Title: strong objections to the lady

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not.

Rating: K+

Summary: Leverage/B:tVS. The conclusion had seemed obvious: a mid-life crisis complicated by a predatory young woman. 200 words.

Notes: For tthdrabbles challenge #106 "it isn't what it looks like". Post-series for Buffy; no particular spoilers for Leverage. Title from a line in Pride & Prejudice.

It had seemed like such a straightforward job at first glance.

A suspicious bombing incident had killed the leadership of a British firm that dealt in historical research and antiquities; afterward, a disgraced former employee had seized control of all surviving assets and given them over to the American who'd been the catalyst for his dismissal in the first place. The conclusion had seemed as obvious as presented: a mid-life crisis complicated by a predatory young woman.

The older gentleman who'd contacted Leverage Consulting through Sophie had wanted the wayward ex-employee disgraced, the girl and the friends she'd hired to run the firm into the ground ruined, and their assets transferred to several retired employees eager to restore WC Holdings to its former prosperity. A job right in their ballpark. Nate had quickly agreed, and though old Wyndham-Price had made Eliot vaguely uneasy, he hadn't felt strongly enough to object.

He swallowed, feeling the press of a spiked heel over his jugular, and looked up into the offended expressions of the blonde and brunette who'd just handled him like a rag doll.

He must be going soft. He should have known there was more to this situation than first appeared.