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Has BDSM, mild torture, toys.

Sokka shivered partly in fear and the other in cold. He had been bad, very bad, he had talked back to his master, and he did it front of the Fire Lord. Zuko had been so angry with him, he had struck his across the face and ordered the soldiers to take him to the training room and chain him up. That's where he was now, chained. His arms encased in metal as the tip of his toes barely brushed the ground. The guards had also blindfolded him and gagged him before he had been put in the room. So he had no idea where he was or what was around him. The door behind him opened and closed and footsteps moved around him. "I am very disappointed in you pet." Zuko said as he walked around the other teen. "You disgraced me in front of my father. And you will not do so again."

Sokka, shivered at the icy tone and heard the prince walk around the room, opening and shutting several doors.

"I like you to much, to want to get rid of you, however you are but a slave and I can always get another one. It appears that I have been spoiling you and it will stop, you will learn your place. Father has told me if you speak out or do anything out of line again in his presence you will be given to the soldiers. If you are taken by them I will not take you back."

Sokka, whimpered and shook his head. "I'm sorry," he tried to say, but the gag muted his words.

"I am disappointed with you slave, and you will learn your place."

Sokka winced at the name and suddenly screamed as pain flared through his back.

Zuko, reared back the whip and let it fly again and it cracked against Sokka's buttocks, leaving a red welt. Slowly he covered Sokka's back, arse and thighs with red welts. When his arm grew tired he dropped the whip and walked to the front of the teen. Tears soaked the blindfold and drool dripped from Sokka's chin. Reaching up he took off the blindfold and slipped the gag out of the teen's mouth.

"I'm sorry master, I am sorry," Sokka whimpered immediately. "I'm sorry master. Please don't get rid of me please. Please. Please. Please."

"I know you are," Zuko ran a tender hand threw the sweaty hair, "But I am not finished yet." He grinned and stepped in close to the naked teen and pressed his body hard against Sokka's. Sokka immediately felt the hardness of Zuko and tried to press against him. Two months with the Prince had made him hungry for sex.

Zuko chuckled, "It will not be kind slave, this is a part of your punishment, and I loved the way you screamed." He stepped back and moved behind Sokka and to a cupboard where he pulled out two silver clamps. Walking back he opened one up to show sharp small teeth. Zuko reached up with his free hand and rolled a nipple between his fingers. The nipple hardened and he slipped the clamp over the nipple and let it go. Sokka let a yelp as the metal clips teeth dug into his nipple, he let another yelp out as the second clip was applied. Grinning Zuko slapped both nipples hard and Sokka, mewled. The fire-bender reached down and began to play with the slaves cock. The slave gasped and arched into the hand but he whimpered when he watched his master encase his cock with a ring.

Zuko stepped back and moved around behind he grabbed the all ready filled enema kit he had filled earlier. Tweaking the chains slightly, Sokka yelped as his arse was pushed up into the air. Fingers started to play with his entrance and he moaned and pushed back against the questioning fingers.

Zuko chuckled, "Eager are we pet?" He shoved his fingers in hard, all three at once. Sokka, screamed, tears filling his eyes at the pain, that flowed over him from his anus.

Gripping his hip, to hold him still, Zukko, worked his fingers in out, but they dragged from them being dry. Sokka, continued to scream, begging the prince to stop.

Zuko, pulled his fingers out and moved back to the cupboard in the corner and pulled out a thick and long dildo. Strutting over to Sokka, he grabbed a fist full of the black hair and pulled his head up. He laughed as he watched Sokka's eyes widen as he caught sight of the dildo.

"No please, I can't take that, it is too big, please."

Zuko slapped him across the face. "You are my slave, you will take whatever I want, and want to see this pumping in and out of your arse, stretching you so far, that you will think that you are being split into two."

He dropped the teens head and move in behind him, "Because of your outburst and protests, I will not be using any lube."

Sokka whimpered and began to cry, "No please, I'm sorry, Please I'm sorry. I will do anything, anything that you ask, please, just don't put that in me dry please, it will hurt."

"That is the point pet, you will learn your place," he used one hand and pulled apart Sokka's arse cheeks. "But because you beg so pettily you will get something. Zuko raised the dildo and ran it along Sokka's back, rolling it in the blood that seeped down his sides from the whip. Sokka's body vibrated with his screams as the cold rod, poked into his open wounds.

When the dildo was covered in blood, he rubbed the rod down the teens spine and he placed it at Sokka's entrance and shoved, Sokka screamed again. He felt his body tear, and the dildo was only was half of the way in. Zuko grab the end of the dildo and shoved it again forcing its way even harder into the body, till it was fully embedded.

Sokka began to pant harder and harder.

A hand caressed his sides, "Calm pet, I don't want you to hyperventilate."

