Inspired by a prompt on Tumblr. Someone said "Imagine how different Glee would have been if Burt had been Quinn's father and Russel had been Kurt's". And I was just like…wow. That would be INSANE. And of course, the ideas started coming to me like that.

I hope you like this. It's set in season 1.


Quinn stared at herself in the mirror. She didn't exactly know how long she had stood there, looking at herself straight on and then to the right side, then the left. The bump was showing, she knew that. Her eyes stung with tears.

Why was this happening?

"Quinn, you down here?" Her father, Burt called from the top of the stairs of her basement room.

"Yes," she said, her voice breaking. She sniffled and grabbed for a tissue, trying to wipe away the tears before her dad walked in.

"Honey, are you crying?" Burt stood at the bottom of the stairs, his hand on the railing. He had the overalls on from work on still, a bit smudged with oil in some places.

"No," said Quinn stubbornly. She blew her nose into the tissue and avoided looking at her dad.

"You're just like your mom," said Burt sadly. "She didn't like to let people see her cry, either." He sighed and walked over to Quinn, sliding his arm around her shoulders.

Quinn wasn't sure if she wanted to even tell her dad. Of course, the medical bills were piling up. She couldn't possible keep it secret for much longer…Finn wasn't manning up like she thought he would. Then there was the fact that Puck kept on telling her how good a father he could be….

It was a mess.

Quinn really just wanted to hug her dad and never let go.

She really wanted her mom.

The tears started to fall even more. "Baby, you can tell me anything, you know," said Burt softly.

"Daddy," she said, turning and falling into her dad's chest. "I'm so sorry. So sorry," she sobbed.

"What is it, Quinn?" asked Burt, hugging her close. "You're scaring me…"

"Daddy," said Quinn, holding the sobs back for a few moments. "I'm p-pregnant."

Quinn felt her dad stop breathing, her ear up against his chest. She was sure everything was about to fall down around her.

"Oh Quinn," said her dad, not breaking the hug.

"I'm sorry," Quinn cried.

"Shhh, it's ok, Quinn, it will be ok," said Burt.

"You're not mad?" asked Quinn softly.

"Oh, I'm mad. And I can't say I'm not going to kill the guy that did this to you," said Burt, his quiet anger bubbling to the surface. "But you're my little girl, Quinn," he said, his voice softening. "I don't know how long you've kept this, but you gotta know that I would never hate you because of this."

"And…you're not throwing me out?" asked Quinn.

Burt pulled away from Quinn, his hands still on her shoulders. "You're my daughter," said Burt, his eyes full of tears. "We'll get through this, somehow. But I could never throw you out."

Quinn sat next to her dad for the rest of the night and cried. She was overwhelmed that her dad hadn't thrown her out…but most of all, she wanted her mom right now. She wanted another woman that could help her.


Kurt pulled on a pair of khakis, a short sleeved button up shirt, red sweater and black bowtie that morning, sighing at the sorry state of his wardrobe. He would love to find more ways to express himself through his clothes, but whenever he went shopping with his mother, his most of his ideas were met with a confused stare.

The preppy thing was getting old, though.

At breakfast, his mom had prepared bacon and eggs. She smiled at him as she sat a big plate of them in front of Kurt's dad, Russell. "Hello, dear," she said with a grin. His dad looked over the newspaper and smiled.

"Hey, son," said Russell. "I was wondering who you were taking to the Chastity Ball next weekend? You'll need a date, even if you don't have a steady girlfriend yet." Russell took a bite of his bacon. "And this could be a good opportunity to find a good girl anyway."

Kurt flinched and looked down at his plate, suddenly losing his appetite. The amount of times his dad had mentioned getting a girlfriend since he had turned fourteen…it was too many to count.

"I considered asking Brittany Pierce," said Kurt quietly.

"Is she in the Celibacy club?" asked his mother.

"Of course," said Kurt quickly, even though it was mostly a sham. Brittany had slept with most of the school, but she would be easy to get a date with, at least.

