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Summary: They don't need to be serious in every fight, definitely not a fight involves their little dirty secret...and Pocky.

Rating: T for cursing thoughts.

Genre: Humour (maybe crack...)

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He was not freaking out.

He would never freak out.

...Okay, screw that fact. He is freaking out.

Here we are, in the peaceful buildings of the beautifully quiet Namimori Chuu, and inside the Disciplinary Committee's Room, we presented you with a nearly panicking carnivore named Hibari Kyoya.

Oh god, what could have sent him to this unimaginable state of mind?

Rebelling herbivores?

It's Sunday.

The school liberties have broken down?

It was already fixed last week.

Hibari was kicked out of the Committee?

...In the beautiful dreams of little powerless herbivores.

After an hour of narrowing, scratching, throwing, breaking, biting, rewinding and repeating, he had somehow calmed himself to a bearable limit. Picking a wrinkled piece of paper and holding it gently and with care, as if he was about to rip people of flesh, he opened and...

~I know your little secret~

- Bullshit.

- Mukuro-sama... is everything okay?

- Kufufufu, don't worry my cute Chrome; I'm perfectly fine.

"But Mukuro-sama's face is..." Although she has been replaced – unexpectedly and unnecessary – she could still see his face...his expression. Terrified.

It was not the imitating "terrified" which freaked anyone out of their spine – much like what he would have done as casual with the "Kufufufu" phrase. No, this "terrified" expression he had could freak people out of their lives, then after one minute they would hold on their stomachs and laughed until their whole bodies shook like a Chihuahua. Almost like he let someone see his...

- Chrome, why don't you sleep for a while? I would like to have a word with Ken and Chikusa.

- O-Okay Mukuro-sama...

Noticed his Chrome was sleeping, Mukuro then slowly turned his abnormal red eye to one particular piece of paper.

To Rokudo Mukuro,

~I know your little secret~

- ... Fuck.

And that's how they got their surprising gifts.

The little secret.

His little secret.

What a load of shit fired to him. Who the hell was the person that dared to challenge the Hibari Kyoya?

If you talk about his normal mood, he would carelessly running around Namimori and biting the hell out of anyone (if not, everyone) and stomping on their bloody body until they couldn't even crawl up their feet and said sorry. Yep, that is our normal Hibari.

But this day was different, and Hibari was in a good mood, and did not want to bite anyone-who-sent-the-fucking-letter-to-him, so no violence (?). The reason for this oh so gentle mood was that our violent prefect had his precious Namimori won "The school which parents want their children to study" award. He was proud, for any ferocious carnivore like him would at least have a proud nerve stuck to their brain, for his "spreading the love to his preys" actions.

And there was no way that some freaking letter can bring him down and that was not Hibari Kyoya's way. Besides, did that person know what his little secret was ...if he even got one right?

Or maybe...

He glanced those cold blue eyes of his at the box, and found an envelope...

Pictures. Certain pictures.

The horror had returned.

In his own twisted mind, the statue of "pride" carved with the name "Hibari Kyoya- Head of the Discipline Committee" was now completely smashed up into dust.

Unnoticed to the prefect, a certain panicking pineapple was stuck in the exact same situation. Mukuro had not been "Kufufu-ing" for the past five minutes ever since he figured out what the letter said. And five minutes without his "kufufu" was hell. It was like a fish without water, a balloon without air, and a pervert without a Lolita dress and child abuse.

How horrible.

How terrifying.

We need to all remind ourselves that Mukuro is a great illusionist, but everyone sometimes have to be a little bit lame...err...have a lack of knowledge. For him, that is the knowledge of how he could use his powers to create his cover in order to do that. Heck, he even remembered to use that all the time to freak the hell out of Tsuna.

How ironic life is.

Why Mukuro couldn't realize the simple potential of illusions besides scaring kids in Halloween, and that is hiding? It's a very funny thing if you think about it for a second.

But let's get back to the topic: Mukuro is equalizing with Hibari about the level of freak out– ness, only better at the time to realized what was really going on and what it was talking about. Oh how he despised the person who dare saw his secret – no, he despised the fact that he was weak enough to make a secret. Why the thing that he needed so much was have to be in public display for all to see and yet he just couldn't reach it like normal people? Did they know that he had held off his large tainted ego against the desire to staff everyone looking up (down) to him when he needed it?

Fuck off everything.

He felt like a breathing pineapple without pride, watching himself being drowned inside the mouth of whoever eats him...


"Okay, get that image off your mind, you're not that pathetic." he quietly said to himself, denying the truth that he, for once, was being stupidly stupid.

There are two things that Hibari considered and definitely admitted that he needed: his beloved Namimori Chuu and his pride. This two had a strong connection, if one fell then so did the other. And he would never allow that to happen.

Especially now.

But how is it that someone could have found out about that? He tried so hard, including violence towards everyone and sealed away his emotions; included his concious and non-violent side, which was... another thing to discussed. But whenever he came across that stuff, his inside mind just kept yelling "No no no no! Not that time!", painful and embarassed as it was to remembered the whole incident. Why did people have to find out about this sooner or later - even though he had tried his best to terrorized all who witnessed it, included his mind as well, and had made sure no one could ever found out?

He thought about his own reputation, and the school's reputation. If that information leaked out by some miracle, like how someone got his secret, he would be a dead meat. He could imagine bunches of rebellious herbivores chomping and biting the school down, but he was powerless against them, only having enough strength to look upon the poor school pleading for him to save her with his tonfas while her body got shabbier every minute and finally collapsing under his pathetic feet...

(... Note to yourself Hibari, that's way too far for your imaginations.)

He would never think he would collapse, but this moment was perfectly fine! Why wasting such an epic moment in the prefect's life?

...And without a longer part of rage, he knelt on one knee and gave up to his horrified imagination in the most awesome pose he could think of.

Oh why he didn't wish for that secret would never appear in his life...but he had to think up a solution. And he meant now.

One: Staying in Kokuyo Land sounded fine, except if Chrome, or Chikusa and Ken, or all of them found out... he would survive in shame, disrespect and humiliation, especially since Chrome's exotic purple eye could torture his mind pretty well. Note, they are his faithful minions, but not very understanding people.

Two: Become a refuge. He would not only humiliated further but also prove that he lost – and he hated losing. Plus, that idea was insane.

Three: Tracking down the mysterious sender was not his forte. He didn't have enough information to track him, or her, down. It was like finding a needle in the bottom of ocean.

Four: Pleading the Vindice to kill him... Scratch that, he still wanted to live a lot, so no thank you.

Five: He could always be gone and pretend nothing happened... If this was the first time he received this threatening letter. Actually, it was the fourth time in two weeks, and if he didn't call Chrome on time, well... Goodbye sweet life.

And just when our Mukuro demanded a rightful solution, a letter wrapped properly outside a stone landed on his pineapple forehead. He opened it up while rubbing the newly-formed bump on his choppy head.

~If you wish to protect this secret, meet me at Namimori Middle, 3rd floor. Three days after this~

A delivery pigeon waited outside. No signs of any person.

"Kufufufu, when I find out about whose joke is this...I'll send that person to Hell!"

Ahh, didn't it felt good to say those words?

At the same instant as the pineapple recovered his good mood, a certain carnivore's good mood crashed down...

- I'll bite that herbivore to death!

What amazing comebacks!

Finish chapter one. Sorry to all whom I said this is a one-shot. It's multi-shot! Appearally, I've been a little bit carried away with this project.

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