Sokka nodded frantically, and took a deep breath in and let it out slowly and then took another breath. He felt himself calm down, the hand that caressed his side moved down back to the base of the dildo and pulled it back. The blood was thicker than the usual lube they used and Sokka moaned as it glided inside of him. But he was to tight for the toy and it grated along his insides, but despite his moans and protests, the dildo still pushed in and out his body. Slowly his body stretched and the rod moved in and out with ease, but before he could get into the glide of the phallus, it was removed. Sokka tried to look back over his shoulder to see what Zuko was doing but couldn't twist his body properly.

He couldn't see what the Prince was doing but he soon felt a tip of something push its way in again, it was tiny compared to the last dildo. Sokka was confused until he felt the water splash against his insides. His whole body shivered as the cold water filled him. But the first dildo stretched him so wide, and he had trouble keeping the water inside him. He was never, ever allowed to let the water escape his body until Zuko said he could let it go. He began to squeeze harder and harder, however when Zuko pulled out the enema tube, water trickled from between his legs and down his thighs dripping the floor.

"I'm sorry master, please I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, please I was stretched too far, please I was stretched too much I couldn't take it." He felt Zuko walk away from him and move to the cupboard. "Master please, I'm sorry," in his panic he stopped clenching his arse and water poured from his arse.

Zuko turned from the cupboard and watched as the water flowed from the teen's arse.

"What do I require from you any time I give you an enema pet?" Zuko walked forward, hiding a toy behind his back.

"I am to hold the water inside of me and not let a drop fall from me, until you say that I am allowed to release the water."

"And did you?"

Sokka shivered, his bottom lip trembled, "NO," he shivered and began to sob softly. The chains were moved again so he was standing once more.

"You shouldn't keep disappointing me pet," Zuko said as he watched the rest of the water flow from the teens anus, even though the muscles twitched and clenched.

"I am sorry, I am sorry," Sokka sobbed and his shoulders slumped even further.

Zuko walked forward and lifted Sokka's chin, with his free hand he wiped the tears away, "I don't believe that I have used one of these on you yet." Bright blue eyes soaked with tears blinked at him.

Sokka raised his eyes and he looked at the long thin rod, with a chain that attached to the tip that had a ring on the bottom of it, that Zuko held in his hand.

"No master, please what is it?"

"It is a sounding rod pet," he grabbed Sokka's cock and gave a squeeze, "And it goes here."

With that he grabbed the tip and squeezed it slightly opening the hole slightly. Angling the tip of the rod he slid it down into the uthera.

Sokka, whimpered and cried as the rod was pushed into him, it stretched the way to small passage and he sobbed. Please, it hurts too much, please stop."

Zuko gave a soft shove that made Sokka scream. "You presume to much that I will take in what you say. I am the master here, and you are the slave. This," his fist closed around Sokka's stretched penis, "Will not come off til tomorrow, if that is what I desire." He pushed the ring over the tip and the ring fell around the teens balls. Playing with it, Zuko locked the ring around the base of the balls and cock, clicking it into place, which would deny the teen any release.

He moved back to the chains and moved them again so that the teen was lying spread eagled in the air. He moved back to Sokka's head and forced the teen to take a ring gag into his mouth. Making the teen keep his mouth open and wide.

"I am going to fuck you now pet," Zuko moved in behind the man and he opened his pants and pulled his cock out and positioned it between the open cheeks of the teen and he pushed. It one thrust he was seated inside the teen. He grunted as he thrust into the teen, "you are almost to loose pet", he kept moving hard and fast. Under him Sokka moaned, drool ran from his mouth and to the ground, he mewled at each thrust and whimpered as the ring constricted balls, he could feel his balls tightening.

Zuko grunted as he pulled out as he got that familiar feeling deep inside. Quickly he pulled out and moved around into the front of Sokka and grabbed a handful of hair and angled his head and shoved himself straight down the man's throat. The teen gagged as the cock constricted his breathing; drool ran down his chin and soaked into the man's pants. Never had the prince used him like this, he had given him head many times. But never had the man fucked his face like this. The prince's thrusting got faster and he began to gag and chocked.

"Oh god, your good pet," Zuko, cried out as he let go, his cum spewing into the slaves mouth. Slowly he pulled out and Sokka looked up. Drool covered his chin mixed in with cum that still dripped from his chin. Large tearful eyes met his, "Im s'ry mas'er." He gasped, his large eyes begging the man to stop.

"I know pet, I know," Zuko caressed the sweat soaked hair and undid the chains and the gag. Sokka slowly stood and Zuko had the slave lean against him as they moved to the door.
"You are forgiven pet," Zukko said softly.

"Thank you master," Sokka, answered softly.

"But this," Zuko reached around and grabbed the hard cock, "stays on."

"Yes master," Sokka answered as the door closed behind him.

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