older woman brushing the blonde hair form her daughter's beautiful face.

My, oh my- How Sara had grown these past years.

"Yes, yes- Tomorrow you'll finally be an adult. Tomorrow will surely be a changing day for you, my precious munchkin. You've graduated and off to college soon, you're getting some where. Don't forget, tomorrow is the-"

"It's my party and I'll die if I want to, die if I want too, die if I want too!"

The Ghostly Trio interrupted as the older woman turned her gaze towards them, eyebrow twitching upwards at them. Stinkie and Fatso snickered when they noticed that the woman was only glaring at Stretch, who only shrugged a shoulder and gave a sheepish smile. Casper moaned, hand going across his face as his eyes met the pair of emerald eyes.

Sally was in her mid-thirties and even with tired eyes she was as beautiful as ever. And still as vicious.

"Is the day that I told you to meet up with an old friend of mine, he's going to be meeting you in the main living room. By the time you get back from shopping with your friends and such he'll be already inside, be nice too him. Give the guy a break, he can kinda be a loser- So, when he gets quiet or nervous just do what you think you need too do."

"Ugh- I still can't believe you're making me deal with this guy on my own Birthday. Why can't you mess with him?"

Sally gave a gentle, knowing smile to herself, as though her daughter didn't understand a single thing.

"Trust me, he's a close friend and I know you'll want to deal with him then letting me mess with him. Just be good, alright? Listen, Sara-"

Noticing her mother's bright, though incredibly fake, smile the daughter pulled a seat out from the table to sit on. The mother did the same thing, pulling a seat to sit directly before the young girl, pale hand going down the young face. All the other ghosts stayed in silence, Stretch holding back a comment when he noticed something forming in Sally's eyes that she hadn't done in years.

Why were the water works formin' in her eyes?

"Things are going to change for you and it's going to be for the better, you don't understand now but in the end it's for the best. No matter what happens you must be strong and take things with a great, mighty grip- You have so many opportunities and such an intelligent mind, don't ever forget that. You'll find love one day and have a beautiful family, I know you will. I love you, do you understand me? I don't give a damn what anyone else says, I love you with all my heart. No matter what happens know that."

Before Sara could even make a sarcastic remark a pair of lips was against her forehead, hands softly gripping the sides of her cheeks. When her mother pulled back all the teen did was sit there, staring, not knowing what to do. Finally, an embarrassed blush crossed her cheeks, kissing the side of her mom's cheek back.

"You're so weird. First you try to act all big and hard-ass, and then you become a big softie on me. Yeah, yeah, I get it, I get it. You think I got potential and all that mush. I… I love you too, mom, and I will never forget what you said. I promise."

"Good. Now, get to bed, it's getting close to midnight and you need some shut eye before tomorrow. Don't want to look like crap on your Birthday. Then again, that's what you look like every day…"

"Shut up!"

Sara laughed, smacking her mother on the arm as she got up from her seat, passing her a fake glare. With a smile crossing over her face though she gave another giggle, looking over at Casper to see if he was coming. All the adults in the room only stared as they waited for the little ghost and teen to leave the kitchen, none showing any emotion. When they were gone was when the Ghostly Trio turned their head towards Sally, all looking equally annoyed.

"The heck was that about?"

Stinkie sneered, taking a seat around the table like his brothers were.

"What? I gave my daughter the speech you give your kid when they turn eighteen."

"Hell no 'dat wasn't no speech, the hell was 'dat about? 'Ya got all upset and sad, hell, it kinda even scared me with 'da way you spoke to her."

"Did you guys ever get that poetry book I asked of you to get for Sara?"

The oldest ghost blinked a couple of times in confusion until a snarl took ever, jell no, his gaul was trying to change the conversation at him. His mouth opened to give a rude comeback but then slid closed when he noticed that weak smile. How fake that smile looked, how tired she was… She had been like this for over a week now and it had only been increasing. Sighing, the oldest ghost only shook his head, pushing his brothers off their chairs.

"No- We didn't get the damn book 'ya asked us to get. We'll go right now though; it should still be at that old guy's shop."

"Please, don't scare him to death."

"We ain't gonna scare him to death! Maybe make him pee his pants a bit, but we ain't gonna scare him. Besides, he should be home anyway. We're gonna get the book now, alright?"

"Of course. I'll still be here when you come back. I love you guys, never forget that."

It nerved Stretch when she said that. His violet eyes narrowed at the response, leaning downwards to capture her lips within his own. He ignored his brothers as the warm, fleshie lips pressed up against his, knowing he could never get enough of this feeling. Yet… Yet today, something was out of place, something wrong. She was the one to pull away, waving a hand in the air with a smirk, eyes rolling.

