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It has been nine months since Ratatosk's power was restored. A lot has happened since then. The Soul Society has now moved freely, and without interference, in the world of Aselia. They have also replaced the missing captains since the incident with Aizen. The 3rd Division is now led by a man by the name of Yosei Samakura. Yosei, a young looking individual with black hair styled in an unkempt manner, with gray eyes, served in a reconnaissance division, Onmitsukido, 5th seat of Squad 7 and 3rd seat of squad 9 before finally being made a captain. He was a man of honor and although he was not a noble he showed the same kind of chivalry. The 5th Division was led by a woman named May Stowa, a proud woman with a British accent. She had been a former member of the kido corps, the 4th division and had also been a member of the department of development and research before finally subjugating her Zanpakuto, mastering Bankai and passing the captain's exam. She treated her squad as if she were the big sister they all looked up to, or possibly a maternal figure. She had long flowing brown hair, a well-shaped bust and brown eyes. Squad 9 is now led by a man by the name of Talbumosuke Atrumier of the Atrumier noble family, a lesser family that serves under the Kuchikis. Due to this he and Byakuya are not on the best of terms. Talbumosuke has gelled back black hair, with a bitch curl, much like the style worn by former 5th division captain Sosuke Aizen after his betrayal. He has brown eyes and was a part of the 3rd, 5th and 9th division before finally being made the 9th's captain. He is a smooth operator, very relaxed and it's very hard to make him angry. However, just like the captain of Squad 4, he didn't have to be angry for you to know that he meant business. Ukitake had finally found a new lieutenant: Serenity Mashima. She wears her dark brown hair in a Chinese ox-horn fashion. She wears her Shihakusho in a similar fashion to the 9th division lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi: without sleeves. She also preferred to wear her hakama short legged to show off her muscular legs and powerful thighs. She is very graceful, prideful and energetic. Originally Ukitake had asked Rukia to be his lieutenant, but she was unsure if she could take the place Kaien Shiba once held. Sentaro and Kiyone were still bickering over the position so Ukitake went with Serenity who had been a long time member of the Squad and had also been a part of Squad 8 before she was in 13.

Business continued as usual everywhere else. Marta continued to try and bring peace between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla with the help of Emil and her friends and companions. There was Serina Lethiss a red haired elf from Heimdall that lived in Ozette almost all her life. She spent most of her life as an observer of her people now. Serina's wardrobe consisted of a long, lengthy tan robe that went down to her ankles, though exposed a bit of cleavage of her c-cup chest, possibly the largest in her group. Starting at the hip of the robe a red stripe ran down either side of the outside of her legs. Serina preferred not to wear shoes, though when footwear was required would wear a pair of black, ankle high rubber boots.

There was Lavirna Konsama a half-elf long haired blonde, blue eyed girl who had taken up archery and had previously worked in Hima as a mercenary. She used to spend her time, after world regeneration, stealing from the Tethe'allans and giving to the Sylvaranti, now she used her bow as a last resort and for the sake of her commander, Marta. She wore a brown, hard leather vest, short green skirt and pointed, ankle high, tan, soft leather boots

Along with them was Kiku Capricornia. Kiku was white haired girl, with goldenrod eyes. She was 4 and a half feet tall and one of the Mizuho. She was 16 and proficient in hand to hand combat and the use of "shadow artes" as well as the use of kunais and daggers. She wore a dark blue dress with long, detached, baggy white sleeves. She had a purple dragon tattoo on her left shoulder and a purple ribbon around her waist, though normal size compared to the large one Sheena wore before becoming chief. She wore a hairpin on the left side of her head that took the shape of three peach blossoms. The accessory was as big as one of Marta's flower accessories. Despite Lavirna being about the same age as her, Lavirna was more mature in growth, despite being a half-elf. Kiku was not only shorter by half a foot, but her chest was not much bigger than that of Rukia Kuchiki.

Finally there was Rachel Durk. Rachel was 35 and a proficient fighter in staff-based combat. She had long citrus orange hair, braided behind her back and wore a gray ribbon in her hair. Rachel had aquamarine eyes and wore a short, black denim jacket over her long, gray, button down robe. She was the most physically powerful female of the team, Serina was the most magically proficient.

