Author's note: Zettai Karen Children does not belong to me. Only this particular fanfiction plot does. I still find it hard to believe that there are so few fanfictions with Kyosuke and so I have decided to right this wrong. This is, however, the sixth fiction that I have written tonight so please excuse any grammatical mistakes. I hope that you all enjoy this one.

Chapter 1

Kyosuke flew fast. The shadows behind were catching up. Kyosuke's only two hopes were P.A.N.D.R.A. or the Queen. He had already determined not to involve the Queen in this but P.A.N.D.R.A.'s base was so far away. Telepathy didn't work long distance and teleportation was useless against these enemies. They were faster than him.

Blood dripped to the buildings below, thick and vicious like honey but nowhere near as sweet. Kyosuke wasn't sure how much further he could fly. For once, he regretted having left Momataro behind. The pest could have gone to fetch help by now if not for Kyosuke's lack in foresight. Of course, Magi or Muscle would have been much more helpful but it wasn't often that Kyosuke took them on late night walks.

Kyosuke's vision was spotted at best. Healing was out of the question. It was already taking all of his energy to simply stay in the air. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to outrun his enemies for much longer, Kyosuke decided to take the fight to the ground.

His legs wobbled dangerously as he landed but he managed to stay upright. His opponents landed a wary five meters from him.

"Be careful." The words were not meant for him.

One of the shadows crept closer. Kyosuke sent a blast of energy in warning and the figure dropped back.

"You should come quietly, Major." The voice was female.

"And if I don't want to?" Kyosuke asked.

"Then we will take you by force."

Kyosuke didn't like the confidence in that voice. Still, it wasn't hard to see why his enemies were already sure of their win. Kyosuke could feel his body failing even as he simply stood still. The school uniform that Magi was so opposed to was ripped in more places than Kyosuke could count. His entire body shook in violent shivers as the lack of blood cooled his slim frame. He couldn't hold out much longer.

A surprise attack slid through his defences. Kyosuke had no chance to distinguish darkened features before a strong attack to the chest sent him stumbling backwards. The figure was coming in again but Kyosuke couldn't see anymore. Harsh coughs tore his chest open and Kyosuke dimly wished he had his pills. Pain was so distance now and Kyosuke focused only on breathing.

I'm too old for this, he thought.

The thought came much too late and he could feel large hands enclosing his small frame as he lost the battle to stay conscious. Before he fell completely under the forced-sleep's spell, Kyosuke wondered if the hands belonged to Magi but then there was no one but the cold shadow of unconsciousness.