Elena escapes Mystic Falls with Caroline for some fun & frivolity and Damon follows her. Sexy times ensue and Stefan finds out. What happens to our favourite pair when all hell breaks loose from their choices?


As they walked into the club the music was pumping, it was it's own entity, it spoke, it moved through the bodies that were packed into the room. Elena smelt the sweat and felt the heat of everyone dancing, writhing against their partners in a way that was primal and aggressive.

She liked it, no she loved it. This was her release. She dismissed Caroline who was eye fucking the boy in the booth near them. Caroline was more than happy to leave to see if she could get to know the stranger.

Elena worked her way to the centre of the dance floor. She wanted to have a good time, she was sick of fighting for her life, sick of the constant struggle that is the life of Elena Gilbert. She wanted to forget for one night so that's why she suggested to Caroline to head out of town for a while.

Of course Stefan disagreed. He didn't want her getting caught up in another drama or something to go supernaturally wrong in Mystic Falls while she was gone. But if she didn't leave than she would actually go insane. Yes this had been a good descion, even if Stefan wasn't happy with it – they had a difference of opinion. They were drifting apart lately – everything happening with Klaus and breaking the curse had sucked life from the both of them. She had to stop thinking.

She let the beat take her, she swung her hips and gyrated, she flung her hair, she touched her body as she danced, she knew the people around her where admiring her small frame going wild. Tonight she didn't care – this was quite out of her character to go this wild. She assumed it was from all the pressure on her life, on her friend's lives. But she let the rhythm lead her.

The music played…

"When the dark of the night

Comes around, that's the time

That the animal comes alive

Looking for something wild"

He was sitting at the bar watching the throngs of slutty females walk in with their friends, he rolled his eyes. He was so over this scene, doing it for some 100 years or so made it really boring. He was waiting for her, He had followed her and he knew she would be here soon. He ordered another drink from the bar and took a long drink, savouring the burn of alcholol.

She entered the room and his body froze as she strutted in on 5 inch pumps. He noticed her scent first then he took in what she was wearing. He had never seen her in high heels before and she took his breath away. He wanted to kiss and lick up her legs and not stop there. She found a spot on the dance floor and began to move as he watched her from the bar, she was dancing with reckless abandon and he fucking loved it. He had never seen Elena lose herself – she was always calm, self controlled. This was a different side of Elena. He didn't know why he followed her tonight, but he was certainly glad he did. She had told Stefan she was going on a break – he was worried, blah blah blah typical Stefan. Elena can handle herself.

He took another swig of his drink looking at the way she was dancing he knew she could handle herself. He was mesmerized, she was looking at no one in particular yet her eyes leaked desire and lust, one arm in the air, one running up and down her torso as she tipped her head back and sang the words to the song.

'Kiss me k-k-kiss me

Infect me with your lovin; fill me with your poison

Take me t-t-take me, wanna be your victim ready for abduction

Your alien your touch is so foreign its super natural extraterrestrial"

She was absolutely beautiful, her inhibitions dropping and her heart was pounding from excitement and the thrill of letting lose. His bloodlust was barely stated from his previous feeding it began to rage watching her writhe on the dance floor, he wanted her, & with a smirk he thought "Damn Stefan".

He finished his drink, He was going to take what he wanted... Elena

She felt eyes watching her, they weren't just anyone's eyes. They pierced her skin. Her breathing hitched and her heart sped up. Who was watching her; she slowed her dancing to catch her breath.

"Hello Elena," His breath blew across the skin of her neck from behind her.

She knew that voice, she could pick it out of a room with 100 people, Damon Salvatore. What was he doing in this club?

"What are you doing here?," She yelled over the music and turned around to glare at him.

"I should be asking you the same thing," He did the eye thing.

Elena jutted her chin out "I'm dancing Damon, I'm enjoying myself, something I don't get to do anymore, I told Stefan I'd be out of town, I thought he would have mentioned it to you".

