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Kurt and Blaine were together for a week before Regionals arrived, bright and early one morning. Being from separate Glee clubs, they arrived to the venue separately of course, texting with small smiles in their respective buses. Quinn, as she had the entire week of their relationship, would not shut up about it.

Her teasing about Kurt texting Blaine only reminded him of when she had first been told they were together. Kurt had returned from the park, lips still tingling from Blaine's kiss and his confession. After the kiss (and many more after the initial one) they had sit and talked for almost an hour, discussing where they stood now.

They were still best friends - but now, they were also boyfriends. Nothing would change.

"Except for this," said Blaine, leaning in once more for another kiss.

Kurt didn't mind that change at all.

Kurt had walked over to Quinn's door, knocking quickly and then entering anyway (though he'd been scarred one too many times by seeing the female body, as the girls never thought twice about changing in front of him at sleepovers).

"Excuse me, what's the point of knocking?" asked Quinn, though she didn't sound too upset.

"You will forgive me in a moment," said Kurt, jumping onto her bed.

"Oh god, you're freezing," she said, pushing him away.

"I've been outside for an hour. With Blaine."

"Oh really?"

"Yes. Kissing Blaine."

"That's nice, I - wait what?" Quinn suddenly sat up, eyes wide. She had been leafing through a magazine when the words finally absorbed. Kurt started giggling, falling back into Quinn's pillows. Quinn scooted closer to him, sitting up on her knees and shaking him. "Explain! Explain!"

So Kurt told her everything that Blaine had said to him, and how he kissed him. "We're actually together, Quinn," said Kurt softly. "I mean - I have an actual boyfriend. And it's Blaine."

Quinn was, as one would expect, completely beside herself. She was so happy for them, of course, but at the same time…

She wouldn't stop saying "I told you so".

It was almost (read: very) annoying.

But Kurt couldn't bring himself to tell her to stop it. She was right, after all. And really, Kurt couldn't be annoyed at anyone (not even Rachel, who was suspicious of the timing of their relationship, so close to Regionals). Even now, as Quinn kept trying to peak over his shoulder in attempts to read his texts from Blaine, Kurt just dodged her goodheartedly.

Blaine [9:27am]: I can't wait to see you again. I missed you.

Kurt [9:28am]: We saw each other last night!

Blaine [9:28am]: Exactly. It's been much too long.

Blaine [9:31am]: We're here now - where are you?

Kurt [9:32am]: Pulling into the parking lot now. I'll meet you backstage somewhere between our green rooms.


Kurt looked away from Quinn, who he was linking arms with on the way to their green room, and grinned at Blaine's waving form.

"Hi," he said, breathless. He detached himself from Quinn and walked toward Blaine, meeting him halfway. Blaine leaned in, kissing Kurt gently on the cheek, then once on the lips. They pulled away, faces flushed.

"The teen gays in their natural habitat," cooed Santana as she passed by Kurt and Blaine. "Don't look now, Neil Patrick Harris will be jumping out to sing a musical number about acceptance any moment now."

"Ignore Santana," said Kurt, rolling his eyes. "So, you ready for today?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," said Blaine. "You guys?"

"The New Directions is ready and more than capable to wipe the floor with the Warblers," said Rachel, who had pushed her way up to Kurt and Blaine. "So, as they say, bring it!"

"Oh god, we never should let her out of her cage," groaned Kurt.

"But she looked so sad there, Kurt," pouted Quinn with false sadness. Quinn then turned to Blaine, a wide smile on her face. "Also - told you so!"

"Wait, what?"

"Quinn, I'm certain you never told Blaine, which means you can't say 'I told you so' to him," said Kurt, already blushing. "She always told me that we should be together. Or called you my boyfriend when you weren't. That being said…she hasn't shut up about that since I told her."

Blaine chuckled and nodded. "I see."

"Everyone to the green room!" said Mr. Shuester, walking by them with a bounce in his step.