In terms of the Five Man Band, Marta was the hero, Lavirna was The Lancer, Serina was the Chick, Kiku was the Big Girl, and Rachel was the Smart Girl. Emil was the Sixth Ranger and subsequently the only male in the group. One would think this would look like a harem, but Marta was very adamant that Emil was hers.

It had been a long, productive nine months since the journey to the Ginnungagap, full of peace and prosperity when compared to the last two disasters that had occurred. Yes there were minor conflicts, but they were VERY minor in comparison to the world engulfing disasters that had pre-dated them.

However, this was calm before yet another storm. Just as things seemed as if it was only a matter of time before it was "Happily Ever After", chaos was about to hit and it was going to hit hard.


Yuan stood in front of the world tree talking to an old friend through a portable communicator.

"We seemed to have reached the limit of the communication range," Yuan's friend told him. "This will be my final transmission."

"I see," Yuan responded.

"From this point onward we shall be swallowed up in the vast darkness of space," his friend in the hologram responded. "How is my sister?"

"Martel is doing fine. I tell her everything you tell me. She is proud of you, Mithos," Yuan answered.

Mithos, in his adult form smiled, as he stood in front of the communication module of Derris Kharlan. "Thank you, please continue to watch over her. If you see my sensei, give him my regards."

"I shall," Yuan stated.

"Farewell, Yuan Ka-fai, my friend," Mithos said to the blue-haired half-elf.

"Farewell, Mithos Yggdrasil, my friend."

The communication was shut off and Mithos walked down the halls of Derris Kharlan and looked out over the viewing deck. He watched as Derris Kharlan passed by a greenish planet that seemed to be rotating sideways. "Lord Yggdrasil."

Mithos turned to see his only real companion on the floating purple comet, Pronyma. "I thought we were done with formalities Pronyma." Mithos walked over to her.

"I…sorry…it'll take some getting used to," Pronyma stated and then after a pause said, "Mithos."

Mithos cupped Pronyma's chin and kissed her. It had been six months since the former Desian Grand Cardinal had professed her love to the blonde leader of Cruxis. The two were practically husband and wife now the only thing missing was a formal wedding. After the kiss Mithos drew Pronyma into a soft embrace.

"How long has it been, since I've wanted you to hold me like this? To be the only one at your side," Pronyma said with a smile.

"If you ask me it was too long," Mithos said with a smile. "You should have told me how you felt."

"Mithos," Pronyma swooned.


While Genis cooked dinner, Raine sat at the kitchen table drawing up lesson plans for tomorrow. "Sis, can I ask you something?" Genis asked as he got off the step stool walked over to the side of the table.

"Of course, what is it Genis?" Raine asked, looking up from her books.

"Do you…do you really want to marry that Byakuya guy?" Genis asked.

"Of course, why?" Raine asked.

Genis sighed, "I just don't understand, what do you see in him?"

"He has lots of good points," Raine said with a soft smile.

"Like what?" Genis humphed.

Raine counted on her fingers, "Well, he's intelligent, he's a great conversationalist, he's strong willed, caring and he has a very likeable personality."

"Are you sure we're talking about the same person?" Genis asked.

Raine chuckled, "He doesn't show very much on the surface. It took me a while to know so much about him."

"Yeah that's my point, what drew you to him?" Genis wanted to know. He walked back to the stove to check on the omelet, "I'm listening by the way, just making sure that dinner doesn't burn."

"That's quite all right," Raine said to her younger brother. She looked up at the ceiling, "I guess…what drew me to him was his sense of responsibility and his rigidness…it reminded me a lot of myself. Deep down though, we're both just as complex as each other."

"So in other words you're both puzzle boxes," Genis teased.

"You're lucky you're outside my range right now," Raine told Genis. He laughed mischievously.

"But yes, I'd have to agree. He's a puzzle," Raine said, "A puzzle I wish to solve."

Soul Society

Byakuya was holding a council meeting to discuss a few matters regarding the Kuchiki household. After more of the primary issues had been addressed one of the members spoke up, "By the way Byakuya, what are you going to do about passing on the clan?"

