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"Ow no! Not again!" Momomiya Ichigo jumped out of her bed. She had overslept again! She had only twenty minutes before school started. Fortunately, well as far as the situation could be called fortunate, Ichigo was used to a hasty morning routine.

She put on her school uniform and put two red ribbons in her hair. Then she ran downstairs, to the kitchen. There she stuffed some food and her lunch in her schoolbag, before she hurried to the front door, put her shoes on and yelled: "Bye Mom! Bye Dad!" With that said, she slammed the front door shut and so she was on her way to school.

She ran as fast as she could. Thanks to her cat-DNA she could keep on sprinting until she reached the school gates. As she entered the school grounds she mixed in with the last students that entered the school building. 'Perhaps I won't be that late after all' she thought cheerfully.

She ran up some stairs, to her classroom but as she reached the right floor and turned around the corner, she bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry!" "Ichigo?"It was her boyfriend: Aoyama Masaya. "Ow, I'm terrible sorry, Aoyama-kun!" "Doesn't matter, but Ichigo..." "Yes, Aoyama-kun?" "Could you please spare some time after school?" "Of course!" "Okay, I'll see you after school, than." "Okay, byebye!" After this brief conversation, she continued to run down the hallway and made it just in time, so the teacher spared her.

The rest of the day she was non-stop thinking about Aoyama-kun. 'What does he want to talk about? He looked so serious…' This thought made Ichigo a little worried. 'He doesn't want to dump me, right? No way!' The last dates didn't go very well, he had constantly been distracted by seemingly nothing in particular, but he wouldn't break up with her, would he?

Before she knew it school was over. Ichigo was really worried now. She thought about going home, but after much hesitation she decided to just make the best of it. Maybe he wouldn't even dump her and was it just her imagination that had gone too far. So she waited for Aoyama-kun and together they went to the park.

A few days earlier, on a far away planet

Kisshu fell down on his bed. Damn, this day just started and he was already tired! The Mew Aqua really made a lot of changes on his planet, but still he couldn't feel happy at all. All this time he had felt nothing but depression and fatigue. By now everybody knew why. Because of her. One of the most painful memories of his life: A red-haired girl with two ribbons in her hair, two brown eyes and a smile that made his heart melt. Kitty Cat. His Kitty Cat."A year already" he whispered. It has been a year ago since he saw that girl for the last time. 'Why don't you just forget about her?' He asked himself almost everyday. But it stayed painful to know he would never see her again. Ichigo..

All he had left now were the memories of her, because Pai had prohibited him to go to Earth, as it would 'cause nothing but trouble'. Yeah right. But Pai was not a guy to mess around with when really serious. So he would never see Earth again. Never see her againThen someone knocked on the door of his bedroom. "What do you want?" Kisshu yelled annoyed. "I've got something I gotta tell you!" Taruto yelled back from behind the door.

Kisshu let out a sigh. Well, whatever, he had nothing better to do anyway. "Come in!" Taruto teleported in, next to Kisshu's bed, looking positively sat straight up on his bed. "What do you want to tell me?" He grumbled. He had nothing better to do, but he didn't like all the happiness that Taruto was emitting. "I've been complaining to Pai, because I miss Earth.." 'Liar.' "You just miss your monkey girl.."

Taruto turned pink and scowled. "I don't! But the point is Pai gave in! He thought up a research as cover.. So, are you going with us?" 'He's got to be kidding.'Kisshu couldn't believe what he heard. He could go back! He could go back! His mind instantly formed all kinds of scenario's for his first encounter with Ichigo since he left. As he fantasised away, he became absolutely oblivious to Taruto's presence, until he broke the silence.

"Hello? Somebody there?" Taruto asked. "Huh? Yeah, of course I'm coming with you! Somebody gotta watch you guys. You might do something stupid." Kisshu said, as the spark that had left his eyes long ago, reappeared and a smirk once again grew. Like Kisshu had gone back in time.

"Yeah, right! You just want to go back to that cat girl!" Taruto replied, secretly glad to see his friend come back to the world of the living.

"Perhaps...But can you prove that? Maybe I'm just a good friend that feels the need to watch over you.." Kisshu countered playfully. "Pffft, whatever! Pack your stuff, we're outta here!" Taruto said, knowing that trying to fight with Kisshu now would only end in a failure. "You say it.." Kisshu murmured, as Taruto teleported away.

'Wait for me, Kitty Cat! I'm on my way!'

On Earth, those few days back forward

Ichigo had been right. Aoyama-kun had dumped her, because of another girl. Ichigo was furious when he told her that this afternoon. She yelled at him at first, but then she started to cry and ran away. He had yelled after her, but didn't chase her, luckily. She didn't know if she could've handled she was lying on her bed. She was still crying, her pillow was soaked. She couldn't stop, she had been like this for hours and still she couldn't stop. Until she heard something.

It was a weird sound, but it sounded oddly familiar. So she stood up, walked to the window and looked around outside. She turned around as Masha, who never had been removed from her cellphone, appeared and stated: "Alien alert! Alien alert!"

'What? But...' This couldn't be true. Masha must have been mistaken. The aliens went back to their planet a year ago. They couldn't be here. He couldn't be here. Impossible.

"Aww.. Was my little Kitty Cat crying? Shall I comfort you with a little kiss?"

Ichigo turned around and indeed, there he was. The dark green-haired alienboy with his big pointy ears, his golden eyes, his pale skin, his puffy clothes and he had his typical grin on his was frozen in disbelieve. This couldn't be. And yet he was there; almost a feet of the ground and no more than two feet away from her.

"What do you look shocked, Kitty Cat. It's not the first time we meet, is it?"

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