"I'll see you after the competition - break a leg," said Blaine.

"Break a leg," returned Kurt. They kissed once more and went to their separate green rooms.

After a few weeks of fighting for it, Rachel had convinced New Directions to write original songs for Regionals. After many disastrous attempts on her part, and even the others in the Glee club, they had all written two songs to perform today.

Quinn and Rachel had teamed up to write a ballad, entitled "Get It Right". Quinn had mentioned to Kurt that it was actually pretty emotional, based on their experiences. Quinn's from last year, and Rachel's current issues with Finn. The second was an upbeat song called "Loser Like Me."

Which Kurt actually had a solo part in. It was the verse he wrote, about even though people pushed him into lockers now, one day things would get better.

First up was the Glee club Coach Sylvester had been training (with a song about Jesus that made even Kurt wince), then the Warblers. Kurt grinned as Blaine started "Raise Your Glass," then sang a duet of sorts with Nick. The Warblers all looked happy as they filed backstage.

The New Directions took their places five minutes later. Rachel and Quinn walked out first, standing center stage as they switched off singing the heartfelt ballad to the crowd, the rest of the girls joining them near the end. Then their show stopper was next, everyone dancing on stage and letting go. The audience had been given those obnoxious foam fingers, but seeing them waved back at them was actually fun.

When Kurt got done with his part, he actually breathed a sigh of relief. He'd been almost dreading it, he'd been so nervous about singing in front of a competition audience.

At the very end of their number, Mike danced on with a fake slushie cart, everyone grabbing a cup from it and then throwing confetti on the audience.

"You were amazing."

Kurt jumped at Blaine's voice and the gentle pressure on his lower back.

"Thank you," said Kurt. "You were amazing, too. I mean - you always are."

"But we didn't write original songs. Really, that was brilliant! No wonder you couldn't tell me anything," said Blaine with a grin. "Now let's go out there and see which best man won."

Kurt laughed, taking the arm that Blaine had offered him. They filtered onstage with their Glee clubs, standing next to each other just outside their respective groups.

The woman, who was completely drunk, announced quickly who had won, which ended up being the New Directions. Rachel screamed then jumped up and down. Kurt gasped, then looked over at Blaine. He was smiling back, leaning in to hug him.

"You deserved it so much, Kurt," he said into his ear so Kurt could hear him over the roar of the crowd (and Rachel's screams).


Suddenly Quinn was attached to him and Blaine, hugging them both. Finn joined this "dog pile" of sorts at some point, too. When Kurt could finally breath (though Blaine's arm was still around his waist, which he definitely didn't mind) Kurt noticed that all the Warblers were cordially congratulating New Directions and Mr. Shuester.

"We would love to invite your team out for a celebratory pizza," Wes was saying to Mr. Shuester as he shook his hand. "My parents always do this, regardless of our win or loss, and you have been so accommodating to us that we'd love to treat you."

"That's very kind of you, Wes," said Mr. Shuester. "I'll round up everyone and we'll meet you there?"

The Warblers and New Directions took over half of the pizza place a few blocks away, chatting away on the competition. It was like they didn't just compete against each other, and one had lost.

"So how do you guys feel?" asked Quinn as she deposited the crust of her second finished pizza on Finn's plate (who would eat most everything and hated to see a pizza crust go to waste).

"Feel?" asked Kurt, grabbing one more slice of the veggie pizza.

"That you basically married these two show choirs together," said Quinn with a snicker. "Without you, we would have been competition. We'd be back in Lima right now, having a lame party at Rachel's or something."


"It's true, Rach," said Quinn.

Kurt and Blaine looked at each other for a moment, surprise written on their features, then they looked around. The Warblers were mingling with the New Directions, a fair few trying to hit on Santana and Brittany. Even if they had no chance, everyone was laughing and smiling.

"It feels good," Blaine finally said.

Kurt agreed.


