Bonnie's P.O.V.

Not even a minute after Damon closed the door, I find myself opening it again to go after him. The sound of voices stops me in my tracks. I instantly recognize Stefan's voice, and that he sounds tired or maybe frustrated?

"You're really going to do this?"

"Do what?" That came from Damon. As usual he sounded annoyed by Stefan, but I can't figure out why.

"Pretend that what you're feeling for her isn't real."

"First Meredith, now you? I don't like the witch." I don't know why but those words coming from him gives me a tight feeling in my chest. Maybe it's because he had been the closest thing I had to a friend by my side lately. Or maybe it was something different.

My vision begins to blur again as I watch Stefan's face change to disappointment. "Yeah, okay. How is she?" I quickly pull myself together as I wait for his response.

I watch he shrugs, and impassively speaks. "Better. What did Sage find out?" I remember hearing the others discuss Sage being gone for most of the week. From their conversation I guess it was safe to assume he was back.

"Not much, apparently there are many vampires looking to massacre witches."

"So what do we do now? It's not like we have a direct information source."

Before I can stop myself I say, "I do," Both brothers turn in my direction as I try to stand tall and act like I just came in. I notice Damon staring at me curiously before turning my gaze to Stefan, who looks worried that I might break down again. I take a deep breath, while looking at him. "I need to see my grandmother."

Stefan looks confused, "Your grandmother?"

I nod my head, desperately trying to keep my eyes away from Damon. "She's also a witch…or was. She might have the information I need."

"What…is Emily not very forthcoming anymore?" Damon asks

"I told her…" I pause, pushing some of the hatred back. "I told her to stay away from me." Emily seemed to be more of a threat than any other vampire. She had used me to keep the witch line alive, and it cost me my parents. "I need to go home." I say, even surprising myself.

"Are you sure?" Stefan says softly, looking closely at my face.

I force a smile and give a short nod. "I can handle it. I need some things from there."

"If you say so," Damon starts, "Let's go."

I turned to Stefan with pleading eyes. "It's fine, I'll go with Stefan." They both turn to me in genuine surprise and confusion. "I-I mean I don't want to bother you with this."

"You're not," He drawls out.

Stefan looks uncomfortably between us before saying, "I could just take yo-"

"No, I got it brother." Damon interrupts, his eyes never leaving me.

I force my eyes to meet his and made my lips twitch to a small smile. "Thank you."

"You should probably go shower first though." He says with a smirk.

"Yeah, but I have no clothes here."

"You can borrow from Elena or Meredith." Stefan says

I shake my head. "They're probably too big." I was positive of that. Elena and Meredith had been taller than me and were filled out in places I wasn't. "I can change when I get home." I watch as they both nod.

Damon takes the lead out of the hallway. With one last glance in Stefan's direction I start to follow him.

There is nothing but silence between us in the car. I stare blankly ahead as I pretend not to notice the curious stares Damon is throwing my way. When my house comes into view, my breath catches in my throat. It must have been audible because Damon's eyebrow rises in question. I slowly exit the car and make my way to the front door. Flashbacks of that night invade my mind. Blood. There was so much blood. I take slow, cautious steps into the living room. I stare at the now spotless floor.

I looked to the floor and screamed as I spotted my parents on the floor. I worked by way out of his grip as I ran over to them as my eyes began to fill with tears. "Mom? Dad?" I received no answer from them. I turned to Damon, my vision now blurred from all the crying. "You have to do something," I screamed, "Your blood can heal them. Help them!"

His face didn't change as he spoke. "I can't," His eyes met mine. "It won't work on the dead."

I desperately try to will the memory away from my head. I turn away from the sight and rush upstairs to my room. I enter my room with unshed tear still burning in my eyes. I quicken my pace and move to my closet. I hastily grab my suitcase, still half packed from the recent move. I work my way around the room in a fast pace, more motivated to leave this place. I throw a few things into my bag. The book of shadows suddenly pops into my mind, and I drop to my knees to look under my bed. To my surprise, the book sits there untouched. I pull it out and stare at it. This book represents everything that has gone wrong with my life. My mom tried to keep me away from this and my disobedience lead to her death, my father's, and almost Tyler's.

