Hey everyone, just letting you know this is my first lemon and i hope you all like it. :)


I watch as he pressed open mouth kissed down towards the triangle of hair between my legs,looking up at me his green eyes sparkled with mischief and he stuck his tongue out and licked at the wetness between my damped thighs, all while not breaking eye contact with me. Throwing my head back and moaning as he continued his assault,

"oh, mmm, Edward right there, OH FUCK" I screamed out loud, as he added a finger and started pumping, in..out..in...out. Feeling my release building, he pulled out and chuckled onto my clit, I looked down groaned and glared at him. He got of me completely, causing me to whine and look on as to what he was doing. Winking, he reached beside him into the night stand and pull out something,

"Do you trust me Isabella", he whispered sending a shiver through me. I looked wide eyed at him as he revealed a piece of black fabric. Knowing what he wanted, I nodded to which he responded with a crooked smile. I felt the moisture build between my thighs, excited for what was to come and rubbed them together for friction. He caught on, and smirked down at me.

"Naughty girl", he said making a tsst sound and spreading both my legs out so he can move in-between them.

Leaning forward, telling me to close my eyes, as I followed his instruction and I felt a silky material sliding over my eyes as it was tied behind my head.

"Edward",i moaned, to which he answered with a deep groan as he placed sensual kisses along my stomach. His lips barely caressing my skin as he went along. My senses were heightened due to the blindfold and I loved every fucking minute of it. When he reached in between my legs he ran his hands down my thighs he spread me open for him. I moaned as I felt his fingers running over my entrance but all too soon his fingers were gone only to be replaced by his tongue. His tongue flicked over my sensitive hole before plunging inside and fucking me. He curled his tongue as I let cries of pleasure escape my mouth. I was pretty sure that if he kept doing that he would make me cum so hard.

"You like that love?" he asked. I nodded my head before I felt him plunge back in. It wasn't enough I wanted more,

"please Edward, I want more", I begged, crying loudly my eyes rolled into the back of my head when I felt his erection pressing against the inside of my thigh

"you want this baby, you want my cock", he teased,

"yes baby, please I want your cock in me",

"Oh God," I gasped as pleasure shot through me. I ground my hips against his and threw my head back at the feeling.

Something had to be said about the heightening of the senses when one was eliminated. I could feel every stroke of our movement, hear every heavy breath, taste every centimetre of his delicious mouth.

Edward moved his lips to the magic spot behind my ear, sucking and nipping and licking all the while I continued to swivel and rock against his.

I heard him whisper my name over and over and didn't hesitate to call his when I finally, finally exploded with pleasure. Still thrusting into me, he removed the blindfold, and pulled me into a mind blowing kiss this triggered another release from me earning a groan from Edward

"shit Bella, your so fucking tight love, so warm and wet",Moments later, I felt him tense then shudder, following me over the edge, spilling his warm seeds into me.

I dropped my head onto his shoulder and he kissed the top of my head.

"That was amazing," he muttered.

I nodded in agreement.

"You were right about the blindfolds," he whispered.

"yeh, well next time its my turn ", winking at him and laughed as his green eyes widened and glazed over...

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