Okay so I am making it that Zuko never defied the Fire Lord and he is still living there. And Sokka is going to be OC.

Under age sex, Slash, Rated M.

This was a request from Kourt. I hope you enjoy it.

If there are any requests let me know and I will try.


Fire Lord Ozi looked down from his throne as his soldiers paraded young boys and girls past him. They were dressed in colours from the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes.

"Sokka, from the Northern Water Tribe," one of his guards said as he pushed another boy forward and onto his knees, grabbing a handful of hair he pulled the boys head back. His hair was jet black and the few strands that were free from his soldiers grip hung loosely around his face. Bright blue eyes stared back at him, wide and fear filled. The soldier pulled his hair again and a soft gasp parted his full lips. The Fire Lord nodded, "My son will enjoy this one. Take him to his rooms," he stood and moved from the room. He very well knew what way his son bent he didn't care as long as he would take a wife and produced an heir. Who he fucked as slaves he didn't care.

The servants opened the door and he stepped outside to see his son spin and fire spewing from foot as he turned. His teacher easily blocked the attack and bowed when he spotted him. "Fire Lord."

Zuko turned and to bowed, "Father."

"Zuko walk with me." The man turned and walked out into the garden. Zuko bowed quickly to his tutor and followed his father. They walked in silence around the garden. "It's your sixteenth tomorrow." The man paused, "I have arranged for my gift to be left in your room, you are not to return there till after you have had dinner. You can then enjoy it as much as you wish." The Fire Lord stopped and turned to his oldest child. "Now return to your lessons." The young Prince bowed and slowly walked back to his tutor and his lesson. The rest of the day didn't pass fast enough for the young prince. But finally all the dishes were taken away and they were allowed to go. As fast as he could he without running he walked swiftly along the corridors towards his room. Opening his doors he found himself staring at a male, kneeling on the floor, in the blues of the Northern Water Tribe. The males head shot up and he saw that he mustn't be much younger than himself. Black hair fell around his face and his wide blue eyes looked up at him. A leather collar already encased his throat. Slowly he closed the door of his room and moved over to the bed. Slowly he pulled over his outer robe and then his shirt. Turning he sat down on the edge of the bed and looked over his new present. It was the first time he had a pet to himself but he had fucked the other concubines (male and female) in the castle. "What is your name?" he asked.

"S-Sokka," the slave replied.

"And how old are you?"

"I turned sixteen a full moon ago." Sokka looked up at the young prince that looked down at him. Sokka knew what he was now and what was going to happen to him. He was a slave and he was one to this prince, and if it was anything to go by from the looks he was giving him, he was going to be in the man's bed. He had already come to the decision not to fight it hurt too much.

"Stand," came the order.

Slowly Sokka stood and climbed to his feet, he stood his head bowed. He heard the Prince climb to his feet and walk towards him. Slowly Zuko began to circle him, his hand running over his clothed chest and across his back. Moving around in front of him, he slowly began undoing the ties of the blue shirt, working his way down. Pulling Sokka's shirt from his pants he opened it. Slowly he brushed his fingers over the exposed chest. Leaning forward he breathed in the scent of the slightly older male and began kiss along his neck. Reaching the bottom of his ear he pushed his tongue out and sucked the lobe between his lips. Sokka gasped and Zuko grinned. "I will be gentle," he whispered as he let go of the lobe, "Just don't fight me and it will be easier for you."

"Yes, master," Sokka answered softly.

Zuko's stomach tightened and he groaned into the neck of the teen. "Yes, that was good hearing you call me that. But in here in my bedroom you call me Zuko." He resumed his kissing as he began to slide the shirt from Sokka's body. Quietly the material hit the floor and Zuko moved his hands down, slowly they undid the binds on the pants and the pants fell from his hips leaving only the loincloth, which was quickly disposed of. Stepping back Zuko motioned for the teen to step out of his pants. Walking forward Sokka resisted the temptation to cover his body from the prince's roaming eyes, blushing. Zuko grinned at the sight as he took in the slim but well muscled body. His penis was a nice size, neither was it too long or too small, it was settled in a light brush of hair, it would have to go later, but first. His body was hardening, and he moved forward, his hand circling the cock in front of him. He began to stroke, running his fingers up and down. Sokka moaned and shivered as he began to harden. Zuko moved his hand down and cupped his balls. He wrapped his other hand other the back of the teen and backed them up to the bed. When his knees hit the bed, he fell backwards, dragging Sokka with him. Zuko laughed and he spun them so he was on top. Reaching down he undid the ties on his pants and pulled them down sitting up he stripped, his hard cock springing up.