The next month or so passed with the appropriate amount of New Directions scandal.

The Glee club put on a "Night of Neglect" benefit to raise money for New York Nationals, which ended up as a big joke. Not only was the audience severely lacking, their only attendees were Sue's lackeys, sent to throw them off. In the end, Sandy Ryerson (who was as creepy as the time Kurt had last saw him, if not more so) ended up donating the money they needed for their plane tickets and hotels. (He's still a mean person, Blaine had insisted).

The next week, Kurt was torn between excitement and feeling a sense of dread. The Glee club was once again singing Lady Gaga, this time her newest single "Born This Way" (that both he and Blaine couldn't stop listening to in the car), but on the other hand, Rachel had been hit in the face (by accident) by Finn and had the crazy idea that she should get a nose job.

Rachel actually came to Quinn one night, the bandage pale over her bruised nose, asking if she could have her nose and accompany her to the doctor's office tomorrow for some pictures to "see what my new nose would look like."

"You want my nose?" asked Quinn, eyes wide. The Hummel-Hudsons and Fabray family were sitting in the living room, watching the one show that the whole family could agree on (Cake Boss), when Rachel had come over and dropped the bomb.

"Well, yes," said Rachel, sort of flustered. "You're a very pretty girl, Quinn. And well…I think it would be nice on me?"

"Rachel," said Quinn, after taking a few calming breaths. "This isn't even my nose."

The living room was suddenly so silent, save for the chatter on the television, that Kurt felt like he could hear a pin drop.

"What?" asked Rachel, her voice raising an octave.

"A few years ago, before my dad and I moved here, I was an idiot," said Quinn bluntly. "I hated myself. I was chubby and had a big nose and I just - I wanted it to change. Around the same time, my love for cheerleading kicked in and I lost about 30 pounds within a summer. I was finally….thin."

Kurt looked over to Burt, who was staring at Quinn with a sad sort of expression on his face.

"But my nose was still…." Quinn sighed and looked over to her dad. "I was an only child, daddy's little girl," she said in an even tone. "I was able to convince my dad that I needed the surgery. But Rachel…I regret it so much."

"But - but you're beautiful," said Rachel weakly.

"But I'm not me, not really," said Quinn. "I'll always know that this nose isn't really mine. It's all a….lie. That's why you shouldn't be doing this, Rachel. It's never going to be you again."

Even Kurt was looking at Quinn with a look of shock, as Rachel and Finn were. Kurt was actually…well, not hurt, that he didn't know this about Quinn, but more surprised. They did tell each other everything (Kurt knows more about pregnancy than he ever wanted to know as proof to this).

"I just….I need to think about this more," said Rachel softly, standing up and showing herself out the front door.

Quinn was staring off into space, not looking at any of them. Finn even knew that right now, she didn't want to talk to anyone about this. Kurt himself alternated between looking over at Quinn, then to Burt.

Kurt knew how much Burt probably hated himself for letting her go through with that surgery, but at the same time, he can understand why. Quinn had told him how her and her dad were….well, good of course, but not as tight as Quinn and her mother had been. At least, back before she told him she was pregnant. Then things changed, for the better surprisingly.

Kurt could imagine a Burt at the end of his rope, wondering why his daughter was so unhappy, and wanting to do anything to change that.

After the show was over, Quinn stood up with a word and went up to her bedroom. Kurt decided to wait for a few minutes before following her up. He got ready for bed then walked over to Quinn's door, knocking softly.

"Who is it?" she asked.


"Come in."

Kurt opened the door and shut it behind him, walking over to Quinn's bed and settling into it with her. She was hugging a pillow to her chest and her eyes were puffy.

"I'm sure you hate me," sniffled Quinn. "I'm just so - so fake."

"No you're not," said Kurt, hugging her to his chest. "You were a confused teenager, lead to believe by society that this is what you needed to be pretty." Kurt touched her nose gently with his finger. "And….well, I never told you, but my mom and sister both had work done at some point. It was…my dad sort of encouraged it."