"Oh he did that's why I'm here" he said flashing a wicked smile.

"Are you following me now?" Elena glared at Damon, now she was angry.

"Maybe" He stood staring at her, his eyes raking up and down her body.

"Damon, I'm really not in the mood for mind games right now, if you're here to talk now is not the time".

Before she had time to turn around he moved in closer, he grabbed her hips with his hands.

"Oh, I don't wanna talk" he stared her down. His blue eyes burning into hers.

She was not in the mood for his games. Talking would only frustrate her more. She didn't know what he wanted or why he was here.

She closed her eyes and began to move; she turned her back to him and pressed into him. Like before the music consumed her, she let the beat take her, she danced into Damon, her body pressed into his, her arms tangled around his neck, she swayed to the heavy bass beat. She knew he wasn't expecting it and it would divert the conversation to a later time.

He stood there dumbfounded, even with his vampire intuition he did not expect this from Elena. She was fucking dancing on him. The beat of the music was intoxicating, her skin was wet & shining with sweat. He could feel every small curve of her body pressing against him, her small frame rubbing against his body, he placed his hands around her waist for the first time. Some of his wildest fantasies involved dancing with her, this could work out to be a lot of fun. He pushed her closer to him; his growing member loving the fiction from her arse. He began to dance with her, he could feel her on his skin, hot sticky wet, fuck what was she doing to him? The beat pulsated, the song was gritty and dirty and he used that to his advantage to grind into her behind. Her head lent back into his neck and they were basically fucking with clothes on. Damon's vampire mind entired over drive, he had wanted to feel this for so long, to feel her body against his writhing, her skin in contact with his. He didn't understand why she was doing this but he didn't want her to stop.

The song slowed and morphed into something else entirely, the beat slower and Elena pulled away from him. He instantly missed her contact. Now he had the smallest taste of her it would never be the same. A growl erupted from his throat.

He grabbed her arm "Where are you going?" His eyes boring into hers.

She looked at where he was grabbing her arm, something burned inside her, a spark ingnited.

"I'm going to find Caroline, it's past 3am and we should probably head to the apartment".

Elena pulled out her phone, damn 2 text messages.

"Elena gone back to cute blond guys apartment – see you tomoro. C xoxo"

Now she didn't have Caroline to fall back on, what was she going to do with Damon? She didn't plan on this happening, and she knew he would insist on taking her back to the apartment.

She looked up from her phone, "She's gone home with someone".

"We could always stay here and dance, I was just starting to enjoy that" He grabbed her waist.

She shook her head, "I'd actually really like to go, I'm getting pretty tired".

She had been dancing for a few hours now. Her feet were burning standing still. She hated that feeling. She knew she would have blisters.

"Tired enough for this" He spoke with a wicked smirk and held her close, swaying matching the slow beat perfectly.

When he pulled her hips in close to himself he ran his fingers to the small of her back and began to stroke one of his hands up & down her. Her skin burned from his feather light touch. She leaned her head on his chest and inhaled the scent that was only Damon Salvatore, the smell of leather & Calvin Klein cologne.

Her head was spinning. What was she doing dancing with her boyfriend's brother in such a close and intimate way? Before was different she was riding on the high of the music, letting it take her places, dropping her inhibitions. But now the music was slow and intimate, this felt wrong, and not for the reasons she expected. She had always had feelings for Damon wether she admitted it previously not, but she loved Stefan. With his hands on her body and in his warm embrace, swaying to the beat her body was stirring with emotions she had crushed for so long.

She released him, she couldn't do this to Stefan. She wouldn't.

Looking him in the eyes she told him she was leaving. He just stared at her and watched her go and empty expression masking his face.

She moved though the mass of dancing bodies, tears sprung in her eyes, burning like acid. She pushed her way though the crowd to the green EXIT sign, she was determined to get as far away from Damon as she humanly could.

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