"Go away; I'm tired of looking at you guys. Go get the book for her, her Birthday is only a few minutes away."

"Yeah, yeah, we're going, we're going."

All of the ghosts replied with a grin as they floated out the kitchen through the wooden door, their obnoxious conversation being heard loud and clearly. When there wasn't even a faint of their voices or anyone else's around anyone the smile was gone from her face, eyes turning to the clock. It was eleven fifty-nine, one minute before Sara's eighteenth birthday. Taking a drink of her coffee that Stretch had brewed for her, she gave a silent nod, only staring at her reflection in the window before her.

"I'll keep my part of the deal, but you better keep yours."

Sally mumbled as she placed a few papers on the table that had been hidden under her chair the entire time, eyeing the pages only once. With a shaky sigh the woman got up from her seat and collected the car keys that were on the table edge. Before she left the kitchen she glanced around the room once more, taking in the sight of everything, the smell, her hand grazing along the wooden doorway.

The only sound heard in the entire Whipstaff Manor was the jingling of keys and the front door clicking closed.

(Three in the morning, Whipstaff Manor, Trio's room))

"We got the book you wanted and even some other books on cooking for- Sally?"

Fatso never finished his first sentence as he spoke the mother's name softly; turning his head in 360 degrees to see all around the room they shared. As Stinkie and Stretch also floated through their shared room's door, an eyebrow prompting high on the oldest ghost's face. Placing the already wrapped gift on one of the shelves, he pushed his head through the window for a few moments. A second later the ghost pulled his head back into the manor, snarling slightly.

"Damn woman, her car ain't outside, only Sara-Pie's is there. The hell did she go?"

"I don't know. That's weird, she said she was going to be here when we got back, but she ain't. Should we go looking for her?"

"And deal with her wrath when we find her? No, she's probably getting things for Sara tomorrow, let her do what she's got to do. She's a big girl after all. Let's just get some sleep, it's going to be a big day and knowing Sara she's going to want us up when the sun is up."

The round brother sneered as the brothers all moaned in disgust, floating to their beds with their shoulders slumped. Stinkie pulled the covers over his entire body as he pulled himself into a curled position, holding himself. Fatso was stretched all the way, one arm prompted behind his head as the other one dangled over the side of the bed. Stretch was lying sideways with his arm going across the pillow, it would usually be Sally's head lying against his arm, but tonight it was just the air.

Even if they all were lying in different positions, they were all gazing at the same thing.

The wrapped present of the poetry book Sally told them to get just before she left.

(Eight AM, by the front door in Whipstaff Manor)

"Hey mom, I'm leaving to go with Terry and Jane to the mall!

Sara called from all the way down the stairs, the front door already wide open, and the sun shine pouring into the usually dark house. A groan left her lips as no one responded, slightly annoyed by the lack of any sound at all. Her eyebrows furrowed though when she realized not a word was going on- The Ghostly Trio wasn't yelling, Casper wasn't cooking in the kitchen, and her mother wasn't arguing with the trio- Nothing.

"Huh. Maybe they're busy."

And with a tug of her purse and a smile on her face she was gone from the manor.

(Ten AM, Whipstaff Manor, the attic)

"So, how does it feel?"

A female voice smoothed out in the dark of the attic, the rays from the Sun the beaming into the attic along with being the only thing lighting it up. Within the shadows two people were speaking to each other in soft whispers, as though what they were discussing was forbidden. Dust was dancing in the sunlight as blonde hair shimmered in the light, though the blonde hair belonged to someone with blue eyes, not emerald.

"It feels… Fantastic. How do you feel?"

The woman smiled before him.

"It feels… Tingling. I like it though; I think things turned out the best for the both of us."

(Twelve in the afternoon, Whipstaff Manor, kitchen)

"Damnit! Sara is going to come home in a few hours and Sally still ain't home! My damn gaul should have told us where she was going before she went out! All day we went around town and didn't find a trace of her fleshie self!"

Stretch hissed in annoyance as his brothers nodded their heads in agreement, Fatso responding back to his brother's rage. Stinkie, on the other hand, was pressing the answering machine's button since the button was flashing a red color. He rolled his green eyes when his brothers started hissing about this entire situation to each other, lazily rolling his eyes at them. Maybe the answering machine would be useful after all- Sara had gotten it years ago for people to call the house and leave messages, maybe Sally had left a message.

Static was heard blaring through the small device.

