Takizawa, Saki thought as she looked out of her bedroom window. She stared at the rain that fell from the gray clouds that hid the sun. It was yet another gloomy day without her prince around. She missed him. She missed him a lot. The redhead sighed heavily as her head leaned against the glass that separated her from the tears the sky was crying.

It was weird how she met him and then he would disappear and then meet him and then he would disappear again and so on and so forth. They kissed, more than once. They enjoyed each other's company. It was love.

But it pained her every time she saw him leave. She would never know whether or not they would ever meet again. She worried about him. Her heartbeat kept a slow, steady rhythm, despite the tears that fell down the sides of her face. She thought the world of him.

"Takizawa," Saki mumbled to herself as she buried her face in her arms, wishing he would come back. Though she had her family and friends, she felt they couldn't fill the void like he could. His kindness, his warmth, his smile, his messy black hair, the look in his onyx eyes when he looked at her, she missed it all. The woman missed every part of his being.

Days passed and she waited for him. Her eyes took in the sight of the ocean from where she was standing against a railing. She looked back over to her right and saw yet another painful memory. The redhead took out her cellphone and browsed through the pictures until one particular picture came up.

She smiled at the memory. It was her and the black haired man she loved so much, in front of the incident that he ever so cleverly nick-named "Ground Zero". Tears welded up in her eyes and she sighed heavily before closing the phone.

She could never hate him, no matter how hard she tried. She was heartbroken, but she didn't hate him. He kept running away with her heart and then returning for a short period of time. It was as if she was running after him in circles. The only reason she hadn't broke down yet was because he promised to return to her, which he never failed to keep, despite the amount of time she had to wait.

The twenty-one year old woman watched the sun as it slowly set in the distant horizon. She felt her hopes going down with the bright orange orb that was partially hidden by a couple of small, pink clouds. She closed her eyes, her head slightly down, and let herself actually cry for the first time in a long time.

The sun was now gone and the stars of the night sky along with the lights of the city buildings filled the woman's light brown eyes as she opened them. The ocean breeze lightly blew her long, orange hair and her loose tank top. Around her neck was the gold ring from the merry go round in New York that they rode on together.

"Takizawa, stop stealing my heart away, you idiot," she mumbled as she looked up into the night sky. Saki held her hands together behind her back and looked up into the stars amazed. The lights from the pitch black sky that captured her light brown orbs. "I don't know why I love you so much, I just do. Maybe you would know the answer."

"Maybe I would know the answer to that question?" a tall man asked as he leaned against a post a few feet from Saki. The redhead's eyes widened and she turned around. Her eyes lit up and started to water once again when she saw the man, along with a large smile spreading across her face.


I can hear your heartbeat…

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Song: Heartbeat by Enrique Inglesias Ft. Nicole Sherzinger