I hesitantly looked around the room. The walls were all glass and whited out by a bright light. They were probably watching my every move. I waited for one of the staff to come in and begin questioning me. I fiddled with my own and wringing them out and massaging my thumb with the other hand. The door opened after what had felt like an eternity.

A girl my age or so walked in. I reacted with surprise for about a second before I collected myself. She had on a tank top under a open sweat shirt, some bell bottom pants and she wore multiple necklaces.

"Hi." she smiled, "I'm Emily." she said.

"Hi... I... I'm Danny." I answered. Emily then sat down and looked around.

"Sorry, my dad can be a bit over dramatic at times." Emily smiled. My eyebrows went up.

"Dr. Lightman... That grouchy guy, is YOUR dad?" I asked wondering how he ever reproduced with that sparkling personality and all.

"Trust me, I'm still shocked too." Emily smiled. I chuckled.

"Well... That must be fun, I bet your mom can't get away with anything, birthdays presents, or anything." I said playfully, Emily looked at her hands.

"Actually... My parents are divorced." Emily said. My playful smiled fell.

"Oh... Jeesh... I'm sorry I had no idea." I said feeling bad for bringing it up.

"Really, it's no big deal." Emily answered. I looked around.

"So... is this their big plan... Watch me talk to you and see if I'm lying?" I asked slipping hack into paranoid mode.

"Actually I was just curious." Emily said looking down then looking back up, "I mean ghosts, not very often we hear about those around here." Em said. I shifted.

"Where I come from if I don't get attacked at least once a day it's an off day." I chuckled. Em laughed.

"Wow, sounds exciting." Em smiled, "Why do you get attacked?" she asked.

"Probably has some thing to do with my parents being ghost hunters." I shrugged, it wasn't a complete lie. "Anyway Casper High is always getting attacked if not the entire town, that and the Nasty Burger, and Fenton Works... But hey that's Fenton Works, if it's not blown up by ghosts, my parents will undoubtedly demolish something." I laughed, "They're inventors and sometimes things don't go exactly as planned." I smiled.

"Like what kind of things?" Emily questioned.

"Well they brought the turkey to life one Christmas, and some hot dogs a while back, steak not to long ago, last Friday I belive it was." I said, "I think they made their own colony behind the Emergency Ham." I recalled trying to get those out, it took forever and over half my ghost powers.

"Wow, your life seems quite adventurous." Emily said. I sighed my face falling.

"I'd rather be normal sometimes," I smiled though, "but I must admit I don't think I could live being normal." I thought.

"You seem pretty normal to me." Emily said with a shrug. I chuckled.

"Thanks." I smiled at her.

"So... How's school?" Emily asked with a small hand shrug. I sighed rubbing my neck.

"Not good, I'm failing all my classes." I winced.

"Why, I mean most classes aren't too hard." Emily asked.

"I never have enough time to study, and when I do I'm usually hanging out with friends instead." I said, also it seemed every time I did try to study, I was attacked by one ghost or the other.

"Maybe you should work on that... I help tutor sometimes." Emily said. I shook my head.

"Jazz tries to help, but there's only so much she can do. I just don't have the time." I sighed.

"If you don't mind me asking, what are doing that takes up so much time?"

"That's kinda personal." I responded. Plus I didn't know if I could trust her. I folded my arms and leaned back in my chair. Emily nodded. The door opened and Dr. Lightman walked in with Ria. I winced. Emily looked up.

"Dad I..."

"Go, we'll talk about this later." he said. Emily nodded.

"alright." she said. I shifted, I guess she wasn't supposed to be talking to me.

"Now then, Danny, we know you know what happened, all we want to know is what you know, now, would you please just give us a straight answer mate." Lightman said. Ria was studying me, I would say Lightman was to, but it was more like be was trying to pry through my deepest darkest secrets. I sighed sitting up.

"Look, I honestly don't want to lie, but I have to." I said. Lightman gave me a strange look. I sighed my heart beating frantically.

