Authors: martinius {original fic} and babydykecate {remix}

Disclaimer: I do not own Mean Girls or its characters. No profit made, no infringement intended.

From the moment Cady first saw Regina, all she could think about was how beautiful she was, with her perfect flowing blonde hair.

When she set out to destroy Regina George's life, the one thing she couldn't destroy was her hair. Regina was like a real life barbie doll, and every little girl knew that the most magical part of barbie was her long blonde hair. Barbie's hair was a fantasy of brushing, braiding and twirling, and Regina's hair was exactly that to Cady.

Cady sometimes liked to imagine that Regina would allow only her to brush her hair, like a Queen with her favorite maid. They would gossip as Cady's fingers combed through Regina's silky hair, and Regina would give her a smile that she allowed no one else.

Sometimes her day dreams were even more daring, as her fingers traced patterns through the blonde maze on the bed, Regina looking back with a satisfied smirk.

None of her day dreams prepared her for the day when Regina asked her to comb her hair, once she was out of traction, but unable to turn her head. Regina was still and silent under Cady's fingers, her blonde hair no longer golden and magical in Cady's eyes. What was left was coldness, a legend without façade, an actress without makeup. Cady didn't think there was any beauty left until she started to leave, and Regina called out to stop her.

"Cady," Regina called out in her normal commanding voice.

Cady turned back, expecting the façade to be put back in place. Instead she found Regina smiling at her. It wasn't a smile she'd ever seen from Regina before, much softer and more hesitant. It was also one of the most beautiful things she'd ever seen.