"*Hello, Sara Reed, I'm sorry to be disturbing you at this hour, but this is Captain Lawrence of the Police Force for the town of Friendship, I… I tried knocking on the door earlier and even waited three hours, but no one answered. I ever sent people around town to try and find you, but it seems that you have gone out of town for a while. We are calling you about… About your mother. We were going through her wallet and found her contacts; we wanted to let you know the news as soon as possible.

I… I know this is inappropriate to give you this sort of information over the phone, but we have no other way of contacting you at this moment. We have your mother's wallet because… Well; we found it inside her car that was in a ditch, the wallet was in her front left pants pocket… Miss Reed, we found her inside the car that was in the ditch, the car is torn and almost in pieces… It seems she had gotten into a car accident… We tried everything we could, but… I'm sorry, she didn't make it.

I taped the Police Department's contacts on your door along with my home phone number and everything; please contact me back as soon as possible. We… We currently have her body in our laboratory safe and sound, tomorrow I'll be waiting all day for you, I won't be taking any other case. I'm sorry to leave such a message like this on your message machine, please contact me back. And… I'm sorry again, Miss Reed."

There was static again to show that the message had ended.

The Ghostly Trio only floated there, not saying a word, not making a sound, not even blinking. Just staring at the machine. It was Stinkie who was the first one to do anything, slowly pushing himself into one of the chairs at the table. When they noticed that Stinkie's eyes had gone from just being wide to being wide and full of fear they quickly turned to where he was pointing, noticing papers on the edge of the table. Stretch reached over and immediately caught the neat, beautiful hand-writing he had seen for years, not saying anything as the brothers saw the first words on the top of the paper.

'The Will of Sally Lynn Reed'

She knew that she was going to die today.

That's why she took the car out at such a late time; she was going to die and wanted to be away from them when it happened.

Why they couldn't find her.

Why she said those things she did late at night.

What if she never had any unfinished business, so she would never become a ghost?

What if she had already passed away without being able to tell her that he loved her on last time?

No even caring if his brothers saw him or not, Stretch instantly brought a hand over his violet eyes, letting the tears travel down his cheeks. Stinkie was sobbing himself, defiantly more loud than Stretch, as his arms were thrown around his older brother. Fatso was more collected than his other two brothers, tugging them out of the kitchen and towards their room to make sure no one saw them in this condition. Especially Casper, they'll have to explain her death to him later.

It was a shame when some people didn't have any unfinished business.

(Five PM, putting things into the trunk of Sara's car, Friendship, Maine, sunset)

"This has been one of the greatest Birthdays ever, guys! Seriously, I can't believe you got me all this stuff!"

The now 18-year-old woman laughed, placing the bags into the trunk as her friends laughed along with her, Terry winking at her. He was a very tall man now, shoulder broad and muscles flexing under his black suit, he was a very imitating man to most. With brown hair smoothed back with gel to give a perfect view of his gray eyes that seemed to have been looming it was no doubt that he was scary. To Sara he was still the little boy who blew a spit wad at her face the first day she met him. Closing her trunk with one hand the man turned his head towards his best friend, smiling gently.

"Yeah, it was no problem; it is your eighteenth birthday after all. So… How is Casper handling you growing up and about to go too college?"

Sara frowned deeply, letting her head bow slightly- Poor Casper, not only had Kat left all those years ago to go to college and make a family for herself, but now she was doing it. There was a difference between Kat and Sara though; Kat already had a love interest, a career in mind, and already dreamed of having a family… And yes, Sara is currently in the same shoes Kat had been, but there was a difference between them.

Kat's love interest by the time she went to college had been alive.

Her love interest was not.

"He's taking it hard."

"Just as hard as you, huh?"

"Can you blame us? I mean, he's my best friend. Well; actually, you're my best friend, but…"

"I get it, Sara, please; he was your first love. People never forget their first love, and since you still have something for him…"

"I do not, shut up! He's a young boy!"

"Oh please, he's like a hundred years old."

"Not all the way though, I mean-"

"Miss Sara Amber Reed?"

When another voice interrupted their conversation all they did was turn their heads and before Terry even realized it his arm protectively stretched before his best friend. A man was hurrying towards their, his police uniform wrinkled and even covered in bitch, leaves sticking out of his boots. He was a complete mess, not only physically but even emotionally. He was nervous shaking and fidgeting with his clothes, his young face clouded with sorrow. Blue eyes belonging to the Birthday girl narrowed, something caught in her throat when she noticed what the police officer was carrying.

It was a photo of her and her mother they had taken for her senior pictures.