"Sounds lovely, dear," said his mother with a grin. Kurt smiled back, trying to make it look as genuine as possible.

Kurt ate a few bites of food then quickly ran out to the garage, getting in the car his dad had bought him when he turned 16. It was a manly car. Kurt had seen jocks drooling over it more than once.

Kurt sighed and let his forehead fall on the steering wheel. He wished he could tell them.

He couldn't. His family were all Christians. A gay son would never fit into their ideal family image.


In the past week, everyone had been talking about Quinn Hummel being pregnant. Kurt heard that she had even told her dad and he didn't even kick her out.

If he came out to his parents, you can bet that wouldn't be the case.

Kurt shut the door and turned to Mercedes with a sigh. "This baby gate stuff is causing me some real stress."

"You got that right, boy," said Mercedes. They walked down the hall to their next class.

"That and my dad keeps asking me about my date for the Chastity Ball," he said softly, so no one around him could hear. "I told him I might just bring Brittany."

"I'm sorry, boo," said Mercedes, concern on her face. Mercedes was the only one in the world that knew that Kurt was gay. Sure, other people might suspect that he wasn't as straight as a ruler, but Kurt didn't confirm those rumors. He wasn't even that flamboyant. His clothes were normal for a richer kid in Lima, Ohio, and his besides Glee, he didn't do many "gay" things.

That is, that anyone knew about. He was not only in the closet as a gay, but a closeted musical, Vogue, and fashion fan.

"I could go with you, if Brittany can't," said Mercedes with a sigh. "My church doesn't usually participate in those things, but I am Christian. Your parents might like that."

"Maybe," said Kurt, avoiding telling Mercedes that his dad always ranted about Obama and him being the worse President ever. Kurt knew that it wasn't because of the guy's policy (although, his parents were as Republican as they came, and so it was that, too).

Mostly, his dad was just a bigot. Him taking Mercedes to the ball would be almost as bad as if he took a guy name Steve or something.

"I just hope you could tell them," sighed Mercedes. "Lying to yourself…it's not right."

"I wish I could, too," agreed Kurt.


"Frannie and Mark might be coming into down next weekend," said his mother a dinner a few days later. Kurt smiled. He loved his older sister to bits and really missed her since she had moved away from Lima with her husband because of his job.

"That's fantastic," said his dad with a grin. "Dear, could you please get me a refill?" he asked, holding up his empty glass.

"Of course, dear," she said, dropping her fork and taking the glass from Russell.

"Son, have you thought about joining one of the school teams lately?" asked his dad, cutting a piece of his steak. "Not football, I don't think. You're a bit tiny for that. Maybe soccer?"

Kurt looked down at his plate. "I don't know. I'm sort of busy with Glee and homework most days after school."

"Oh Kurt," said his dad with a chuckle. "You should really reconsider that Glee club. People might get the wrong idea - a boy that doesn't participate in sports but spends his time singing show tunes?"

Kurt looked at his plate. No where else. He couldn't. He could feel the fear and hate bubbling in his chest painfully.

"Maybe I don't care if they get that idea," muttered Kurt.

"Kurt, don't mutter, it isn't what a gentleman does," said his mother reentering the room. She sat the glass down by his father. "What were we talking about?"

"I was telling Kurt he should get more involved in sports. Maybe quit Glee club," said his father, as if discussing the weather.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea," said his mother with a smile. Of course she wouldn't. She agrees with everything he says.

"I like Glee club," said Kurt.

"Hmm," said his dad, not saying anything.

"I'm sure your youth pastor might have some suggestions for sports teams," said his mother.

Kurt closed his eyes. He tried to force down the anger. But Mercedes' words came back to him. The dozens of times that she has told him that he should be honest with his family. They love him, they should accept him.

"Mom, dad," he said finally, opening his eyes and looking at them. "You love me, right?"

His mom and dad looked at each other for a moment. "Of course we do, dear," said his mother, a confused look on her face.

