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Chapter Seven – Marry Me?

Holly woke slowly on May 6th. A year to the day when The Final Battle ended. The night when the Weasley Family had lost a brother, a son, a friend. Percy had pushed Fred out of the way of falling debris from the explosion and died in place of his brother. Holly was grateful to Percy and for his sacrifice her and Fred got their happily ever after.
Holly rolled onto her side and ran her slightly cool index finger down the scar that now marred her boyfriend's face. She sighed and frowned a bit. It made him seem rugged, and more handsome than before. And even more so, he and George were even less identical when they had been when George got his ear cursed off. George had no qualms about that, but Fred hated that he and his twin were now so easy to be told apart that there was no question as to who was who anymore.
He sighed in his sleep and Holly smiled. She and Fred had discussed many things about their life together. Fred had gotten a bigger bed and he and George had set up the other two bedrooms. One for George to sleep in. Even though Holly didn't mind sharing the room with George, George joked that he now didn't have to put up with Fred's snoring. The other was to be a turned into a nursery for when, what George had deemed, miniature mischief makers were born. Holly had told him that if he taught them any rude jokes or anything else that she deemed to be inappropriate she'd be on him like flies to rubbish. Fred stirred and slowly blinked open his eyes to meet her brown ones.

"Hello Beautiful." He whispered.

"Good morning handsome." Holly said softly.

"Don't call me that," He said, sitting up and swinging his legs out of the bed to rest on the edge of it.

"Why not?" She asked also sitting up but kneeling behind him, her hands on his shoulders.

"Don't call me something that isn't true Holly. I'm not the same boy I was that you fell in love with. I can't even believe that you're still here." Fred said; he felt her start to rub her thumbs into his back muscles. He knew many scars marred his body; he didn't want her to call him handsome, when he knew he wasn't. George had surpassed him as the 'better-looking' twin.

"Fredrick Gideon Weasley, if I loved you based on your looks, I would've been gone years ago. I love you, Fred, because you are kind, caring, loving, generous, intelligent, funny and the best kind of handsome there is. This scar," she ran her finger down it, he shivered, "this just adds to your looks. Makes you rugged." She wrapped her arms around him from behind and kissed his neck softly.

"There is no one else I'd much rather be with then you right now." She whispered, kissing his neck again. Fred smiled and turned his head to kiss her softly. Their kiss was their promise to each other, both had kissed others but their kiss was a promise.

Fred looked down into the glass cases in the Muggle jewellery store Hermione had taken him to. He wanted to ask Holly to marry him, but he didn't want to have to have a ring made by wizards. So Hermione had offered to take him to a Muggle store. She gasped and grabbed his arm pulling him to her side she pointed down at a beautiful diamond ring. It had a smallish diamond, set in the band surrounded by small sapphires. It was beautiful. It was perfect in fact.

"Can I help you at all?" The shop assistant asked, Hermione smiled and said they wanted a closer look at the diamond ring in the display. The assistant smiled, clearly he thought that Hermione and Fred were a couple. They had decided to play to it too. Hermione had the same size hands as Holly so it was easy for them to get the right size. Hermione slipped it onto her ring finger and giggled.

"Oh Fred! It's perfect!" She gushed excitedly. The shop assistant smiled at them fondly.

"Well if it's good enough for her – it's good enough for me! We'll take it." Fred said. Hermione quietly helped him with the Muggle Money and they left the store happily. Once outside Hermione said she had to go home to Ron and Fred said he'd go back to the shop to wait for Holly to finish up at the Ministry. Although Holly never finished her 7th year, the Ministry looked at her records and said that even without her NEWTs she had good marks they would let her into her chosen career. This just happened to be an Auror in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Her loyalty to the Weasleys and to Dumbledore's legacy had, at first, posed a problem. But eventually she settled in fairly well with her co-workers.

Fred arrived back at the shop and went straight up to the apartment above. He hadn't thought much about how to do it. He wasn't a romantic, but George was. Fred entered the apartment to find about a dozen or so candles lit and burning softly in the corners of the room and across the mantle above the fireplace.

"George…you always amaze me." Fred muttered shaking his head slowly.

"I'm glad you like it." His twin said stepping out from the kitchen. George was smiling.

"Let's see it, come on." Fred showed George the ring he'd chosen, "if Holly doesn't say yes…she'd crazy." George said, and then he disappeared to the Burrow. Fred knew that's where he'd gone. He'd tell Mum, Dad, Ron, Harry, Ginny, Bill, Fleur and Charlie all what was happening. Hermione already knew so there was no point in telling her, but she'd still act excited. That was the plan anyway.

Holly didn't floo to the Apartment, she apparated and entered through the shop. As she climbed the steps she could smell something that smelt vaguely of Lavender, Sandalwood and Roses. The boys hated incense; it was a Muggle contraption they could never work out. Opening the door Holly gasped. Candles. Dozens of them. Different colours and scents filled the room. Her gaze fell on the couch where Fred sat waiting patiently for her to join him.

"Did I forget our anniversary or something?" She asked sitting down.

"No. Our anniversary isn't for another month. But I wanted to ask you something. It's important." Holly's disarming smile didn't falter. She didn't disarm him as much now. But it still made him stumble a bit.

"Holly Dorea Potter, we've known each other for years. Since we were 11. And I've loved you since we were 15 years old. Your smile totally disarmed me at 14. I couldn't form sentences properly. You still disarm me with your unwavering support and love. It means the world to me. I guess the real reason I'm saying all this is leading up to the last four words I'm going to say to you, Holly. Holly Dorea Potter…will you marry me?" Fred asked, he presented the diamond ring to her and Holly felt her heart speed up. She felt tears sting her eyes as she nodded and wrapped Fred in a hug. Why had he ever doubted that she'd say yes? Why would he doubt her? Fred slid the ring onto her finger and she smiled letting him hold her.

"It's beautiful. Simple and beautiful." She whispered kissing him softly. He knew she'd love it. The ring had been perfect. Just like she was.

"I have something to tell you, Fred. Something very important." Holly said. Fred frowned, she was serious and he didn't like that.

"What is it?" He asked, leaning to blow out one of the candles, she stopped him.

"Don't worry it won't ruin the mood. I uh, went to the Muggle Doctor this morning, with Ginny. And I found out that…in about 8 months…we're gonna be parents. Well technically we already are but…you know." Holly said watching the emotions change on Fred's face.

"You're pregnant?" He asked, standing up.

Holly nodded, "Yeah. I am. I want to wait a few more weeks until we tell everyone, I swore Ginny to secrecy. She can't even tell Hermione or Harry." Holly stood up also, she needed him to know that they were in this together.

"I think you've just made me the happiest man alive!" Fred said grabbing her and spinning her around. Holly had to tell him to put her down for fear of knocking over the candles and burning down the flat. They finally were going to have their happily ever after.

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