Chapter 4

Author's Note: Hello again~! Sorry for taking such a long break on this fanfiction. Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far, especially my reviewers. In my absence, as most of you probably know, a new Zettai Karen Children anime aired which featured Kyosuke as the main. I was overjoyed but this idea but would like to clarify that this fiction takes place before the events of that series and, as such, will unfortunately not feature Andy or other characters who were cast only in that series. I am very sorry to Andy fans out there. This fiction actually wouldn't work if I set it during the events of that series so I'm afraid that I can't adapt it. Please forgive me. On to the important stuff, though, I hope that you all enjoy this chapter!

Tiel waited for the chief of BABEL to pick up the phone with angry impatience. It was bad enough that he had to go to these lengths to start with let alone having to listen to horrible piano music while being on hold. It had already been five minutes since he had left Kyosuke and he was already regretting not having stayed in the cell. At least then he would be doing something.


Finally. Tiel nodded to his second in command and she put through the image that accompanied the call. Tiel noted sourly that the Chief was not the only one in range of the call. In the background stood an average-looking black haired gentleman and three little girls. Tiel cursed internally. It would have been better if the conversation had remained private but time was of the essence. If Kyosuke died before they had the information, everything would go downhill.

"Hello?" The chief repeated.

"This is Tiel of an Agency that I can't release the name of. I want you to hand over Fujiko Tsubomi."

The chief cocked his head.

"What would you like to meet the director for?"

"She is an essential link to information we require," Tiel responded.

It was not entirely untrue. Fujiko Tsubomi was a link. It was, of course, more due to her link to Kyosuke that Tiel wanted her than for her information, however. Surely with a bit of leverage, one of them would talk.

"Hand her over to me immediately. If you do not comply, then I will demolish BABEL. This is not a joke. It is a threat."

Tiel waited for a response. Everyone in the room remained blank-faced. Then one of the girls burst out into laughter. The others soon joined her until everyone in the room was cackling like witches except for the gentleman in the background who kept his laugh to a refined giggle.

Tiel sighed in exasperation. It was not the first time he had received such a response. People were very disbelieving these days. It didn't make the experience any less frustrating. Gritting his teeth, he snapped his fingers and two large men detached themselves from a dark corner before leaving the room.

"I understand that you do not believe me. Perhaps if I can give you proof of my determination…"

The two men returned and Tiel again snapped his fingers. Together, they threw an unconscious Kyosuke to the ground. Tiel tried to hide his concern. He hoped that the goons had been careful when they had knocked the Esper out. After such a recent attack, even a small injury could kill Kyosuke. He knelt down and pulled Kyosuke's head upwards to reveal his face to the camera.

"I'm sure you recognise this man. We have held him longer than any other organisation, including your own. We have the power to defeat even the strongest Esper. We can take down BABEL without any effort at all."

Tiel didn't even have time to appraise his audience's response. Before he had even finished speaking, the girls from the background were gone. The call cut out and there were explosions and screaming people everywhere. Tiel grabbed the Major and pulled him into one corner. He needed to appraise the situation. Through the dust and fire, he made out three figures. They slowly moved forwards, people and objects in their way magically disappearing. Espers.

No. That wasn't possible. The limiters in this building had kept even Kyosuke's powers under wraps. It should have been impossible for anyone to use powers inside the organisation. Yet, there they were, walking out of the smoke. It was the same children that had been in the background of Tiel's call to BABEL. The black and white haired girls split off under the red haired girl's orders. Tiel readied his gun as the red haired girl got closer. Then her eyes met his.

Tiel couldn't move. This girl was something else. Part of his immobility was due to her power but the rest was because of the pressure of her glare. She had the kind of look that said she had seen more than her share in life. She walked right up to Tiel and, with one hand, loosened his grip on the Major. Gently, and without a word to Tiel, she gently took Kyosuke and backed away.

"He's over here!" she called as she lowered the Major to the ground.

Tiel almost swore as Kyosuke's eyes opened but his interest peaked as he heard what the Major had to say.


The girl smiled a smile that was much too mature for her age.

"I'm here, Kyosuke," she said.

Then the black-haired girl returned and they all disappeared. Tiel stood in the centre of the rubble that used to be the headquarters of his Agency and let his slow smile morph to low laughter.

The Queen, huh? This was going to be interesting.