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"What do you suppose happens after everything ends?"

The question is given to him on a bench at a bus stop. It's another one of those patented Orihime random questions—She really ought to start trade-marking those things—and Ishida's more than gotten used to them by now.

He shrugs. "Do you mean after we die? Because you know what—"

"No." Orihime shakes her head and laces her fingers in her lap. "What I mean is what do you suppose happens after everything ends?"

His eyes widen slightly as he catches the emphasis on 'everything' and Ishida shrugs again, eyes flicking down to the sidewalk momentarily before forcing them to focus on Orihime. "You mean the Apocalypse, Ragnarok, the End of All Things As We Know It, that sort of stuff?"

Orihime nods, a smile playing at her lower lip. "Yes," she replies slowly. "What do you suppose happens after the Apocalypse, Ragnarok, the End of All Things As We Know It—" the hint of a laughter made her words bounce "—or whatever you want to call it?"

Ishida drudges up what knowledge he recalls on the subject and starts, staring straight ahead. "Well… One of the theories scientists suggest is that the universe will continue expanding until it collapses on itself—or something like that. From a religious standpoint, most religions believe in some sort of final judgment presided over by their God."

The smile twitching over her face, Orihime tilts her head, a sheet of copper hair sliding over her shoulder. "And which do you prefer?"

"Neither," Ishida answers shortly. Swallowing, he adds, "They're both terrifying to think about."

"Yes," Orihime agrees softly, "they are."

"Ishida-kun… After forever's gone, do you think we'll still sit at bus stops and have conversations like these?"

"…I hope so."