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Enduring the Pain

Chapter 4

"Okay," Kakashi called, they were near the hideout and they needed a brief recap of their plan before they continued with it, "I'll go first and scout out the entrance. If it's clear then I'll give you the signal, if it's not I'll back up and we retreat a few meters back and hide. As soon as we go inside we split up and find Naruto, if one of us encounters one of them then that person better leave as soon as possible without being caught. As soon as one of us is screwed then all of us follow. If you find Naruto, get him and exit immediately. We'll meet in front in the designated time and place."

Sai and Sakura nodded obediently. Neither of them nervous nor afraid. It was either their lives or Naruto's and all of them would gladly sacrifice their own for him. That's how much he meant to them. Kakashi closed his eyes as if to meditate for a few seconds and disappeared. The two left snapped their attention towards the white-haired shinobi hidden in the shadows near the entrance.

They saw his sharingan activate and they waited patiently for his order. A few seconds later, he gave them the signal.

Three of them quickly snuck inside.

"Sasuke please!Stop!Nooo!" Naruto screamed as his best friend slammed into him continuously, blood flowed freely down his thighs.

After his considerable threat Sasuke ripped Naruto's clothing of his skin, ignoring the fact that his nails dug deep into the blonde's skin. His lips slammed themselves to clamp over Naruto's still swollen lips and kissed him harshly. Biting his tongue and lips repeatedly until it bled.

Unsatisfied by the boy's choking, the raven planted painful hickies all over his neck and shoulders. Naruto kept crying out whenever his sharp fangs penetrated his skin.

Sharingan eyes locked with his scared blue ones and Naruto was assaulted with memories the brunette unlocked from the darkest depths of his mind.

"Monster! Get away from us!"

"You should just kill yourself!"

"No! PLEASE!" Naruto pleaded tears escaping his eyes. The pain he was feeling in the real world was almost as painful as reliving the worst events that happened in his life.

"You're a worthless piece of shit. Might as well make yourself useful."

"No, please. Don't hurt me."

The man and his companions pulled him into a nearby alley.The leader undid his pants and ordered, "Suck me of monster!"

"No! Get awa-"

A punch was delivered to his abdomen and blood escaped his lips as he coughed it out. The pain was too much, "Now, are you going to be a nice little slut or we kill you?"

Naruto cried as he forced himself to engulf the whole thing in his mouth. The edges of his mouth stretched painfully as his head bobbed up and down. His eyes suddenly widened when he felt his pants go down.

"C'mon, you can do better than this."

He screamed when a hard and long erection shoved itself into his small body. It kept on going making Naruto scream and scream. The other guy's manhood still in his mouth.

Naruto screamed and screamed and screamed.

His heart was being stabbed repeatedly. He felt his backside scorch with so much pain that he felt as if he was dying. Punches came repeatedly from all directions, whether it was towards his stomach, chest or sides. It didn't matter because he felt every hit radiate with the same amount of pain.

"So where's the fearless Naruto now! Where's the arrogance and pride you had!" Sasuke yelled, he looked like sadistic maniac as he continuously pounded the writhing body beneath him. He then got an idea that made his lips turn into an evil grin, "Let me ask you Naruto. Are you really loved by those people you call friends? Wouldn't they be disgusted by you and your demon?"

"Lies! They would never-"

"Why do we put up with him anyway?" A vision of Kiba flashed through his mind. His face wrinkled in disgust and loathing, "When are we going to drop this facade and kill him already?"

"Patience Kiba," Neji's face suddenly appeared, a look of distaste marred his handsome features, "The monster inside him is still too much for us to handle.Wait until the right moment."

"Haven't we waited long enough already?" Tenten spat, her hands on her hips, "Do you know how many times I have to take a bath whenever I spend a day with him. Every touch, I feel as if my skin's gonna peal from my bones."

"I can't believe he was stupid enough to believe he had friends!" Ino laughed cruelly, her hands clutching her stomach, "Who the hell does he think he is!"

"I hate him! He feels as if he's on top of the world! God! Sometimes I wish I can just slit his throat whenever I hug him. I mean seriously, it was so tempting that it's almost impossible to resist!" Sakura screamed in frustration, the people around her tried to console her as she sobbed, "I hate pretending to be his best friend! It's disgusting and immoral!"

"Don't worry Sakura, maybe I can persuade the hokage to give us the go signal long enough. Iruka's been pleading for years. He would've killed him when he was a shitty little brat but he had the scroll. After he got it, hedidn't continue because of that annoying Kage Bunshin Trick of his," Kakashi growled under his mask.

"He was just lucky, with that monster inside of him it wasn't surprising that the evil inside would seep through," Choji said as he scooped a handful of chips and shoved it in his mouth.

"That asshole better die before the year ends because I don't care about the consequences. I'll make him torture himself and kill him slowly and painfully. He's just too troublesome for anyone to bear."