"Oh," said Quinn softly. "Then why don't you hate me even more…?"

"It's in the past, Quinn," sighed Kurt. "You can't help what you did, but you can help Rachel from making the same mistake."

"I want to, so much."

"Well, if you're willing to listen, I have a few ideas."

"Go on."


The next day in Glee club, Quinn and Rachel sang a mashup of "I Feel Pretty" and "Unpretty". Rachel still looked torn (she had been cornered by Quinn that morning with the song choice) and after they had finished their duet, she still touched her nose gingerly.

Which brought them to Kurt's second plan.

Kurt and Quinn convinced Puck to talk Rachel into coming to the mall the next day, Saturday.

Quinn and Blaine were waiting just under the escalators as Puck left Rachel and Kurt to talk on the second floor.

"What is he telling her?" asked Blaine, looking away from Kurt (and the red jeans that were so not fair) and back to Quinn.

"Something about Barbra Streisand," answered Quinn. "She's Rachel's idol. And well, the song…"

"Is pretty brilliant," said Blaine. "Kurt is too. I can't believe he came up with this flash mob overnight."

Quinn smiled at Blaine, leaning against the wall. "You so love him."

"L-L-ove him?" squeaked Blaine, eyes wide. "I don't - I mean - we've only been together for a few weeks and -"

"And you love him," said Quinn simply. "You have for months now. I know it. It's ok if you don't exactly realize it completely yet. Love should take time…but other times, it's something that just always was. You and Kurt…you're destined for each other." Quinn's voice was soft. "You met, as complete strangers, and then again a few months later where you became friends. If that isn't fate, what is?"

Quinn chuckled and pushed herself off from the wall, noticing that Puck was in front of the stereos. "And to think, a few months ago you liked me."

The tips of Blaine's ears grew hot. "Let's never mention that again?"

"Deal. Now come on, it's about to start." Quinn grabbed Blaine's hand and pulled him to the middle of the mall as the music began and Kurt started to dance in front of Rachel, who was giggling.


Then there were the rumors that started about Kurt cheating on Blaine. By far Kurt's favorite. He'd always been on the outside looking in at the relationship drama of New Directions and suddenly he was part of it.

It steamed from Kurt and Quinn helping out Sam's family after his dad lost his job. Quinn had been helping him baby sit for around a month now, because they couldn't afford to put his siblings in anywhere. Kurt wondered where Quinn always was, so she told him. After that, Kurt dug through his closet to the clothes he hadn't worn for at least a year now - the clothes his parents had always picked for him.

They would fit Sam alright, he supposed, and it seemed like the thing Kurt could do for him.

Of course, when he dropped off the clothes at the motel, he didn't see stupid Jacob snapping a photo. He'd been staking it out for a while now, catching Quinn leaving Sam's room, apparently.

Which lead to an angry Rachel, lecturing Kurt on how losing Blaine wasn't worth a "tryst" with Sam.

Kurt wished he could tell her that wasn't what was going on, but he swore to both Quinn and Sam that he wouldn't disclose that Sam and his family were struggling, so he brushed it off. "Blaine knows I was there," he said with a sigh. "And he knows I'm not cheating on him. Goodbye, Rachel."

It was Sam that finally told the Glee club, not wanting Kurt and Quinn to keep getting flack for these rumors going around. The club was suitably ashamed at pushing Sam so much, and as soon as he stormed out began to talk about how they could help him.

"I think he's funny they thought you were cheating on me," Blaine said when Kurt told him all about the last few days.

"Your sense of humor is sick, then," said Kurt, rolling his eyes.

"I know you never would, that's why it's funny," said Blaine, pressing a kiss to his forehead.


"So are you asking Blaine to prom?"

Kurt looked up from his magazine and to Quinn. "Yes. We're going out to dinner tomorrow. I hope he says yes…"

Quinn rolled her eyes. "Of course he will. He's crazy about you."