"go on." Lightman said."I do know what happened, but I can't tell you how I know. My life is at stake if I do, of that I am completely serious. I am not the Danny you need to talk to." I said.

"So we need to talk to another Danny?" Ria asked I swallowed.

"So, what you're saying is we need to talk to Phantom, isn't it." Light man said gesturing all over my face. I swallowed again, then looked away.

"I can... I can probably try and get him to come in." I said, I really hoped I knew what I was doing. I really hoped this would be the end of it."You have to promise me though, if he comes in, you can't let anyone know, there are people, my parents included that would love nothing more than to tear him apart molecule by molecule." I said begging with my eyes. Ria nodded.

"We promise."

"Well you do love." Lightman said looking at her.

"Please du... Dr. Lightman, I want this to be over as much as you do, this is the easiest way to go about it." I said, I caught myself almost calling him dude, I didn't think that would go over well. Dr. Lightman nodded.

"Tonight then, at nine, can you get him here?" Lightman asked. I nodded. He searched my face before holding out his hand."We have an agreement then." Lightman shook my hand. His eyebrows lifted for the briefest of seconds. I hastily let go of his hand.

"May I go now?" I asked. Lightman nodded.

"Ria will show you out." Lightman gestured to the woman. I nodded and followed Ria out. She stopped me just before the exit.

"I'd like to thank you for cooperating. I really hope you can get him in, he is a ghost after all." Ria judged. I felt anger flash across my face. Ria drew back in confusion. I turned to leave casting a glance behind me.

"You'd be surprised at how human he can be." I then exited promptly leaving behind a very confused soon as I left the building I promptly walked to a wall and banged my head against it.

"Stupid, stupid Fenton." I told myself. Loker just happened to be walking by, he turned to look at me then walked over to me.

"You ok?" he asked. I picked my head off the wall.

"No, I'm fine." I said shaking my head to ward him off. He cocked his head.

"That head shake of yours says otherwise." he responded." I rubbed the back of my neck.

"No, dude I'm completely cool." I then forced a smile. Loker continued to look at me.

"Your head is bleeding." he stated. I touched my forehead.

"Crud." I cursed, I hadn't even noticed, I must have hit the wall harder than I thought. I pulled my fingers away observing the splash of red across my fingers. I was annoyed now. Loker gave me a weird look."My parents are going to kill me." I glared at the red, I felt the blood slowly trickly down my face. "If Sam doesn't first." I frowned. She could be over protective at times. Loker looked toward the building then back to me.

"You know we could get you cleaned up then you could be on your way." he offered. I looked at the door then to the blood on my hand then to Loker. I shook my head. I just got out of that place I didn't want to go back.

"Loker, Cal wants you..." an African American male in a suit came out he looked at me, "Why don't you come in and get cleaned up kid." he asked I shook my head.

"No that's-"

"I insist," he said stepping up to me in an intimidating gesture. I glared at the entrance.

"Fine." I said. Going back into the place. I groaned, I just wanted to go home.

"So do you have a ride back to your hotel?" Loker asked. I shook my head.

"Not really, but I'll manage." I answered, I had been planning on just flying back anyway.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, in a city this big? Were you planning on walking or hitchhiking, both of which could land you in a ditch." The african said.

"No, it's fine, I'll be ok, I do it all the time in Amity, and we have ghosts." I answered.

"I'll give you a ride home, once you are all patched up."

"Thanks..." I didn't know his name.

"Reynolds, Ben Reynolds." he responded I nodded.

"Ok." Loker headed down a different hall giving a half wave goodbye, and I followed Ben to an kitchen like area where he took out a couple paper towels and handed them to me I mopped up the blood the best I could. However Gillian walked in at that moment.

"Oh my god, what happened?" Foster asked. I froze.

"I hit my head... On the wall." I answered. Foster then came over and sat me down grabbing paper towels and wetting them down before gingerly wiping at my forehead. She then paused glancing over my face.