Sook shivered at the sight and began to shake, he closed his eyes fear suddenly gripping him. Zuko frowned, "Shh," he whispered and leaned forward, "I will make you feel good." He began to slide down the lean body, laying kisses as he went, till he reached the slightly stiff cock and licked up along the underside. Sokka gasped and his eyes widened and his hips bucked up. Zuko grinned, he moved one arm over his hips, holding the teen's hips down and began lick again, each swipe going from base to the tip. Slowly he descended and sucked one of the balls into his mouth and rubbed the soft flesh against his tongue. Above his Sokka moved and gasped at each swipe. Releasing the now slimy flesh from his mouth he moved back to the tip of the cock and swallowed it completely. His throat tightening around the cock and Sokka's hips tried to buck up and warm, salty liquid slipped down his throat and he swallowed, sucking it all down. Grinning he pulled off the cock and wiggled his way back up Sokka's body.

"That was quick," Zuko grinned and Sokka blushed. Zuko laughed, "I am your first huh?" Sokka nodded his eyes looking over to the side. "No, pet, that's good, I will show you everything that I like." He gently put a hand on Sokka's chin and turned his face back to him, lowering his lips he sealed them over his and began to kiss him. Sokka gasped and Zuko took the chance and filled his mouth with his tongue. Slowly Sokka's tongue began to play against his and he moaned. He pulled back from the kiss and a trail of saliva connected them. Sokka licked his lips as he looked up at Zuko, his cock was already beginning to harden again, just from that kiss. Zuko could feel that cock hard under him again and shivered and sat up. "Turn over," he ordered and stood, moving to his table and pulled out his lube jar. Turning around he saw Sokka on his back, his legs tight together. "Spread your legs," Zuko ordered. As he walked back to the bed, the legs spread and he climbed in between them. Leaning over he kissed the small of the back. "You must relax, or this will hurt." He pulled the top off jar and stuck three fingers in it. With his other hand he opened the cheeks in front of him, exposing the small pucker. Grinning he leant over and blew slowly over it and the arse muscles quivered softly. Chuckling he moved his greased fingers up and slowly pushed his index inside. Sokka moaned as he felt the first one enter him. At first it was strange a different feeling altogether but it was pleasurable and slowly the finger began to move, making him want to grind his hips into the sheets under him. Moaning he felt a second finger join the other and he winced, a small amount of pain sparked, but the fingers began scissoring stretching his muscles very quickly an third followed and immediately they hit something making stars appear behind his eyes. Gasping he bucked his hips forward. Behind him Zuko chuckled, "that's your prostate pet." Zuko grinned as he pressed his fingers against the small mound of nerves, enjoying the mews coming from his pet. But he was so hard and he wanted inside this virgin hole. Sitting up he pulled his fingers out and below him Sokka whined, "Oh don't worry I will be filling you soon." Quickly he coated his cock in lube and pulled a pillow down. Raising Sokka's hips he pushed the pillow under him and laid on top of him. He wiggled up till his cock pressed against Sokka's hole and began to push in, slowly pausing at every whimper made by the male under him. Finally he was completely inside. Zuko moaned at the feeling of being encased by the tight hot flesh under him, and his hips bucked forward. Under him Sokka gasped, his eyes were clenched shut, pleasure was rippling through him, Zuko's cock was pressed hard against his prostate and not moving. Whining he bucked his hips forward and back, begging the Prince to move. Zuko chuckled and gripped the teen's hips and slowly pulled out watching as his cock emerged from the flesh under him and slowly pushed back in again. Sokka gasped and moaned at each slow glide of the cock entering him. "Please," he begged, "please, faster."

Zuko chuckled, "Okay if you wish," he slowly pulled out his cock and slammed back inside the hot channel. Sokka moaned his back arching as Zuko pounded in faster and faster, each time hitting his prostate. Zuko moaned as he began to pound faster and faster, each thrust bringing him closer and closer, soon he knew he would cum. Stopping he pushed himself in slowly and pulled Sokka up onto his hands and knees and began pummelling in again. As he felt he was almost there he reached down and under Sokka and grabbed his cock and began pumping. Sokka screamed as he came, his channel tightening around Zuko's cock. Zuko moaned as he emptied himself deep inside. When he finished, he collapsed on top of his new pet.

"Did- did you en-joy your-self?" he asked between gasps.

Under him Sokka nodded.

"We will have to do it again then." Zuko chuckled.