From Confession to The Pilgrimage


I have removed the text of Confession as it is now the prologue of my new story The Pilgrimage, that I just started posting.

In the meanwhile I give you the summary and the List of Characters (which are a LOT, so the list is useful).

Summary: AD1353. Europe has been ravaged by the plague, and millions died To thank God for their deliverance, or to atone for the sins of their dead loved ones, many people will go on pilgrimages, either to near or far away destinations. We will follow a number of such pilgrims, willing to worship at San Marcus' shrine. But, things are not always what they seem. The handsome young monk leading them is very pale under his cowl, and he appears to be fasting all the time. Plus, all of them have secrets and very few are innocent. Will they find love or death at the end of the journey?

This is a Pre Twilight AU story. It is rather dark and there are no Edward and Bella, obviously. Feel like reading it all the same? I hope so, because I promise you a passionate love story, despite the setting. The rating is M, for violence, sex and, just in one case, slash.

Characters in The Pilgrimage

A. Humans - The pilgrims

Aligi: a young pilgrim, atoning for his father's sins and with something to hide.

Alina: a beautiful horsewoman from Arezzo, mysteriously connected to Aligi. She will join the pilgrimage later.

Omodeo: an arbalester from Genoa, still mourning Fulco, the man he loved and died at Crecy.

Bonizella: a merchant's widow, harboring a dark secret.

Cosimo: a notary, who is not shy of messing with the wills entrusted to him and now is planning murder.

Duccio & Baldo: a butcher and his brother. Baldo is simpleminded and, as it is often the case, extremely perceptive.

Guerrino: an apothecary, who fears the vengeful ghost of a woman he wronged.

Velia & Masino: a rich woman from Montalcino, widowed twice, and her henpecked son.

Ada: a wet nurse, who has lost her child.

Vanna: a midwife, who meddles too much.

Leonello: a mediocre painter looking for work, with his apprentice.

Morello: a horse.

Other pilgrims, unnamed. Among them two embroiderers, a baker, a farrier, a beekeeper, a cheese maker….

B. Vampires

Aro: the "Abbot",leader of the Volturi coven, with his two "brothers":

Marcus: the Order of Saint Marcus' Librarian, and

Caius: the Order of Saint Marcus' Cellarer.

Adso: the "Monk" guiding the pilgrims to Saint Marcus' Shrine. Formerly a Dominican novice, he is now a Lure for the Volturi.

Ruby: an attractive female. She is the Volturi's tracker.

Dominic: a gifted member of the Volturi Guard.

Godenzo: a priest turned vampire by the Volturi, with the gift of making humans sleep.(He was able to do this even when human and preaching).

Tanya: a gorgeous succubus.

Irina: her "sister".

A nomad: who has something to reveal.

Other members of the Volturi coven, unnamed.