Elena knew what she had said to Damon yesterday was monumental - that she would change for him. And she didn't regret telling him, she didn't regret wanting it. She knew the blood had changed her. How could it not? She was now connected to Damon in the most primal way. How many other partners could say about their lovers they shared a deep seated bond where they could feel each others emotions? She knew Damon's love for her was real and she wanted nothing more than to share in eternity with him together. Elena felt completely sure of herself.

What she wasn't sure of, was everything at Mystic Falls. Family, Friends, School. If she turned she had a feeling Bonnie would have a fit and disown her. Aunt Jenna would never to allowed to know and even though Jeremy would be shocked, he would support her. She knew everyone would love her but wouldn't see her as the same Elena. She felt annoyed. Why shouldn't they? She would be the same Elena right?

Elena pushed the thought away. It was dusk of the last night of her getaway. Looking out the window of Damon's penthouse she felt torn up inside. Her emotions were all over the place. Elena felt the shakes coming on as sat and stared blankly out into the night sky. Her arm began to move, twitching in involuntarily as she considered what she had to do. Panic swelled in her heart.

Life was speeding along to fast and she would have to make decisions before life overtook her. Everything was going to fast. She loved Damon, how she had not seen that before she came here was the understatement of her life but then she didn't really know who Stefan was either. Damon had offered her a way out and yes it was selfish, it was cruel to leave her family but it was still an option. If she knew her friends and family were going to be protected by Bonnie's wards then she didn't need to worry about them. All she wanted was for them to be protected so she could now run. Damon had offered sanctuary and she wanted it.

With twenty four hours before she left here for Mystic Falls or some other destination with Damon, the clock was against her. She wished for more time that would never come. With every passing minute, time was robbed from her and she needed to decide if she would leave with him.

"Elena" Damon said in a serious tone as he walked into the room. He could sense the waves of self doubt and fear rolling of her.

"Damon" She replied in the same voice.

"You really need to stop worrying that pretty little head of yours." As he sped over to her stroking her hair and pulling her into his embrace.

"Its kind of hard when I feel like my whole life is spinning wildly out of control" she looked at him "Damon you know what's going on inside of me."

He nodded "Let me fix it then."

Elena closed her eyes, letting her mind open to Damon. His feather light touch ran up her arms sending electricity to her bones. Peace washed over her as he projected his emotions. She felt completely safe inside his mind, like she was home there. Her breathing slowed as her heart beat steadied in her chest. She lent her forehead on his as they connected. He was taking her grief and turning it into joy. Feeling after feeling crashed over her mind like a wave.

"Damon" she whispered to his lips.

She kissed him gently. There foreheads connected, she climbed onto him, her legs wrapping around his hips, her arms snaked there way around his neck and she pulled him closer to her. He held her up as the kiss turned from gentle to pure need. Elena began to choke up, the thoughts from Damon's mind filling her with unconditional love and pure desire. Tears began to stream down her face as Damon whispered into her mind how much he loved her.

Still utterly connected Damon walked over to the bed and gently laid her down, her hair splayed out, she wouldn't let go of him, she needed him. He placed her hands on his face knowing she couldn't bear the loss. He ripped his shirt off and then slid his jeans and underwear off. Then he did the same for her until they were both naked.

He crawled over her. There bodies connecting at every point from head to toes. He kissed her again and the tears flowed vertically from her eyes. Staining the sheets below her. Damon hovered over her; he kissed the skin where her tears streamed. Nothing else mattered more than being together.

"I love you so much Elena" He provoked her tears further as he whispered to her.

She wrapped her legs around his hips and he entered her core slowly. Brown eyes met blue and they were perfectly synchronized in this space of time. There love making was slow and pure. Sharing minds, hearts and body as his he thrust deeper into her core.

Elena watched as the man above her bared his soul. The vulnerability washed over his features as he let her in further to his mind. He wanted all of her and nothing more. Elena saw how much he wanted to utterly possess her and make her his. He wanted her as his vampire princess.

Looking into the blue depths of his eyes she mouthed "Do it", Damon cocked his head to the side unsure of the meaning in her words.

"Turn me" She spoke again as he thrust slowly into her core. "Now, do it now Damon" she pleaded with him. Opening her mind to him she let her own sureness of her decision shine though to him.

Damon continued to slowly make love to her as the revelation of her decision hit his heart. She was willing to change for him and she wanted it now.

Elena wrapped her arms around Damon's shoulders bringing him down closer to her, she opened her legs further allowing deeper access for him and she dug her heels into his thighs asking him to go deeper.

As his member sunk into her again and again, he placed his sweaty forehead on hers.

"Are… you… sure…?" he asked between thrusts, "there…. is… no…. going…. Back"

"Damon, ugh, I've never been more… Oh my god… sure in my life. I love you Damon"

A smile spread across Damon's face as he confirmed her wish. He had wanted this for so long and now Elena would be his forever. Damon sped his thrusts up. He needed more of her to be deeper inside of her.

"Open your eyes" he demanded of her. She complied. His eyes were intense as he ground into her faster and faster.

"I'll do it. I love you".

The pleasure of Damon's thrusts sent Elena over the edge and he brought her to orgasm. Her walls spasmed around him as she screamed his name in ecstasy. She began to shake in pleasure as the waves of her orgasm took her to another place.

Damon's thrusts slowed, "Elena I'm going to bite you now, it won't be painful, I promise." He whispered into her ear. She nodded as he sunk his fangs into her neck.

He began to orgasm as he drunk in her blood, the animal inside him wanting to take over as he knew this was the last time he drunk from her as a human, next time he sunk his fangs into her she would be a vampire.

Elena closed her eyes and felt everything she was being pulled from her neck. This was it, she was going to turn, she would transition and become Damon's princess of darkness. She remembered that she wouldn't be able to go into the sunlight until a witch spelled an item of hers. The pleasure of Damon's thrusts faded as she felt herself slipping off the edge of the world. Her head began to spin and she tried to open her eyes but they weren't obeying. Lightness took over her and she felt like she was no longer on the bed. She felt like she wasn't anywhere as the darkness pulled her down.

Damon fought his inner animal down, only for it to spring to life again. It was raging because he was killing her. The sweet ambrosia liquid flowing down his throat caused him to moan as he felt her heart begin to slow. Elena slipped into unconsciousness and he withdrew his member from her, yet continued to drink from her. He knew the end was coming; her blood was becoming richer as he sucked the last remnants of her body.

Elena's heart was stuttering and stalling, begging to stop yet not being able to yet. Damon sucked a few ore mouthfuls pulling all he could from her and then her heart gave way with one final beat. It was done. Elena was lying limp on the bed, dead to be more precise. Yet she would wake and when she woke she would be glorious.

From the amount of Damon's blood she had ingested and due to their bond, the transition wouldn't take long. Damon was expecting her to wake within the next twenty minutes. But she would be starving for blood because he had drained her. He wondered what she would like when she woke some vampire's transition easily and others don't.

Damon got off the bed and covered her with a sheet. He brushed her face with a finger tip as he looked down at his girl, soon to be his forever. He couldn't wait for her to wake and begin the transition. He would teach her everything she needed to know. He would show her how to hunt, how to drain a human effectively. Oh the fun they could have.

He sat on the bed and waited, waited for what felt like an eternity before she opened her eyes.

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