Title: In Your Arms Forever

Summary: Harry and Holly Potter. Separated at a very young age. Holly was only 3 years old. Harry only a year old. What happens when they meet at Hogwarts in Harry's first year? And how does Holly's life change during her 7th year?

Disclaimer: I do not own! Belongs to J.K. Rowling. Only Holly is mine.

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2nd A/N: Ok, so I've made Holly the same age as Fred & George Weasley. Two years older than Harry and Ron. I know that blows canon of Harry being an only child but many people have done the 'Potter sister' thing before, nothing new here.

Chapter One – Where's Mummy and Daddy?

3-year-old Holly Dorea Potter blinked rapidly in the darkness; she could feel her father's arms still wrapped around her. She could hear noises but they weren't noises she was used to. It wasn't her mother talking, or her father and baby brother laughing. No this was many voices she recognized but didn't like their tones.

"I can't find Holly. She wasn't upstairs with Lily and Harry." She knew that voice well. He came around for tea often. She slowly wriggled out from her father's arms. She got to her feet slowly and walked towards the voices. There were three men in the hall. Two were taller than the third, one was huge and she had met him once. The other two were people she knew well. Her Godfather and her brother's Godfather. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.

"Uncle Wee-mus?" The shortest of the three men she saw turned sharply. His face changed expressions so quickly it was surprising he didn't get whiplash. He scooped the child up into his arms and held her tightly.

"Where have you been Holly? Huh? We've been looking for you!" He said in a fake cheery voice as if it was just another game of hide-and-go-seek.

"I was wif Daddy." She replied, "He was hugging me." Remus turned an unreadable expression to Sirius and the other man and they went and checked on the only other fatality in this horrible tragedy.

"Hey Holly, what do you say to coming to live with me for a little while?" Holly looked delighted at the idea.

"What 'bout Harry?" She asked suddenly.

"Harry's going to go and stay with your Aunt and Uncle for a while. Your Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon." Remus said trying to keep the distain out of his voice.

"But they is Muggles. Daddy says so!" Holly said, Remus nodded.

"That's right. But he has to go and live with them. Mummy's rules." In actuality it was Professor Dumbledore's rules, but Holly had no idea that her parents were dead. And Remus would keep it that way until her birthday just a few weeks away.

9 weeks later

"Uncle Remus?" Holly had turned 4 just days ago and she was getting curious. Remus knew she'd ask.

"Yes Holly? What can I do for you?" Remus didn't know how Lily and James would have done it! Holly was handful, but then there was only one of him and there had been two of them.

"Where are Mummy and Daddy?" She asked. Remus sighed and ran a hand through his hair slowly this was going to take some explaining and lots and lots of apologising. He got down on his knees in front of her and put his hands on her shoulders.

"How much do you remember from that night Holly?" He asked, Holly chewed her lips in thought.

"Daddy was yelling at Mummy to run and get Harry, that someone was coming. He grabbed me and held me tightly. He told me he loved me very much and I told him I loved him too. The door was pushed open loudly; Mummy used to say you shouldn't do that! Daddy kept holding me and he whispered something about keeping me safe, then a man I didn't know appeared in the doorway. He demanded to know where Harry was but Daddy didn't want to tell him. They started to fight with magic, than something green came out of the other man's wand and Daddy fell on top of me. The man left the room then. I 'member trying to wake Daddy but he wouldn't wake up. I heard Mummy scream and I heard Harry start to cry. But I 'member I must have fell asleep. 'Cause then you and Uncle Sirius and Hagrid was there. Why?" Holly said after relaying everything she remembered. Remus looked a little shocked Holly even remembered her father telling her he loved her. Remus took a deep breath.

"Sweetheart, Daddy told you he loved you because he knew he was going to die. Did Mummy say she loved you too?" Remus asked. Holly nodded.

"All the time." Her mahogany curls were at her shoulders and they bounced when she nodded.

"Well a very bad man was angry at your parents because they didn't like what he was doing. So they had to fight him. Your Daddy knew that he couldn't stop this bad man but he was hoping to save your mother and Harry. Your daddy loved you too much to have you live without him. He knew you would never have gone with your mother and left him behind. He knew that. Sweetie, your Mummy and Daddy…they…they're in heaven." Remus said. He'd never been religious but when he said that Holly looked up at the sky out the window and smiled back down at him.

"They're stars right Uncle Remus?" Remus blinked. Stars? Lily and James Potter, stars? So simple, so child-like. So easy.

"Yes, I suppose they are Holly. Stars in the night sky to watch over you." He said picking her up to settle her on his hips so they could look at the sky together. This was going to be some very long years until she was 11.

7 Years Later

"Uncle Remus? When can I see Harry again?" Holly asked the day her Hogwarts letter came. She'd been sending Harry Birthday cards via Muggle post from the time she was able to write her own name! Mostly they were cards that just had 'Happy Birthday' written on the inside and she'd write 'Dear Harry' and 'lots of love, your big sister, Holly' whether he got them or not remained to be seen. Holly had already read and re-read her list of things for Hogwarts. She knew they'd go to Diagon Alley to get them and she was very excited but it was subdued when she asked this question after they'd arrived at the Leaky Cauldron. Remus chewed his lip slowly thinking.

"I'm sure you'll get to see him in two years. When he goes to Hogwarts." Remus said, Holly nodded and obediently followed Remus out to the brick wall at the back. He opened the archway for them and they were off the Gringotts first. As they began buying Holly's things for school she caught sight of a family of red-headed people. All of them. Every single one had red-hair.

"Arthur!" Remus said, "Molly!" The parents of the children turned.

"Oh Remus!" The woman cried and rushed over to give him a hug, "How are you these days? After what happened to Lily and James. Just horrible. What are you doing here?"

"I'm fine thank-you Molly." Remus smiled and then glanced down at Holly, "I'm helping my goddaughter, Holly, get her school supplies." Molly looked down at the little girl who was about the same height as her two 11-year-olds. She smiled kindly down at Holly.

"She looks just like James." Molly said, Remus nodded.

"Who here is going to Hogwarts this year? I see Bill and Charlie are still there, Percy too." Remus had been close friend with the Weasley parents since they had first joined the Order years before.

"Yes, it will be Fred and George's turn this year." Two identical boys stood next to their father and smiled a little awkwardly at Remus and Holly. Holly put out her hand to shake their hands. They smiled a little warmer when they knew they had a friend already.

"We'd better keep going Holly. We've got to get your wand yet." Remus said, Holly nodded and waved goodbye to the Weasleys.

"I'll see you on the train then." She said to the twins who nodded and waved goodbye too. Remus couldn't help but realize just how much like her mother Holly was. She'd be a brilliant witch if ever there was one.