"What about you?" began Kurt slowly. "Are you going to go with anyone?"

"I don't know," said Quinn slowly. "I mean, I thought about going alone. But, well, I have this thing…"


"My mom was prom queen, both her junior and senior year," explained Quinn, playing with the edge of her magazine. "And I wanted to…follow in her footsteps, I guess. But I can't do that going stag. I need a running mate."

"I'm sure there is someone you could ask," said Kurt gently.

"I'm pretty sure the only guy single in Glee club is Artie," said Quinn. Artie and Brittany had broken up almost a month ago, apparently, though no one knew exactly why.

"Artie is nice, I'm sure he'd love to run for Prom King with you," said Kurt.

Quinn looked thoughtful for a long moment before nodding slowly. "Well, I guess he would…I can ask him, I guess? Would that be weird, me asking him?"

"Screw gender roles," said Kurt with a nod making Quinn laugh.

The next day, Quinn looked up from her locker and her stomach dropped as she saw Artie rolling down the hallway and stopping at his own locker. Well, it was now or never, wasn't it?

"Artie?" Quinn said as she stopped in front of him. He looked up at her, a smile moving across his face.

"Hi Quinn," he said, turning the lock for his combination.

"I just wanted to see if you had a date to prom?"

"I don't…" said Artie, looking confused.

"Would you like to go with me?" asked Quinn, her stomach still flipping nervously. "I wanted to run for Queen, but I need a date that would run for King. I was wondering if you'd be interested in that at all?"

"Me?" asked Artie, looking shocked.

"Yes you," laughed Quinn nervously. "I just. I don't want to ask anyone outside of Glee, you know? And you've always been nice to me. I'd love to be your date."

Artie's confused expression was replaced by a smile. "Oh. Well. That's - of course I'd love to go with you, Quinn. But, uh, I can't really pick you up or anything. That sort of stuff." Artie looked down at his lap, embarrassed.

"That's ok," said Quinn warmly. "Just have your dad drop you off at my house. We can take my daddy's truck so your chair can go in the back. Blaine is probably going to take Kurt and I have no idea how Finn is going to be getting there, but that's ok."

Artie laughed and looked up at Quinn, face serious. "Quinn…thank you."

"You're welcome," said Quinn. "Do you want to talk about making posters?"

"Sure. Can I take you to class?" Artie asked, looking a little embarrassed still. "You can just sit and I can give you a ride?"

Quinn giggled and sat down on Artie's lap gently, not wanting to hurt him. "Lead the way," she said, putting one arm around his shoulders and her balancing her books on her lap.


"We can still back out now," said Kurt as they pulled into the parking lot for the dance. "Go to a movie or the Lima Bean and all that."

Blaine smiled over at him. "Kurt, I'm glad you're sensitive to the things I've been through, but really, we're here. You look amazing and I told your Glee club that I would sing a song for the dance. Things will be great."

Kurt leaned over and kissed Blaine's cheek, then reached over to adjust his collar and flower. "Well you're right, I do look amazing. You're not half bad yourself."

They got out of the car, laughing to themselves, and walked over to where Quinn had just parked her dad's truck. They helped Artie out of the car and into his chair (he was still a little shaky because of the stare down and stern talking to he'd received from Burt).

"I'm really sorry for my dad," Quinn said, and it sounded like it wasn't the first time. "It's just - after Puck and last year, he's trying to make up for not seeing when stuff was wrong, you know?"

"I understand, Quinn," said Artie. He had once again told Quinn to sit on his lap as they went up to the school. "At least he's not being soft with me just because I'm in a wheelchair and all that. His threats were very unbiased."

When they all entered the Prom, people stared at them. Mostly it was because of Kurt's outfit - he knew that. Wearing a kilt to prom wasn't something people did at all. And while yes, Kurt was doing what Burt had said and "stirring the pot a bit", he was also very proud of the suit he made. And Blaine liked it, so that's all that mattered.