They all laughed as they continued on insulting and thinking of different ways to kill Naruto, the boy whom everybody hated. The boy everyone wanted nothing but dead.

"You see! I'm pretty damn sure that's everything they talk about whenever you're not around so don't think that you've survived and I didn't. No one loves you! Not Iruka! Not Sakura nor Kakashi! They want you to die! Heck, they want to kill you themselves!" Sasuke bellowed as he let electric currents scorch him with every thrust of his hips.

Bloodcurdling screams filled the air as much as it smelled of cum as both males came at the same time. Sasuke's labored breathing was the only sound that accompanied silence.

He finally calmed down, his mind cleared and his eyes widened, 'What did I just do?'

There was Naruto, right in front him, ready to accept him as a friend despite everything yet he went on and raped him? What in the hell was he thinking?

It was just that, Naruto was happy, he just realized that he had gone through worse but he didn't break under pressure. He felt as if a meteor suddenly hit him with the words, 'He'sstrongerthanyou!' written on it. After everything he'd given up on, Naruto still won. He went beyond everyone's expectations and it made him insane when he thought about the things he had lost and the mistakes he had made. Naruto was the only one there so he...

Wait, was it him or was the room tooquiet.

He looked up and he saw the image that would be burned in his memory forever.

Naruto was looking straight ahead at the ceiling, his eyes a dull blue. No more life and fire. Just an empty shell.


"Naruto!" a horrified yell came from the door, Sasuke turned to see a pink-haired kunoichi. She immediately ran to the blonde's side, "Naruto! Naruto! Can you hear me? Saysomething!"

Nothing but a dull stare that served as the only response. Sakura's eyes trailed down the poor boy's tattered and bloody body until her emerald eyes locked with onyx ones. Two kunais found their way on a pale throat as its owner gave him a glare that promised death, "When I first had the chance of killing you I was stupid enough to hesitate. But now, I won't feel any remorse towards ending your life."

The raven calmly stared down at her, ignoring the threat that she wanted nothing more than to fulfill, "You and I both know that you don't stand a chance against me. Even in this position I could kill you without a second thought."

Sakura screamed in rage, angry tears marring her delicate face. She had never seen Naruto so dead! Not even when Jiraiya died nor in his childhood days, "What have you done to him! You fucking bastard! After everything he's done for you! You-"

"Stop being such a bitch and save him!" Sasuke yelled back, he didn't need her to remind him what he'd done, what he'd just destroyed. They stared at each other until Sakura wiped away her tears and approached her friend. Her features softened as she reached towards the blood stained sheets and wrapped it around his naked body.

Naruto merely lay there, similar to a corpse being prepared for burial. He didn't say, move nor doanything as he was carried bridal style by his best friend towards the only exit of the room. It was then that he caught a glint in the blonde's hair when the candlelight shone on him.

"Wait," he called out and quickly made a jutsu as he snatched a glass ribbon from the blonde's spiky hair. Good thing he remembered otherwise those idiots are gonna be the death of him, "Go before Orochimaru finds you. He will not show any mercy whatsoever."

Giving the Uchiha one last glare, she left.

Leaving Sasuke sulking in the room where he raped his best friend.

Sakura ran as fast as she can, she memorized her way inside and easily knew where to turn. She looked down to see her friend's blank face and it shattered her heart whenever she would see how much he'd changed. What had happened to him to lead to such an expression?

She couldn't help it. She cried silently as they approached the exit. It was as if Naruto wasn't even there and she had found his dead body. To what lengths did they reach just to break that impossibly hard will inside of him?


He was the one who had caused it. Oh, how she hated him with a passion. What devil possessed that ass to do this to the only person who trusted him and hoped for his inner peace? She swore, one day she would be prepared and she'll decapitate him for all the pain he made everyone feel. Sakura could see the opening, she can almost feel herself bathe in the sunlight when...

"Well, well, well, if it isn't for the Haruno girl. Tsunade's annoying pet," Kabuto's creepy voice echoed making Sakura's grip on Naruto tighten, "Better leave the concubine before I rip your heart out of your flat chest."

"Get out of my way Kabuto," Sakura seethed, she didn't care if her chances of surviving were slim, Naruto was her top priority, "I wantto hurt you but it would be a waste of my time."

Kabuto growled his hands glowed with chakra, signaling an upcoming attack. Kabuto lounged forward but Sakura dodged it and jumped over him. Unfortunately, the white-haired medic caught her ankle. Maneuvering her body so that her back can absorb the impact instead of Naruto's, she kicked Kabuto's face making him shriek in agony as his nose broke from the hit.

Quickly crouching, she faced the exit and jumped towards the nearest tree branch. Kabuto stared at her disappearing figure and smirked, "That was only for show bitch. Don't worry, I'll pay you back in kind as soon as Orochimaru-sama's plans become successful."

