Hey guys! Here's another Kingdom Hearts and Looney Tunes fic! This is similar to Duck Amuck and Rabbit Rampage. Take it away, Bugs!

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We now see Roxas, who was reading a magazine while sitting on his bed.

Artist: (Erases the cover of the magazine and changes it into a Girl's magazine)

Roxas: What the? (Looks at the cover of the magazine) AH! (Throws the magazine away) Girl's magazine! But I was reading a Boy's magazine! I'm certain of it. (Notices the Artist) Oh you again. Look, I heard that you tortured Sora and I'm really satisfy with that and-

Artist: (Erases Roxas' head and turns it into a pumpkin complete with triangle eyes and a mouth)

Roxas: (Holds his head and faces the artist) Alright, you comic book Rembrandt, make with the eraser.

Artist: (Erases Roxas and the scenery)


Artist: (Draws Roxas in horse form)

Roxas: (Notices that he's a horse and stands up) Look, my contract clearly states that I'm always to be drawn as boy, a teenage boy! So, if you don't want to get in a peck of trouble just-

Artist: (Erases Roxas and draws a snowy place complete with mountains)


Artist: (Draws Roxas)

Roxas: (Looks around) Hmmm... Actually, this is a good opportunity to try snowboarding. (Faces the Artist) Now, Mr. Rembrandt, if you kindly please draw me some appropriate outfit. (Waits for the Artist to move but it didn't) Well, what are you waiting for? (Closes his eyes and waits for the artist to draw)

Artist: (Erases Roxas' body execpt for his feet)

Roxas: Thanks! It sure feels nice and airy! (Looks down and notice that his body is gone) AHH! You've erased me! (Jumps up and down) I DEMAND YOU DRAW ME A BODY!

Artist: (Draws a fat body on Roxas)

Roxas: (Looks down and says calmly) This is not my body. (Gets angry) THIS IS SOME GUY'S FAT BODY!

Artist: (Draws Roxas body and draws a snowboard)

Roxas: Thank you! (Rides the snowboard) Woohoo! Dashing through the snow! Yahahahaha!


Roxas: (Didn't notice the scenery) All the trails we go! Laughing all the way... (Notices the scenery and glares at Artist and leaves and comes back with his Organization outfit) Look, if you don't want to get in trouble, just turn this place into The World That Never Was and were all cle-

Then a frame collapses from above and hits Roxas on the head.

Roxas: (Glares at the Artist) Do you mind?

Artist: (Draws a stick)

Roxas: (Grabs the stick and puts it on the frame for support) Brother, what a way to roll a video game. As I was saying-

Roxas didn't notice that the stick was about to break. It broke and engulfs Roxas.

Roxas: (Screams and rips it apart and catches his breath) Alright, let's get this picture started!

Then a card that says: THE END falls down from above.

Roxas: (Pushes the card away) NO! NO! What I meant to say is turn this place into The World That Never Was!

Artist: (Draws a hat on Roxas' head and writes 'The World That Never Was' on the cap)

Roxas: (Looks at his hat and throws it on the ground) You know I'm not suppose to wear a hat, you jerk!

Artist: (Draws a straw hat on Roxas' head)

Roxas: (Throws the hat on the ground) Cut it out! You crazy idgit!

Artist: (Erases Roxas and draws a swamp)


Artist: (Draws Roxas in frog form)

Roxas: (Looks at himself) Hahaha, very funny. Now, let me explain, this is not The World That Never Was and I'm not supposed to be a frog. Change me back to normal or el- Why are those logs moving?

The 'logs' start to come closer to Roxas while staring at him with red eyes.

Roxas: (Gulps and faces the artist) Please! Get me out of here and I'll do anything! Anything at all! Just get me out of here!

Artist: (Erases Roxas and the scenery)


Artist: (Draws Roxas in human form)

Roxas: (Looks at himself) So, I'm me again, hm? What a novel idea! Are you sure you're not going to change me into Jiminy Cricket or something?

Artist: (Holds out a pencil)


Artist: (Hides the pencil)

Roxas: Sheesh, it was a joke. Look, can you just draw this place into The World That Never Was?

Artist: (Draws The World That Never Was)


Roxas: Finally! I'm back!

Roxas didn't notice that there was another him on his bed reading a magazine

Roxas: Yes! I got to read again and-

Roxas #2: What are you doing here?

Roxas #1: What am I doing here? This is my room!

Roxas: #2: No it isn't! It's mine!

Roxas #1: Look, bub! If you wasn't me I'd smack you right out of the pulse!

Roxas #2: Don't that bother you, jack!

Roxas #1: Alright buddy! (Summons Oblivion) You ask for it! (Readies the Keyblade)

Artist: (Erases the Roxas replica)

Roxas: (Hits an empty air) Huh? Where'd he go? Oh well. (Goes to his bed)

Artist: (Before Roxas sits on his bed, the artist erases the scenery)


Instead of sitting on the bed, Roxas fell down, butt first.

Roxas: Ow... (Glares at the Artist) Hey! I thought we had an agreement! You-

Artist: (Turns off the volume)

Roxas continues to mouth his words and didn't notice that his voice is gone.

Roxas: (Notices something and glares at the artist and leaves and comes back with a type writer and types something and shows it to the artist)

It says:

Dear Sir or Mam

If you don't give my voice back, I will fully intend to kill you.

I'll report you to the Square-Enix studio and let Xemnas turn

You into a Dusk! You heard me, a Dusk! After he turns you

Into one, I'll let Sora, Donald and Goofy kill you! After they

Kill you, I'll revive you and I'll kill you myself! Got it?


Artist: (Turns on the volume)

Roxas tries to yell at the artist but instead of words, a rooster crow came out of his mouth, he closes his mouth. He tried to yell again but jungle sounds came out of his mouth and closes his mouth again. He tries to say a word but instead of a word, a squeaky toy noises came out.

Roxas: (Turns crimson red and flips out and throws a tantrum) AND I'VE NEVER BEEN SO HUMILIATED IN ALL MY LIFE! (Notices that his voice comes back to normal) THAT'S IT! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS! SHOW YOURSELF! I DEMAND THAT YOU SHOW YOURSELF!

Artist: (Draws a dome around Roxas so he can't hear his cries)

The camera pulls back to show the entire scene, revealing Axel was the one who was torturing Roxas

Axel: Wow, Bugs was right! This is fun! Hope you enjoy the fic, folks!


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And sorry for torturing Roxas for all Roxas-fans, besides, Axel was the one who tortured Roxas, so blame him!