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First Step

I licked my teeth as the taste of blood and fresh meat was on my tongue; giving me a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. I always enjoyed this feeling every time I finished a good meal; it was something I knew ever since I was born; yet at the same time something that astounded me to this day. I continued to bite on what was left of the Ankylosaurus' belly...or at least, I think it was an Ankylo. I don't really pay attention to species names. I just take note on which ones are easy to eat and what to avoid...oh, and which meats taste the best. Yeah.

I was about to take another mouth-full when I heard the roar of another predator nearby. It sounded like he was scavenging for food (he sounded hungry enough to be a cannibal.) Ah, T-Rex is back again to take my prize. I didn't mind, there wasn't much left of the corpse anyway; just some more bits of meat and bone.

Before I saw the other carnivore I took off in to a deeper part of the forest. My small size can come in handy sometimes because the trees in here are quite huge; it's easier to hide yourself in places like this. Jumping from one area to the next, I soon found myself in a large plain; very far away from the other huge meat-eater. I looked around and spotted a herd not far from where I was. Unfortunately they already saw me and started to move (I could see some of the older ones staying behind in case I would chase them.) I snorted; telling them that I had my share of food today and that they didn't needed to be alert of my presence. Of course they didn't believe me, yet after some time they finally turned their back and left to catch up with their family.

...I wonder what it's like to be protected by someone. Someone that's willing to give up his life for mine to be saved. It's a strange thing to think about; mostly all I care about is surviving. Trivial things like questions are always set aside. Yet I had some time with me; this place doesn't look like it belongs to anyone and I could use a short nap. If I were to be attacked while I was sleeping then whatever, it wasn't my first time getting a surprise attack.

I sighed as I settled down on the grass under the shade of one of the very few large trees that were scattered on this area; not an ideal place to hunt stealthily. The plain gives more of a relaxing feeling; it's like all dinosaurs could just sleep here and not worry if they are beside a predator or a herbivore. Ah, whatever, I'm exaggerating and thinking too much.

As I curled up and closed my eyes, my five-second sleep was interrupted by a sudden earthquake. A small one, but enough to shake a dinosaur and alert it. When I looked up, I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a bright beam of light; almost like a tower that came from the sky; up above the clouds. Is that even possible? Was I dreaming?

I blinked twice. The beam of light was still there.

Nope, I'm not dreaming.

I subconsciously stood up and started to run towards it; I mean c'mon, it was a light from the sky; who wouldn't want to see what came out of that? Or if there was something there in the first place. I dunno. All I thought of now was getting there; as close as possible (that thing could burn me if I got too near. Maybe it's a second big ball of fire like the one I see every day before it gets dark. Cool.)

Because there were so few trees around, I ended up stopping on a high hillside; watching as the beam seemed to fade in to nothing. Even if there weren't that many dinosaurs around (oh, there's a herd down there at the bottom part of the hill), I still wanted to stay hidden as much as possible. I crouched so low that my body was touching the grass; my dark blue skin shining under the sunlight. Finally, the magical beam thing disappeared completely...and there was something on the ground that seemed to be dead. Weirdly enough, nobody paid attention to what just happened; it was as if I was the only one that saw it or the only one that was curious. As I've said, weird.

I only realized now that the herd nearby was a Tricera one. I only noticed it because one of their young was wandering off; I chuckled, if I wasn't focused on discovering what just landed on the grass I would've gobbled up that hatchling in seconds. Meh, that Ankylo was good enough; I don't want to risk a mother Tricera trying to stab me with her horns because I ate here child. Yeesh. That's more of a last option kind of thing.

Trying to stay as silent as possible, I inched my way closer and closer to the mysterious object that fell from the sky. As I got nearer I noticed that it was...alive? Well its eyes were closed but it was breathing. So I guess it was alive.

...what's this feeling of relief I'm getting? It's so strange, when I look at the small creature on the ground; alive, unconscious with no injuries, I have the sudden urge to be happy; to jump on to him and cuddle with him and-

What am I thinking?

Out of the blue the creature opened its eyes and groaned. The little Tricera hatchling noticed it moving and walked towards it in a steady pace. The thing then pushed himself up and looked around; shock and confusion written all over its face. "Where is everybody?" it shouted. I now had the sudden urge to get even closer to it. My rational side said no, but my instinct was telling to do so.

My instinct won hands down and left my rational side in a small corner. I don't even know how that happened.

To my luck the new creature and the little dinosaur were having a staring contest; making it easy for me to sneak to them without being noticed. I was doing the same movement for a couple of minutes before I was finally close enough to touch with my nose. I stood up to stretch my legs; but that was a big mistake. My height casted a shadow on the ground below me, and while the Tricera fled before I stood up, it took a few moments for the other creature to register that I was in front of it.

And then it screamed.