Crap. Tyler.

He's probably still in the hospital. Scared, confused, or worrying about my whereabouts. I can't drag him into this. Tyler is the one person I do have the ability to save. I was more than prepared to let him go, maybe Caroline too. I sigh as I walk over to my dresser to grab more things when my movements are halted by the sight of a picture. It was a picture of me and my parents on my thirteenth birthday.

I get lost in the picture until I felt a cold hand around my shoulder. I spin around to be faced with Damon. His dark eyes travel from mine to the picture of my family. Wordlessly I grab the frame and carefully place it into my bag carefully. I turn back to him. "Can you take me one more place?"

Damon and I sit parked in front of Fell's Church hospital. I sit silently in the passenger seat, staring out of the window. Damon's voice almost startles me. "Not to be rude, Redbird," He starts. "But we are on a schedule. What's your decision?"

I turn my head to look at him. "Yes," I know my voice sounds shaky so I try again. "Yes." He gives a curt nod before exiting the car. I follow him out, closing the door after me. "I want to talk to him before."

Out of the corner of my eyes I see him roll his. "Fine, just make it quick."

We arrive at the front desk. A blond lady sits typing furiously. She looks up as she sees us approach. "Can I help you?"

"We're here to see Tyler Smallwood." We head up to his room after we're giving directions. When we approach his room I stand there frozen for a while. I remember that I was doing this for him. I couldn't let anyone get hurt; especially someone who I had grown to care for. I slowly walk into his room with Damon behind me. Tyler lays there in a hospital bed, watching the television by his side. Our footsteps cause him to look in our direction. His eyes widen when they land on me.


I lift my lips into a small smile. "Hi Tyler."

He sits up. "What happened to you? We were worried?"

"I know," I say shortly. "We have to talk."

He nods slowly. "Okay, what?"

I shrug. "You know that I never really had a place until I came to town. You, Matt and Caroline had made me feel special; like I belonged here. I never was really close to anyone like I was close to you. After all you were my first kiss."

"Bonnie?" He asks, now beyond confused about what I was here to do.

I continue as if I didn't hear him. I needed to get this out fast. "I just wanted to thank you for being that person. For making me feel normal." I take a breath before continuing. "but now I need to let you go. You've already been attacked because of me. I don't want that to happen again." He almost interrupts, but I hold up a hand. "Maybe one day we can pick up where we left off."

I look back at Damon and gesture for him to come forward. I move back as he approaches Tyler's bed. I look around the hallway nervously, looking out for nurses and doctors. I hear Damon speak quietly and firmly. "Tyler, you won't remember dating Bonnie. You two never got close. You barely can remember her name. She's just the new girl that made friends with Caroline. You don't have any feelings for her."

Although Damon and I didn't agree to that last part, I don't protest. Tyler did deserve better than me. Tyler snaps out of his daze when Damon backs off. He looks surprised to see Damon standing there. "Damon? What are you doing here?"

"We were just making sure you were okay." He lies.

"We?" He questions before looking over at me. Some selfish part of me hopes that Damon's influence didn't reach him. I quickly push that part down. "Hey, um…"

"Bonnie." I fill in sadly. "What happened?"

He shakes his head confused. "I got attacked by something when I was in the woods alone. It's no big deal."

I nod at his story. "Just as long as you're okay." I say a quick goodbye before Damon and I exit the room. I stay silent as we enter the car again. I rest my head against the seat. I feel Damon's dark eyes staring at me. I sigh.

"You shouldn't be sad. Smallwood was beneath you."

I shake my head at his words. "No, he wasn't. He's a good guy." Damon's smirk tells me that he doesn't agree with me. "Can we go get this over with?"

He starts the car in response. "Buckle up."

I obey as he pulls off. It was time for me to visit my grandmother.

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