"Well, you might have a scar for a little whole but it doesn't look that bad." Gillian said i nodded. A LITTLE, little while. It had probably been quite a big gash when it first formed. I had to watch out. Foster then quickly disposed of the bloody paper towels before she proceeded to pull out a band-aid. Gillian then unwrapped it and placed it over my forehead.

"Thanks... I should go." I said. Gillian nodded.

"Ok, be careful."I then turned to Ben who gestured for me to follow him. He led me to his car. I got into the passenger side feeling spent the next few minutes on the road, the silence was uncomfortable I longed to go ghost and feel gravity release my limbs, to fly over the city.I sighed wishing silently I could be Phantom, the hero, the one who in others minds didn't have to worry about disappearances and lying, curfews or groundings. I looked longingly toward the sky.

"You know when I was a kid, I wanted to fly, it always seemed so freeing." Ben said. I stared up at the sky.

"Flyings the best, no law of gravity to tell you when to land, just freedom, bliss, you get to leave all the ignorance violence and suffering on earth. It's freeing, like being somewhere else. The world seems more beautiful. You can almost believe the people on the ground aren't shouting that you're evil, or shoving you into lockers, or plotting ways to kill your dad and marry your mom. It's all so distant." I thought staring up at the clouds, "Like a dream." I thought.

"Sounds like you've been before." Ben said startling me. I jumped.

"Me? Flying, heck I'm just human, I only know what I dream." i said. I hadn't realized I'd said that all out loud. I looked at my hands."It does seem rather nice though doesn't it?" I asked staring back at the clouds. I would need to go out flying. I hadn't had the chance yet. I smiled at the sky.

"It does indeed." Ben nodded. I looked over to glanced at me. Then there was a flash of white light. Ben stomped on the brakes as the world in front of us flashed a brilliant neon white. I covered my face with my arms blocking out the bright light. The light cleared just in time for me to see a flash of metal right in front of us. In that instant I grabbed both arms rests and closed my eyes.

A familiar tingle passing over me. I pushed the energy that generated out to the surrounding areas I felt the swish as we passed through the mechanical hunter standing with a grin in the middle of the road. We came to a stop and I opened my eyes. Ben was staring wide eyes ahead I released my hold on the armrests. I released the intangibility the color and tangibility returning to the vehicle and my unsuspecting chauffeur. I wasted no time unbuckling and jumping out of the car. We had ended up driving up the side walk and into a small park.

Ben made a grab for me as I rolled out of the vehicle. Skulker was there waiting and he picked me up by neck. I frantically twisted around my legs peddling through air as Skulker smirked.

"At last whelp, I have you now." I glanced around to the surrounding area, people stood watching, some had their cameras out, others were calling people. Ben got out of the car and pointed a gun at Skulker.

"Put the boy down now." Reynolds demanded. It was getting hard to breathe.

"Don't!" I choked out. Skulker was distracted by Reynolds and stared at him confused.

"The whelp has new partners?" Skulker asked. I started swinging my legs getting momentum, my hands gripped around the large mechanical hand on my neck.

I kicked Skulker in the chest surprising him and forcing him to let go. I landed spring boarding off Skulker's chest and landing on my feet, knees bent to absorb the impact hand on the ground to steady myself. I looked up. Skulker had missiles pointed at me I mentally cursed and began running. Ben took off after me. Skulker fired the missiles, one of them exploded under my feet sending me flying upward. I landed in the street a car narrowly missing my head as I did a back roll onto my feet. Ben was a few feet away. I glanced from him to Skulker who was firing off another round of missiles.

Hating myself I ran grabbing Ben by the shoulders and turning the both of us intangible. He didn't seem to notice the missiles passing through. I released him and turned planting myself between him and Skulker.

"We meet again ghost child." Skulker smiled. I glanced at the crowd gathered then sighed getting in a defensive stance.

"Always a pleasure to kick your butt Skulker." I quipped. Skulker's grin grew, and he laughed.

"Such a shame I'll be mounting your pelt on my wall soon." Skulker remarked. I heard a few ewws from the crowd gathered.

"Bring it." I glared.