"Yes, I am Sara, is there something you need?"

A grim expression crossed over the man's face.

"The police force has been looking all over for you for hours, it's… Is your car are locked securely and safe from any sort of danger? I need to drive you home in the car I have with me, your friend may come along if he wants too, I'll drop him off at his home if needed."

"Like hell I am coming along! Of course I'm going along!"

"Terrence! Yes, of course, sir, but may I ask what this is about? Why can't I take my own car home?"

"My captain told me th-that you will not be allowed to drive in your condition after I give you the news of what happened to your moMother…"

(Six PM, Whipstaff Manor, attic)

"So, how do I look?"

"Like a prince! She'll be so happy to see you like this! What about me?"

"You look great; you pull the look off better than I ever did."

"And you pull off that look off better than I ever could. Come on, let's go downstairs, it's time too greet the Whipstaff Manor."

"Of course! Will you take my arm for a lovely stroll, milady?"

"Oh, any day, my little Short Sheet!"

"I don't think that nickname will work for me anymore, fleshie."

"And that nickname won't work for me anymore either, ghost."

(Seven o'clock at night, Whipstaff Manor, front door)

She couldn't move, couldn't think, and couldn't even breathe.

Sara was leaning against the front wooden door that belonged to the old house of Whipstaff Manor, that item being the only thing that held her up. Her car had been left at one of the stores her and Terry had been shopping at, the police officer had taken her home… And she now understood why he wanted to take her home instead of letting her drive. She was trembling so much that her hands couldn't properly grab anything and tears were going at such a constant rate that her vision was always blurred.

I'm sorry, M-Miss Reed, but… But your mother is g-gone.

Gone, the young man had stuttered, gone.

Not gone as in a trip to the store gone or even in another state gone, like six feet under the ground gone.

Her mother was gone.

Sara had flat out refused anyone to stay with her, even going so far as threatening both the officer and her best friend that if they even tried staying with her she would murder them. So there she was in the dark of the night, leaning against the door with her forearms pressing up against it. She knew that she couldn't stay out here though; she had to go inside… She needed to inside to the Ghostly Trio and Casper, she needed too…

Oh God, they probably didn't know what happened to her mother…

Unlike her usual bold self a sob escaped her mouth, hand reaching upwards to hide it but failing when another escaped. Once more the tears of sorrow and shame began running down her face, stubbornly shaking her head to herself. Her trembling hand grasped the doorknob though, finally turning it to open the door. She couldn't stay outside forever, she had to talk to the ghosts, and they needed to know what happened to Sally. With a weak push the old door creaked open to her, her blue eyes now looking directly into the first living room of Whipstaff Manor.

A scream of terror left her lips when something sounding like a blown horn went off.

Before a word could be spoke the Ghostly Trio was already down stairs, each looking prepared for any sort of physical fight. Stinkie had his mouth hanging open as though ready to blow a ball of disgustingness at anyone who dared get close to him. A gruesome face was formed on Fatso's face; he was prepared to scare the piss out of anyone who saw him. Stretch was before his brothers, arm shifted into a sword as though he would pierce the heart out of someone. The oldest ghost was pointing his sword shaped arm directly at the chest of a fleshie who seemed to have been the same age as Sara.

"Stop, Uncle Stretch! It's me!"

The man shook a hand at the ghost before him, instantly taking a step back in fear at the arm that was pointed directly at him. A single blonde lock escaped before his forehead, the rest of his hair brushed back rather nicely. Upon his body was just a simple button up white, long sleeved shirt and blue jeans that were covered in what seemed to have been dust. His black boots made loud noises when the fleshie stepped away from the armed ghost, instantly frowning at the threat. This fleshie was handsome, no doubt, from his damn perfect lips to even his nice toned skin, yet…

Yet as violet eyes gazed into those blue eyes belonging to the fleshie before him, the oldest ghost also recoiled backwards, realizing who this fleshie really was.

"Those eyes… Holy shit, Short Sheet?"

"That nickname isn't going to work for him anymore. Both of us already discussed this, jeez."

An amused voice broke out, all eyes turning towards the floating figure by the fleshie's side, no one saying a word. A smile graced the woman's features as her hand that was shifted into a blow horn was now back to normal, cocking an eyebrow at the group. The woman floated there with a grin, illumining a white glow off her ghostly body, hair in waves around her shoulders. Though this woman no longer possessed the business clothing anymore and her hair was no longer blonde, along with the fact this person was clearly dead, everyone knew the style of those head and those emerald eyes.