"You're my son, of course I love you," said his dad.

"No matter what?" asked Kurt.

"Kurt, what is it?" asked his dad, obviously sensing that there was something else he wanted to say.

Kurt looked down at his plate. "I want to be honest with you," he said softly. "It hurts so much to keep this a secret from you. I just…I'm scared."

"You don't have to be, dear," said his mother. She stood. "Why don't we go to the living room for this?"

Before he knew it, Kurt was in the living room, sitting across from his mom and dad. It was happening. It was actually happening. "What is it, son?" asked his dad.

Kurt didn't actually know how to say this. Should he just say it? Lead up to it?

In the end, Kurt opened his mouth a few times, no sound coming out. Finally, he made it come out. "I'm gay," he said.

His parents just…stared at him. They didn't blink or move or even breathe. Just stared. "Kurt…you must be joking," said his mother, eyes pleading.

"Of course not," said Kurt.

"You can't be gay," said his father, his voice dangerously low.

"Honey, we raised you right," said his mother. "Took you to church…you can't just…no."

"It's who I am," he said, looking back and forth between his parents, eyes stinging with tears. "You said you loved me."

"It's a sin, Kurt," said his father.


"I remember," said his dad, a far away look in his eyes. "When you were around 5 years old. I took you and your sister to a baseball game." His dad looked proud. "I bought you both a hat. Yours was way too big, but you liked it. Then when this female singer came out to sing the National Anthem, you said you wanted to do that one day. You said you liked her dress. Then asked for some of the shoes she wore. High heels." His dad closed his eyes. "I just thought it was a phase…you were five. How could you know that they were for girls?"


"How could you do this?" asked his father.

"I didn't do anything," said Kurt, crying. "It's who I am. You're my dad…shouldn't you love me no matter who I am?"

"Who are you?" he asked, looking…through Kurt. "I don't even recognized who you are."

Kurt sobbed. His father let his head fall into his hands. There was a long silence. Kurt looked at his mother, pleading. She avoided eye contact.

"Kurt, if you don't get rid of this silly notion," said his father, his head raising from his hands. He stood and looked down at him, making Kurt feel tiny. "There will be consequences."

"This isn't some silly notion!" said Kurt, rising to his feet, positively shaking. "It's who I am! Why can't you accept it?"

"Stop!" exclaimed his father, so loudly that it made Kurt's blood freeze. "If that's how you really feel…I want you out."

"Russell…" said his mother. She was quickly silenced by a glare from his father.

"You're…kicking me out?" asked Kurt, barely a sound coming out.

"If you choose to live your life in sin…you aren't doing it under my roof," said his father angrily. "I'll give you 15 minutes to pack," he said stiffly.

Kurt looked from his father to his mother, who didn't say a damn thing. She wouldn't. Kurt knew that.

Kurt walked from the room slowly, but then broke out into a jog once he was out of the room. He ran up the stares, flying into his room. He looked around, tears blocking most of his vision. He pulled out two of his biggest suitcases from his closet. In one, he threw most of his clothes, making sure to remember some underwear. He grabbed his laptop and some other electronics and threw them in the second. Books and photos went with them. Anything that Kurt couldn't bear to part with.

He looked around his room. How much time did he have? How could he decide what he couldn't live with? Odds were he would never be back to get anything he forgot.

Finally, Kurt made his way out of his room and down the stairs. His father was waiting for him, his mother nowhere to be seen. "Keys," his dad demanded in a cold voice. Kurt closed his eyes and fished them out of his pocket, hands shaking as he dropped them in his dad's hand.

There went any way to get into his house. He didn't even get to drive away. What did his dad expect him to do? Hitchhike?

"Leave," he said icily. Kurt walked to the door, opening it and rolling the suitcases out on the doormat. His dad had the door ready to shut. He looked at Kurt. "I'm disappointed in you," he said before slamming the door shut.

