Brave Old World

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: sly.

Summary: If watching daytime TV sucks, watching nighttime TV with Dean can be even worse...

A/N: Oh, I just couldn't resist. It's the emotional counterpart to my other drabble this week, to cheer things up. And I apologize to all the British people – this is just Dean's POV – me, I loved watching it ;-)

For the umpteenth time Sam thought that he'd prefer counting sheep anytime over watching nighttime TV with Dean.

Apart from bad porn and pimping cars on DMAX there was only one topic that seemed to rule the screen right now, and his sleepless brother appeared totally bewitched by it.

"And you're sure the yellow canary is..."

"... the Queen of England, yeah, Dean."

"And the churches over there are so old there are trees growing in?"


"And the stunning woman in white..."

"... is the brides sister."

"Huh. Sisters. Sly dog, that little prince."


"What? I'm just saying..."