"Passing on the clan will not be necessary for a while longer," he said, "I plan to remarry."

Many of the council members were surprised, "A-are you sure about this Byakuya?" one of the elders said.

"Quite certain," he said.

"Well then I shall—"

"You can keep the list to yourself," Byakuya said, "I have already selected my betrothed."

"Oh?" another elder was surprised.

"What noble house is she from?" another member asked.

"That is something else I wish to discuss," Byakuya stated, "Why is it that nobles must marry other nobles? Whatever happened to the folklore of marrying into nobility?"

"I cannot believe this!" an elder shouted. "You plan to marry outside nobility again? Do you want to shame your family?"

"My family's honor is not your concern," Byakuya said, "And I have weighed the pros and cons of this constantly and I am quite certain of my decision in taking the woman I have chosen to be my bride to be considered such."

"Why marriage, certainly you can just…"

"It would be an insult to her to make her a mistress," Byakuya scowled. "I didn't expect you all to accept this, but then again you need to all band together to overrule me," he got a little cocky. "Do I have disapproval from all of you?"

"And just who do you plan to marry this time? Another filth from the slums?" an elder scowled.

"My chosen bride is not from the Rukongai," Byakuya stated.

One of the elders blew a gasket. "Wait, if she's not from Rukongai and she's not a noble where the bloody hell is she from?"

"No! Master Byakuya, please say you're not in love with a human?" one of the elders shouted.

"She's alive if that's what you mean, but she's not a human. The proper term to describe her is half-elf," he said.

"I don't care if she's the same species as Komamura, you're not to soil nobility with a living woman!" one of the elders shouted.

"Then how's this, I'm not asking for permission. I've made my decision and nothing any one of you says can persuade otherwise," Byakuya said defiantly.

"What happened to the Byakuya Kuchiki who ruthlessly led the Kuchiki family with an iron grip fifty years ago? Before your late slut of a wife's sister came into this family!" an elder shouted only for a Sokatsui blast to go sailing above his head.

"Don't you dare defile Hisana's stature like that," Byakuya said with tranquil fury in his voice. "And that Byakuya Kuchiki is long since dead," Byakuya lowered the arm he had used to fire off his Kido, "I swore to my dead parents that I would never break a law, but answer me, why is it that love has any laws? A wise woman once said to me that love is one thing that it is the most illogical thing to exist. It has no borders or boundaries and is completely unpredictable. I do not disagree with this statement."

"That's it! We've had enough of this! Captain Byakuya Kuchiki if you insist on defiling this household with your sacrilegious ways, we will excommunicate you from the house," an elder shouted.

Suddenly the doors flung open. "Council is in session!" an elder shouted.

"I am fully aware of that," a young female voice said. She looked at Byakuya, "Nii-sama, it's been approved."

"What's been approved?" one of the elders shouted. "What did you approve?"

"While we've all been talking," Byakuya said as Rukia closed the doors and walked next to him, "I had Rukia discuss a few things with some of the elder members of my house." He held out his palm to Rukia who placed a rolled up parchment in his hand. "From now on, if you wish to overrule my decisions, you must also have Rukia's consent to do so as well, as she is next in line and therefore an honorary member of the council."

"This is blasphemy!" one of the elder's shouted.

"Maybe so, but it's legal," Byakuya stated. He could hear the growls and disapprovals of the elders. "Now then," he turned towards Rukia, "Rukia I plan to remarry, have you any issue?"

"Miss Kuchiki he plans to marry a living woman, please stop him," an elder begged.

"I'm well aware and I've already met her. And let me say she's a much better person then any of your loquacious, bombastic, flighty, dull-witted, overrated hags you call daughters!" Rukia declared. Even Byakuya was surprised by Rukia's mouth. He was rather proud of her for saying such a thing; the elders needed to be taken down a peg or two every now and then.

"Then we have nothing to discuss," one of the elders snapped. "This council is dismissed. Do not expect us to turn up at the wedding."

"Rest assured I don't expect any of you to do anything more than sit in your chairs during these meetings and hopefully suffer from an aneurysm or heart attack when you're not here," Byakuya insulted. The elders got up from their chairs rather annoyed with their leader and the council was dismissed. The lights came on. "Rukia I am in your debt," Byakuya said.