Kurt cried more as he rolled the suitcases down the driveway and on to the sidewalk. He just started walking. He should probably call Mercedes, but Kurt didn't have the strength to look through one of the suitcases to find his phone. He just kept walking.

A long time later, Kurt didn't know how long, he tripped and almost fell to the ground. He groaned, dropping the suitcases to the ground and sitting on the sidewalk next to them. Kurt wiped away the tears and looked around. He had left his neighborhood a long time ago. He was just entering town, where there were all the stores.

It was dark. Only the streetlights lit up the street that Kurt was on. And it was cold, obviously. It was November. Kurt didn't have a jacket on. He hadn't noticed before.

A few cars passed by him, but they didn't stop. Kurt didn't know what to do.

"Hey, kid."

Kurt looked up. A truck had pulled up beside Kurt, motor still running. The passenger window was rolled down and the driver was leaning over to speak to him. Kurt stood, legs shaking.

"I'm Burt Hummel," said the man, making Kurt's heart jump. "You ok, kid?"

"I'm…fine," he said stiffly.

"What's your name?"

"Kurt Fabray," said Kurt with a sigh.

"The Fabray kid? Aren't you in Glee with my daughter?" asked Mr. Hummel.

"Quinn? Yeah, I am," sighed Kurt.

"She says you have a voice that makes her jealous," said Mr. Hummel. "What are you doing out here, kid? It's freezing."

"I…" Kurt didn't even want to say it. His face burned in shame. Mr. Hummel looked at him with a steady gaze, one that almost made Kurt want to tell him everything. "I got kicked out," he said finally.

"Huh." Mr. Hummel opened the door and jumped out of his truck. He walked around the front and looked over at his suitcases. "Yours?" Kurt nodded. "You have anywhere to stay tonight?"

"I don't know," he said in a weak voice. "I thought about calling a friend…but I don't know."

"Why don't you come home with me, kid," said Mr. Hummel. "If your friends with Quinn and need a place to stay, well, I say you're welcome at my house."

"I don't want to impose -"

"Bull," said Mr. Hummel. "Not imposing at all. I don't want to see you freeze, kid." Burt leaned over and picked up one of the suitcases. "Wow, heavy," he huffed.

"They only gave me 15 minutes to pack," said Kurt softly. "I just sort of…threw stuff in."

Mr. Hummel didn't say anything as he helped load the suitcases in the back of the truck. Kurt climbed into the passenger seat hesitantly and Mr. Hummel put the car in gear and started driving.

"Aren't you going to ask why my family threw me out?" asked Kurt. "I could have done something horrible," said Kurt bitterly. "Do you really want me in your house?"

"Look kid," said Mr. Hummel. "If you want to tell me, you can. But you don't look like the sort that did something horrible. Nothing that I would be afraid having you in my house, at least."

Kurt sat in silence for a long moment, looking out the window. This was the father that hadn't thrown Quinn out when she told him she was pregnant…but you just didn't know who was a homophobe in this town. It was Lima.

Then again, if he threw Kurt out of the truck after he told Mr. Hummel he was gay, he could just call Mercedes.

"I told them I was gay," said Kurt, tonelessly. "They didn't take it well."

"That's rough, kid," said Mr. Hummel after a moment. "I'm sorry you had to go through that. Was it…like, your first time coming out or…"

"Yes," said Kurt sadly. "Only my best friend Mercedes knew." Kurt swallowed his tears. "They said they loved me a minute before I told them…then afterwards, my dad said I wasn't going to be living in sin under his roof. Then that he was disappointed in me…and then he slammed the door in my face."

The tears sliding down his face were silent now, not the racking sobs like before.

"I'm sorry, kid," said Mr. Hummel. "No one deserves that."

"You don't care?" asked Kurt, turning to Mr. Hummel with a face of disbelief.

"I wasn't always so accepting," sighed Mr. Hummel. "But I figure that a human's a human, who gives a flying whoop who they love."

There was a short silence.

"Thank you," said Kurt finally.

