Authors: babydykecate {original fic} and martinius {remix}

Disclaimer: I do not own Mean Girls or its characters. No profit made, no infringement intended.

Leave the glasses on," Cady mumbles.

"But it's all fuzzy, I can't see your lips," Karen says with a sigh.

"Wait- you're wearing real glasses, Karen? I thought you were wearing those fake ones I bought you from Icing," Cady groans.

"I couldn't find them so I just grabbed my mom's reading glasses. You know I'm not smart, so why do you want me to wear glasses anyway?" Karen asks, tilting her head.

"It's just hot, ok?" Cady snaps, kissing Karen hard to shut her up.

"Whatever," Karen mumbles, her hands finding the snap of Cady's pink bra.

Cady tries to picture the soaked tank top, but all that comes to her mind are math lectures. This fantasy may be doomed, but at least the glasses are helping a bit.