"I didn't lie when I said that about your potential candidates, but are you sure about this nii-sama?" Rukia wanted to know. "I mean why Raine? I still don't understand."

"Perhaps one day you will," Byakuya said and walked away.


Ichigo's apartment

In his off campus apartment Ichigo had paid the pizza guy for his lunch and put the box on the coffee table. He turned on the news, went over to the fridge, cracked open a can of iced tea and sat down on the couch to watch.

"Today's top story: Astronomers have discovered a strange space abnormality approaching the planet from the planet Uranus. Visualization from space probes has identified the abnormality as what appears to be a large purple comet. The comet is slow moving and is predicted to be caught within Earth's gravitational pull within a few weeks. This is a picture of the comet in question."

Ichigo's eyes turned wide and he swallowed his tea wrong when he saw the comet. He put down the can and began coughing. Quickly he picked up the phone and called Chad. "Chad, turn on the news!" Ichigo shouted.

"I already did," Chad said.

"Do you think that's really…?"

"Hard to say, probably be best to ask Kratos or Yuan, they could confirm couldn't they?" Chad asked.

"I'm not going all the way to Karakura Town and then to Aselia just to ask Kratos and Yuan a question," Ichigo grumbled. His phone beeped twice. "Hold on, I have another call." He looked at the caller ID. It was Orihime calling him. He pressed the button to answer her call.

"Kurosaki-kun, did you see the news?" Orihime sounded excited.

"Yeah, I saw it Inoue," he said.

"Do you think it's really Derris-Kharlan?" Orihime asked.

"Well we'll know in a few days won't we?" Ichigo asked.

"Ah, I really hope it is! I hope Mithos-san and Pronyma-san drop by to say hello," Orihime said excitedly.

"Yeah, we haven't seen them in a long time," Ichigo said with smile. "I wonder if they even realize this is our home planet."

"Do you think Urahara-san could get in contact with it for us?" Orihime wondered.

"Who knows, be good if he could. I'd like to see how Mithos and Pronyma have been doing," Ichigo said.

"Ah, I've got another call," Orihime paused and then said, "It's Ishida-kun. I'll call you back later ok Kurosaki-kun?"

"Ok, talk to you later Inoue," Ichigo said.

"Bye," Orihime ended the phone call. Ichigo returned to his phone call with Chad, but it seemed Chad had also hung up. Ichigo shrugged and put his phone down.

As he was about to take his first bite into his lunch there was a knock on the door. Ichigo put the slice down and went to the door. Did I forget to tip the guy? He grumbled and opened the door. "Yeah?"

Standing in front of the door was a young woman with raven black hair, brushed down, but with part of it covering her left eye. She was wearing short green-gray shorts that just barely covered her ass and brown leather boots barely coming up to her ankles. She was wearing fingerless gloves and a denim shirt that was tight around her chest and barely passed down her ribcage, clearly showing her midriff. Her shapely chest was desperate to escape the cloth prison, as the female's cleavage was vast, and the beige bra being worn was easily visible. Ichigo found it hard not to stare.

"Er…can I…can I…h-help you…?" Ichigo asked turning his head, but not so much that he couldn't get an eyeful of the woman.

"I haven't seen you in four months and a change of wardrobe is all it takes to make you forget me. That hurts Ichigo," the woman said sardonically.

The orange headed adolescent recognized the woman's voice immediately, "Oh my god Sheena what are you doing here? Come on in, I was just about to sit down to lunch."

"Don't mind if I do," Sheena smirked and walked in. Ichigo shut the door behind them.

"How did you get here anyway?" Ichigo asked.

"Yuan," Sheena answered. "Using the technology of what remained of the Renegades he managed to create a portal that functioned similar to the Senkaimon. I would've got here sooner, but first I got mobbed by a bunch of random people when I was walking through town complimenting me on my 'realisticness' whatever that meant. I was uncomfortable so I made for the Urahara Shoten. Yoruichi helped me get some new clothes. I stopped by your house only for your dad to tell me you were in Kyoto. I cannot tell you how hard it was to get here. I think at least three guys tried to grab my chest on that train."