"No problem," said Burt.

"So," said Kurt after a few minutes of silence. "What were you doing out so late? Most people in this town are having dinner by six and in bed by nine. It's almost nine now…"

"Quinn was craving ice cream," said Burt, pointing to the carton on the seat. "Had to make a quick run to the store."

"That's…nice of you," said Kurt, looking down at the ice cream with a smile.

"I swear, she has the same cravings as her mom did," laughed Mr. Hummel. "Her mom was only nineteen when she got pregnant, you know," said Mr. Hummel suddenly. "I don't hate my Quinn for being a teenage mother. Her mom and I did just fine and we were young."

"That's good," said Kurt with a smile. "I know Quinn has been through a rough time lately…it killed her to get kicked off the Cheerios."

"She loved it," nodded Mr. Hummel. "I tell her to just be strong and not let the kids at school get to her. She's in for many more months of it and it's bound to get worse the further along she gets." Mr. Hummel looked at Kurt for a moment. "You should know that too, kid."

The truck pulled into the garage of a nice home. Not terribly big, like Kurt's house, but it was nice.

Mr. Hummel cut the engine and started to help Kurt with his suitcases. "Thank you for this, Mr. Hummel," said Kurt as they walked to the door.

"Call me Burt, kid," he said gruffly, opening the door.

"Daddy?" came Quinn's voice from a few rooms away. "Did you bring my ice cream?"

"Of course, Quinny," said Burt, urging Kurt into the house. Quinn rounded the corner and stopped as soon as she saw Kurt. "Quinn, I guess you know Kurt."

"Yes," said Quinn, looking at Kurt with a confused expression.

"He's gonna stay here, at least for the night. Maybe more," said Burt, setting the suitcase down. Kurt stood awkwardly just in front of the door.

"Why?" asked Quinn, looking dazed.

Burt looked at Kurt, as if asking him permission. Kurt nodded. "Kid got kicked out of his house," said Burt. Quinn's expression softened instantly, looking over at Kurt.

"Oh," she said.

"Do you mind taking him to the guest room?" asked Burt. "I'll get this ice cream in a few bowls and we can sit in the living room or something."

"Ok, daddy," said Quinn. She grabbed one of the suitcases and started rolling it down the hallway. The two fellow Gleemates walked down the hall in silence. Quinn opened a door and brought his bag in. "It's not much, but I guess it will be ok," she said.

"It's great," said Kurt hollowly. "Thank you."

Quinn hesitated as Kurt sat down on the edge of the bed and sighed. She sat next to him. "Do you mind me asking why?" she said in a soft voice.

"It's ok," said Kurt. "I might as well get it out there. Even though my mom and dad are the only ones that know, besides Mercedes, it's bound to get around school soon." Kurt looked at her. "I came out and they didn't like that."

"Oh my gosh," said Quinn, bringing her hand up to her mouth. "I'm…sorry, Kurt."

"My dad said he didn't want me living in sin under his own roof," said Kurt with another sigh. "So if I didn't take it back and say I was straight, I had to pack up and leave. So I did." Kurt eyes watered. "I mean, it's not like I'm sleeping with every guy I see. I haven't even kissed one yet. I'm not sinning. I'm just…who I am."

Kurt felt an arm around his shoulders and felt himself being pulled into Quinn's body. "If anyone's living in sin, it's me," she said fiercely. "You haven't done anything, Kurt. I can't imagine growing up in a religious family and being…gay." She sighed. "I'm sure if I had parents like yours, they wouldn't hesitate in kicking me out in my state."

"Probably," said Kurt truthfully. "But you have Burt. He's…he seems like a great dad."

"He is," said Quinn with a nod. "I didn't even know he would be so understanding…"

"Heck, he's understanding for me," said Kurt. Quinn smiled.

"Let's go get that ice cream. It will make you feel better," she said, standing and offering him her hand. Kurt took it with a watery smile.