The daughter finally took a step into the manor, eyes never pulling away from either figure.


"Yes, it's me. Happy Eighteenth Birthday, sweetie."

Everyone was in a festival of hugs.

Casper and Sally didn't know how many hugs they had received or how many times they had been pushed around for everyone could get a perfect hug. When the group finally calmed down, tears wiped away and embarrassed laughs going around, they all finally relaxed down. At the entire end of the entire hugging commotion Sally kept her arm around her daughter's lively shoulders as Stretch placed a nervous hand against Casper's fleshie cheek, the Ghostly Trio only gazing at their nephew.

"But… How 'da the hell is all this possible? Short Sheet ain't… Short Sheet anymore."

"That day when we all almost lost Casper, four years ago, Amelia made a deal with me. That deal was that she could revive Casper's life if a living person gave up their life. I agreed to give up my life for Casper; I knew it was for the best."

"Oh, Sally…"

"No, don't say my name like that, Stinkie, it was for the best. I pointed out to her though that if I was too lose my life to give Casper back his life then he should get a life, not an afterlife. The statement had shocked her at the time, but she had agreed to the terms rather quickly- I would give up my life to Casper, so in other words, I took over Casper's afterlife and he took over my fleshie life. I asked Amelia that if I sword on my life that I could give her my life when Sara was pronounced as an "adult". Since Casper wasn't really "living" she had agreed to the deal. That's why I left the deed on the table, that's why I took my car out; I knew I was going to die on your Birthday."

Subconsciously Sara wiped the tears off her cheeks, a laugh escaping her lips, clearly still bothered by this entire situation.

"I… Mom, you're the sweetest person I know, but… Casper, aren't you supposed to be a boy?"

Both Casper and Sally smirked at the question.

"I asked Amelia for a slight change when Casper became human, I thought it would be appropriate if he was your age."

"Sally, gaul, we all thought 'dat… 'Dat 'ya didn't have any unfinished business, we all thought you were gone for good."

Stretch breathed out finally, his eyes shifted into a hard gaze though the female ghost saw through his raged expression, smiling gently.

"I will always have unfinished business as long as my family has unfinished business."

A laugh of glee left her lips as she was attacked by her ghost lover, being spun around in the air with Stretch's arms captured around her body. Their lips connected almost instantly, Sally not used to the feeling of her new lips, though ever kiss between the two would always be perfect. Before they could even break off the kiss a hand was against her head, Fatso giving her a noogie as Stinkie pulled her into his arms, all of them ignoring Stretch's growl of annoyance.

Casper turned his gaze away from the scene when a pale hand turned his face away, his blue eyes gazing into the other pair of blue eyes.

"It's so… Weird that I can touch you. Do you understand how handsome you look as a fleshie, Casper?"

"No matter how handsome I am you will always be more beautiful."

"Suck-up. So… What now?"


Not even being able to interject with a sarcastic comment his own lips were against her own lips, silencing her from any sort of word. Not even caring who saw her hands collected to the sides of his cheeks, taking in the warm lips, the solid touch. He was real, he was here, and he wasn't going anywhere. The two stayed in their passionate embrace until wolf whistles were heard, both pulling away. Though his cheeks were blazing a scarlet color, Casper still glared daggers at his uncles and the new ghost in the household, lip twitching upwards in a grin.

"'Ya do know that I'mma still call 'ya Short Sheet, right?"

"Of course, uncle Stretch, I wouldn't want it any other way."

And it was true; he wouldn't want it any other way.

They all wouldn't want it any other way.

This entire situation wasn't how it was supposed to be, it was never supposed to happen. When Kat and Harvey left it was determined in all of the ghosts' minds that they never wanted any fleshies in their home again. When Sally and Sara had come along they all had thought that the fleshie would have ran away screaming the first night they came, not stay at Whipstaff. Love? Pfft- None of them had even believed that they would even like the fleshies, let alone find love in them. None of them had expected to get so close with each other over the first two years.

And when that party had come along, oh God- They never expected a situation like that too happen. It was less expected when Casper had scared someone to their wits and when Stretch had apologized for his actions. Fatso and Stinkie never would have believed that they would accept these fleshie as their own family, let alone Stretch and Casper even thinking that romance was going to sprout between the ghosts and fleshies.

Now Casper was once again alive with Sara in his arms and Sally dead within the grasp of Stretch?

This was insane!

Yet, this was how it was all meant to be.

Finally, the Reed family, the McFadden family, and all at Whipstaff Manor was truly perfect.

And that is that for our tale, my dear witches and ghouls.

The End.


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