He quickly started healing his nose, hoping no permanent damage would come out of that girl's lucky shot. An explosion came from inside and he sensed two unfamiliar chakra running swiftly towards his direction. Without thinking, he connected his back to the wall as two Konoha shinobi make their way towards freedom. It was as if in slow motion. Kakashi briefly glanced at him, sharingan activated, unknowingly recording the triumphant smirk Kabuto had before disappearing from sight.

Orochimaru revealed himself from the shadows, smiling that sadistic smile as always, "They came sooner than expected but I wasn't surprised. It's a good thing they didn't find my prize yet. I'm sure they didn't even get too far before I cornered them and attacked."

"Oh, but they did Orochimaru-sama, it went all according to plan. Tsunade's student carried him away and I pretended to try and stop them before letting them g-"

Kabuto let out a pained grunt as he was slammed to the hard wall. Orochimaru looked ready to kill and it made him honestly want to shit his pants. A punch connected with his gut and he immediately started coughing blood, "What do you mean they escaped! The potion hasn't taken effect yet! How could you let them go before I had sex with him?"

Kabuto looked bewildered, wasn't the Sannin informed that it had already taken effect two hours ago? His eyes widened, he injected it before the man ordered him too. He couldn't help it, the test subject was there and immobile so he didn't think it would hurt. Not to mention he thought they'd come three days from now.

"B-but," Kabuto stuttered until Orochimaru suddenly looked up, deep in though and raced inside without another word. Clutching his stomach and using the wall for guidance, he reluctantly followed him.

Orochimaru slammed the door open to find a still naked Sasuke burying his face in his hands. He didn't look at them when they entered. Honestly, it was almost as if he didn't care anymore. His teacher beamed at the bloodstained ground and bed, 'This can either be a rather big advantage or a great risk but,

I'm willing to gamble as much as I can.'

Heavy panting was the only thing one can hear in a clearing as Team Seven fought to catch their breath. Once they did they quickly started shouting at Naruto. The blonde had closed his eyes before they reached their destination and they didn't know whether he was sleeping or not.

"Naruto! Are you alright?" Kakashi asked, there was no reply. The three of them started to get anxious. Sakura concentrated her chakra in her hands as she opened the blood-stained sheet covering her friend. She ignored the nudity, this was life or death and the awkwardness after this can wait.

They gasped at the purple bruises and cuts all over the blonde's body. Kakashi punched the ground, Sai started cursing and Sakura let her tears flow as she healed the wounds that made her heart squeeze uncomfortably. If only they weren't careless, this wouldn't have happened. Sakura stopped sobbing when she saw the unfamiliar marks on the blonde's seal. Letting her hands hover over it, she gasped when she realized that they weren't wounds.

"Kakashi-sensei, Sai," she called and bother of them gave her their attention. Sakura directed the pair towards the markings on Naruto's stomach. Kakashi's eyes narrowed, "I knew it, that's why Naruto couldn't fight back. They sealed his chakra making it impossible to do so."

Sakura stared at it again, a memory flashed in her mind, "The Chunin Exams, the time when Orochimaru came after Sasuke, that was the time he did some kind of jutsu on him. Maybe this was similar."

"It was a seal to be exact. I don't know how to deactivate it but I'm sure Jiraiya knows it," Kakashi said, his face written with concern as he stared at the wounds that were partially healed by their medic.

"Where did you find him?" Sai asked, his pale fingers brushing Naruto's blonde bangs to the side, curious as to how he appeared so weak and injured, "Orochimaru found us before we even had time to look."

"Kabuto didn't appear to have been a problem since I saw how badly you broke his nose," Kakashi added, Sakura's lips set into a firm line, realization struck and they both looked towards her for confirmation.

"I found him half-dead and naked right beside that monster. That asshole either tortured him or was trying to kill him before I came," Sakura informed them, Kakashi seemed distraught but the brunette was speculating about theories that came rushing into his mind.

Naruto was lying beside Sasuke, naked and bloody. Could it be that..

"It couldn't be," the pale man glanced at the blonde's neck to find multiple purple bruises that looked all too familiar. His eyes widened and he almost yelled at Sakura, "Sakura! Was Sasuke equally naked at the time?"

Sakura looked startled but nodded. Sai stood up, devil's aura emitting from his body as he faced the direction they came from and readied to take off before Kakashi gripped his shoulders and harshly turned him around, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Let me go Kakashi! I need to kill him! He doesn't deserve to breathe nor does he deserve to show us how much he resembles the lowest person in history! That bastard is going to pay!" Sai screamed, trying so hard to get out of his sensei's death grip. His two teammates looked utterly confused and even Sakura approached him to try and calm him down.