Burt had two bowls in front of the couch, waiting for them. A few of the first bites were taking in silence. Then, Burt turned to Quinn and started a conversation, as if Kurt had always been here. "Quinny, we probably should get you some maternity clothes soon. I have some of your mom's, still, but I don't think they're your style…"

Quinn wrinkled her nose. "Obviously not," she sighed. "Am I going to be able to find any fashionable maternity clothes?"

"It shouldn't be too hard," said Kurt slowly. "If you go into a bigger city, of course." Burt and Quinn looked at him and Kurt's face burned. "I really like fashion," he muttered. "Stereotypical, I know."

"But what you wear isn't exactly…" Quinn shut her mouth.

"I wasn't able to pick most of my own clothes, obviously," said Kurt with a sigh. "But I have sketchbooks full of outfits I would love to design one day…and I know how to sew, if you want to hold off on maternity clothes for a while. I could just let out some of her pants and shirts. And sticking to dresses could be a good idea. They make you look beautiful, too."

Quinn smiled at him as soon as he mentioned delaying shopping for maternity clothes. "That sounds amazing, Kurt."

Kurt nodded. "It's the least I can do. If you tell me what clothes you want let out, I can take them to the community center. They have a few sewing machines I always use."

Burt smiled at Kurt and he felt better about staying with the Hummels for a moment. If he could just pay them back…it would be better.

The next morning, Kurt looked at the contents of his suitcase in disgust. All these clothes…they weren't his. They were the boy who his parents always tried to make him.

Kurt dug through them until he found a pair of black skinny jeans that he had bought secretly last month. He paired them with a collared shirt and a bowtie that had belonged to his grandfather, a unique fabric and make. He found a jacket that was a bit small on him, but had a fitted look. It would have to do for now. And honestly, Kurt couldn't really focus on buying new clothes. He didn't have any money.

"Feeling better?" asked Quinn when he walked into the kitchen later.

"A bit," said Kurt, sitting down.

Burt had loaded Quinn's plate with bacon. "Cravings," she sighed at his raised eyebrow.

Burt asked Kurt what he wanted and said if he had any cereal, he would take that. There was some Special K in the back of the pantry which suited Kurt fine.

"I hope school goes well," said Burt as Quinn and Kurt got up to leave.

It didn't.

As Kurt predicted, people knew. Mercedes found him and Quinn a moment after pulling up in Quinn's car. "How did everyone find out?" he asked as they walked into school, everyone staring at them.

"It could just be me," muttered Quinn.

"I think it's the fact that it's the both of us. The school queer and the pregnant girl," said Kurt sadly.

"I think your mom told your youth pastor last night, on the phone," said Mercedes. "Someone who goes to your church overhead him on the phone and they told someone else…and so on," she sighed. "I'm so sorry, boo. You should have called me."

"I was going to," said Kurt. "But Mr. Hummel found me and offered a place to stay. It was nice of him."

"Very," said Mercedes, eyeing Quinn.

"It will be ok," sighed Kurt, walking to his locker. "I'll get through it, somehow."

Then, the wall of ice hit his face.

"Nice to see you out of the closet, homo!" laughed Karofsky, a football player. He high-fived another boy and most of the hall laughed.

"Okay, that hurts," said Kurt.

Quinn and Mercedes pulled him into the bathroom to wash him up. "I know it's only the beginning," sighed Kurt when they were almost done. "But I have to tell myself that this is better than spending high school in the closet, dating a girl I don't like just to please my family. I have to."

"That's the spirit, hon," said Mercedes, kissing his cheek.

Kurt held out a hand to Quinn. "If we're going to be the laughing stock of the school, might as well do it together."

Quinn smiled at him, just a little. "I guess so," she said, grabbing his hand.


I ended this in a way that I could continue it later, if I wanted. For now, though, it stands as a one-shot. I might want to try to do more, but honestly, this isn't like Quinn and a pregnancy. That can go away, Kurt being gay can't. So I don't know if his mother would ever take him back in or not….

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