They met up with the rest of the Glee club at a large table. Kurt smiled over at Mercedes, who was sitting close to Sam and talking with smiles on their faces. Lauren and Puck were arm wrestling (they were up for King and Queen as well). It was a few minutes before Puck, Artie and Sam all went up to the stage to sing a much better rendition of "Friday" than the original.

As they had talked about, Kurt and Blaine decided that doing any slow dances together were out of the question. McKinely was better now that Karofsky had left, and most of the jocks had the fear of Coach Sylvester put into them, and wouldn't mess with on of her Cheerios, it was still Ohio.

So they took turns dancing with the other girls in New Directions, both to upbeat songs and a few slow ones.

Once it began, the dance moved quickly. Rachel sang a slowed down song and then Blaine went up to sing his own upbeat tune. Then it was nearing the end of the night and all the people in the running for Prom royalty were called to the stage.

Quinn smiled across the stage to Artie, who waved. They'd been campaigning pretty hard the last week, getting ahead of the others in the polls. There was Lauren and Puck, looking self-assured. The only other couple in the running was a Cheerio and football jock combination. He wasn't one of the most vocal jocks that terrorized the Glee club, but he was pretty popular, as was the Cheerio.

Mr. Figgins stood and smiled, announcing the jock as the winner. Artie seemed disappointed, where Puck looked happy at this news. Quinn looked over at Artie with a comforting nod.

"And now your 2011 McKinley Prom Queen is," said Mr. Figgins, pulling a paper from the envelope in his hand. "By an over-whelming number of write in votes…" He paused, a strange look on his face before looking back out. "Kurt Fabray."

Kurt wasn't sure if he actually heard that right. He felt Blaine's hand suddenly cover his. He heard a sarcastic whoop from somewhere in the room, a few people clapping. And the stares. Hostile stares looking back at him.

Kurt wasn't sure when he started to back up, but he realized when he was running from the room, Blaine yelling behind him.

"Kurt - no - stop!"

"I can't believe I was so stupid," said Kurt, his eyes burning. God, he didn't want to cry. Not here. He hated crying, even though he was ok with crying in front of Blaine. "Things have been so good lately. But that's only because Coach was there to scare anyone into doing anything besides a slushie once and a while."

"Kurt…it was a joke," said Blaine, looking helpless.

"It was the hate they were too afraid to say outloud," said Kurt. "So they did it by a secret ballot."

"Kurt…" Blaine took a step forward, bringing his hand up to his cheek, wiping away one tear that had fallen. Kurt fell forward, head resting on his head against Blaine's shoulder and arms wrapping around his waist.

"Why do they do this?" he asked brokenly.

"The world just…doesn't understand us yet," said Blaine, trying to keep it all together. "It doesn't matter if it's with fists, words, or cruel pranks…it all hurts the same."


Kurt sniffled, pulling away from Blaine slightly to see Quinn standing a few feet away, looking heartbroken.

"Oh god, I didn't - I stole your crown," he said.

"Like I'm worried about that," said Quinn, walking over to them, her heels clicking on the hallway tile. "I'm worried about you."

"I'm…not fine," said Kurt. "But I'm not - I don't know."

Blaine squeezed his shoulder. "Do you want to go?"

"No," said Kurt suddenly. "Wasn't this all about facing up to the past? I don't want to give all those people in there the satisfaction of knowing they won. So I'm going to go in there…and get my crown."

Quinn and Blaine exchanged a look, then nodded.

When Kurt walked back into the dance, his legs were shaking. Everyone's eyes were on him, his heart beating wildly. Mr. Figgins put the crown on his head, leaving Kurt to stare out at all his peers, judging him.

"Kate Middleton, eat your heart out," he finally said.

There was laughter that started out in the crowd - those people who probably just followed along when the whispers of writing Kurt in for Queen began - and a small applause.