"I want names," Ichigo scowled.

"Relax," Sheena said with a sly grin. "I smashed them before they could lay a finger on me. Not very ladylike I know, but you know me."

"Tough as nails on the outside, but soft as a marshmallow on the inside," Ichigo commented to how Sheena once described herself when she was here during her first trip to Japan.

"And why the hell didn't you tell me you were moving back to Kyoto four months ago when you came to visit? Do you know how worried I was that I wasn't going to be able to find you?" Sheena started to get tense.

Ichigo placed a hand on her shoulder, "Hey you're here now aren't you?" Ichigo asked her.

"Only because I went to town hall and got a map," Sheena responded. "Look, Ichigo there's something I need to tell you."

Oh great, I think I know where this is headed. Ichigo sighed. "You don't have to tell me. I get it. This long distance thing isn't working out is it?"

"You got that right and so I've decided…"

Ichigo sighed, here it comes.

"…With the help of the Urahara Shoten I'm moving the Mizuho to Japan."

Ichigo was not prepared for that answer. "Huh?"

"Look you want to complete your education and I respect that, but I want to be here with you." Sheena clawed at Ichigo's shirt. "Do you know how agonizing it is being apart from you?" she flirted.

"I don't know. Why don't you show me?" Ichigo flirted back.

Sheena backed off and chuckled, "Later, right now I need to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Well, moving Mizuho is going to be a hassle. I was wondering if you'd help out," Sheena requested.

"Do you even have to ask? I'd do anything to help you Sheena," Ichigo told her.

"Well, that's a load off my back. I'd like to move as soon as possible. When do you have a break from your studies?" Sheena asked.

"Well summer break is coming up, so I guess I could start then," Ichigo said.

"Well that's fine. When's that a couple months?" Sheena said.

Ichigo nodded, "Yeah mid-July."

"Right, well then that's good news for me," Sheena said.

"How's that?" Ichigo asked.

Sheena snapped her fingers and in a burst of smoke a couple of luggage trunks appeared. "Well until the move starts I'm supposed to stay here. So I brought my stuff with me."

"Huh?" Ichigo was again, confused.

"Wh-what?" Sheena got worried, "A-Am I not allowed to stay here?" she asked.

"What? No!" Ichigo refuted, "No! Of course you're allowed to stay! Please! Do!"

"Well good," Sheena declared. Her resolve suddenly dropped and the next thing Ichigo knew Sheena was against him, arms clutched at Ichigo's shirt, head against his chest. Ichigo could hardly believe he was suddenly starting to hear sobbing.

He put his arms around Sheena. "Why are you crying?" he asked compassionately.

"I'm just so happy. Soon…soon I can be with you and we won't ever have to be separated by our worlds. Not ever again. It's so hard being apart from you Ichigo…so hard," Sheena sobbed.

Ichigo stroked Sheena's hair and shushed her. "There, there Sheena. It's okay. I'm here. It's okay."

It's okay


After Sheena finished unpacking her things Ichigo saw her darting around the apartment and looking out the various windows. It was putting him off his lunch. "What are you doing?" he asked looking back from the couch.

"Your house is completely defenseless," Sheena stated.

"What do you mean?" Ichigo got up and pointed to a small box on the wall. "I have a state of the line security system installed right here."

"This thing?" Sheena was perplexed. She wondered how a small white box fitted on the inside of the house could do the job that normally required 50 charms on any Mizuho made property. "There's no way. What if you get attacked in the middle of the night by a monster or a thief breaks into your house. What's this thing supposed to do?"

"First of all the only monsters that could attack my house would be hollows and if they attack I take care of them personally. Second, if a thief does attack," Ichigo pulled down the latch on the security box and hit the red button marked ARM. All the windows slammed shut and locked. Ichigo pointed out the window to where a cardboard cutout of a poorly drawn thief was rising out of the ground. A security camera honed in on the individual and a little red lighter hovered over it. A red laser shot out and blasted the cutout to bits. Unfortunately at the time of the test a car happened to be driving down the street and had to swerve out of the way of the laser. Ichigo and Sheena then heard a crash and an alarm go off. "Oops," was all Ichigo said.

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