Title: When Quinn Fabray

Rating: T for language

Word count: 293

Summary: When Quinn Fabray looks in the mirror she doesn't see what everyone else does

Spoilers: Up to 2x18

Warnings: The f-bomb is dropped, but only once.

Authors notes: This just kind of popped into my head after Born This Way, I know it's short, but oh well.

Quinn Fabray stood in front of the full length mirror in her bathroom, clad only in her underwear. She slowly turned, staring at every inch of her exposed flesh. She hated the faint stretch marks up and down her thighs, she hated the stretch marks on her breasts, she hated the inch of fat she could pinch on her stomach. She hated everything about herself. She hated that she broke Finn's heart, she hated that she got pregnant, she hated that she gave Beth up, she hated that every day she would miss Beth even though she never breathed a word about it to anyone. When she looked in the mirror she could still see Lucy Caboosey, she could see the girl with brown hair, ugly braces, horn rimmed glasses, no friends and rolls of fat. She could see the girl that had to be her own lab partner, the girl that ate lunch every day by herself, the girl that ate her feelings, the girl that couldn't get a date with anyone, the girl whose father let her get a nose job at the age of thirteen. When Quinn looked at herself she saw the stupid sixteen year old that got pregnant to her boyfriend's best friend, she saw the girl that missed Beth every single day, she saw the girl that cries herself to sleep every night, she saw the girl that had no friends because she had to been head cheerleader and had to be popular and had to push everyone away, she saw the stupid teenager that fucked up every day and never had a way to fix it. When Quinn Fabray looked at herself she saw every mistake she made and every mistake she was about to make.