Then Figgins announced the dance between the Prom Queen and King and Kurt knew that this was bad.

The jock, Kurt can't remember his name, his brain isn't working, glares at him as Mercedes and Santana begin to sing Dancing Queen.

"I'm not dancing with the homo. Forget this." He walks off the dance floor, where the crowd had parted, back into the crowd.

Kurt's chest deflated, looking over at Mercedes with a hurt expression. What was he suppose to do?

"Excuse me." Kurt turned to Blaine's voice. He was standing there, looking breathless. "May I have this dance?" he asked with a smile, holding out his hand.

Kurt let out the breath he had been holding. "Yes," he said, thanking God for Blaine. "Yes you may."

He takes Blaine's hand, pulling him toward him. They stand closer than they agreed on before to night, but at this point, Kurt knows neither of them care. "Thank you," whispered Kurt.

"Any time," Blaine answered.

Around them, other members of the Glee club break the ice and twirl onto the dance floor, taking all the eyes off them. Quinn is dancing around Artie's chair, laughing before sitting down on his lap and putting her arms around his shoulders. Finn twirls Rachel, who is looking ecstatic.

Later, after their dance was done, Kurt and Blaine took a prom photo in front of the giant lit up star. Then Kurt pulled Quinn in with them, placing the Queen's crown on her head and kissing her cheek as the camera flashed off.

"You were amazing tonight," said Blaine as they climbed into his car. "You handled that better than I would have."

"You handled it fine," said Kurt. "You where there to calm me down a bit, after all." He smiled over at him. "I'm just glad…I have you here to help me. I've had a lot of amazing people in my life, since coming out, but you might just top them all."

Blaine leaned over without a word, pressing his lips to Kurt's. "I'm lucky to have you," he said after a moment.


"I had an amazing time tonight, Quinn," said Artie as they drove down the street toward Artie's house. "I'm sorry you didn't win Queen, though."

"It's no one's fault but the school's," said Quinn sadly. "I felt so bad for Kurt…but he takes everything in stride."

"He does," said Artie. "But that crown did look good on you, for that picture. I'm sure you'll get it next year. Maybe if you have a better date…"

"Don't say that," said Quinn, reaching over to hit Artie's shoulder. "You're a great date, Artie. And I can't wait to get our Prom photos." They had taken some photos together with and without Kurt's crown.

"That's nice of you to say."

"It's true," insisted Quinn. They had just pulled into Artie's driveway and were instructed to text his dad once they did so he could help getting Artie in his chair (Quinn couldn't do too much in her dress).

"Quinn," said Artie after a moment. He'd pulled out his phone, but not texted his dad yet. "Did you ask me tonight as like…a friend? Or maybe…more?"

Quinn looked over at Artie, her stomach flipping. She'd been asking herself the same all night.

First Artie had come to her house with the perfect corsage to match her dress, looking handsome in his very colorful tux. Then he'd been so nice all night, getting her drinks and dancing with her. So Quinn had been wondering if maybe Artie could be…more. She'd been getting that nervous feeling in her stomach way too often this pass week because of him.

But then…Quinn had told herself that she should be on her own, and she had stuck with that for so long.

Maybe long enough?

"To be honest…I think maybe it started off as a friend, but then….I think it could be more?" said Quinn, her tone uncertain herself. "But if anything would happen…maybe it could happen slowly? Given how my last serious relationship went."

Artie nodded. "Same here….but Quinn, I do like you. A lot."

Quinn put a hand on his knee, smiling at him. "Thank you. I like you too."

Artie leaned over, pressing a kiss to her cheek. She giggled. "Maybe…a little faster than that?" Artie looked surprised, then nodded, leaning back in to press a light kiss to her lips. The kiss made Quinn's stomach jump, that amazing feeling when a kiss so simple makes you feel so much.

Quinn figured that maybe asking Artie to prom was the best decision she's made for months.