After a few minutes, Sai started to breathe evenly. He was already sitting due to the force Sakura used to keep him from returning and committing suicide, "Now, tell us what made you go so fucking ballistic on us you unpredictable idiot!"

"Uchiha," Sai said in voice that promised death, "He raped Naruto."

"H-He what? But how c-can he-"

"Check him again Sakura and tell me I'm wrong! Tell me!" Sai ordered her. Sakura looked back towards her unconscious friend, shaky fingers unwrapped the tan body completely exposing it for everyone to see.

A strangled cry came from the kunoichi when she saw the blood trailing down Naruto's legs, apparently coming from his anal area. Fresh tears escaped Sakura's eyes as she covered her mouth with her hands to stifle the sob that threatened to make its way out. Kakashi shook in anger, he had never felt this angry before.

The eldest took deep breathes to calm himself. They didn't need negative energy at the moment. Naruto wouldn't want that. He slowly and gently covered his immobile student with a clean blanket they had brought and carried him bridal style so as to not let his wounds reopen. He looked down towards his two companions. They were still sulking, Sakura seemed in the verge of hysterics and Sai looked as if he'd chop the next person who interrupts his meditation of hate.

The last thing he wanted was to be in the receiving end of their anger but his desire to go home ruled over his fears.

"I know that you want to vent out everything you're keeping inside you but all the emotions you want to bring out by killing Sasuke would just have to wait," he said as he waited for them to react, when nothing happened for a few minutes he added, "For Naruto."

They both stood up and started walking towards their home, Sakura in front and Sai right behind. Kakashi sighed, sometimes he wondered why he couldn't just throw in the towel and get another team. His old team seemed to attract the most problems and the stress he'd get would be so great whenever he reported back from a mission from them.

He looked down to see Naruto، his doubts and depressing thoughts were washed away. Of course, this was the only reason he wanted to stay. This child went through tornadoes and storms, he needed his friend in order to pass much bigger ones he was sure to face again.

Behind the mask, a smirk grew unnoticed as he thought about the student's reaction when he'd have to tell him his father-like figure was now his former sensei's toy dolphin. That would be a riot.

His only wish was that he would see a smile that whiskered face again.

After a long journey they finally reached Konoha, they didn't have time to notify their friends of their return because they immediately shot towards the hospital. A few medics were tending to him though some would cringe whenever they needed to touch him. Sakura would glare at these people for their unprofessionalism. This person was a hero yet they still think he's a demon just because he was a jinchuuriki. Screw them and their messed up minds!

If Naruto dies because of their attitude towards him then she couldn't care less whether or not she'd get exiled or executed, she'll kill every one of them.

'Woah, I didn't think I'd ever be this homicidal,' Sasuke's face flashed in her mind and she growled in response, 'Oh yeah, I have a reason.'

Sakura exited the room to try and give them space but if they failed to meet her expectations regarding her best friend then there'd be hell to pay. Tsunade appeared in front of her and he bowed in respect to her sensei.

"Good day Tsunade-sama," she greeted with a cold stature. She didn't want to be all bright and happy when Naruto was swaying between life and death in the next room. It wouldn't feel right at all, "We have just arrived with Naruto but it seems he's far from being healthy at the moment."

Her pink head nodded towards the room to her right where her teacher disappeared in without a word to her student, 'Figures,Naruto was like a son to her. Her love for him would never compare to our teacher-apprentice relationship.'

It didn't faze her however, she had a loving family and she was very much satisfied with what she possessed. In this world nothing good can come to people who crave for more that they can chew. Whatever you can earn and whatever you were born with, you have to be satisfied because greed will only lead to your own down fall.

Sakura walked towards the front desk to check if Naruto's files were all in order when shouting came from the very place she just exited from. Nurses ran away from Naruto's room, scared out of their wits. Panicking, Sakura ran towards the room without thinking. Her eyes widened at the scene that showed itself to her.

Naruto was in a fighting stance, crouched near the farthest corner of the room. The blonde held three kunai, one in each hand and an extra one lodged between his lips, a feral look on his handsome features. He looked ready to kill, those eyes, they never should destroy what was once a lovable friend. Tsunade stood paralyzed next to Sakura, staring at him in bewilderment.


"Shut up bitch!" Naruto screamed, similar to a wild man, "Get out the way before I crack open your pink head!"

The jinchuuriki knew that he wouldn't stand a chance against the old hag in this state so he needed to escape but before he could do so this slut suddenly blocked the only way out.

Why was he in the hospital anyway? Were they trying to experiment on the demon container? He saw the looks on those people's faces. They wanted nothing but to get rid of him. Well, he can kill them before they kill him.

"What are you doing you annoying brat? Lay back down so that I can see what the hell's wrong with you!"

Tsunade took a step forward, clueless as to the danger.

She didn't know that a kunai would soon find its way through her chest.

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