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At first there was only "if". If her mother hadn't gotten cancer. If Huff hadn't kissed that drug rep- twice.

If Huff's ex-patient hadn't attacked her. If Izzy hadn't been the one to find and comfort her. If Huff hadn't worried more about the patient than her.

If she hadn't lied for Izzy. If she hadn't seen a glimpse of the Izzy behind the facade. If Huff hadn't left. If Izzy hadn't decided to give her advice.

If Izzy hadn't been drinking again. If Izzy hadn't kissed her. If she hadn't kissed her back.

Then it wasn't "if". It was "did". She did kiss Izzy. She did make love to Izzy, more tenderly and joyously than she could remember doing so in months. She did fall for Izzy, a slow subconscious slide of confiding, comforting and laughing. God, she barely remembered laughing.

Izzy just "was". She was there. She was tricky and surprising. She was falling too.